Tricksters and Pranksters

Tricksters and Pranksters

CHAPTER ONE Introduction > The Middle Ages and the Renaissance provide a particularly fertile field for a study of the literary function of the trickster and the prankster . Indeed , the evidence for these appealing yet disturbing ...

Author: Alison Williams

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004488793

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 244

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This volume represents a contribution to comparative scholarship in Medieval and Renaissance studies in its investigation of the ingenious diversity of roguish practices found in Medieval and Renaissance literature and its recognition of the coherent normative function of tales of tricksters and pranksters. The wide variety of works analysed, from those forming part of the established canon of texts on undergraduate degree schemes to lesser-known works, makes the volume of interest to students and researchers alike. The roguish behaviour of women, priests, foxes and outlaws and the knavery of Eulenspiegel and Panurge are used to illustrate how rituals of inversion and humiliation typical of the medieval carnival are reflected in literary accounts of trickery, and to question whether the restorative function attributed to carnival celebration is equally to be found in the intra-textual and extra-textual outcomes of trickery. This analysis is supported by studies into the trickster in mythology, sociological investigations into the role of disorder, Bakhtinian theories of carnival and the carnivalesque, and theories of black humour.
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McConnachie and Tudge, Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories, 26; Gorightly, Prankster and the Conspiracy, 92; “Thornley and Garrison” quote from Wilson, Cosmic Trigger I, 61. Gorightly, Prankster and the Conspiracy, 97.

Author: Kembrew McLeod

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814764367

Category: Social Science

Page: 366

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From Benjamin Franklin's newspaper hoax that faked the death of his rival to Abbie HoffmanOCOs attempt to levitate the Pentagon, pranksters, hoaxers, and con artists have caused confusion, disorder, and laughter in Western society for centuries. Profiling the most notorious mischief makers from the 1600s to the present day, a Pranksters aexplores how OC pranksOCO are part of a long tradition of speaking truth to power and social critique. Invoking such historical and contemporary figures as P.T. Barnum, Jonathan Swift, WITCH, The Yes Men, and Stephen Colbert, Kembrew McLeod shows how staged spectacles that balance the serious and humorous can spark important public conversations. In some instances, tricksters have incited social change (and unfortunate prank blowback) by manipulating various forms of media, from newspapers to YouTube. For example, in the 1960s, self-proclaimed OC professional hoaxerOCO Alan Abel lampooned AmericaOCOs hypocritical sexual mores by using conservative rhetoric to fool the news media into covering a satirical organization that advocated clothing naked animals. In the 1990s, Sub Pop Records then-receptionist Megan Jasper satirized the commodification of alternative music culture by pranking thea New York Times ainto reporting on her fake lexicon of OC grunge speak.OCO Throughout this book, McLeod shows how pranks interrupt the daily flow of approved information and news, using humor to underscore larger, pointed truths. Written in an accessible, story-driven style, a Pranksters areveals how mischief makers have left their shocking, entertaining, and educational mark on modern political and social life."
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Tom Wolfe s America Heroes Pranksters and Fools

Tom Wolfe s America  Heroes  Pranksters  and Fools

The rollicking and prankish humor of the Chinese epic (especially in the character Monkey) is also in sync with the outrageous improvisations of the Pranksters amid their quest to find a higher truth, for Monkey operates in an invisible ...

Author: Kevin T. McEneaney

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313365454

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 197

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While The Right Stuff and The Bonfire of the Vanities remain perhaps his best-known works, Tom Wolfe's journalism and fiction continues to enjoy a large audience, perhaps chiefly because of the variety of his subjects and his controversial approach to them. Here, McEneaney offers an account of the man and his works, explaining along the way Wolfe's use of irony, his obsessive themes, and even his use of pranks. More comprehensive in scope than any preceding book on Wolfe, it offers accurate and accessible commentary based upon what Wolfe admits about his own work. In this new book, Wolfe's work is put in journalistic and literary context. The reliability of Wolfe's journalism is discussed, especially when there are alternative narrations to events he has depicted. McEneaney also examines the Wolfe's use of pranks that he plays on readers at times, and uncovers the influences on Wolfe that have contributed to his unique style. Finally, the author discusses Wolfe's impact on other writers. Readers will gain access into Wolfe's world through this detailed and colorful work.
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Pranksters at Play

Pranksters at Play

Thus began prankster Emerson Jenks' new life at St. Timothy's. + − × ÷ Mrs. Jenks remained uncharacteristically quiet during the first hour of the drive home. She had stopped crying soon after St. PRANKSTERS AT PLAY 29.

