Arts Research Education

Arts Research Education

As an example, I cite Picasso,s series of 58 paintings of Las Meninas (1957), after Velázquez,s painting of the same name. This series of paintings by Picasso is so much more than a mere paraphrasing of the Romantic Spanish master.

Author: Linda Knight

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319615608

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Drawing from an international authorship and having global appeal, this book scrutinizes, suggests and aggravates the relationships, boundaries and connections between arts, research and education in various contexts. Building upon existing publications in the field of arts-based educational research, it deliberately connects and disconnects the terms in order to expose and broaden the scope of this field thereby encouraging fresh perspectives. This book portrays both contemporary theoretical prospects as well as contemporary examples of practice. It also presents work of emerging scholars, thereby ‘growing the field’. The book includes academic text-based chapters, as well as poetry, narrative fiction, visual essays, and combinations of text-image-sound/video that demonstrate performance of music, theatre, exhibition and dance. This book provides and provokes critical dialogue about the forms, representations, dissemination and intersections of the arts, research and education. This is a focused collection and resource for scholars and students with an international authorship, perspective and audience.
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Bo magazines , books and films , people knew every single trouser button of the mature Picasso . He was more popular than every before , but his ... His adaptation of " Las Meninas " ( p . 84 ) of 17 August 1957 was one in a series of ...

Author: Ingo F. Walther

Publisher: Taschen

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The entertaining companion novel to the best-selling The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid. Michelle Lawrence's perfect life has been just as she's designed it. But then her husband, Chad, ruins everything by taking a job in San Francisco, about as far from their comfortable family home as it's possible to get without actually emigrating. Up until now, Chad's primary focus has been keeping her happy, and Michelle can see no good reason why this should change. But change it has, and Michelle now has to deal with Chad's increasing detachment, while building a new life with her two small children in a place filled with cat-eating coyotes. On top of that, Michelle's oldest friend is turning against marriage while her newest is a little too obsessed with clean taps. And down the redwood-lined street, there's Aishe Herne, a woman who could pick a fight with a silent order of nuns. Aishe has designed her own kind of perfect life, in which there's room for her, her teenage son and no one else. But when cousin Patrick lands in town like a Cockney nemesis, both Aishe and Michelle must begin determined campaigns to regain their grip on the steering wheel of their lives. The Catherine Robertson Trilogy Book 1: The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid Book 2: The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence Book 3: The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Forbes
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Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Reconstruction of Identity

Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Reconstruction of Identity

The image of Picasso«s Las Meninas in the Introduction is reproduced with permission of the Museu Picasso, Barcelona, and Viscopy Ltd, Australia (the agency for the administration of copyright for the estate of Pablo Picasso).

Author: Josie McSkimming

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317106562

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There is an increasing interest in the influence of religious fundamentalism upon people’s motivation, identity and decision-making. Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Re-construction of Identity details the stories of those who have left Christian fundamentalist churches and how they change after they have left. It considers how the previous fundamentalist identity is shaped by aspects of church teaching and discipline that are less authoritarian and coercive, and more subtle and widely spread throughout the church body. That is, individuals are understood as not only subject to a form of judgment, but also exercise it, with everyone seemingly complicit in maintaining the stability of the church organisation. This book provocatively illustrates that the reasons for leaving an evangelical Christian church may be less about what happens outside the church in terms of the lures and attractions of the secular world, and more about the experience within the community itself.
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Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini

For Fellini, despite premature announcements of its death, the (creative) subject is alive in postmodernity as it was for romantics and modernists alike. Fellini, Picasso, and Las Meninas, after Velázquez But the intertextual fabric of ...

Author: Hava Aldouby

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442613270

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Aldouby employs an innovative pictorial approach that allows her to uncover a wealth of visual evocations overlooked by Fellini scholars over the years.
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Picasso A Biography

Picasso  A Biography

Some people saw political comment in “Las Meninas," a symbolic refutation of the social order; some really thought that Picasso had spent weeks and months of his time making a parody of Velasquez. The various interpretations were no ...

