Rescue 471

Rescue 471

The husband sits on the couch wearing a bandana around his head and holding a baby. “She ain't eating today and she feel awful hot.“ he says. “I know something wrong. I'm trying to take care of RESCUE 471 247 Memory.

Author: Peter Canning

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307788214

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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TRUE LIFE-AND-DEATH DRAMA In taut, thrilling prose, Peter Canning has written a book that captures the rarely seen real world of emergency medicine. A seasoned paramedic who fights under enormous pressure to save lives, Canning trains new paramedics for the rigors of a nonstop, action-packed battle. From a four-month-old baby who has stopped breathing to a sixty-seven-year-old woman with a strange abdominal mass that threatens to explode--these are gripping true stories from the "ER on the streets." An exciting, often moving account, Canning tells a powerful story of camaraderie, selflessness, and courage as paramedics try to stand tall and human through both defeat and victory.
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Paramedics to the Rescue

Paramedics to the Rescue

Rescue 471:A Paramedic's Stories. New York: Ballantine Books (2000). Kerins, Devin. EMS: TheJob ofYour Life. Poughkeepsie, NY: Vivisphere Publishing (2002). Thiesen, Donna, and Dary Matera. Angels of Emergency: Rescue Stories from ...

Author: Nancy White

Publisher: Bearport Publishing

ISBN: 9781617722820

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Describes the work that paramedics do in a wide variety of situations, and discusses the origins of the profession, their preparation and training, and why people become paramedics.
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A Life on the Line

A Life on the Line

Halfway to the search location our friends from Rescue 471 found the vessel safe and well. This sort of work is infrequent so we expected our next case would be routine. Around about midnight the hooter sounded again.

Author: Darren Hodge

Publisher: Kerr Publishing

ISBN: 9780958128360

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 174

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When the author was a kid, a big white sleek ambulance squatted like a lion in the driveway next door, always ready to go, and sometimes it did, roaring down the street. Today he is a MICA Flight Paramedic with decades of varied experience in 'a life of extremes' in an Australian ambulance service. He does shifts at base on-call, and teaches another generation of paramedics now. Loves his job. A list of well-known events that includes Victoria's Black Saturday Fires and the 2005 Bali Bombing - he was trying to get married when that call came in - mark two dark extremes. Technical matters - trauma treatment decisions, and the limits of aviation, for example - are explained. And this book includes the little things like the time the supermarket aisle was alive with the sound of music from an ex-patient's kid's lips: 'Thanks for looking after Daddy.' Darren couldn't have put it better himself, and it made his heart sing. This book tells what is like to be Darren Hodge on the end of a line, what it is like to be a paramedic. Open, honest reports, warts and all, this memoir is an unflinching account of how it feels, say, to pluck people from imminent death. And there are some laughs on the way...
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Genetics of Populations

Genetics of Populations

... see polymorphism Genetic rescue , 471 Genetic restoration , 471 , 512-513 Genetic terms , 6–13 Haldane , J. B. S. , 216 , 278 Haplo - diploid organisms , 7 allele frequencies , 75–79 , 81 effective population size , 322–324 genotype ...

Author: Philip W. Hedrick

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763747726

Category: Science

Page: 737

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Genetics and Evolution
Categories: Science

Jatropha Challenges for a New Energy Crop

Jatropha  Challenges for a New Energy Crop

... 470 in vitro culture, anthers or ovules, 471 in vitro embryo rescue, 471 in vitro fertilization and somatic hybridization, 471–472 in vitro mutagenesis, 472 Genetic linkage map cassava, 359, 361 Jatropha and Arabidopsis, 356, ...

