Ritualizing the Disposal of the Deceased

Ritualizing the Disposal of the Deceased

By appealing to the evolved cognitive architecture of human minds, this book argues that ritualized disposal behavior is the by-product of mental systems designed to handle living people.

Author: William W. McCorkle, Jr.

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433110105

Category: Psychology

Page: 182

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Ritualizing the Disposal of the Deceased traces mortuary behavior from the early fossil record to modern religious contexts in diverse cultural settings. By using archival and ethnographic evidence from Buddhist traditions, the author highlights the disparity between doctrines that contradict actual practices performed by Buddhists themselves. By appealing to the evolved cognitive architecture of human minds, this book argues that ritualized disposal behavior is the by-product of mental systems designed to handle living people. Due to complex social intelligence, humans are compelled to handle dead people in ritualized behaviors and to represent them in counterintuitive ways. The author also examines the professional religious guilds that have taken advantage of these ritualized compulsions over the last several thousand years, by giving and controlling the meanings behind these actions. Furthermore, experimental evidence is given to support this hypothesis, providing the first mature cognitive and evolutionary theory for mortuary behavior by humans.
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Death and Dying

Death and Dying

Such fragmented patterns enable mobility and visibility to both the living and the
dead who may now accompany them. ... We noted, however, that some
communities feared the dead and that ritualizing disposal was important in order
to ...

Author: Glennys Howarth

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 9780745625331

Category: Medical

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This stimulating new book provides a sophisticated introduction to the key issues in the sociology of death and dying. In recent years, the social sciences have seen an upsurge of interest in death and dying. The fascination with death is reflected in popular media such as newspapers, television documentaries, films and soaps, and, moreover, in the multiplying range of professional roles associated with dying and death. Yet despite its ubiquitous significance, the majority of texts in the field have been written primarily for health professionals. This book breaks with that tradition. It provides a cutting edge, comprehensive discussion of the key topics in death and dying and in so doing demonstrates that the study of mortality is germane to all areas of sociology. The book is organised thematically, utilising empirical material from cross-national and cross-cultural perspectives. It carefully addresses questions about social attitudes to mortality, the social nature of death and dying, explanations for change and diversity in approaches, and traditional, modern and postmodern experiences of death. Death and Dying will appeal to students across the social sciences, as well as professionals whose work brings them into contact with dying or bereaved people.
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An Historical Study of the American Funeral

An Historical Study of the American Funeral

There were other aspects to the Colonial funeral in addition to the ritualized
disposal of the dead . Food and shelter were provided to relatives and friends
who had traveled various distances to be in attendance . This usually turned out
to be a ...

Author: Vincent Polito


ISBN: IND:39000005543348

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Practical Anthropology

Practical Anthropology

Religion generally sanitary disposal.10 Practices for the provides a ritualized
solution to the sanitary disposal of the dead body inherently transitory problems
created have been developed universally and by death . Firth explains , “
Religion ...



ISBN: IND:30000117668941

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Why Nigerians Bury Their Money

Why Nigerians Bury Their Money

The rite of transition symbolically expressed the ambivalent liminal stage of the
deceased where it is betwixt , and between ... Gone are the days when death and
the ritualized disposal of the corpse conveyed any sense of awe , the feeling of ...

Author: Benjamin Okaba

Publisher: Emhai Printing & Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105021638619

Category: Burial

Page: 208

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Historical Journal of Western Massachusetts

Historical Journal of Western Massachusetts

On the other hand , there was more to the colonial funeral than the ritualized
disposal of the dead . The liberal use of intoxicating liquors at funerals prevailed
in every settlement in the colonies • In 1797 , at the funeral of Calie Dawes in
Boston ...



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Encyclop dia Britannica

Encyclop  dia Britannica

Not only is the actual disposal Ambivalence Toward the Dead . - Almost all
authorities more or less ritualized , at times even very elaborately so , but it is
have commented on the basic ambivalence underlying death cusalso
surrounded by a ...



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The Easter Island Bulletins of William Mulloy

The Easter Island Bulletins of William Mulloy

The highly ritualized disposal of the dead by cremation was discontinued ,
probably because the priesthood charged with its supervision no longer
functional and the vast numbers of often casual inhumations be - gan to be made
in the ruins of ...

Author: William Thomas Mulloy

Publisher: Cloud Mountain Pub

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173015234098

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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The Evolution of Religion

The Evolution of Religion

... and Dead Machines Evolutionary Anthropology of Death and Burial William W.
McCorkle , Jr. Archaeologists speculate that humans between forty thousand and
a hundred fifty thousand years ago disposed of dead bodies in ritualized ways ...

Author: Joseph Abdul Bulbulia


ISBN: PSU:000067609031

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The Evolution of Religion is a unique transdisciplinary volume that gathers the latest research, debates, and programmatic visions of scholars studying religion from an evolutionary perspective. Anyone interested in the relationship of evolutionary science to religion will find insight and inspiration in this striking collection of fifty short essays from a diverse group of renowned international scolars. Here, God meets Darwin, and the conversation that ensues provides fascinating reading for those seeking to make sense of religion's place in nature.
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Religion a Human Phenomenon

Religion  a Human Phenomenon

Finally , ritualized behaviours toward dead bodies are especially salient in
modeling the cognitive architecture of ... THE MENTAL CULTURE OF DEAD
AGENTS Humans throughout history and across culture have disposed of dead
bodies in ...