Author: Patrick O'Brian

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393344455

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"The best biography of Picasso."—Kenneth Clark Patrick O'Brian's outstanding biography of Picasso is here available in paperback for the first time. It is the most comprehensive yet written, and the only biography fully to appreciate the distinctly Mediterranean origins of Picasso's character and art. Everything about Picasso, except his physical stature, was on an enormous scale. No painter of the first rank has been so awe-inspiringly productive. No painter of any rank has made so much money. A few painters have rivaled his life span of ninety years, but none has attracted so avid, so insatiable, a public interest. Patrick O'Brian knew Picasso sufficiently well to have a strong sense of his personality. The man that emerges from this scholarly, passionate, and brilliantly written biography is one of many contradictions: hard and tender, mean and generous, affectionate and cold, private despite the relish of his fame. In his later years he professed communism, yet in O'Brian's view retained to the end of his life a residual Catholic outlook. Not that such matters were allowed to interfere with his vigorous sensuality. Sex and money, eating and drinking, friends and quarrels, comedies and tragedies, suicides and wars tumble one another in the vast chaos of his experience. he was "a man almost as lonely as the sun, but one who glowed with much the same fierce, burning life." It is with that impression of its subject that this book leaves its readers.
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The Utopian Globalists

The Utopian Globalists

O. K. Werckmeister, Icons of the Left: Benjamin and Eisenstein, Picasso and Kafka after the Fall of Communism (University ... of Picasso's satire of Franco's monarchist pretensions in his version of Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas (1957), ...

Author: Jonathan Harris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118316795

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An innovative history and critical account mapping the ways artists and their works have engaged with, and offered commentary on, modern spectacle in both capitalist and socialist modernism over the past ninety years. Focuses on artists whose work expresses the concept of revolutionary social transformation Provides a strong historical narrative that adds structure and clarity Features a cogent and innovative critique of contemporary art and institutions Covers 100 years of art from Vladimir Tatlin’s constructivist ‘Monument to the Third International’, to Picasso’s late 1940s commitment to Communism, to the Unilever Series sponsored Large Artworks installed at London’s Tate Modern since 2000. Includes the only substantial account in print of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 Montreal ‘Bed-in’ Offers an accessible description and interpretation of Debord’s ‘society of the spectacle’ theory
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Latin American Identity in Online Cultural Production

Latin American Identity in Online Cultural Production

as a comment on the narrative as a whole and on the functioning of hypertext narrative as a genre. In this extract, Gabriella's musings on the scene before her and its possible links with Picasso's work Las Meninas [The Maids of Honour] ...

Author: Thea Pitman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415517447

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

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This volume provides an innovative and timely approach to a fast growing, yet still under-studied field in Latin American cultural production: digital online culture. It focuses on the transformations or continuations that cultural products and practices such as hypermedia fictions, and online performance art, as well as blogs, films, databases and other genre-defying web-based projects, perform with respect to Latin American(ist) discourses, as well as their often contestatory positioning with respect to Western hegemonic discourses as they circulate online. The intellectual rationale for the volume is located at the crossroads of two, equally important, theoretical strands: theories of digital culture, in their majority the product of the anglophone academy; and contemporary debates on Latin American identity and culture.
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Artistic Judgement

Artistic Judgement

Suppose that study of Picasso's Las Meninas series throws light on the Velasquez Las Meninas. Certainly we can say more about the Velasquez: not least that it stimulated such-and-such in the fertile imagination of Picasso.

