Eastern Germany Revisited Here and there in the DDR

Eastern Germany Revisited  Here and there in the DDR

I asked one leading offiial whether it was true that East Germany operates a large
number of jaming transmitters - their ... en route from Saxony to the Baltic coast , I
casually told my East German companions one Sunday afternoon , " I guess , I ...

Author: Joachim Joesten


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Torquemada Revisited

Torquemada Revisited

... and neither Brandenburg nor Saxony felt like doing anything that might disturb
the tenuous peace in eastern Germany. ... He pressed a siege against Stralsund,
the only belligerent port on the Baltic which had the facilities to build a fleet ...

Author: William Lowell Putnam

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9781622337040

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This book traces the origin of the forces and personalities that brought about the Spanish Inquisition and its impact on the larger world. It dwells extensively on the causes and principal figures of the Protestant Reformation and explains how those attitudes came to influence the evolution of modern American politics and bigotry. A careful reading of this narrative explains how political and religious leaders, often being somewhat interchangeable, have been able to devise "enemies" that can be used to convince sufficient of the populace to elect or retain in high office whose who portray themselves as opposed to such "enemies"; ignoring, in so doing, the sage advice of Benjamin Franklin that "those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security."
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England s Wars of Religion Revisited

England s Wars of Religion  Revisited

Liberties in Germany'. ... III While in particular during the wars for domination of
the Baltic among Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Russia, other then religious
motives dominated,” ... By the same token, a large number of Lutheran dynasties,
primarily in electoral Saxony and Hesse-Darmstadt, had no reason to worry
about the ...

Author: Dr Charles W A Prior

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409482345

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The causes and nature of the civil wars that gripped the British Isles in the mid-seventeenth century remain one of the most studied yet least understood historical conundrums. Religion, politics, economics and affairs local, national and international, all collided to fuel a conflict that has posed difficult questions both for contemporaries and later historians. Were the events of the 1640s and 50s the first stirrings of modern political consciousness, or, as John Morrill suggested, wars of religion? This collection revisits the debate with a series of essays which explore the implications of John Morrill's suggestion that the English Civil War should be regarded as a war of religion. This process of reflection constitutes the central theme, and the collection as a whole seeks to address the shortcomings of what have come to be the dominant interpretations of the civil wars, especially those that see them as secular phenomena, waged in order to destroy monarchy and religion at a stroke. Instead, a number of chapters present a portrait of political thought that is defined by a closer integration of secular and religious law and addresses problems arising from the clash of confessional and political loyalties. In so doing the volume underlines the extent to which the dispute over the constitution took place within a political culture comprised of many elements of fundamental agreement, and this perspective offers a richer and more nuanced readings of some of the period's central figures, and draws firmer links between the crisis at the centre and its manifestation in the localities.
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Family History Revisited

Family History Revisited

Russian Baltic Provinces: Linden Estate, 1797-1858." In Households:
Comparative ... "Combining Agrarian and Industrial Livelihood: Rural
Households in the Saxon Oberlausitz in the Nineteenth Century ... 374. FAMILY.

Author: Richard Wall

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874136873

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This collection of original essays by scholars on the historical study of the family from various parts of the world represent a new departure in this field. The essays cover a great variety of topics, and many countries are represented. The essays open up new debates and point to new directions in the field by examining dimensions of family relations that had not been sufficiently addressed in previous scholarship.
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Old Places Revisited Or the Antiquarians Enthusiast

Old Places Revisited  Or the Antiquarians Enthusiast

... arms of continental Saxony contained these associated figures . In the present
instance , the “ eagle ' may be considered the ensign of some Russian or
Prussian tribe or band of warriors that confederated with the regions of the Baltic ,
in the ...

Author: Robert Bigsby


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U S News World Report

U S  News   World Report

Communist showplace , long ago cleaned up ... the Baltic coast , south along the
Polish Red regime do so with an air of resignaborder , through Saxony and
Thuringia ...



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The Observer Revisited 1963 1964

The Observer Revisited  1963 1964

Timmendorfer Strand is a cheerful little resort , where couples lick ice - cream and
make their dogs splash about in the Baltic for bits of wood . ... Instead , it bears a
bronze map of Germany , a map which gives the passing foreigner a sudden
pulse of fear . ... One was the virtual extinction of the Refugee Party ( B . H . E . ) ,
slaughtered in May at the Lower Saxony elections in a State with the second
biggest ...



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Leftism Revisited

Leftism Revisited

Totally perplexing sentences abound : “ It is an unprecedented move to abolish
such historic states as Bavaria or Saxony dating back to the time of the Caesars .
... 817 After such pronouncements it hardly surprises to read that it was Germany '
s “ thousand - year aim to annex or at least ... Soviet propaganda about the Baltic
States containing a record number of historic , geographic , and political errors .