Author: Mel Anthony

Publisher: Agio Publishing House

ISBN: 9781897435434

Category: Humor

Page: 292

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A VERY FUNNY BOOK Chuckle and chortle with St. Timothy's pranksters as they lead you along their twisting, turning, craftily constructed schemes. Groan and grumble with their victims as they discover they've been led down the garden path. PRANKSTERS AT PLAY: TALES OUT OF SCHOOL is chock-a-block with, what else -- pranks Reader beware, lest you become a victim yourself. You have been warned. Remember, in this book, as at St. Timothy's, "Nothing is ever exactly what it seems." ""You're right, Emerson," said his teacher. "I suppose I've always known it. And, when I really think about it, only that awful man could be behind all this nonsense," she declared. "Oh, Ma'am," replied Emerson with a sharp intake of breath, "pranks aren't nonsense. Pranks are very serious business, Ma'am. If you're going to do them right."" ABOUT THE AUTHOR, MEL ANTHONY Mel Anthony knows about pranks. For five years at boarding school (age 13 to 18) he was both a perpetrator and victim of pranks. Having reared three sons, practiced social work, retired to a sailboat and become engaged in relief work in Peru, he has found time to look back on a much more innocent, contented, carefree period in his life. "AUTHOR'S NOTE: Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Christian-Out-Reach-Peru (Cristianos Obrando para Respaldar los Peruanos) to support relief work in and around Puente Piedra, Lima, Peru. For more information, please go to"
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Pranksters Hooligans and Big Lizards

Pranksters  Hooligans  and Big Lizards

Being a fugitive prankster on the lam meant that nothing could be taken for granted. After a quick chicken sandwich at a diner down the street he walked back to the motel. The clerk on duty recognized him and gave him a peculiar wink ...

Author: Steve Edsall

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456821821

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

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Pranksters, Hooligans, and Big Lizards - An intense and suspenseful yet insightful comic work of fiction set in present-day North Carolina - Life is full of unexpected and unlikely situations, from unlikely occupations, mismatched couples to strange behavior. Sven and Ariella are newlyweds who find their career paths leading them to Charlotte, North Carolina where Buford, Ariellas mysterious cousin and prankster is hiding under an alias. At the same time, Ariellas parents each find their own peculiar callings in the city. In their move to Charlotte, the parents are accompanied by some strange yet comical figures with ambitions of their own, one of whom is a career criminal with a dangerous past and who runs a secret organization. It is the "hooligan" with the criminal past that ultimately becomes the first victim of two murders. To add to the suspense,the police learn that they have been foiled and have the wrong suspect in custody. Later on, after the second murder takes place,the authorities are baffled in their efforts to determine if the two murders are in any way related. By a strange sequence of events, "prankster" Buford finds himself at the scenes of both murders. In the midst of these violent acts, there is also a mystery surrounding two large lizards. Buford finds he may very well have met his match and finally be forced to retire or maybe he has just found a new partner in pranksterdom and the woman of his dreams. Sven and Ariella provide commentary on the unfolding events but in the process, they reveal hypocrisies about themselves. Each have their own perspective Sven proclaims to be a devout man of faith but Ariella prides herself on being a nonbeliever. But it is Ariellas hysterically odd grandmother Annabelle, a kind of all-knowing oracle with the wisdom of the ages, who has connections everywhere and knows almost everyones secrets in this wild contemporary comedy/mystery.
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Comedians and Pranksters of Baseball

Comedians and Pranksters of Baseball

But once I did see the guy become the field prankster , in a contest with Cleveland . The Yankees were scoring with ease , and Cleveland Third Baseman Rube Lutzke was having one awful day . He was taking hot grounders on the chest ...

