Recast Your City

Recast Your City

Community development expert Ilana Preuss explains how local leaders can revitalize their downtowns or neighborhood main streets by bringing in and supporting small-scale manufacturing.

Author: Ilana Preuss

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781642831924

Category: Architecture

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Community development expert Ilana Preuss explains how local leaders can revitalize their downtowns or neighborhood main streets by bringing in and supporting small-scale manufacturing. Small-scale manufacturing businesses help create thriving places, with local business ownership opportunities and well-paying jobs that other business types can't fulfill.
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Lectures on the History of Moral and Political Philosophy

Lectures on the History of Moral and Political Philosophy

... connecting their variations with the types of people who had adopted them. he collected 156 constitutions and wrote ... be: scrap your existing institutions, recast your city in the mold of the ideal. the poet ezra Pound wrote, ...

Author: Jonathan Wolff

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691149004

Category: Philosophy

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Previously unpublished writings from one of the most important political philosophers of recent times G. A. Cohen was one of the leading political philosophers of recent times. He first came to wide attention in 1978 with the prize-winning book Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence. In subsequent decades his published writings largely turned away from the history of philosophy, focusing instead on equality, freedom, and justice. However, throughout his career he regularly lectured on a wide range of moral and political philosophers of the past. This volume collects these previously unpublished lectures. Starting with a chapter centered on Plato, but also discussing the pre-Socratics as well as Aristotle, the book moves to social contract theory as discussed by Hobbes, Locke, and Hume, and then continues with chapters on Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche. The book also contains some previously published but uncollected papers on Marx, Hobbes, and Kant, among other figures. The collection concludes with a memoir of Cohen written by the volume editor, Jonathan Wolff, who was a student of Cohen's. A hallmark of the lectures is Cohen's engagement with the thinkers he discusses. Rather than simply trying to render their thought accessible to the modern reader, he tests whether their arguments and positions are clear, sound, and free from contradiction. Throughout, he homes in on central issues and provides fresh approaches to the philosophers he examines. Ultimately, these lectures teach us not only about some of the great thinkers in the history of moral and political philosophy, but also about one of the great thinkers of our time: Cohen himself.
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The Fall of Bossism

The Fall of Bossism

That experiment failing , as I knew it would , you have no further use for my name , and I therefore decline your kind nomination . But , in declining , permit me to assure you there never was a time in the history of our city when the ...

Author: George Edward Vickers


ISBN: NYPL:33433081786893

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David Suzuki s Green Guide

David Suzuki s Green Guide

To find the nearest farmers' market in your area, use the Internet and local newspaper listings. ... Growing your own food will recast your relationship with soil, increase your appreciation for farmers, enhance awareness of the seasons ...

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 9781926685144

Category: Nature

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Everyone knows that the planet is in trouble, but is there a solution? This timely book identifies the most effective ways individuals can be more green in four key areas: home, travel, food, and consumerism. It also describes how citizens can ensure that governments take the actions necessary to make sustainable lifestyles the norm instead of the exception. Environmental lawyer David Boyd and celebrated ecologist David Suzuki provide vital tips for choosing a home, creating a healthy indoor environment, and decreasing energy and water use — and utility bills. They discuss what readers can do to drive and fly less, profile the most environmentally friendly transportation choices, and explain how to purchase carbon credits, among other suggestions. In addition, they offer simple changes individuals can make in their diet to eat fresher, tastier, healthier food. Included too is invaluable advice about how to buy fewer things and avoid toxic consumer products.
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Single Mom ide Hustle

Single Mom  ide Hustle

Applying for assistance in your city / county / state is a great start . Getting another mommy roommate is ... If these aren't things you can do , discuss the opportunity to refinance or recast your loan with your mortgage officer .

