Arifureta Zero Volume 3

Arifureta Zero  Volume 3

Furthermore, packs of other monsters started flooding out of the corridor, creating a living wave that swept the ... He looked into the eyes of the monster carrying him and thought, I don't care even if you're monsters... just please, ...

Author: Ryo Shirakome

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718318045

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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A few months have passed since the battle at Andika, and the Liberators have spent some much-needed time resting. But when Miledi heads to a Liberator branch office with her newest comrade, Meiru, she discovers that the hidden village in the Reisen Gorge has been destroyed! She rushes over to the scene only to meet a mysterious man wearing a scarf. He introduces himself as Vandre Schnee, another user of ancient magic, and he says he's willing to join the Liberators, but only if Miledi and the others go to the demon kingdom, Igdor. Who is this mysterious man, and can they trust him!?
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 3

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol  3

Talking like a monster, acting monstroUS, ), dressing Up as Scary \, dS 900 Cas). 90t I got Some bad news For you: Beneath that I don't believe - Cold metal in monsters. , * mask, you're Still human. HUman like mo.

Author: Ryan North

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 9781302486334

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 160

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New series, New Avenger! With her unique combination of wit, empathy and squirrel powers, computer science student Doreen Green - aka the unbeatable Squirrel Girl - is all that stands between the Earth and total destruction. Well, Doreen plus her friends Tippy-Toe (a squirrel) and Nancy (a regular human with no powers). So, mainly Squirrel Girl. Then what hope does the Earth have if she gets hurled back in time to the 1960s and erased from history? At least Nancy will never forget her friend, but what invincible armored Avenger can she call on to help, through the magic of social media? Decades apart, can they avert doom, or will everything go wrong forever? Howard the Duck hopes not...he has an appointment for a crossover! COLLECTING: THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL 1-5, HOWARD THE DUCK 5.
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Monster Girl Doctor Light Novel Vol 3

Monster Girl Doctor  Light Novel  Vol  3

You're the one who's best suited to these kinds of delicate jobs. Stop your whining and get to it!” “Uuuuggghhhh...” Memé looked at Glenn with tears in her eye. He felt like the words “save me” were written across the girl's big single ...

Author: Yoshino Origuchi

Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

ISBN: 9781642751741

Category: Fiction


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Sudden tragedy strikes Lindworm as the town's beloved city council representative, Skadi, falls deathly ill. Assembling a team that consists of their old teacher Dr. Cthulhy, seductive arachne seamstress Arahnia, and a young cyclops girl, Glenn and Sapphee prepare to perform complex and dangerous surgery on the childlike dragon. However, the biggest obstacle they have to overcome might just be Skadi's own unwillingness to be treated! Can Glenn handle his motley crew of assistants while also persuading Skadi that she deserves to live?
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Monster Musume Vol 3

Monster Musume Vol  3

Vo axCA/A/VGA7:Tors ACCORDZ BY // s.of 7% S-aro J//424/3, Å /7 so - Hos VIII TIIIT IIII III/II / % - H - - F-ril - - * - % a- - - - . ... V. or I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M 6AYING TH!3, BLIT YOU'RE OLIR ONLY HOPE...! H N |Mooooooom THEY"RE ...


Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

ISBN: 9781642756029

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


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So far, Kimihito's been lucky. The monster girls living with him have been cute, curvaceous, and have never tried to kill him on purpose. But now, the dark side of liminals rises to the surface. Piggish orcs run hog-wild over Japan to satisfy their perverted desires. And the team that the government assembles to combat them is every bit as strange and inhuman as the criminals they're fighting. Meanwhile, Kimihito has to contend with adding the lovely and elegant mermaid Mero to his ever-growing menagerie of monster girls. How will the possessive Miia, the noble Centorea, the bird-brained Papi, and the slime-girl Suu react to the newest addition to their household - and yet another contender for Kimihito's heart?
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My Monster Secret Vol 3

My Monster Secret Vol  3

2 | { s -7. oo: | | f 7 ----- Ø os-277// N -2 w s for- 2 so- o o | ; o ooss oN | § --t - -N§ YOU"RE ALPEADY 6||RAGAMI, TN KLIROMINE! Rs GET OUT TNs. OF HERE, !--...- . GIVE THE * * so IDIOT 6OME 6NACK6 TO CALM HER v WRATH!

Author: Eiji Masuda

Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

ISBN: 9781642759792

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


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Bath time, pool, and dare time–the inhumans are on a rampage!! Our heroines are threatened by an alien woman and a goddess of fortune?! Asahi faints in agony over a secret date that any man would dream of?! A vampire rom-com chock full of fun and frivolity!!
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Chronicles of Conan Volume 3 The Monster of the Monoliths and Other Stories

Chronicles of Conan Volume 3  The Monster of the Monoliths and Other Stories

ABOARD, WE'VE BUT" COULDN'T YOU TELL U5 WW YOU'RE FIGHTING" "I Mliv'l'fll aw" fin- ms {M #5448160, 54” OUR 29/5575“, ' I [IPA/HIP THE .. “mama-"...m:47' 015.12246'003 or . ANCIENT ' ' (M004 .WAxEP Ml At: 776'!