Author: Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

Publisher: Gateway Books

ISBN: UOM:39015019609539

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Argues that the leftist approach to government, based on materialism, centralization, and politicization, is opposed to freedom and true liberalism
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Social Sciences and Humanities Index

Social Sciences and Humanities Index



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An author and subject index to publications in fields of anthropology, archaeology and classical studies, economics, folklore, geography, history, language and literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion and theology, sociology and theatre arts.
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Semgallen Revisited

Semgallen Revisited

The Kurs , a Lettish tribe , inhabited the marshy plains of Semgallen before
Frankish and Anglo Saxon vassals first arrived in the middle of the eleventh
century . ... Under Henry the Lion the southern Baltic first became a political
reality with the introduction of the Lehnsrecht ; the ... lend ) and only a ' Lehns '
man was considered a true knight of the Holy Roman Emperor of what was then
called Germany .

Author: Margot Paterson


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The Middle Ages Revisited

The Middle Ages Revisited

Such coins were either Gothic, (including Saxon,) Celtic, Frankish, or Moslem, but
never Roman, unless struck by or under the sovereign-pontiff. ... Debonnaire the
same is true of France, Germany, Italy, indeed of all the provinces of the empire,
whose princes were Christians. ... coun- tires of the North and either this coin or
the gold maravedi was the principal medium of exchange in the trade of the Baltic

Author: Alexander Del Mar


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Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Baltic and Beyond

Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Baltic and Beyond

In Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Baltic and Beyond, contacts between Early Medieval Baltic Finns, Sami, Scandinavians, Slavs and Balts are discussed and exemplified.


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004328471

Category: History

Page: 312

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In Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Baltic and Beyond, contacts between Early Medieval Baltic Finns, Sami, Scandinavians, Slavs and Balts are discussed and exemplified. Communication expressed through material culture is analysed in order to understand the culturally diverse regions in the Baltic and beyond.
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Bibliographic Index

Bibliographic Index



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Industry and Politics in West Germany

Industry and Politics in West Germany

For West Germany specifically , in its contribution to employment , exports , and
industrial production , the shipbuilding industry pales in comparison to steel . But
West Germany's shipyards are concentrated in four states within close reach of
the Baltic and North seas : Schleswig - Holstein , Lower Saxony , Hamburg , and
Bremen . ... Nicholas Ziegler , “ The Hare and the Tortoise Revisited : Political
Strategies for Technological Advance in the French and West German
Semiconductor ...

Author: Peter J. Katzenstein

Publisher: Cornell Studies in Political Economy

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038606591

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 363

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Under the editorship of Peter J. Katzenstein, thirteen distinguished scholars from both sides of the Atlantic here provide an original interpretation of the political economy of the Bonn Republic during the forty years since its founding, and explore in particular its extraordinary capacity for accommodating change.
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From Stonehenge to the Baltic

From Stonehenge to the Baltic

Duggleby Howe reconsidered . Archaeological Journal 140 : 83 ... Duggleby
Howe revisited . Oxford Journal of Archaeology 21 ... Forty Years ' Researches
into British and Saxon Burial Mounds of East Yorkshire . London : Brown and
Sons .

Author: Mats Larsson

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015070949238

Category: Social Science

Page: 229

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Collaboration by the universities of Sheffield and Kalmar and Stockholm in Sweden led to two conferences being held. The second, held at Sheffield in 2006, sought collaboration and the sharing of information on archaeological data and theoretical thought on material culture diversity in the third millennium BC. Nineteen papers are presented in this volume arranged under three headings: material culture diversity in the Baltic; British Beaker burials and the Beaker People Project; Stonehenge and the Stonehenge Riverside Project. General overviews and wide-ranging discussions are joined by results from particular field orr laboratory projects.
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Fraser s Magazine

Fraser s Magazine

Since then , country and the North of Germany trade and commerce have poured
nourished that busy seafaring spirit , into wider ... the committed to revisit this
earth , the un mand of the high seas , and evenknown regions of which they ,
when tually to ... Eng . and colonizing Anglo - Saxon race land has victoriously
kept pace with over all the quarters of the globe . this ... Britons , of the Baltic , far
different from the Romans , and Saxons successively decay of the Queen of the
Adriatic ...

Author: James Anthony Froude


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The Edinburgh Review

The Edinburgh Review

That summer he went home again, only to return in August to Germany, where,
on September 19, we find him again ... up his mind to settle for some time in the
North of Europe, and especially to revisit Upsala and collate the Coder Argenteus
. Combined with this was a desire to see Petersburg and the Baltic Provinces. ...
Gothic, Old High German, and Anglo-Saxon were, so to speak, at his fingers'



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The twelfth century to the Renaissance

The twelfth century to the Renaissance

Smaller groups of towns were more lasting , among them ( 1259 ) that of the
Baltic towns of Lübeck , Rostock and Wismar , which ... But the Archbishop of
Trier and the Electors of Saxony and Brandenburg chose ( April 1257 ) King
Alfonso , also with the adhesion of Otakar . ... Twice he revisited Germany without
much more effect , although he did his best to establish a Landfriede on the
Rhine and finally ...

Author: Charles William Previté-Orton


ISBN: NWU:35556000453001

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