Pressing Matters 9

Pressing Matters 9

This is an excellent addition to the existing MSD programs: the MSDEBD directed by Professor Bill Braham and the MSDAAD directed by Professor Ali Rahim, all presented in Pressing Matters 9.

Author: Upenn


ISBN: 1951541456



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Pressing Matters 10

Pressing Matters 10

Already number TEN, Pressing Matters X is a special issue reflecting a year of reflection and change, after several waves of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and newly developed hybrid teaching methods.

Author: Winka Dubbeldam

Publisher: Pressing Matters

ISBN: 1954081472


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Already number TEN, Pressing Matters X is a special issue reflecting a year of reflection and change, after several waves of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and newly developed hybrid teaching methods. It follows last year's Pressing Matters 9 that was completely rethought with the aim to present an Open Source publication that shares the Department of Architecture's concept of design-research, an integral approach of critical thinking, rigorous research, and design, representing a deep understanding of the complex layers of architecture. Together with Jonathan Jackson & team of WSDIA, a more integral design was developed, allowing input from research [ARI labs], students, faculty and Penn's special events. This anniversary of Pressing Matters is celebrated by adding the "decade" color of silver to the usual recycled cardboard cover of Weitzman's architecture publication. It also represents a year of new opportunities brought by a complete rethinking of education through the introduction of remote learning, zoom lectures and meetings. A much larger international group of diverse jurors, experts, and critics could be invited as travel was of no hindrance for attendance. In conjunction with the 17th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, CityX Venice, a virtual exhibition of new and recent work by leading architects and designers from around the world, opened online in May. Winka Dubbeldam, who is Miller Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture and Director of the Advanced Research and Innovation (ARI) Lab, served as one of the creative directors, inviting six faculty members to present examples of the design-research under way at Weitzman. We are also very excited that the Department of Architecture at the Weitzman was selected for the next Acadia 2022 Conference called Hybrids & Haecceities, which asks how technology enables, reflects, and challenges established disciplinary boundaries and design practices. Hybrids & Haecceities aligns with a fundamental shift away from abstract generalized models of design and production towards custom or bespoke design now possible at an unprecedented scale due to Industry 4.0. After a summer of protests the department immediately created a DEI committee, restructured its curriculum and student and faculty body to be more inclusive. The department also instigated a free summer school for the students as internships and jobs were hard to come by. The generous support of the great group of external experts really helped the students in their design for a temporary Covid testing station, issues such as prefabrication, social equity, and race and gender were discussed and became the source of inspiration for the exquisite designs published by Surface Media.

English and Chinese Dictionary

English and Chinese Dictionary

P'ú Matter , to , as : it matters much , T F ' yau séung tsih tih ; matted hair , & syung . ... Tiaj ní t'ai ' há t'au ; a public matter , 2 9 Mattock flot ch'o t'au . ... Páng . ' 149 Sz sz ; a pressing matter , 5 kap , szé .

Author: William Lobscheid


ISBN: UCAL:C2753155

Category: English language

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Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Language

Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Language

... Chris Hedges, a former war correspondent for The New York Times, finds that the suicide bombers of 9/11 'learned ... environmental and non-environmental disasters, warrantless wiretapping and other pressing matters.9 Encouraged by ...

Author: Judith Allen

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748674534

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 144

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Through close readings of Woolf's essays, including 'Montaigne', A Room of One's Own, 'Craftsmanship', Three Guineas, and 'Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid', Allen shows how Woolf's politics, expressed and enacted by her writings, are relevant to our curr
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I am writing to you after running pillar to post to bring this matter to the attention of the local administration but all my ... Hence I had no option but to approach you although you must be occupied with more pressing matters.

Author: Dr. J. Randhawa

Publisher: Ravinder Singh and sons


Category: Education

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This book is written strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council for the I.C.S.E. Examinations in and after 2024. This book includes the Answers to the Questions given in the Textbook Total English Class 9 published by Morning Star Pvt. Ltd. This book is written by Dr. J. Randhawa.
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Models of the Self

Models of the Self

Analogously, one might leave nonurgent mail sitting in one's mailboxlest it clutter up one's desktop and distract one from more pressing matters. 9 Intriguingly,we have recently described anew neurologicalsign of right hemisphere ...

