The Roots of American Feminist Thought

The Roots of American Feminist Thought

James Louis Cooper, Sheila McIsaac Cooper. V THE ROOTS OF AMERICAN FEMINIST THOUGHT edited and with introductions.

Author: James Louis Cooper


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The Buddhist Roots of Zhu Xi s Philosophical Thought

The Buddhist Roots of Zhu Xi s Philosophical Thought

It is like ordinary people each separately giving rise to the mind/thoughts, they being already arisen, currently arising, and rising in the future, without limit and without interruption or end. This mind flows on continually without ...

Author: John Makeham

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190878573

Category: Philosophy

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Zhu Xi (1130-1200) is the most influential Neo-Confucian philosopher and arguably the most important Chinese philosopher of the past millennium, both in terms of his legacy and for the sophistication of his systematic philosophy. The Buddhist Roots of Zhu Xi's Philosophical Thought combines in a single study two major areas of Chinese philosophy that are rarely tackled together: Chinese Buddhist philosophy and Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucian philosophy. Despite Zhu Xi's importance as a philosopher, the role of Buddhist thought and philosophy in the construction of his systematic philosophy remains poorly understood. What aspects of Buddhism did he criticize and why? Was his engagement limited to criticism (informed or otherwise) or did Zhu also appropriate and repurpose Buddhist ideas to develop his own thought? If Zhu's philosophical repertoire incorporated conceptual structures and problematics that are marked by a distinct Buddhist pedigree, what implications does this have for our understanding of his philosophical project? The five chapters that make up The Buddhist Roots of Zhu Xi's Philosophical Thought present a rich and complex portrait of the Buddhist roots of Zhu Xi's philosophical thought. The scholarship is meticulous, the analysis is rigorous, and the philosophical insights are fresh. Collectively, the chapters illuminate a greatly expanded range of the intellectual resources Zhu incorporated into his philosophical thought, demonstrating the vital role that models derived from Buddhism played in his philosophical repertoire. In doing so, they provide new perspectives on what Zhu Xi was trying to achieve as a philosopher, by repurposing ideas from Buddhism. They also make significant and original contributions to our understanding of core concepts, debates and conceptual structures that shaped the development of philosophy in East Asia over the past millennium.
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Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought

Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought

In this " mathematical " model , there is no predetermined relationship between sound ( signifier ) and thought ( signified ) , and hence no sound can convey any meaning on its own . This is a purely formal " language , " and we are ...

Author: Vladimir Tasi¢c

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195139674

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1. Introduction. 2. Around the Cartesian Circuit. 2.1. Imagination. 2.2. Intuition. 2.3. Counting to One. 3. Space Oddity and Linguistic Turn. 4. Wound of Language. 4.1. Being and Time Continuum. 4.2. Language and Will. 5. Beyond the Code. 5.1. Medium of Free Becoming. 5.2. Nonpresence of Identity. 6. The Expired Subject. 6.1. Empire of Signs. 6.2. Mechanical Bride. 7. The Vanishing Author. 8. Say Hello to the Structure Bubble. 8.1. Algebra of Language. 8.2. Functionalism Chic. 9. Don't Think, Look. 9.1. Interpolating the Self. 9.2. Language Games. 9.3. Thermostats "R" Us. 10. Postmo.
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Roots of Afrocentric Thought

Roots of Afrocentric Thought

"Autumn Revolutionary." ND, Sept. 1969, pp. 44-45. 1882. Smith, Tyrone. 'Thoughts on Gettin High." BW, Aug. ... "Aurora's Gift." ND, Sept. 1965, p. 68. 1893. Taylor, Prentiss. "Guerrilla Man"; 'The Struggle and Us, the 188 The Roots of ...

Author: Clovis E. Semmes

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313299926

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Provides easy access to the most complete voice of the Black Arts and Black Consciousness movement.
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Maria W Stewart and the Roots of Black Political Thought

Maria W  Stewart and the Roots of Black Political Thought

Her Life and Thought I feel almost unable to address you; almost incompetent to perform the task. ... Garrison later recalled his thoughts when the young woman whom he might have presumed to be barely literate, placed: ... into my hands ...

