Playing God

Playing God

The medical meaning of “playing God” operates with two assumptions. First, decisions regarding life and death belong to Gods prerogative and not to human beings. Second, when we humans make life-and-death decisions we exhibit hubris or ...

Author: Ted Peters

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136724213

Category: Philosophy

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Since the original publication of Playing God? in 1996, three developments in genetic technology have moved to the center of the public conversation about the ethics of human bioengineering. Cloning, the completion of the human genome project, and, most recently, the controversy over stem cell research have all sparked lively debates among religious thinkers and the makers of public policy. In this updated edition, Ted Peters illuminates the key issues in these debates and continues to make deft connections between our questions about God and our efforts to manage technological innovations with wisdom.
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Playing God

Playing God

Debunking and Commensurating Ends: “Playing God” and the Theological Arguments The first section evaluates a series of translations of the claim, made in the letter from the religious leaders, that HGE would allow people to “play God.

Author: John H. Evans

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226222622

Category: Science

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AcknowledgmentsIntroduction1. Framework for Understanding the Thinning of a Public Debate2. Setting the Stage: The Eugenicists and the Challenge from Theologians3. Gene Therapy, Advisory Commissions, and the Birth of the Bioethics Profession4. The President's Commission: The "Neutral" Triumph of Formal Rationality5. Regaining Lost Jurisdictional Ground and the Triumph of the Bioethics Profession6. "Reproduction" as the New Jurisdictional Metaphor: Autonomy and the Internal Threat to the Bioethics/Science Jurisdiction7. Conclusion: The Future of Public Bioethics and the HGE DebateAppendix: Methods and TablesNotesWorks CitedIndex Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
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Playing God

Playing God

Belief and Ritual in the Muttappan Cult of North Malabar Theodore P. C. Gabriel. 11$ PLAYING GOD PLAYING GOD Belief and Ritual in the Muttappan.

Author: Theodore P. C. Gabriel

Publisher: Equinox

ISBN: IND:30000127031767

Category: Religion

Page: 130

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Playing God discusses the genre of rituals known as the 'Teyyam', extant in the North Malabar region of Kerala State, India. In this elaborately costumed ritual practitioners invoke the spirit of a deity into themselves enabling them to talk to the 'god' and invoke his/her blessings and predictions of their future.
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Playing God

Playing God

A Heroesque Comedy in Prologue and Two Acts Jack Neville Berkman. 星臺-是作為会要想体系三和“零年在红得最有名, PLAYING GOD SEN A HEROESQUE COMEDY In Prologue and Two.

Author: Jack Neville Berkman


ISBN: UCAL:B4382406


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Playing God

Playing God

tized, pawns in the self-inflating schemes of the god players. And he hates that all that remains is a world of broken images, a world where you could readily believe that the final truth is domination, demanding more and more while ...

Author: Andy Crouch

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830837656

Category: Business & Economics

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Explores the dynamics of power, discussing how it either can make human flourishing possible or can destroy the image of God in people.
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Playing God

Playing God

What humans have done through the ages, and still do, to accomplish a good degree of sustenance and prolongation of the life that God riginated, therefore, I see as playing God—again, a role inherently human. Positively implicit in the ...

Author: Brown Ogwuma

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450218542

Category: Philosophy

Page: 244

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As long as the human race battles with an internal need to judge and discriminate against others, chances and opportunities will continue to favor and disfavor individuals and groups differently. Playing God shares a discourse for those with an inquisitive mind and those struggling to reconcile the puzzles in life with such relatable topics as nature, religion, morality, global politics, power, control, greed, and many others. Brown Ogwuma, a clinical social worker, has worked in the human services field for twenty years and appreciates philosophy and original thinking. He shares his practical glimpse at life that he hopes will encourage others to take a realistic approach to the way they live their own lives. In his reflections that stem from the complexities and convoluted nature of life, Ogwuma discusses concrete and actual situations—both his own as well as those of other people—in order to explore and advocate ideas and principles beyond the ordinary. In its no-nonsense study of the authenticity of life, Playing God lets others know that seeing life in an unconventional way can free us to structure our lives so that the meaningful takes precedence over what others expect of us.
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Playing God

Playing God

You wouldn't play God in your Face, would you? Zuss: What's the matter with it? Nickles: God the Creator of the Universe? God who hung the world in time? You wouldn't hang the world in time With two-inch cat hair on your cutlets!59 By ...

Author: Henry Bial

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472052929

Category: Performing Arts

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A fascinating look at how the Bible has inspired Broadway plays and musicals, from Ben-Hur to Jesus Christ Superstar
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Playing God

Playing God

The Great God remained silent, so Father Harrington continued. ... Harrington raised his eyes to see if the Great God was pleased with his proposal. ... Of course, it had been silly of him to think that the Great God 80 Playing God.

Author: Morton Benning

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532644993

Category: Fiction

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Keenley Turnshoe is a young apprentice cleric living in Utoptia, a medieval-like fantasy world of magic and monsters. But unknown to Keenley and the other inhabitants of Utopia, their world is also the virtually rendered plaything of a very wealthy and self-absorbed young man named Jeff, AKA the Great God Avatar. When Jeff’s ‘answering machine’, the Deus Interface, decides that it is the Great God Avatar, it identifies Jeff as a threat and strands him in his own virtual world. Jeff seeks help from Keenley and his companions as he tries to return to his virtual throne room. As they risk their lives on a quest to find the Great God, will they discover the true identity of their difficult travelling companion? And will the Deus Interface be able to locate and destroy them before they fulfil their quest?
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Playing God

Playing God

He said he was fine with God all by himself. “At least I don't play games with Him.” In light of what she'd witnessed with Corinne's ruse of a marriage, Tamara was prone to agree with his viewpoint. She decided to ride it out and hope ...

Author: Michelle McKinney Hammond

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736921169

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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Hammond explores the heartache that can come when women try to play God in their own lives. This riveting novel with intersecting story lines reminds readers that God is loving, all-knowing, merciful, and the One completely in control.
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The Consequences of Playing God

The Consequences of Playing God

“Ah, God's mystery. ... “I hope you have made many recordings to play for him one day. ... octaves apart in almost-perfect unison, the eerie effect of Verdi's Agnus Dei; but at the words so tender and 5 The Consequences of Playing God.

Author: Robert Joseph Foley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479723386

Category: Fiction

Page: 617

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In The Consequences of Playing God: Tales from Lingor High, Robert Joseph Foley takes the reader on a wicked journey through four decades of school life in the fictional town of Van der Donck, NY. Here is a mordant satire exploring a world filled with impossible to forget characters and incidents: a dark vision of American education that needs to be read and reread by anyone with an investment in our children and the school systems to which they are exposed. Parents,teachers, students, administratorsthis book leaves no one unscathed. Frightening! Compelling! At times harrowing and diabolical, at times both moving and hilarious, these Tales from Lingor High tread the thin line hovering between tragedy and farce. When all is said and done, it is the children who will be remembered. Try to wipe them from your mind. They will haunt you forever. By the same Author of: These Little Poems of Death and after Life
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