Author: Bir Bahadur

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461449157

Category: Science

Page: 614

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Jatropha curcas or Physic Nut is a small tree (bush plant) that produces fruits under tropical climate. The fruits contained seed that are ~40% oil rich. This oil is excellent for biodiesel. The bush is a now new coming crop because it may cope with harsh environmental conditions such as semi-aridity and poor land. It is considered as one alternative for climate mitigation that does not compete with arable land normally dedicated to food crop and can be used to regain degraded land or fight desertification. This bush has been considered seriously by the international community only recently (~2006-2008), but worldwide scientists did an outstanding job to drawn Jatropha out of its semi-wild status and bring it on the industrial scene. Problems remains, but we have now a comprehensive picture of this crop and almost every technological challenged were addressed. From now, the job will have to concentrate on breeding in order to domesticate this species. Therefore, it is the right time to sum up worldwide contributions in a comprehensive book with a breeding looking to improve the chance of this plant to stabilize as a crop and to fulfil with the expectations that humans invested in it. A book with this perspective will help international community to give a step on. The book will be a broad and comprehensive look on Jatropha until the details since the book is being contributed by international experts worldwide that have already published works in the international press of Science. Illustrations, tables geographic maps, GPS location, etc are added by each contributors according to the feeling they have concerning what they think their contribution should be.
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Telephone Directory

Telephone Directory

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Branch Clinton E Scott Chief Firehouse First Aid Branch Mildred W Spransy Chief rm ... in Parentheses ) Airport Manager Dexter P Davis rm G452 ( 471-7596 ) Secretary Joanne C Underwood rm G452 ( 471-7596 ) ...

Author: United States. Department of Transportation


ISBN: OSU:32435022278626



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A Study Guide for Louise Erdrich s The Leap

A Study Guide for Louise Erdrich s  The Leap

Peter Canning's Rescue 471: A Paramedic's Stories (2000) is a memoir of the author's experiences as a medic. Alternately laughoutloud funny and wipeyourtears emotional, Canning captures the daily experience of the life of a rescue ...

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781410350893

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 19

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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

A RESCUE 471 If you're looking for something a little more mainstream , Peter Canning's Rescue 471 : A Paramedic's Stories might be just the ticket . Rescue 471 is Canning's second book ( the first was Paramedic : On The Front Lines Of ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0098835093

Category: Emergency medical services


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Social Work

Social Work

... family as , 373 Quality Projects , 472 referral process , 476-7 refocusing of children's services , 471-2 relationship - based practice , 465-8 removal of children , 277 , 390 , 412–13 , 467 , 498 research , 240 rescue ...

Author: Kate Wilson

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 140585846X

Category: Social Science

Page: 721

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Social Work: an Introduction to Contemporary Practice is an exciting, new and uniquely comprehensive introduction to the field. Essential knowledge and skills are examined with authority and depth and key debates approached in an accessible, informative and engaging way. Underpinned by research and advice to make close illustrative links with practice, this text will stimulate interest and actively engage the reader. Richly supported throughout with examples and real-life case scenarios, the authors encourage the reader to adopt a critical and reflective approach. Furthermore, as social work exists to help people through complex and painful transitions in life, the book sets the relationship at the heart/centre of social work practice. This text will be essential reading for social work students on undergraduate and post-graduate training programmes, newly qualified social workers and practitioners in a variety of settings.
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The International Law of Migrant Smuggling

The International Law of Migrant Smuggling

(See International Maritime Organization (IMO)) human rights during rescue, 464 application of human rights law at sea, 466–471 application of refugee law at sea, 471–473 arbitrary detention, and, 475–476 collective expulsion, and, ...

Author: Anne T. Gallagher

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107015920

Category: Law

Page: 840

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Whether forced into relocation by fear of persecution, civil war, or humanitarian crisis, or pulled toward the prospect of better economic opportunities, more people are on the move than ever before. Opportunities for lawful entry into preferred destinations are decreasing rapidly, creating demand that is increasingly being met by migrant smugglers. This companion volume to the award-winning The International Law of Human Trafficking, presents the first-ever comprehensive, in-depth analysis into the subject. The authors call on their experience of working with the UN to chart the development of new international laws and to link these specialist rules to other relevant areas of international law, including law of the sea, human rights law, and international refugee law. Through this analysis, the authors explain the major legal obligations of States with respect to migrant smuggling, including those related to criminalization, interdiction and rescue at sea, protection, prevention, detention, and return.
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