Author: Kristin Waters

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496836762

Category: Social Science

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Maria W. Stewart and the Roots of Black Political Thought tells a crucial, almost-forgotten story of African Americans of early nineteenth-century America. In 1833, Maria W. Stewart (1803–1879) told a gathering at the African Masonic Hall on Boston’s Beacon Hill: “African rights and liberty is a subject that ought to fire the breast of every free man of color in these United States.” She exhorted her audience to embrace the idea that the founding principles of the nation must extend to people of color. Otherwise, those truths are merely the hypocritical expression of an ungodly white power, a travesty of original democratic ideals. Like her mentor, David Walker, Stewart illustrated the practical inconsistencies of classical liberalism as enacted in the US and delivered a call to action for ending racism and addressing gender discrimination. Between 1831 and 1833, Stewart’s intellectual productions, as she called them, ranged across topics from true emancipation for African Americans, the Black convention movement, the hypocrisy of white Christianity, Black liberation theology, and gender inequity. Along with Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World, her body of work constitutes a significant foundation for a moral and political theory that is finding new resonance today—insurrectionist ethics. In this work of recovery, author Kristin Waters examines the roots of Black political activism in the petition movement; Prince Hall and the creation of the first Black masonic lodges; the Black Baptist movement spearheaded by the brothers Thomas, Benjamin, and Nathaniel Paul; writings; sermons; and the practices of festival days, through the story of this remarkable but largely unheralded woman and pioneering public intellectual.
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Principles of character making

Principles of character making

When one knows what they know , and more , what they feel , he can suggest ideas that fit into their nature like cut gems into a setting . ... If the habits are right the soil is prepared for their deeper rooting . Thoughts connected ...

Author: Arthur Holmes


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The Roots of Pope Francis s Social and Political Thought

The Roots of Pope Francis s Social and Political Thought

Naturally the narratives flowing from the European centers, dominated in the 1700s by the Enlightenment and Protestantism, saw the missions differently.10 Lest it be thought that the Pope's thoughts on the subject of the missions is ...

Author: Thomas R. Rourke

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442272729

Category: Religion

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In The Roots of Pope Francis’s Social and Political Thought Thomas R. Rourke traces the development of Pope Francis’s thinking from his time as a Jesuit provincial through today. Meticulously researched, the book draws on decades of previously untranslated writings from Father Jorge Bergoglio, SJ, who went on to become archbishop and cardinal; this volume also references his recent writings as pope. The book explores the deepest roots of Pope Francis’s thinking, beginning with the experience of the Jesuit missions in Argentina (1500s – 1700s), showing how both the success and tragedy of the missions profoundly formed his social and political views. Subsequent chapters explore influences from the Second Vatican Council through today regarding culture, politics, and economics. In Pope Francis’s understanding, there is a perpetual tension between the attempts to redeem the social order through the Gospel and the never-ending attempts to dominate peoples and their lands through a variety of imperial projects that come from the powerful. What emerges is a profoundly Christian approach to the social, political, and economic problems of our time. The Pope is portrayed as an original thinker, independent of ideological currents, rooted in the Gospels and the tradition of Catholic social thought. In a time of division and violence, the writings of Pope Francis often point to the path of peace and justice.
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The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Black Thought

The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Black Thought

The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Black Thought complements publications on the Black Diaspora that focus on cultural aspects such as religion, music, and literary works. It is a scholarly addition to the diasporic publications ...

Author: Kersuze Simeon-Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000191646

Category: History

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The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Black Thought examines the ways in which the intellectual production of notable historical figures of Africa Diasporan Thought has shaped, and continues to shape, social and political discourses in relation to peoples of African descent. With an internationalist approach, this volume places the philosophies of intellectuals and activists from different regions in cross-generational dialogues. The work studies seminal publications from the 1700s to the late 1800s, including monographs, manifestos, speeches, and letters, analyzing the subsequent influence of such publications on the works of later thinkers and scholars of the 1900s. Hinged in qualitative and critical analysis, it investigates the extent to which the intellectual works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have influenced education and institutions over time, scrutinizing the multifaceted contemporary outcomes of historical practices through the theories of historical knowledge. The excerpts and translations in the text engage readers in informed and meaningful interactions, with the philosophies of liberation, reparation, and rehabilitation. This book contributes to the fields of intellectual historiography, human rights, political philosophy, social thought, and critical race theory and will be of interest to students and scholars of history, politics, and philosophy.
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Thoughts for the Thoughtful

Thoughts for the Thoughtful

CROWDING out ” is often practicable where “ rooting out ” is not . It is , at the best , a tedious and uncertain process by which the gardener roots out the weeds from the vegetable patch or the greensward .

Author: Adelaide S. Seaverns



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Thoughts Reminiscences

Thoughts   Reminiscences

I felt really distressed at the plight of these people and the brutality perpetrated by man against man , and this made me think whether I or anyone of us from Madras will be able to stand such up - rooting . Thinking within myself , I ...

Author: Pallavoor Sankarapatter Vadiyanathan


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Autobiogaphy of an educationist and administrator from Tamil Nadu.
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