Author: Shaun Gallagher

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781845407223

Category: Psychology

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A long history of inquiry about human nature and the self stretches from the ancient tradition of Socratic self-knowledge in the context of ethical life to contemporary discussions of brain function in cognitive science. It begins with a conflict among the ancients. On one view, which comes to be represented most clearly by Aristotle, the issue is settled in terms of a composite and very complex human nature. Who I am is closely tied to my embodied existence. The other view, found as early as the Pythagoreans, and developed in the writings of Plato, Augustine and Descartes, held that genuine humanness is not the result of an integration of 'lower' functions, but a purification of those functions in favour of a liberating spirituality. The animal elements are excluded from the human essence. The modern debate on the problem of the self, although owing much to the insights of Locke and Hume, can still be situated within the context of the two schools of ancient thought, and this has led many to despair over the lack of apparent progress in this problem. Today, of course, we often tend to look to science rather than philosophy to develop our understanding of a wide range of fundamental issues. To what extent is the problem of the self a scientific issue? Can insights from the study of neuropsychology and cognitive development in infancy provide a new perspective? Can the study of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorders tell us anything about the nature of human self-consciousness? Many would answer yes to the above questions, but then is it not also the case that the study of exceptional 'self-actualised' human experience is equally relevant? And can the phenomenological tradition, dedicated to the systematic study of human experience, and contemporary analytic approaches in philosophy help us out of some of the impasses that have bedevilled the empiricist tradition? MODELS OF THE SELF includes all these perspectives in an attempt to cast light on one of the most intractable problems in science and the humanities.
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The Pain from the Death of a Spouse

The Pain from the Death of a Spouse

... but it doesn't stop my whirlwind of human pain.” 8. “If you need anything, call me.” What I'm thinking: “Do I have to remember to call you in addition to all the other pressing matters?” 9. “The pain will end soon.

Author: Buddy Rogers

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490852164

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 168

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Once you turn the page of life, you cannot turn it back. The Pain from the Death of a Spouse revisits life with the living and documents the death, pain, and sorrow that will eventually come to every marriage. This book introduces a door that every married couple will walk through, usually not together. A door that we don't like to acknowledge or even admit exists. It is the door of reality. One spouse will die before the other in almost every marriage. My spouse walked through the door and left me on the opposite side. This is my story after the door closed behind her. It is a story that speaks to the soul of mankind about life, love, marriage, death, and sorrow. You might ask, ?What gives the author the insight, the expertise, the knowledge, and the experience to write about the pain that one suffers from the death of a family member Perhaps it's the pain he suffered from the death of his nineteen-year-old sister, and perhaps it's the pain he suffered from the death of his father, and perhaps it's the pain he suffered from the death of his mother, and perhaps it's the pain he suffered from the death of his brother, and perhaps it's the pain he suffered from the death of his spouse of fifty-five years, or maybe it's the love, support, and comfort God gave him during each of these deaths.
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The Works of Honor de Balzac

The Works of Honor   de Balzac

... that Monsieur de Granville made no reply , and proceeded to attend to some pressing matters . 9 Mademoiselle Jacqueline Collin's amazement on seeing Jacques Collin in the Salle des Pas - Perdus is beyond imagining .

Author: Honoré de Balzac


ISBN: UCBK:C023063126



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Fusing Fun Fast Fearless Art Quilts

Fusing Fun  Fast Fearless Art Quilts

Batting 9 Binding 62—66 Care of fused quilts 67 Chicago School of Fusing 71 Collage 21 Confetti 55 Cutting fused ... Open Hearted 59 Orange House on a Blue Road 54 Philatelic Fowl 53 Pincushion 54 Posies 1 9 Pressing Matters 5 Pressing ...

Author: Laura Wasilowski

Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781607053712

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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No-Sew (well, almost!) Art Quilts That YOU Can Create! YES YOU CAN create an art quilt this weekend! Engage your right brain with freewheeling collage techniques. Give your sewing machine a rest: no sewing needed except for quilting and binding. Design as you go - no measuring, no math! You can even fuse your way to finishing, binding, and displaying your art! PLUS find fun, no-quilt fabric collage projects. Eye-popping gallery of quilts by Caryl Bryer Fallert, Jane A. Sassaman, David Walker, and MORE.
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Adam Boreel 1602 1665 A Collegiant s Attempt to Reform Christianity

Adam Boreel  1602   1665   A Collegiant   s Attempt to Reform Christianity

... or its ministers paid less attention to the Collegiant meetings, perhaps because of other more pressing matters. However, on November 9, 1656, Socinian gatherings were discovered in the Elandsstraat, at the legghende hert (“the ...

Author: Francesco Quatrini

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004443396

Category: Religion

Page: 440

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In Adam Boreel (1602-1665): A Collegiant’s Attempt to Reform Christianity, Francesco Quatrini offers an account of the life and thought of Adam Boreel, a leading member of the seventeenth-century Collegiant movement in Amsterdam.
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