Perhaps this accusation of an African harem was the last stone in the scandalmonger's sling. The stable boy brought his bay horse around and handed the Governor the reins. Monroe mounted and spurred the animal across the field toward ...

Author: William Safire

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743212052

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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A presidential hopeful has taken a beautiful, vulnerable woman as his mistress, though both are married to others. His rival for the presidency of the United States has even more sensational secrets to guard about his own past. An ambitious journalist unearths the stories of the private lives of both, and he hefts in his hand what he calls "the hammer of truth." The time is the end of the eighteenth century. The political figures whose intimate lives are about to be revealed are Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. The journalist out to shape the course of the young nation's history is "that scurrilous scoundrel Callender," the fugitive from Scottish sedition law who pioneered the public exposure of men in power. The women he makes famous are the mysterious Maria Reynolds and the slave Sally Hemings. The novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist William Safire brings these real characters in our history to life. He recounts the dramatic clash of the Founders and the first journalists -- drawn from actual events of the nation's beginnings -- that has special relevance for our time. Scandalmonger is dramatized history at its best and presidential politics at its most fascinating. For those who think that Washington sex scandals and lurid journalism are recent developments, this novel will be a revelation, for Safire shows vividly how media intrusiveness into private lives -- and politicians' cool manipulation of the press -- are as old as the Constitution. The "scandalmonger" of the title is James Thomson Callender, a writer with a poisonous quill pen who is secretly on the payroll of Vice President Jefferson. When Callender publishes documents leaked to him about a secret Congressional investigation into Treasury Secretary Hamilton's financial dealings, Hamilton counters with a confession of an affair with the blackmailing Mrs. Reynolds -- admitting to a sin but not a crime. Callender's scathing newspaper attacks on Hamilton and on President John Adams as a "hoary-headed incendiary" so incensed the Federalists in power that they enacted the Sedition Act to crush freedom of speech. The scandalmonger was convicted and jailed, but his widely reported martyrdom after an unfair trial angered many voters and helped to sweep the Jeffersonians into power. The new President pardoned his partisan publicist but refused to reward him -- indeed, cut him off in favor of less divisive supporters. Broke and betrayed, Callender set out to wreak vengeance on his former hero by breaking the story of Jefferson's fathering of children with his slave Sally Hemings -- an account that would be scornfully disbelieved until largely authenticated by DNA evidence almost two centuries later. Central to the story of Scandalmonger is the enigmatic allure of Maria Reynolds, a haunting adventuress who in real life bedazzled both Hamilton and his arch-enemy, Aaron Burr, and, in this novel, attracted the reviled scandalmonger as well. Much of the dialogue of Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe is drawn from their letters. The accounts of libel and sedition trials to suppress the opinions of Callender and his bombastic newspaper antagonist, "Peter Porcupine," are accurate. Hamilton's passionate and ironic defense of freedom of the press is true (although the notes of his speech were fleshed out by Safire, a former White House speechwriter). In a unique "Underbook," the author scrupulously sets forth his scholarly sources, separating fiction from dramatized history -- and in so leveling with the reader, truly re-creates the passionate controversies of an era that presages our times.
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The Scandalmonger

The Scandalmonger

Author: Terence Hanbury White


ISBN: UIUC:30112076277323

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The Jefferson Hemings Myth

The Jefferson Hemings Myth

The only source of the Callender articles in typescript is the booklet by Rebecca L. McMurry and James F. McMurry , Callender , Jefferson and the Sally Story — The Scandalmonger and The Newspaper War of 1802 , Old Virginia Books ...

Author: Eyler Robert Coates

Publisher: Mage Pub

ISBN: WISC:89077913689

Category: History

Page: 207

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L ouverture des archives la recherche

L ouverture des archives    la recherche

The archivist and the scandalmonger . First of all , I think we will all share my enjoyment of Mr. Bautier's remarks about the historians , especially journalist - historians , who are a problem to us all . I think it is quite fair to ...



ISBN: UOM:39015031087334

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The evolution of the soul

The evolution of the soul

What is clearly the case , and is indeed revealed by the description ' released my inhibitions ' , is that I had at first the desire to tell the story and also the higher - level desire not to be a scandalmonger .



ISBN: UCAL:B4953304



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This addition to the dialogue between contemporary science and philosophy about God's existence and human freedom and immortality is based on the 1982-1984 Gifford Lectures at the University of Aberdeen. It is intended for students and academics working in philosophy, particularly the philosophy of religion and of mind, and theology.

The Comic Encyclopedia

The Comic Encyclopedia

SATIRETTE 673 SCANDALMONGER ours . SATIRETTE A pound of wit , an ounce of ridicule The satirette is satire in capsule Within a grain of sense . form , a saying that ridicules social Many types of satirettes are systems like education ...

Author: Evan Esar

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105026068747

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Here at last is the first genuine encyclopedia of comedy ever published. Its range is enormous. It explores the comedy behind history, the arts, language, literature, entertainments. And on almost every page you will find amusing items, from jokes to anecdotes, from wisecracks to gaglines. The thousand and one articles describe the performers of laughter--humorists, punsters, satirists, comedians, cartoonists. They also explain the science of comedy. The text mingles historical events and funny stories with thousands of specimens of wit and humor.--Jacket flap.
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Mimekor Yisrael Religious tales

Mimekor Yisrael  Religious tales

75 Slander Slays Three THE SAGES taught : There was once a man who had three daughters , one a thief , the second a lazy slut , and the third a scandalmonger . A man with three sons came and wished to take the girls for them .

Author: Micah Joseph Berdichevsky


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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Evidently the scandalmonger is relying on either her husband or her former lover making the child support payments , insofar as someone is . Let ' h ' and ' l ' be given by : ' h ' : Her husband is paying child support payments .

Author: Francis Watanabe Dauer

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015014276243

Category: Logic.

Page: 542

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A demanding introduction to logic and critical thinking, this book offers more traditional means of teaching the art of reasoning at a time when the field has become almost mathematical. Francis Dauer has rethought the framework for teaching reasoning in general and formal logic in particular, the desired epistemological context, and the role of the fallacies. The result is a coherent and very readable work, informed by Dauer's extensive experience teaching and writing on the subject.
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Paracelsus and Other One act Plays

Paracelsus and Other One act Plays

Author: Arthur Schnitzler

Publisher: Ariadne Press (CA)

ISBN: UCAL:B4146065

Category: Drama

Page: 220

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Paracelsus (1898) has the theme "All the world's a stage" and combines it with hypnotism. The green cookatoo (1898) is an intermingling of illusion and reality. Marionettes and The puppeteer have as a theme the tendency of some human beings to treat others as mere playthings or puppets. The great puppet show features both puppets-on-a-sting and "real" characters.
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To day

To day

There are , alas ! village communities in which the rectory or parsonage are the beadquarters of gossip , the scandalmonger - in - chief ( provided , of course , she employs the acceptable dialect ) the most familiar guest .






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