Muslim Women Seeking Power Muslim Youth Seeking Justice

Muslim Women Seeking Power  Muslim Youth Seeking Justice

In a British analysis FrancNe (2014) pointed to Ithe power of role models"ʊthe prominence and activism of powerful women in British institutions and companies who are exemplars of how success may be achieved. In fact, this report shows ...

Author: Mahmoud Abubaker

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527536203

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

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This volume explores the two themes of equity in employment for Muslim women, and the identity and aspirations of Muslim youth in an age of Islamophobia in Western countries through conceptual and empirical studies of employment discrimination and alienation in the UK and the Netherlands. To these accounts are added a worldwide perspective on how women (and especially ethnic minority and Muslim women) experience, and try to overcome ethno-religious discrimination in entry to employment. The themes of Muslim women and youth struggling to survive are illustrated by accounts of teachers from Gaza who are providing ‘alternative families’ for children traumatised and orphaned through Israeli attacks. The idea of peaceful resistance, and Islamic patience in the face of persecution is developed throughout the book, and applied in a variety of settings.
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Women Give Men Too Much Power

Women Give Men Too Much Power

Why would a woman visit a gay club with other gay women? Some say they're just curious. ... These demonic spirits attach themselves to some of the most powerful women for one purpose only—to destroy everything God has blessed them with.

Author: Charlotte Hall

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450044093

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

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A thought-provoking, enlightening, and empowering read awaits readers, especially women, as author Charlotte Hall shares how Women Give Men Too Much Power and lose themselves in the process. Because some men tend to forget to tell the truth always, the author takes on this task to help her fellow females stand up against or let go of things—or in this case, men—that try to destroy and disrupt their lives. This book is about real issues that face women and family. It gives a perspective focusing on the ugliness that men don’t want to confront: being the head of the household, keeping in-laws in check, being intimidated by successful women, if men would become successful in the things of God, they would know how to treat women right, loving and respecting her like royalty, and more. There are only two types of men: the faithful and the unfaithful. There’s no in-between. And in this book, the author talks about purpose and addresses when to run for the hills. This is a personally intimate talk, woman to woman, heart to heart. She shares all the important concerns, from knowing who the man is, the type of man he is, the abuse and healing, and so much more. “One of my strongest attributes is the fact that I can take accountability for my failures. The people who fooled me who lied to get what they wanted, who didn’t love me or could care less if I live or die, sometimes it hurt. At other times I avoided the obvious so I didn’t have to deal with it, hoping that it would go away, but it doesn’t. Confession will destroy pride and humble you so you can help others not to make the same mistakes,” says Hall as she explains the reason she wrote this book. Women Give Men Too Much Power aims to help, enlighten, uplift, inspire, heal, and move others.
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Gender and Women s Leadership

Gender and Women s Leadership

No women chaired a committee from the 105th to the 109th Congresses (1998–2006). This pattern changed in 2007 with the 110th Congress and continued in the 111th when three women chaired committees, including the powerful Committee on ...

Author: Karen O'Connor

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412960830

Category: Social Science

Page: 1105

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These volumes provide an authoritative reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender, with a focus on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains.
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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

office is the power differential between men and women and how power is perceived by them. The effectiveness of political and other organizational leaders depends in part on their ability to share power. Conger (1989) noted that "the ...

Author: Karin Klenke

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787432772

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 592

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The 2nd edition of this book, originally published in 2011, captures many significant recent developments and achievements in women’s leadership. Women in virtually every context discussed in the book--politics, sports, business, technology, religion, military and international--have made dramatic gains in attaining leadership roles and positions.
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Women and Political Power

Women and Political Power

The possibility of introducing quotas for women on voting lists does not meet with unanimity, even among women. However, it is noted that the party which first had a well-structured and powerful women's organization, having fixed quotas ...

