Anglo Saxon Emotions

Anglo Saxon Emotions

The memory of the exile has to feed on itself to some extent, to keep creating and recreating itself in order to replace that which has been lost in the physical realm.'13 Radulescu's observations can be restated in terms of cognition: ...

Author: Alice Jorgensen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317180883

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 318

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Research into the emotions is beginning to gain momentum in Anglo-Saxon studies. In order to integrate early medieval Britain into the wider scholarly research into the history of emotions (a major theme in other fields and a key field in interdisciplinary studies), this volume brings together established scholars, who have already made significant contributions to the study of Anglo-Saxon mental and emotional life, with younger scholars. The volume presents a tight focus - on emotion (rather than psychological life more generally), on Anglo-Saxon England and on language and literature - with contrasting approaches that will open up debate. The volume considers a range of methodologies and theoretical perspectives, examines the interplay of emotion and textuality, explores how emotion is conveyed through gesture, interrogates emotions in religious devotional literature, and considers the place of emotion in heroic culture. Each chapter asks questions about what is culturally distinctive about emotion in Anglo-Saxon England and what interpretative moves have to be made to read emotion in Old English texts, as well as considering how ideas about and representations of emotion might relate to lived experience. Taken together the essays in this collection indicate the current state of the field and preview important work to come. By exploring methodologies and materials for the study of Anglo-Saxon emotions, particularly focusing on Old English language and literature, it will both stimulate further study within the discipline and make a distinctive contribution to the wider interdisciplinary conversation about emotions.
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Tolkien in the New Century

Tolkien in the New Century

Leslie Donovan's entry on “Exile” in Encyclopedia details several of these examples; she does not, however, ... 328 , 330; and App. D, 386); the kingdoms ofArnor and Gondor are referred to repeatedly as “the realms in exile” (App. A, ...

Author: John Wm. Houghton

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786474387

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 269

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Widely considered one of the leading experts on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Thomas Alan Shippey has informed and enlightened a generation of Tolkien scholars and fans. In this collection, friends and colleagues honor Shippey with 15 essays that reflect their mentor's research interests, methods of literary criticism and attention to Tolkien's shorter works. In a wide-ranging consideration of Tolkien's oeuvre, the contributors explore the influence of 19th and 20th century book illustrations on Tolkien's work; utopia and fantasy in Tolkien's Middle-earth; the Silmarils, the Arkenstone, and the One Ring as thematic vehicles; the pattern of decline in Middle-earth as reflected in the diminishing power of language; Tolkien's interest in medieval genres; the heroism of secondary characters; and numerous other topics. Also included are brief memoirs by Shippey's colleagues and friends in academia and fandom and a bibliography of Shippey's work.
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Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard of Clairvaux

... Chastity without charity is valueless.73 Chastity belongs with sobriety and voluntary poverty.74 Bernard recognises several 'realms of exile', regiones dissimilitudinis, understood as spiritual 'places' or states distant from God.

Author: G. R. Evans

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190284275

Category: Philosophy

Page: 220

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In this book the renowned medievalist G.R. Evans provides a concise introduction to St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), a figure of towering importance on the twelfth-century monastic and theological scene. After a brief overview of Bernard's life, Evans focuses on a few major themes in his work, including his theology of spirituality and his theology of the political life of the Church. The only available introduction to Bernard's life and thought, this latest addition to the Great Medieval Thinkers series will appeal to a wide audience of students and scholars of history and theology.
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The Solicitors Journal Reporter

The Solicitors  Journal   Reporter

Lewis , of Walsall ) for defendant , contended that it was not , and said abjuration of the realm did not exist . Mr. Maher maintained that abjuration , transportation , or exile was civil death , and that in such instances there was ...



ISBN: UCAL:C3024956

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Lordship in four realms

Lordship in four realms

At the beginning of June 1213, two weeks after his rapprochement with the pope, King John issued letters recalling Walter from exile.120 Walter's decision to seek reconciliation is noteworthy. While Walter had been able to flee to a ...

