The Other Kind of Funnies

The Other Kind of Funnies

Harrison, R. (1981). The cartoon: Communication to the quick. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Helfer, A., Mariotte, J., Thompson, S., & Morgan, T. (2008). Presidential material flipbook: Barack Obama and John McCain. San Diego, CA: IDW.

Author: Han Yu

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351864534

Category: Psychology

Page: 280

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The Other Kind of Funnies refutes the mainstream American cultural assumption that comics have little to do with technical communication-that the former are entertaining (in a low-brow sense) and juvenile, whereas the latter is practical and serious (to the point of stuffiness). The first of its kind, this book demonstrates the exciting possibilities of using comics in technical communication. It defines comics as a medium and art form that includes cartoons, comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels; provides conceptual and historical backgrounds on comics; and discusses the appeals and challenges of using comics-style technical communication. More specifically, it examines comics-style instructions, educational materials, health/risk communication, and political/propaganda communication. The author argues that comics-style technical communication encourages reader participation, produces covert persuasion, facilitates intercultural communication, benefits underprivileged audiences such as children and readers of lower literacy, and challenges the positivist view of technical communication. An abundance of comics-style technical communication examples, carefully selected from across cultures and times, demonstrates the argument. While the book proposes that comics can create user-friendly, visually oriented, engaging, and socially responsible technical communication, it is also quick to acknowledge the limitations and challenges of comics-style technical communication and provides heuristics on how to cope with them. The Other Kind of Funnies is unique in its interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on technical communication but speaks to design, cultural and intercultural studies, historical studies, and to some extent, education, politics, and art.
Categories: Psychology

Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies Cases Trends and Inquiry Based Methods

Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies  Cases  Trends  and Inquiry Based Methods

For instance, when planning to teach students about the presidential election, the teacher must first examine the ... Flipbook allows the teacher to put numerous articles and materials into a digital magazine that students can flip ...

Author: Keengwe, Jared

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466662858

Category: Education

Page: 364

View: 684

"This book examines the implementation and success of mobile digital learning tools, with the inclusion of data on specific learning environments enhanced by ubiquitous educational technologies"--Provided by publisher.
Categories: Education

Human Computer Interaction Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Human Computer Interaction  Concepts  Methodologies  Tools  and Applications

For instance, when planning to teach students about the presidential election, the teacher must first examine the ... Flipbook allows the teacher to put numerous articles and materials into a digital magazine that students can flip ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466687905

Category: Computers

Page: 2208

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As modern technologies continue to develop and evolve, the ability of users to interface with new systems becomes a paramount concern. Research into new ways for humans to make use of advanced computers and other such technologies is necessary to fully realize the potential of 21st century tools. Human-Computer Interaction: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications gathers research on user interfaces for advanced technologies and how these interfaces can facilitate new developments in the fields of robotics, assistive technologies, and computational intelligence. This four-volume reference contains cutting-edge research for computer scientists; faculty and students of robotics, digital science, and networked communications; and clinicians invested in assistive technologies. This seminal reference work includes chapters on topics pertaining to system usability, interactive design, mobile interfaces, virtual worlds, and more.
Categories: Computers

Publishers Directory

Publishers Directory

Eye : A Flipbook , The Magician's Hat : A Flipbook , A Fishy Tale : A Flipbook , all by Patrick Jenkins . ... Description : Provides interpretive material to visitors of the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse ( Jefferson National Expansion ...



ISBN: UOM:39015016317961

Category: Book industries and trade

Page: 2068

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Food Protection Trends

Food Protection Trends

There have been months of work put into the new design and layout to better organize information and material for your ... from both the IAFP Report and Food Protection Trends and the new , " flipbook " style Food Protection Trends .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924110482662

Category: Food contamination


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Categories: Food contamination

Warning Shadows Home Alone with Classic Cinema

Warning Shadows  Home Alone with Classic Cinema

Turning the crank was like thumbing the pages of a flipbook. As the flow of pictures could be manipulated, the mutoscope became associated with mildly salacious material. In effect, it offered the 1890s equivalent of slo-mo and fast ...

Author: Gary Giddins

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393339009

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 368

View: 223

A brilliantly insightful and witty examination of beloved and little-known films, directors, and stars by one of America’s most esteemed critics. In his illuminating new work, Gary Giddins explores the evolution of film, from the first moving pictures and peepshows to the digital era of DVDs and online video-streaming. New technologies have changed our experience of cinema forever; we have peeled away from the crowded theater to be home alone with classic cinema. Recounting the technological developments that films have undergone, Warning Shadows travels through time and across genres to explore the impact of the industry’s most famous classics and forgotten gems. Essays such as “Houdini Escapes! From the Vaults! Of the Past!,” “Edward G. Robinson, See,” and “Prestige and Pretension (Pride and Prejudice)” capture the wit and magic of classic cinema. Each chapter—ranging from the horror films of Hitchcock to the fantastical frames of Disney—provides readers with engaging analyses of influential films and the directors and actors who made them possible.
Categories: Performing Arts

Rachel Harrison Life Hack

Rachel Harrison Life Hack

... the man with the magnifying glass who, coming back home at night after a long day's work as the vice president and director of the Mercantile Stores ... She creates the sculptural flipbook Lincoln from the individual pages (fig. 7).

Author: Elisabeth Sussman

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300246858

Category: Art

Page: 281

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"The work of the sculptor Rachel Harrison is both the zeitgeist and the least digestible in contemporary art. It may also be the most important, owing to an originality that breaks a prevalent spell in an art world of recycled genres, styles, and ideas."--Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker In her sculptures, room-sized installations, drawings, photographs, and artist's books, Rachel Harrison (b. 1966) delves into themes of celebrity culture, pop psychology, history, and politics. This publication, created in close collaboration with the artist, explores twenty-five years of her practice and is the first comprehensive monograph on Harrison in nearly a decade. Its centerpiece is an in-depth plate section, which doubles as a chronology of Harrison's major works, series, and exhibitions. Objects are illustrated with multiple views and details, and accompanied by short texts. This thorough approach elucidates Harrison's complicated, eclectic oeuvre--in which she integrates found materials with handmade sculptural elements, upends traditions of museum display, and injects quotidian objects with a sense of strangeness. Six accompanying essays cover Harrison's earliest works to her most recent output. The book also includes a handful of photo-collages that the artist created specifically for this project. Published here for the first time, these pieces superimpose found images with reproductions of Harrison's own past work.
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Before crossing the Pacific , Abe had been questioning the buildings that were materializing in architecture and seeking ... to attend lectures by the president of Coop Himmelblau , Wolf Prix , who also happened to become his advisor .

Author: Masaaki Takahashi

Publisher: Images Publishing

ISBN: 1864702672

Category: Architecture

Page: 274

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Insightful look at the many young interior designers and architects creating an impression in Japan today.
Categories: Architecture

Advertising Requirements

Advertising Requirements

Intaglio Vice President and National Sales Manager Richard T. Habel ... But in the multigraphed Scribner letter , the material inside the parentheses was set upside down , making it an intriguing guessing game .



ISBN: IOWA:31858045129644

Category: Advertising

Page: 786

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Categories: Advertising

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Book Publishers Directory

Principal Officials & Managers : John E. Sutherland , President ; Jean Matheis , Secretary - Treasurer . ... Coming In by Frannie Lindsay ; A Sentimental Education by Carole Stone ; The Flipbook of the French Revolution by Ed Rayher .



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