Satire Comedy and Mental Health

Satire  Comedy and Mental Health

Similarly, satirical cartoonist Aaron McGruder explains that '[i]t's great to watch Colbert and (...) it keeps you sane' (Cavna, ... Mental ill health among comedians has received significant critical attention (see Dessau, 2012).

Author: Dieter Declercq

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781839096662

Category: Humor

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Satire, Comedy, and Mental Health examines how satire helps to sustain good mental health in a troubled socio-political world. Through an interdisciplinary dialogue and a close analysis of satire in various media, the book argues that satire helps us cope in a sick world through its ambiguous combination of critique and entertainment.
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Mental Health Issues and the Media

Mental Health Issues and the Media

This should be applied to both negative and positive portrayals of mental health issues and understanding what it is ... a satirical comedy programme which was branded as offensive particularly because of a reference made to 'mentals ...

Author: Gary Morris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134343041

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Mental Health Issues and the Media provides students and professionals in nursing and allied professions, in psychiatry, psychology and related disciplines, with a theoretically grounded introduction to the ways in which our attitudes are shaped by the media. A wide range of contemporary media help to create attitudes surrounding mental health and illness, and for all health professionals, the ways in which they do so are of immediate concern. Health professionals need to: be aware of media influences on their own perceptions and attitudes take account of both the negative and positive aspects of media intervention in mental health promotion and public education understand the way in which we all interact with media messages and how this affects both practitioners and service users. Covering the press, literature, film, television and the Internet, this comprehensive text includes practical advice and recommendations on how to combat negative images for service users, healthcare workers and media personnel.
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Feminist Literary and Cultural Criticism

Feminist Literary and Cultural Criticism

Satirical. Comedy. Abstract This chapter discusses the marginalization of women comedians in twentieth-century films and TV ... Mental health The presence of women on the Indian comedy scene has acquired tremendous and unprecedented ...

Author: Java Singh

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811914263

Category: Literary Criticism

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Feminist Literary and Cultural Criticism explores inter-disciplinary connections across Cultural Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, and feminist literary criticism to develop a theoretical framework for spatial criticism. Using the spatial gynocritics framework developed in the book, it analyzes selected texts from five different genres–short-story, novel, film, cartoons, and OTT series, created by women. The creators discussed in the book constitute a transnational collectivity of women that shares common concerns about gender, environment, technology, and social hierarchies. They comprise a geographically and linguistically diverse group from India, Uruguay, Spain, Argentina, and the USA. The book offers immense potential for a comparative study on numerous aspects, among which the present work concentrates on the treatment of Space, demonstrating that spatial logic and grammar are essential elements of the feminist praxis. The book reveals the unexamined potential in the women creators’ praxis of destabilizing, decentring, and destroying the ascribed centres around which social arrangements are structured. Moreover, the book offers valuable analytic tools that add to scholarship in literary theory, comparative cultural studies, comparative literature, gender studies, feminist criticism, and interdisciplinary humanities. It is an indispensable aid to students and faculty in these areas of study, enabling them to critique texts from a fresh perspective.
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The Sanity of Satire

The Sanity of Satire

According to the onetime “King of Comedy” Jerry Seinfeld, good jokes may not be the same as full-blown philosophical arguments or disputations, but they are critically important with regard to the state of our mental health.

Author: Al Gini

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538129722

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Political humor and satire are, perhaps, as old as comedy itself, and they are crucial to our society and our collective sense of self. Satire is confrontational. It’s about pushback, dissent, discord, disappointment, and demonstrating the absurdity of the status quo. This book is an attempt to explore how these aspects of satire help secure our sanity. Aristotle famously said that humans are naturally political animals. We need political community to flourish and live good lives. But politics also entails unpopular decisions, oppression, and power struggles. Satire is a vehicle through which we reflect on and challenge the irrational, incomprehensible, and intolerable nature of our lives without becoming totally despondent or depressed. In a poignant, pithy, but not ponderous manner, Al Gini and Abraham Singer delve into the history of satire to rejoice in its triumphs and watch its development from ancient graffiti to the latest late-night TV talk show.
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The Encyclopedia of Mental Health

The Encyclopedia of Mental Health

For example , in language there is a great variety of humor ranging from satire and comedy to puns and play on words . In pictures there are cartoons and caricatures . In acting there are the clowns and the mimes .