Author: Graham McFee

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400700314

Category: Philosophy

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Artistic Judgement sketches a framework for an account of art suitable to philosophical aesthetics. It stresses differences between artworks and other things; and locates the understanding of artworks both in a narrative of the history of art and in the institutional practices of the art world. Hence its distinctiveness lies in its strong account of the difference between, on the one hand, the judgement and appreciation of art and, on the other, the judgement and appreciation of all the other things in which we take an aesthetic interest. For only by acknowledging this contrast can one do justice to the importance regularly ascribed to art. The contrast is explained by appealing to an occasion-sensitive account of understanding, drawn from Charles Travis directly, but with Gordon Baker (and Wittgenstein) as also proximate rather than remote. On this basis, it argues, first, that we need to offer accounts of key topics only as far as questions might be raised in respect of them (hence, not exceptionlessly); and, second, that we should therefore defend the view that the meaning of artworks can be changed by later events (the historical character of art, or forward retroactivism) and that art has an institutional character, understood broadly on the lines of Terry Diffey’s Republic of Art. Besides providing a general framework, Artistic Judgement also explores the applications of the ideas to specific artworks or classes of them.
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Bion s Legacy in S o Paulo

Bion   s Legacy in S  o Paulo

As I am not an art critic, but a psychoanalyst, I will use this canvas together with Picasso's Las Meninas to ... The painting causes another particular sensation, that of the spectator and the model permanently reversing their roles.

Author: Evelise de Souza Marra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000539912

Category: Psychology

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This collection illuminates the legacy of Wilfred R. Bion in Brazil, illustrating Bion’s continued influence on the work of the São Paulo Psychoanalytic Society (SBPSP), how Bionian ideas are applied in contemporary psychoanalysis, and how current practice has evolved over time. Evelise de Souza Marra and Cecil José Rezze bring together theoretical and clinical approaches to provide a thorough perspective on Bionian work in Brazil. The book includes chapters by senior analysts, well-respected teachers and analytic clinicians in contemporary Brazilian psychoanalysis, each of which explores a topic central to Bion’s formulations. With discussion of key themes including turbulence, emotional experience, transference, caesura and mental pain, this book demonstrates how Wilfred R. Bion’s thought has been developed, transformed and applied in Brazil since his visits there in the 1970s. Bion’s Legacy in São Paulo will be of great interest to psychoanalysts in practice and in training, particularly those looking to understand Bion’s influence in more depth, and for anyone interested in the practice of psychoanalysis in Latin America.
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Moon Barcelona Madrid

Moon Barcelona   Madrid

VISITING THE PICASSO MUSEUM The Picasso Museum is one of Barcelona's top museums, so expect lines; ... paintings from Paris (rooms 5-7) and the Blue Period (room 8), and culminating in Picasso's versions of Las Meninas in rooms 12-15.

Author: Jessica Jones

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781640492219

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Whether you're rambling down Las Ramblas or making your way down the Gran Via, take your time getting to know Spain's top cities with Moon Barcelona & Madrid. Inside you'll find: Flexible itineraries for up to a week in Barcelona or Madrid that can be combined into a 2-week trip, including day trips to Montserrat, the Penedès wine region, Toledo, and more Strategic advice for foodies, art lovers, history buffs, and more Must-see highlights and unique experiences: Marvel at Gaudi's architectural masterpiece Sagrada Familia, stroll through the baroque Royal Palace, or contemplate Picasso's Guernica and Velázquez's Las Meninas. Cheer for the home team at a fútbol match, people-watch from a sunny café terrace, or climb to the top of Mount Tibidabo and explore the lush surrounding park Savor the flavors of Barcelona and Madrid: Sample mouthwatering jamon or zumo at a sprawling market or snag a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Post up with the locals at a no-frills tapas joint, sip authentic vermouth, or snack on the catch of the day at a beach-front bar Honest suggestions from Madrid local Jessica Jones Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Background information on the landscape, history, and cultural customs of each city Handy tools such as visa information, Spanish and Catalan phrasebooks, and local insight for solo travelers, visitors with disabilities, seniors, LGBTQ travelers, travelers of color, and families with children With Moon's practical tips and local insight, you can enjoy Barcelona and Madrid at your own pace. For more of Europe's best cities, try Moon Rome, Florence & Venice.
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