Author: Fortune Walker

Publisher: Bookclick 360 Wordeee

ISBN: 9781946274731

Category: Business & Economics

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Single Mom $ide Hustle is a financial guide for women struggling to make ends meet after leaving volatile personal relationships. The author offers financial guidance to help make their financial freedom possible. Someone who understands this situation much too well, Fortune Walker, is a single mom who once fled a domestic violence situation with her two young sons. Filled with nuggets on how to become financially savvy, beginning with self-care, she focuses on having the “3 G’s” Gratitude, Goals, and Grace of a fulfilling life. Her inspiring story will fill your heart with hope, raise your financial awareness, and set women on a path to success and a brighter future. --
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Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation

Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation

The authors of Deut 12:13–15 appropriate this lemma to serve their own very different agenda. ... in the place permitted T-90 on in all your city-gates The Deuteronomic authors skillfully break up and recast the syntax of the older ...

Author: Bernard M. Levinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195152883

Category: Religion

Page: 220

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Positioned at the boundary of traditional biblical studies, legal history, and literary theory, Deuteronomy and the Hermeneutics of Legal Innovation shows how the legislation of Deuteronomy reflects the struggle of its authors to renew late seventh- century Judean society. Seeking to defend their revolutionary vision during the neo-Assyrian crisis, the reformers turned to earlier laws, even when they disagreed with them, and revised them in such a way as to lend authority to their new understanding of God's will. Passages that other scholars have long viewed as redundant, contradictory, or displaced actually reflect the attempt by Deuteronomy's authors to sanction their new religious aims before the legacy of the past. Drawing on ancient Near Eastern law and informed by the rich insights of classical and medieval Jewish commentary, Levinson provides an extended study of three key passages in the legal corpus: the unprecedented requirement for the centralization of worship, the law transforming the old Passover into a pilgrimage festival, and the unit replacing traditional village justice with a professionalized judiciary. He demonstrates the profound impact of centralization upon the structure and arrangement of the legal corpus, while providing a theoretical analysis of religious change and cultural renewal in ancient Israel. The book's conclusion shows how the techniques of authorship developed in Deuteronomy provided a model for later Israelite and post- biblical literature. Integrating the most recent European research on the redaction of Deuteronomy with current American and Israeli scholarship, Levinson argues that biblical interpretation must attend to both the diachronic and the synchronic dimensions of the text. His study, which provides a new perspective on intertextuality, the history of authorship, and techniques of legal innovation in the ancient world, will engage pentateuchal critics and historians of Israelite religion, while reaching out toward current issues in literary theory and Critical Legal Studies.
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Lechmere Canal and Triangle Area Development Project

Lechmere Canal and Triangle Area Development Project

( 3 ) I urge you to recast your proposals so that this choice is clearly stated . I know you share my interest in having the decision made with a full understanding of the consequences . Thank you for the opportunity to make my views ...



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The Gospel Next Door

The Gospel Next Door

Try looking at your city through the lens of the gospel—God's preferred future. Take your time, form a small learning group, ... Consider how you might recast this lovely passage for your own ministry and that of your congregation.

Author: Marty Troyer

Publisher: MennoMedia, Inc.

ISBN: 9781513800325

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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As Christians, we pray for God’s kingdom to come “on earth as it is in heaven.” But what does that even mean? Would we recognize God’s kingdom if it moved in next door? Learn to see God’s work in your neighborhood, city, and the world—and learn how to join it. With stories from his own city of Houston, Texas, author Marty Troyer introduces a theology of place that empowers us to truly see the work of God where we live, work, and play. The Gospel Next Door unpacks the gospel through the lenses of following Jesus, making peace, and overcoming injustice. Those seeking to connect more deeply with the world that God so loved will find compelling stories and practical ideas for healing brokenness and imagining new life. Start living out the kingdom of God here and now. Free downloadable study guide available here.
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Moving To A Small Town

Moving To A Small Town

reasons, countless Americans are picking up and leaving the cities for new lives in the country. ... a systematic approach to scouting a town whose culture and lifestyle jibe with your own; give advice about how to recast your career; ...

Author: Wanda Urbanska

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684802237

Category: Education

Page: 344

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Explains the advantages of small town life, tells how to find a town with the right climate, culture, and job opportunities, and gives advice on planning the move
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