Author: Colin Veach

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526103086

Category: History

Page: 320

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This book examines the rise and fall of the aristocratic Lacy family in England, Ireland, Wales and Normandy. This involves a unique analysis of medieval lordship in action, as well as a re-imagining of the role of English kingship in the western British Isles and a rewriting of seventy-five years of Anglo-Irish history. By viewing the political landscape of Britain and Ireland from the perspective of one aristocratic family, this book produces one of the first truly transnational studies of individual medieval aristocrats. This results in an in-depth investigation of aristocratic and English royal power over five reigns, including during the tumultuous period of King John and Magna Carta. By investigating how the Lacys sought to rule their lands in four distinct realms, this book also makes a major contribution to current debates on lordship and the foundations of medieval European society.
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The Players Realm

The Players  Realm

With every first-generation exile who passes away, we in the younger generation lose words, turns of phrase, habits of thought, gestures that are distinctively Cuban” (p. ¡63).6 Although some may argue that Pérez-Firmat's generational ...

Author: J. Patrick Williams

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786428328

Category: Games & Activities

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Digital games have become an increasingly pervasive aspect of everyday life as well as an embattled cultural phenomenon in the twenty-first century. As new media technologies diffuse around the world and as the depth and complexity of gaming networks increase, scholars are becoming increasingly savvy in their approach to digital games. While aesthetic and psychological approaches to the study of digital games have garnered the most attention in the past, scholars have only recently begun to study the important social and cultural aspects of digital games. This study sketches some of the various trajectories of digital games in modern Western societies, looking first at the growth and persistence of the moral panic that continues to accompany massive public interest in digital games. The book then continues with what it deems a new phase of games research exemplified by systematic examination of specific aspects of digital games and gaming. Section One includes four chapters that collectively consider politics and the negotiation of power in game worlds. Section Two details the ideological webs within which games are produced and consumed. Specifically, this important section offers a critical cultural analysis of the hegemony that exists within games and its influence upon players' personal ideologies. To conclude this analysis, Section Three examines game design features that relate to players' self-characterization and social development within digital game worlds. Section Four explores the important relationship between the producers and consumers of digital games, especially insomuch as this relationship is giving rise to a community of novices and professionals who will together determine the future of gaming and--to a degree--popular culture.
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Alien Realms

Alien Realms

I was convicted and sent into exile. Until now, I have assumed Villion's motives were personal. I was a powerful knight and he was ambitious. I have underestimated the depth of his treachery. The offer I refused is the one he accepted.

Author: E.E. 'Doc' Smith

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575122888

Category: Fiction

Page: 143

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Lord Tedric of the Marshes, ex-Corpsman and interplanetary warrior, faces a crucial mission: to crush the threat of the Destructive Forces by capturing their agent on the Bioman sphere, the ruthless Black Knight Fra Villion Tedric's crew are bound together by the strong loyalty of outcasts: Yod Cartwright, ex-pirate; Juvi, a prostitute turned expert pilor; Ky-shan the exiled Wykzl; Wilson, the renegade robot; and Pal Galmain, brave but banished Knight of the noble order of Vemplars. Tedric mjust warn the Bio,en that their castle is a gatewhile for the annihilation gathering in the grey depths of space, but who will believe the word of a barbarian against the lightning whipsword of Fra Villion?
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Witch Queen Divided Realms Book 2

Witch Queen   Divided Realms Book 2

Our exile has never stopped us from getting messages across the border. But now it seems that someone or something is blocking us.‖ The high witch exchanged a look with the other two witches, and I could see that they suspected what was ...