Author: International Association for the History of Religions. Congress


ISBN: STANFORD:36105214006921

Category: Religion

Page: 464

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Statement and acknowledgements -- Welcome and announcements -- Introductory information -- Congress committees -- The academic program -- Formal meetings of the IAHR -- The Congress Director's general report of the XXth IAHR Congress -- The Congress Administrator's statistical report -- Abstracts of papers for the XXth IAHR Congress -- Alphabetic list of all Congress participants.
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Corpse Encounters

Corpse Encounters

This book takes a critical glance at the ritualized practices of death—corpse preparation, disposal, and aesthetic representation—and examines the workings of aesthetics that shape corpses, as well as the ways in which corpses spill ...

Author: Jacqueline Elam

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498543941

Category: Social Science

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This book takes a critical glance at the ritualized practices of death—corpse preparation, disposal, and aesthetic representation—and examines the workings of aesthetics that shape corpses, as well as the ways in which corpses spill over, resisting aestheticization.
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Embodied Rituals Ritualized Bodies

Embodied Rituals   Ritualized Bodies

diversity in how people to deal ritually with their dead ; what different
interpretations they give to their actions ; how ... but by several ways of disposal
of the dead , and that variation in these ways of disposal indicates differences in
social status ...

Author: Liv Nilsson Stutz

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell International

ISBN: STANFORD:36105113412915

Category: Social Science

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This is a Ph.D. dissertation. This thesis explores the ritual dimensions of the mortuary practices in the Late Mesolithic cemeteries at Skateholm in Southern Sweden and Vedbaeck-Bogebakken in Eastern Denmark. With a combination of methods and theories tha
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Prehistoric Art

Prehistoric Art

300,000-30,000 years ago ) and has yielded but a few possible traces of
symbolic expression , all of them subtle and ambiguous . The evidence is of two
kinds : objects of unusual color and form ; and the possible ritualized disposal of
dead ...

Author: Randall White

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 0810942623

Category: Art

Page: 240

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Examines prehistoric objects and images from an anthropological, rather than artistic, perspective.
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Kin Groups and Mortuary Practices

Kin Groups and Mortuary Practices

... but restricted resources , these groups will Il maintain formal disposal areas for
the exclusive disposal of their dead . ... descent from the dead ( i.e. , lineal ties to
the ancestors ) , such groups will , by the popular religion and its ritualization ...

Author: Robert George Kingsley


ISBN: MSU:31293008081360

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Dying Death and Bereavement 2000 2001

Dying  Death and Bereavement  2000 2001

AT YOUR DISPOSAL The funeral industry prepares for boom times THE DEATH
POETRY OF EMILY DICKINSON ... see it , the baby boomers , who are now
making decisions about how to dispose of their loved ones , are " under -
ritualized .

Author: George E. Dickinson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

ISBN: 007233374X

Category: Bereavement

Page: 229

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Encyclopedia of the Ancient World Overviews Abd al Malik Corinthian War

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World  Overviews    Abd al Malik Corinthian War

Mortality , death , and the unknown were ritualized out of a mixture of affection for
the deceased , awe of death's mysteries ... Oceania , and Latin America are
mirrors of Stone Age views concerning the soul , the hereafter , and corpse
disposal .

Author: Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Publisher: Salem PressInc

ISBN: 0893560391

Category: History

Page: 1275

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Covers world cultures from prehistory through the year 700 C.E., including essays on persons, cultures, wars, battles, documents or works, traditions or cultural phenomena, structures or artifacts, places or sites, terms, and groups or civilizations.
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Man s Place in Nature

Man s Place in Nature

Disposal of the remains immediately after death is unusual, even in the tropics
where the saprophytes work fast. ... RITUALIZATION People can feel deeply that
a certain way of disposing of the cadaver of a deceased person is the only right ...

Author: Charles Francis Hockett

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: UCAL:B3392603

Category: Anthropology

Page: 739

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Sub version

Sub version

War and physical confrontation sink into the background as life ' s major drama is
ritualized . Ceremonies for the disposal of dead babies ( to prevent their haunting
the family ) and for purifying the mother punctuate the text . At the end , Isobel ...

Author: Lorna Irvine

Publisher: E C W Press

ISBN: UOM:39015017658876

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 193

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This timely book participates in the reshaping of our collective imagination being undertaken by women writers. In a set of readings that examines the work of Audrey Thomas, Margaret Atwood, Jane Rule, Alice Munro, Marian Engel, and Mavis Gallant, Lorna Irvine brings out the stories within the stories that overturn traditional conventions for writing and reading literary texts. Here is a book that will help inform opinions on a topic of growing interest.
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Early Medieval English Texts and Interpretations

Early Medieval English Texts and Interpretations

In counterpoint to this ritualized disposal of the body runs the recurrent motif of
death so unnatural that what is normally owed to the dead in terms of funeral rites
is inaccessible . When Beowulf has returned to his own country and is describing

Author: D. G. Scragg

Publisher: Mrts

ISBN: UOM:39015061160829

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 391

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Twenty papers by students of Scragg (U. of Leicester) and other scholars of Anglo-Saxon from across Europe and the US pivot on his particular interests, among them editing and the transmission of texts, source studies, and interpretations of Old and transitional English poetry and prose. Readers are expected to be literate in Old English. Annotatio
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Chinese Art Culture

Chinese Art   Culture

It may be that many of the women put to death at the time of the burial of Marquis
Yi were musicians who performed for his ... Instead , for most Funerary Ritual
Ritualized disposal of the dead was a major intellectual preoccupation and a ...

Author: Robert L. Thorp

Publisher: Discontinued 3pd

ISBN: UOM:39015053398858

Category: Art, Chinese

Page: 440

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An illustrated chronicle of Chinese art from the late Neolithic period through the twentieth century, which discusses artistic reflections of politics, material culture, belief systems, and more, and includes over one hundred color plates, eight maps, and a time line.
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