Redfork Box Set

Redfork Box Set

Both a horror story and a real-life tale of terror, the story injects a great deal of humanity into something that could so easily become caricature" - COMICBOOK.COM "Redfork is a hurricane of horrors about putting faith in the wrong things ...

Author: Alex Paknadel


ISBN: 1952203139

Category: Coal miners

Page: 150

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Returning to Redfork, West Virginia with a laundry list of sins to make up for, ex-con Noah McGlade finds his coal mining hometown blighted by opioid abuse, economic decline, and a family that wants nothing more to do with him. Tragedy seems to follow on Noah's heels, as no sooner does he step foot home that his younger brother is trapped in a mini
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Holding the Fort The Fort Reno Series Book 1

Holding the Fort  The Fort Reno Series Book  1

“Welcome to Red Fork Ranch,” the driver announced. “Get on out of that hot box and stretch your limbs.” The cheerful banter between the driver and their host could be heard over the creaking of the springs and the lowing of cattle in ...

Author: Regina Jennings

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9781493412006

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Jennings Winningly Combines Humor, History, and Romance Louisa Bell never wanted to be a dance-hall singer, but dire circumstances force her hand. With a little help from her brother in the cavalry, she's able to make ends meet, but lately he's run afoul of his commanding officer, so she undertakes a visit to straighten him out. Major Daniel Adams has his hands full at Fort Reno. He can barely control his rowdy troops, much less his two adolescent daughters. If Daniel doesn't find someone respectable to guide his children, his mother-in-law insists she'll take them. When Louisa arrives with some reading materials, she's mistaken for the governess who never appeared. Major Adams is skeptical. She bears little resemblance to his idea of a governess--they're not supposed to be so blamed pretty--but he's left without recourse. His mother-in-law must be satisfied, which leaves him turning a blind eye to his unconventional governess's methods. Louisa's never faced so important a performance. Can she keep her act together long enough?
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Evaluation and Comparison of Red Fork Sand Waterflood Projects in Oklahoma

Evaluation and Comparison of Red Fork Sand Waterflood Projects in Oklahoma

Report of investigations 7465 ) Includes bibliography . 1. Oil field flooding - Okla . I. Title . II . Title : Waterflood projects in Oklahoma . ( Series ) TN23.07 no . 7465 622.06173 U.S. Dept. of the Int . Library CONTENTS Page 1 1 2 ...

Author: Kenneth H. Johnston


ISBN: UOM:39015078533844

Category: Oil field flooding

Page: 45

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Categories: Oil field flooding

Paleoecological Analysis of the Vertebrate Fauna of the Morrison Formation Upper Jurassic Rocky Mountain Region U S A

Paleoecological Analysis of the Vertebrate Fauna of the Morrison Formation  Upper Jurassic   Rocky Mountain Region  U S A

Red Fork Powder River Quarry B Main Collection Method: QU Data Collection: RE, PO Stratigraphic Level: - Paleoenvironment: - Geographic Tiers: North, Central Taxa MNI Notes Allosaurus T. Camarasaurus 4 3A, 1] Apatosaurus 1.

Author: John R. Foster

Publisher: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science


Category: Morrison Formation

Page: 95

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Categories: Morrison Formation

WASHINGTON IRVING The Complete Travel Sketches and Memoirs Collection

WASHINGTON IRVING  The Complete Travel Sketches and Memoirs Collection

“Well! those stones were set up by the Osages as a landmark: from that spot you may have a sight of the Red Fork.” “In that case,” cried the Captain, “we shall reach the Red Fork tomorrow; then cross the Arkansas above it, ...

Author: Washington Irving

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027202720

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1230

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This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Contents: SPEECH: NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 18, 1842 by Charles Dickens BIOGRAPHY OF WASHINGTON IRVING TALES OF THE ALHAMBRA ABBOTSFORD AND NEWSTEAD ABBY Abbotsford Newstead Abbey Arrival at the Abbey Abbey Garden Plough Monday Old Servants Superstitions of the Abbey Annesley Hall The Lake Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest Rook Cell Little White Lady A TOUR ON THE PRAIRIES TALES OF A TRAVELLER Part I: Strange Stories by a Nervous Gentleman The Great Unknown The Hunting Dinner The Adventure of My Uncle The Adventure of My Aunt The Bold Dragoon, or the Adventure of My Grandfather The Adventure of the German Student The Adventure of the Mysterious Picture The Adventure of the Mysterious Stranger The Story of the Young Italian Part II: Buckthorne and His Friends Literary Life A Literary Dinner The Club of Queer Fellows The Poor Devil Author Notoriety A Practical Philosopher Buckthorne, or the Young Man of Great Expectations Grave Reflections of a Disappointed Man The Booby Squire The Strolling Manager Part III: The Italian Banditti The Inn at Terracina The Adventure of the Little Antiquary The Belated Travellers The Adventure of the Popkins Family The Painter's Adventure The Story of the Bandit Chieftain The Story of the Young Robber The Adventure of the Englishman Part IV: The Money Diggers Hell Gate Kidd the PirateThe Devil and Tom Walker Wolfert Webber, or Golden Dreams The Adventure of the Black Fisherman... Washington Irving (1783-1859) was an American author, essayist, biographer, historian, and diplomat.
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Jurassic West Second Edition