Author: Roy Thomas

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781621153788

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 198

View: 616

This is the third volume in a series collecting the early Conan comic-book stories by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. Originally created in the 1930s, Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian has survived to emerge as one of this century's most powerful and popular characters. Even more impressive than the character's lasting appeal over the past seven decades, is the caliber of talent involved in all of the various Conan incarnations. Of those, there are few that speak as clearly and as uniquely as artist Barry Windsor-Smith. Over the course of these early stories, Windsor-Smith's stunning evolution from comic-book cartoonist to full-fledged artist is apparent and thrilling to behold. This volume collects issues #14, #15, and #17-#21 and features completely remastered color.
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels

Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency Volume 3 Jason Edwards. no offense, but I think I'll pass on ... At least when they're monsters, we have our RevealeRs to whittle them down to size.” Jeannine looked up, and turned suddenly ...

Author: Jason Edwards

Publisher: Jason Edwards

ISBN: 9780978951245

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 200

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In this third volume in the CHRONICLES OF THE MONSTER DETECTIVE AGENCY, there is only one horror that could be a more dreadful challenge for fledgling Monster Detective Will Allen than battling a roomful of monsters - MIDDLE SCHOOL! But if that's not enough, Will’s new case is sure to make his head spin: he has to defend a BULLY! But can Will rise to the occasion and rescue his brutish client when his special monster-fighting flashlight, the RevealeR, has suddenly turned more dangerous than the monsters themselves?
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 3

Lazy Dungeon Master  Volume 3

But why are they so hard to find? They're just eggshells. “Gozou. Have you ever seen a young monster in a dungeon before?” “Eh? 'Course I... Wait, I haven't? Huh.” Now that he mentions it, I only ever see adult monsters in dungeons.

Author: Supana Onikage

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718324046

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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Even a Hero is my enemy if they get in the way of my sleep! I, Keima Masuda, am a Dungeon Master in a fantasy world focusing all my efforts on avoiding as much work as possible. And finally, those efforts are being rewarded. The inn I built by the dungeon is super popular and super busy (Thanks for taking care of all that, Niku!). Heheh. Won't be long before I don't have to work at all...! Sure, a Hero's finally came to visit my dungeon, but... what?! He fell in love with Rokuko?! "Oh no, Keima! H-H-He proposed to me!" ...Yeah, this guy's a pain in the butt. Let's get him out of here! This is the third volume of my own dungeon story, where I work as hard as I can to one day not have to work at all! Hero or not, I'll take down anyone who interferes with my sleep!
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

Colder Volume 3 Toss the Bones

Colder Volume 3  Toss the Bones

DISCIPLINARY REPORT: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3 Desk of: Gloria Robles, Administrator, Edward Cowles Institute for Mental Health Therapy Employee conduct ... Not for past visits, and not for any of these current visits you're talking about.

Author: Paul Tobin

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781630083106

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 136

View: 606

When a mysterious madman returns to claim Boston's sanity, Declan Thomas can only fight him by fulfilling a dark prophecy. With each step, with each use of his abilities, with every ounce of effort he gives to hold onto his sanity, he grows colder. Step by step, moment by moment, closer and closer to zero. With his body failing and his sanity crumbling, Declan balances between falling into madness and falling onto a dinner plate, because Nimble Jack is back, he's hungry, and to him sanity is just a matter of degrees.
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels

Eerie Archives

Eerie Archives

name of all that's foul and ' trick. Please don't pull it'. l'r'Ii III iICINVflOfi am - ,_ mnoe i'was 'mfivwaanev 3WVNztflOF1M3N7t. What's happening? You're going steadily downhill! Why are you reprinting Monster Gallery pictures?

Author: Various

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781621154747

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 240

View: 241

Cousin Eerie is back with dozens more bloodchilling tales of terror and the macabre! Dark Horse Comics continues its groundbreaking archival reprint series, and this third installment of Eerie Archives is the spookiest yet! Eerie magazine was a newsstand fan favorite for years, but the original issues have long since been expensive and hard to find. Reprinted in its original size, this collection of classic horror storytelling and astonishing artwork from such luminaries as Jeff Jones, Wallace Wood, Tom Sutton, and Gene Colan is a fine addition to any horror fan's library. * Featuring stories written by Archie Goodwin, Russ Jones, Johnny Craig, and others! * Eerie Archives Volume 3 contains the beautiful blackandwhite magazine interiors, plus the gorgeous frontcover artwork, reproduced in full color!
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels