Regulating Style

Regulating Style

This is an important piece of scholarship: academically meritorious, on a subject of much theoretical interest, and told in a compelling narrative fashion."—Edward F. Fischer, Vanderbilt University "Regulating Style is a remarkable ...

Author: Kedron Thomas

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520290976

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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Fashion knockoffs are everywhere. Even in the out-of-the-way markets of highland Guatemala, fake branded clothes offer a cheap, stylish alternative for people who cannot afford high-priced originals. Fashion companies have taken notice, ensuring that international trade agreements include stronger intellectual property protections to prevent brand “piracy.” In Regulating Style, Kedron Thomas approaches the fashion industry from the perspective of indigenous Maya people who make and sell knockoffs, asking why they copy and wear popular brands, how they interact with legal frameworks and state institutions that criminalize their livelihood, and what is really at stake for fashion companies in the global regulation of style.
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Legislative Style and Uniform Rules Governing and Regulating the Drafting of Bills Memorials and Resolutions

Legislative Style and Uniform Rules Governing and Regulating the Drafting of Bills  Memorials  and Resolutions

2 ( Adopted by the Senate January 28 , 1957 ) Be It Resolved by the Senate of
the State of Oregon , the House of Representatives concurring therein : That a
uniform system of rules and regulations governing the style , form and mechanics
of ...

Author: Oregon. Legislative Assembly. Senate


ISBN: STANFORD:36105043954127

Category: Bill drafting

Page: 41

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Learning and Instruction

Learning and Instruction

The first goal is to strengthen the preferred regulation style , rather then changing
existing learning habits towards self - regulation and deep processing . That is ,
self - regulating students should be provided with tools and techniques to ...



ISBN: UCAL:B4945463

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Regulating Industrial Risks

Regulating Industrial Risks

Divergences in regulatory styles All regulatory styles could be said to have a
common heritage . After the Industrial Revolution , when public safety first began
to be threatened by industrial hazards on a significant scale , the prevailing view

Author: Harry J. Otway

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0408007400

Category: Déchets dangereux - Droit

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Based on meeting of JRC in Ispra, Italy, 1984.
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Regulating Emotions

Regulating Emotions

However , there might be differences in the mean levels and the meaning of
emotion regulation across cultures . ... They identified two styles of parenting : a
proximal parenting style ( characterized by more body contact and body
stimulation ) ...

Author: Marie Vandekerckhove

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124012621

Category: Psychology

Page: 351

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Regulating Emotions: Culture, Social Necessity, and Biological Inheritance brings together distinguished scholars from disciplines as diverse as psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy to examine the science of regulating emotions. Contains 13 original articles written in an accessible style Examines how social and cultural aspects of emotion regulation interact with regulatory processes on the biological and psychological level Highlights the role of social and cultural requirements in the adaptive regulation of emotion Will stimulate further theorizing and research across many disciplines and will be essential reading for students, researchers, and scholars in the field
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Salmon Flies

Salmon Flies

(see chapter 6 for specifications). The second method of regulating style and sink
rate is illustrated by the two flies to the right in the same photograph. Both are
dressed on identical hooks, and both are fully dressed Thunder and Lightnings.

Author: Poul Jorgensen


ISBN: CORNELL:31924085774846

Category: Sports & Recreation

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The first edition of Salmon Flies became an indispensable reference soon after it was published in 1978 and went on to become a classic. This new edition builds on that legacy. With new photographs in full colour, it features more than 180 recipes in nine pattern styles -- from simple strip-wings and fully dressed feather wings to tube flies. Each chapter begins with detailed, step-by-step photographs and captions showing the tying sequence for a featured fly, followed by dozens of recipes for additional patterns in the same style.
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Regulating for Competition

Regulating for Competition

Research has focused primarily on a comparative evaluation of the
implementation of specific , and often controversial or novel , regulatory
programmes . The aim has been to identify dominant national styles of regulation
, distinguishing in ...

Author: Leigh Hancher

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015019827057

Category: Law

Page: 429

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most closely regulated sectors of the Western economies. In this study, Hancher provides one of the first comprehensive analyses of the regulatory systems in France and the United Kingdom, with particular focus on safety, control of price, profit, and promotional restrictions. She offers an examination of regulation as a dynamic process, exploring its impact on the operating environment of major research-based firms, and comparing the ways in which different legal cultures may provide different opportunities or impose different forms of constraint on policy makers.
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Regulating Public Utilities in Europe

Regulating Public Utilities in Europe

A closer look at the new regulatory scene should take as its starting point the
traditional constellation , in the light of our ... For Majone ( 1997 , 149 ) this
capture by politicians and trade unions comes close to a " corporatist policy style
" .

Author: Burkard Eberlein


ISBN: STANFORD:36105070859280

Category: Public utilities

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Recoge: 1. Concepts and theories of regulation -- 2. The aftermath of liberalization: The challenge of re-regulation -- 3. The new regulation game: The pluralisation hypothesis -- 4. British utility regulation: Whose utility? -- 5. Lessons from British experience and the German and French case -- 6. Explaining the regulatory process and outcomes -- 7. In Lieu of conclusions: Proposals for comparative research on utility regulation.
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Regulating Paradise

Regulating Paradise

69 Finally , there are regulations for the architectural styles and uses for the
commission to use as standards for granting certificates of approval . They
require the exterior of all new buildings to be in keeping with the architectural
style of the ...

Author: David L. Callies


ISBN: UOM:39015047751394

Category: Conservation of natural resources

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Report of the Committee on Style October 24 1920

Report of the Committee on Style  October 24  1920

Committee on Style. 10 ( e ) Granting divorce or authorizing the adoption 11 or
legitimation of children . 12 ( f ) . Regulating elections other than those relating 13
to constitutional conventions , except that laws regu14 lating the registration of ...

Author: Pennsylvania. Commission on Constitutional Amendment and Revision. Committee on Style


ISBN: UOM:35112105045431

Category: Constitutional law

Page: 333

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Style consciousness in Fourteenth century Society and Visual Communication in the Moralized Bible of John the Good

Style consciousness in Fourteenth century Society and Visual Communication in the Moralized Bible of John the Good

It was not just the royal family that faced an etiquette regulating styles of dress for
different occasions . Even a young boy , a foundling under the protection of the
Dauphin , had to have two styles of dress : both an outfit in the new style , a cote ...

Author: Christina Frieder Waugh


ISBN: UOM:39015049506267

Category: Bible moralisée

Page: 890

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Regulating Forestry

Regulating Forestry

2.0 FOREST POLICY STYLES This section analyzes the evolution of the
institutions and processes of policy making in the forest sector in British Columbia
and the US Pacific Northwest . It employs the concept of a " policy style , " which
is ...

Author: George Hoberg


ISBN: MINN:31951D03042467L

Category: Forest policy

Page: 137

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Rules and Regulations and the Law Regulating Boxing Contests and Wrestling Matches

Rules and Regulations and the Law Regulating Boxing Contests and Wrestling Matches

Catch - as - Catch - Can Style . Opponents may grasp any part of each other ' s
body . Seconds must not touch their man during a bout . Neither shall they give
him advice until a resting period is reached . The stakes go with the referee ' s ...

Author: California. State Athletic Commission


ISBN: UCAL:$B533111

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Journal of Leisure Research

Journal of Leisure Research

emotional expression is controlled by these styles , the internal mechanisms are
hypothesized to be especially effective ... This regulating style conveys the
conviction that age has resulted in a decrease of novelty and excitement ( its
opposite ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106011962625

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Regulating Forestry

Regulating Forestry

It employs the concept of a “ policy style , ” which is essentially a package of
interests , institutions and ideas characteristic of a particular policy domain.3 First
, which societal interests participate in policy making is a distinguishing feature of
a ...

Author: Government and Competitiveness Project

Publisher: [Kingston, Ont.] : School of Policy Studies, Queen's University

ISBN: MINN:31951D00895644K

Category: Forest policy

Page: 154

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Research Report

Research Report

Controlling the size of lots can be an effective means of regulating population
density . ... Zoning for appearance alone has not met with favor in the state courts
, although city ordinances regulating style and appearance have not been tested
in ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433107400198

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Regulating the Psychological Therapies

Regulating the Psychological Therapies

This is because , for any variety of creative style towards the centre of the
spectrum , there are large numbers of others ... this perspective , in espousing
regulation of psychotherapy , they attempt to institutionalise their consensus
creative style .

Author: Denis Postle

Publisher: Pccs Books

ISBN: CHI:76267908

Category: Psychotherapists

Page: 256

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Keeping track of the arguments for and against state regulation and how, if or why the psychological therapies should become state sponsored, has been an onerous task in recent years. For many practitioners, the institutional politics and disinformation around the regulation topic have tended to breed boredom and apathy. to seem out of the question? And that considering the work we do, this is perceived as incongruous? civic accountability for the psychological therapies. He shows how vested interests, which in the last decade successfully seduced an otherwise uninterested government into bringing forward state regulation, now find that they have got their wish but tragically for clients and practitioners alike, not in the form they sought.
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Public Companies and Their Equity Securities Principles of Regulation under Hong Kong

Public Companies and Their Equity Securities Principles of Regulation under Hong Kong

20.1.1 Old English - style self - regulation Although the term “ self - regulation ” is
bandied about , it is very difficult to define it as idealized and practised in pre - Big
Bang England . The Bank of England has described self - regulation in these ...

Author: Betty Ho

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 904119648X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1208

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The Hong Kong securities market is a significant international market, ranking sixth in the world in terms of capitalization. This new work presents a comprehensive and critical examination of the laws and norms regulating listed companies, their equity securities and other participants in this market. Four major themes, highlighting the difficulties in making Anglo-American corporate and securities laws fit fundamentally different markets, underlie the author's analysis. First, to ensure investor protection, corporate law and securities regulations have to be formulated as one integral law. Second, rules of corporate governance prevailing in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions have to be adapted to Hong Kong's different corporate structures. Third, particular attention must be paid to problems of enforcement given the difficulties inherent in a self-regulatory regime and the absence of a contingency fee system. Fourth, specific solutions are required to address the problems posed by internationalization. This critical analysis is of significant comparative interest and provides essential reading for corporate and securities lawyers in Asia and throughout the world.
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