Author: Inter-parliamentary Union


ISBN: STANFORD:36105043366629

Category: Femmes en politique

Page: 214

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Om kvinders stemmeret, politiske bevidsthed, deltagelse i politik, antal kvinder i parlamenter og regeringer i 150 lande
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Women and the American Legal Order

Women and the American Legal Order

Cherokee women originally had been subsistence-level farmers and mothers, and the importance of these roles in traditional society had made it possible for them to exercise political power. Women, however, lacked the economic resources ...

Author: Karen Maschke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135634063

Category: Law

Page: 360

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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Arthurian Women

Arthurian Women

Mosher Stuard's description of changes in noblewomen's opportunities for political power during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries ( the period of time in which , of course , the many versions of Tristan und Isolde were written ) : In ...

Author: Thelma S. Fenster

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415928893

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 428

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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Women in Higher Education

Women in Higher Education

Penetrate institution's power structure and redefine its sense of power. Women can also use the power of their office to affect their institutions' power structures and, in so doing, to create institutional climates conducive to a ...

Author: Judith Glazer-Raymo

Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions

ISBN: STANFORD:36105062235200

Category: Education

Page: 566

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This reader is designed to supplement a range of higher education or women's studies courses, or as a primary text for women in higher education, gender and women's studies. Incorporating selections from both journals and books from the 1990s, this reader presents the current issues facing women in academia. Comparative, multicultural, and policy perspectives are all included to acknowledge the complexities of gender studies in contemporary society. The essays in the reader represent the best feminist scholarship in the field of higher education that fall under five main themes: Theoretical and Research Perspectives; Context: Historical, Social, and Institutional; Feminist Theoretical and Research Perspectives; Women as Academic Leaders, Faculty and Students; Comparative and International Perspectives; Feminist Pedagogy and Curriculum Transformation. Features include: Comprehensive and contemporary readings designed to appeal to a wide readership in the field of higher education Incorporates new sections on critical policy studies, global feminism, and feminist research methods All selections are written by authors with considerable reputations as feminist scholars The selections represent much of the outstanding research now being done to expand the knowledge base of feminist theory and research methodology Includes a new section on how to use the reader as a teaching tool
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Women in World History v 2 Readings from 1500 to the Present

Women in World History  v  2  Readings from 1500 to the Present

This power she often uses against her daughter-in-law, forgetting how much she suffered as daughter-in-law. In her specific role as wife, the Dalit woman, in these oral histories, feels a complete failure, as its fulfillment requires ...

Author: Sarah Shaver Hughes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317451815

Category: History

Page: 304

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This work is one of two volumes presenting selected histories from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It discusses issues within a female context and features political and economic issues, marriage practices, motherhood and enslavement, religious beliefs and spiritual development.
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Women s Lives Women s Rituals in the Hindu Tradition

Women s Lives  Women s Rituals in the Hindu Tradition

Thus we see the conjoint power of women and goddesses to attract and to bring together guests from other realms, including the divine. One might ask, of course, what sort of power is this power of divinities, whose existence may be ...

Author: Tracy Pintchman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198039344

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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In this book, Tracy Pintchman has assembled ten leading scholars of Hinduism to explore the complex relationship between Hindu women's rituals and their lives beyond ritual. The book focuses particularly on the relationship of women's ritual practices to domesticity, exposing and exploring the nuances, complexities, and limits of this relationship. In many cultural and historical contexts, including contemporary India, women's everyday lives tend to revolve heavily around domestic and interpersonal concerns, especially care for children, the home, husbands, and other relatives. Hence, women's religiosity also tends to emphasize the domestic realm and the relationships most central to women. But women's religious concerns certainly extend beyond domesticity. Furthermore, even the domestic religious activities that Hindu women perform may not merely replicate or affirm traditionally formulated domestic ideals but may function strategically to reconfigure, reinterpret, criticize, or even reject such ideals. This volume takes a fresh look at issues of the relationship between Hindu women's ritual practices and normative domesticity. In so doing, it emphasizes female innovation and agency in constituting and transforming both ritual and the domestic realm and calls attention to the limitations of normative domesticity as a category relevant to many forms of Hindu women's religious practice.
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