Author: Albert Deutsch


ISBN: UCAL:B3856256

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Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors

Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors


Author: Educational Resources Information Center (U.S.)


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American Humor

American Humor

Proposed topics : Humor in Education , Humor in Performing Arts , Ethnic Humor , Satire , Comedy and Literature , Humor in the Helping Profession , Humor and Mental Health , Humor Communication and the Mass Media , Humor and Persuasion ...



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The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology

The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology

... 435–436 violence in relationships, 434–435 difficulties, and mental health, 919 emotional-motivation systems, ... 363–364 avoidance of other suboptimal mating behaviors, 364 Satire/comedy/tragedy, 945 Savanna theory/hypothesis, ...

Author: David M. Buss

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471727224

Category: Psychology

Page: 850

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The foundations of practice and the most recent discoveries in theintriguing newfield of evolutionary psychology Why is the mind designed the way it is? How does input from the environment interact with the mind to produce behavior? By taking aim at such questions, the science of evolutionary psychology has emerged as a vibrant new discipline producing groundbreaking insights. In The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, leading contributors discuss the foundations of the field as well as recent discoveries currently shaping this burgeoning area of psychology. Guided by an editorial board made up of such luminaries as Leda Cosmides, John Tooby, Don Symons, Steve Pinker, Martin Daly, Margo Wilson, and Helena Cronin, the text's chapters delve into a comprehensive range of topics, covering the full range of the discipline: Foundations of evolutionary psychology Survival Mating Parenting and kinship Group living Interfaces with traditional disciplines of evolutionary psychology And interfaces across disciplines. In addition to an in-depth survey of the theory and practice of evolutionary psychology, the text also features an enlightening discussion of this discipline in the context of the law, medicine, and culture. An Afterword by Richard Dawkins provides some final thoughts from the renowned writer and exponent of evolutionary theory. Designed to set the standard for handbooks in the field, The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology is an indispensable reference tool for every evolutionary psychologist and student.
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans But Were Afraid to Ask

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans  But Were Afraid to Ask

Every major medical, psychological, psychiatric, and therapist organization in the US has issued statements ... Mel Brooks' movies like Blazing Saddles, or In Living Color, great comedy and satire clearly illustrate biases and ...

Author: Brynn Tannehill

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784509569

Category: Social Science

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Leading activist and essayist Brynn Tannehill tells you everything you ever wanted to know about transgender issues but were afraid to ask. The book aims to break down deeply held misconceptions about trans people across all aspects of life, from politics, law and culture, through to science, religion and mental health, to provide readers with a deeper understanding of what it means to be trans. The book walks the reader through transgender issues, starting with "What does transgender mean?" before moving on to more complex topics including growing up trans, dating and sex, medical and mental health, and debates around gender and feminism. Brynn also challenges deliberately deceptive information about transgender people being put out into the public sphere. Transphobic myths are debunked and biased research, bad statistics and bad science are carefully and clearly refuted. This important and engaging book enables any reader to become informed the most critical public conversations around transgender people, and become a better ally as a result.
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It s a Funny Thing Humour

It s a Funny Thing  Humour

Hausdorff, D., Magazine humor and popular morality, 1929–1934. Journalism Quarterly, 41, 509-516 (1964). Hayworth, D., The social origin and function of laughter. Psychological Revieu, 35, 367-384 (1928). Hazen, B.B., Humor in uniform.

Author: Antony J. Chapman

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483158259

Category: Psychology

Page: 526

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It's a Funny Thing, Humour contains the papers presented at the International Conference on Humor and Laughter, held in Cardiff in July 1976. The symposium provides a platform from which authors from different professional and personal background can talk about their own definition and analysis of humor. The book is structured into 10 main sections that reflect the structure of the conference and presents various studies and research on the nature of humor and laughter. Contributions range from theoretical discussions to practical and experimental expositions. Topics on the psychoanalytical theory of humor and laughter; the nature and analysis of jokes; cross-cultural research of humor; mirth measurement; and humor as a tool of learning are some of the topics covered in the symposium. Psychologists, sociologists, teachers, communication experts, psychiatrists, and people who are curious to know more about humor and laughter will find the book very interesting and highly amusing.
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