Jurassic West  Second Edition

... 1 WARM SPRINGS RANCH I QUARRY ELK MOUNTAIN Main collection method : QU Data collection : VS , PC Stratigraphic level : Zone 6 Main collection method : QU Data collection : RE Stratigraphic level : Paleoenvironment : RED FORK POWDER ...

Author: John Foster

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253051608

Category: Science

Page: 560

View: 931

The famous bone beds of the Morrison Formation, formed one hundred and fifty million years ago and running from Wyoming down through the red rock region of the American Southwest, have yielded one of the most complete pictures of any ancient vertebrate ecosystem in the world. Jurassic West, Second Edition tells the story of the life of this ancient world as scientists have so far been able to reconstruct it. Aimed at the general reader, Jurassic West, Second Edition recounts the discovery of many important Late Jurassic dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus, Allosaurus, and Stegosaurus. But dinosaurs compose barely a third of the more than 90 types of vertebrates known from the formation, which include crocodiles and turtles, frogs and salamanders, dinosaurs and mammals, clams and snails, and ginkgoes, ferns, and conifers. Featuring nearly all new illustrations, the second edition of this classic work includes new taxa named since 2007, updates to the naming and classifications of some old taxa, and expanded sections on numerous aspects of Morrison Formation paleontology and geology.
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Core collection Catalog Oklahoma Geological Survey July 1 1984

Core collection Catalog  Oklahoma Geological Survey  July 1  1984




ISBN: STANFORD:36105017165122

Category: Drill core analysis

Page: 71

View: 978

Categories: Drill core analysis

AAPG Reprint Series

AAPG Reprint Series

A A ' FEET 2100 2 3 150 500 PINK DATUM BASE OF OSWECO DATUM VERDIGRIS MARKER BED Jioo PINK RED FORK ZONE FIG . 16. — Channel interpretation of Red Fork Sandstone , South Ceres pool , Noble County , Oklahoma . See Figure 14 for location ...

Author: American Association of Petroleum Geologists


ISBN: STANFORD:36105008132073

Category: Natural gas


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Categories: Natural gas

The graduated series of reading lesson books

The graduated series of reading lesson books

Graduated series. but found ourselves still below the Red Fork , and as the river made deep bends , we again left its banks and continued through the woods until nearly eight o'clock , when we encamped in a beautiful basin bordered by a ...

Author: Graduated series


ISBN: OXFORD:555004306



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The Life of a Cowboy Complete 5 Book Collection

The Life of a Cowboy  Complete 5 Book Collection

None of ours were due, yet we looked over the "arrivals" with interest, and continued on down the trail to Red Fork. The latter was a branch of the Arkansas River, and at low water was inclined to be brackish, and hence was sometimes ...

Author: Andy Adams

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 9788027220878

Category: Fiction

Page: 1108

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"The Log of a Cowboy" is an account of a five-month drive of 3,000 cattle from Brownsville, Texas, to Montana during 1882 along the Great Western Cattle Trail. Although the book is fiction, it is based on Adams's own experiences, and it is considered by many to be literature's best account of cowboy life. Adams was disgusted by the unrealistic cowboy fiction being published in his time; The Log of a Cowboy was his response. The Chicago Herald has said: "As a narrative of cowboy life, Andy Adams' book is clearly the real thing. It carries its own certificate of authentic first-hand experience on every page." This edition also includes Adams other famous western novels like The Outlet, A Texas Matchmaker, Reed Anthony, Cowman and The Wells Brothers. Andy Adams (1859–1935) was an American writer of western fiction and was born in Indiana. Since childhood Andy used to help his parents with the cattle and horses on the family farm. Due to this Andy's works have been lauded widely for his first hand and authentic portrayal of the life of a cowboy unlike his contemporaries like Owen Wister who romanticized it.
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