Author: Kim Richardson

Publisher: FablePrint

ISBN: 9781311380289

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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Witch Queen by bestselling author Kim Richardson is a rich YA fantasy perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling and The Girl of Fire and Thorns. ELENA SURVIVED THE GREAT RACE and the clutches of the high priests, but at a cost. The Heart of Arcania, the most powerful magical stone in the land is now in the hands of the wicked priests. But worse—Jon is captured. The black blight is a scar on the world, infecting everything with its black magic, festering until no living thing can endure, and Elena might be the only key to stopping it. She quickly finds herself thrust into a mystery that could shake her world apart…and potentially unleash a greater evil.
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Realms of Freedom in Modern China

Realms of Freedom in Modern China

Exile similarly was the fate awaiting Lin Zexu , the governor general of Guangdong and Guangxi , in the aftermath of the first rounds of the Opium War ( 1839-42 ) . Lin's banishment to China's Muslim region in the Central Asian desert ...

Author: William C. Kirby

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 080475232X

Category: Social Science

Page: 420

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The fifteenth and final volume of the series The Making of Modern Freedom, this book explores a variety of issues surrounding questions of human rights and freedom in China. The chapters suggest very significant realms of freedom, with or without the protection of law, in the personal, social, and economic lives of people in China before the twentieth century. This was recognized, and partly codified, in the early twentieth century, when legal experts sought to establish a republic of laws and limits. The process of legal reform, however, would be placed firmly in the service of strengthening the post-imperial Chinese nation-state, culminating after 1949 in despotism unparalleled in Chinese history. Nevertheless, the last decades of the twentieth century and the first years of our own would witness a slow, steady, but unmistakable reassertion of realms of personal and communal autonomy that show, even in an era of strong states, at least the prospect of institutionalized freedoms.
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Divided Realms The Complete Collection Steel Maiden Witch Queen Blood Magic

Divided Realms  The Complete Collection  Steel Maiden  Witch Queen  Blood Magic

In all my years of living in exile, this has never happened before. Our exile has never stopped us from getting messages across the border. But now it seems that someone or something is blocking us.” The high witch exchanged a look with ...

Author: Kim Richardson (Novelist)

Publisher: FablePrint

ISBN: 9781370493159

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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* * * Get the complete set for nearly 30% off the cost of buying them individually! * * * All three volumes of Kim Richardson’s bestselling Divided Realms trilogy are finally available together! "There's romance, adventure, action and a really neat world that felt cohesive. I think fans of "Throne of Glass" might really enjoy this one..." - The Reader's Hollow “Five (HUGE) Boundless Stars. Intensity drips from every page in Blood Magic. It made me anxious, with life and death decisions at every corner…The magic has yet faded in this series.” -- Boundless Book Reviews Book 1: Steel Maiden A stolen crown. A handsome prince. A giant disaster. Since childhood, Elena has lived inside the walls of the Pit, the filthy shantytown where the poor are forced to live out their lives as trash. But when she steals the Anglian crown, everything changes. As punishment, Elena is forced to become the High priest’s champion in The Great Race. Catapulted into the bloodiest race in all the realms, she is forced to compete with a man she hates while she develops a growing passion for another. Along the way she must battle deadly creatures and demons, all the while struggling to understand her special skills and her mysterious healing powers that she must keep secret. But when Elena discovers the truth behind the race, can she stop the ancient, wicked evil that threatens all living things before it's too late? Book 2: Witch Queen Elena survived the great race and the clutches of the high priests, but at a cost. The Heart of Arcania, the most powerful magical stone in the land is now in the hands of the wicked priests. But worse—Jon is captured. The black blight is a scar on the world, infecting everything with its black magic, festering until no living thing can endure, and Elena might be the only key to stopping it. She quickly finds herself thrust into a mystery that could shake her world apart…and potentially unleash a greater evil. Book 3: Blood Magic Elena survived the witch king's clutches and the deadly witch trials to return to Gray Haven. Yet, she is far from her heart's desire—to save the man she loves. As she and her daring companions take one last quest into enemy territory to save Jon, Elena will face hardships she's never imagined. Meanwhile, as rumors of monstrous forces gather on the horizon, an unspeakable tragedy shatters Elena's world. A darkness grows in Elena's soul, caused by the awakening of the black magic within her and soon finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to kill. But if Elena can't find the strength to fight not only the darkness inside her, but the evil about to be unleashed, it could mean the end of everything.
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