Author: Fred Lieb


ISBN: UIUC:30112057152305

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Page: 111

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Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters

Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters

The prankster politics of many Yippees and anarchists had limited impact . As Seán Sheehan has commented , capitalism can easily accommodate anarchic “ pranks , ” no matter how comical they are . To Sheehan , they amount to little more ...

Author: Toby Boraman


ISBN: UOM:39015079319128

Category: Anarchism

Page: 144

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Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters captures some of the imagination, the audacity, the laughs and the wildness that animated many of the social movements of the sixties and seventies in Aotearoa/New Zealand. During this time, particularly from the late sixties to the early seventies, an astonishingly broad-based revolt occurred throughout the country. Thousands of workers, Maori, Pacific people, women, youth, lesbians, gays, students, environmentalists and others rebelled against authority. Innovative new styles and anarchistic methods of political dissent became popular. A colourful and energetic bunch of anarchists occasionally played significant roles in these struggles. Anarchists were prominent in the anti-nuclear, anti-Vietnam War, anti-US military bases, commune, unemployed and peace movements. Rabble Rousers and Merry Pranksters is a richly-detailed tale about a much neglected anti-authoritarian leftist current in Aotearoa/New Zealand history."
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The Rock History Reader

The Rock History Reader

Which was, of course: you're either on the bus or off the bus.1 Those who were on the bus, even if they weren't Pranksters, like Marshall Efron, the round Mercury of Hip California, or the Hell's Angels . . . all found it.

Author: Theo Cateforis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136201011

Category: Music

Page: 400

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The Rock History Reader is an eclectic compilation of readings that tells the history of rock as it has been received and explained as a social and musical practice throughout its six decade history. The readings range from the vivid autobiographical accounts of such rock icons as Ronnie Spector and David Lee Roth to the writings of noted rock critics like Lester Bangs and Chuck Klosterman. It also includes a variety of selections from media critics, musicologists, fanzine writers, legal experts, sociologists and prominent political figures. Many entries also deal specifically with distinctive styles such as Motown, punk, disco, grunge, rap and indie rock. Each entry includes headnotes, which place it in its historical context. This second edition includes new readings on the early years of rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll, as well as entries on payola, mods, the rise of FM rock, progressive rock and the PMRC congressional hearings. In addition, there is a wealth of new material on the 2000s that explores such relatively recent developments as emo, mash ups, the explosion of internet culture and new media, and iconic figures like Radiohead and Lady Gaga. With numerous readings that delve into the often explosive issues surrounding censorship, copyright, race relations, feminism, youth subcultures, and the meaning of musical value, The Rock History Reader continues to appeal to scholars and students from a variety of disciplines.
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The Pranksters are probably best known for their acid test " graduations , a series of events that mixed psychedelic drugs ( most notably LSD ) with the music of the resident Prankster band , the Grateful Dead .

Author: Karen M. Staller

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231124104

Category: Social Science

Page: 292

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During the 1960s and 1970s, the issue of runaways became a source of national concern. This text examines the programmes and policies that took shape during this period and the ways in which the ideas of the alternative services movement continue to guide our responses to at-risk youth.
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Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood s Merry Band of Pranksters Fabulists and Dreamers

Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood s Merry Band of Pranksters  Fabulists and Dreamers

... and film with the likes of Dustin Hoffman's Benjamin Braddock in Mike Nichols ' The Graduate ( 1967 ) , Bud Cort's death - obsessed prankster Harold in Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude and Matthew Broderick's eponymous suburban slacker ...

Author: Derek Hill

Publisher: Old Castle

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131657079

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 212

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Since the late 1990s, a subversive element has been at work within the staid confines of the Hollywood dream factory. This new breed of American film captures the angst of its characters and the times in which we live. This title analyses and traces the origins of the pivotal films and directors in this war on the mundane.
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