Sentinel of the Damned To Destiny

Sentinel of the Damned   To Destiny

An epic tale of an ancient European dynasty whose youngest member, a magnificent daughter, is suddenly and mysteriously reported missing in far-off Canada.

Author: Klothild de Baar

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1986950301


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An epic tale of an ancient European dynasty whose youngest member, a magnificent daughter, is suddenly and mysteriously reported missing in far-off Canada. A story harking back centuries and told movingly by the family's eighty-five year-old nanny, as she traces each step of her lost charge, undaunted, to the very bottom of a modern-day hell.

Sentinel of the Damned

Sentinel of the Damned

As she said adieu to her room , she held her breath , and felt something cold , like anger , permeating her inner self - bitterness against her fate that she had not been able to control , cold rage against a destiny that seemed to ...

Author: Klothild de Baar

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 8176481718

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Sentinels Lynx Destiny

Sentinels  Lynx Destiny

“Because you're Sentinel,” she whispered, not quite able to say, “Because you're also a lynx and you do ... And so she used her makeshift probe and her clumsy faux forceps, and she found the damned bullet buried just deep enough to ...

Author: Doranna Durgin

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373885893

Category: Fiction

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A lone shifter and a stranger must embrace their deepest fears to defeat a deadly enemy in Doranna Durgin's newest Sentinels romance Forced to return to her family cabin deep in the Sacramento Mountains, Regan Adler is determined to keep her visit brief. Voices that drove her mother crazy are now threatening to do the same to her and she can't ignore them. Then she meets Kai.... Kai Faulkes is a lone shape-shifter who takes the form of a lynx. He's aware of the danger approaching and must protect his home at all costs. When Regan's soft and sultry voice reaches him, he is thrown into a whole new world of passion and desire. Suddenly the stakes are higher, and Kai and Regan must fight for everything they hold dear.
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City of Destiny Landel Bilbrey. shadow of an enormous dragon! ... You will never enter Sentinel! You are nothing more than a frightened little bug and certainly no match for me. I am Azrael, the immortal ruler of The Damned.

Author: Landel Bilbrey

Publisher: Bridgemaker Books

ISBN: 9780979374401

Category: Fiction

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Sentinel, City of Destiny shares with pre-teen boys some fundamental character traits that define the Godly man.
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The Sentinel and Star in the West

The Sentinel and Star in the West

And , yet , this is much more tant cities and villages , many allurements will be destiny ; but he liveth and reigneth forever ! easy ... His justice refreshed the faithful while the damned spirits confess of the most fatal tendency .




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The Destiny of the Soul

The Destiny of the Soul

At the gate of each of these golden segments a sentinel god is stationed, to whom the newly arriving soul must give ... Nightly, arrayed in deep black from head to foot, he traverses the dismal zones of the damned, where they undergo ...

Author: William Rounseville Alger

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547209874

Category: History

Page: 1010

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Destiny of the Soul" (A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life) by William Rounseville Alger. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.
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Damned times

Damned times

DESTINY. n stagnant stillness my thought runs away to foreign lands. The sea is like a sky suspended on calm of a flat slumber. A seagull is silent on the impervious rock, sentinel of solitary hours. Pretty heavy air above the sea ...

Author: Franca Colozzo

Publisher: Passerino Editore

ISBN: 9788835873945

Category: Poetry


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"Really alive in dark times! The innocent word is foolish. A stretched forehead means insensitivity. Whoever laughs, hasn't known the terrible news yet." From Bertolt Brecht's lyric (1938): "To those who will come". This collection of my poems comes from the tormented period we are experiencing, as spectators or actors of a difficult era, of a period of transition towards new and inscrutable horizons of history, now unknown to us. My verses represent a tribute of hope in a better world and the hope that humanity will not sink into a new Middle Ages. Considering the brutality of what is happening both in the microcosm of the family and in the macrocosm of society due to terrorist factions, including ISIS, I felt the need to raise my humble voice together with the choral voice of more enlightened contemporary poets. Heinous murders, especially against unarmed women and children, perpetrated inside the domestic walls, on one side; massacres and massacres not only at the gates, but also within the heart of the West, on the other hand, tend in a different way to make us withdraw on positions of subordination to brute force and of relegation towards an intolerant barbarism. In addition to all this, there are the current problems resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic that is bringing the whole world to its knees. Hence the name "Damned Times" which distinguishes this simple collection of verses. Therefore, forgive me some blunder or redundancy of style, the metric or the lack of metric that the different emotional situations have aroused in me according to the various circumstances. I had the audacity to translate some poems of mine into English. Forgive me for any mistakes, since - although I use English as my custom and ambition - I cannot consider myself a perfect connoisseur of this idiom. In addition to the topical poems, I added others of love or aimed at contemplating nature and, in particular, the sea. Precisely from this latter element, which characterizes my historical town Gaeta (Lazio region) stretching out over the Tyrrhenian Sea, I have drawn the poetic and descriptive force of situations and alternating seasons. Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO ̶ an Italian Architect/writer/novelist, poet, educationist, retired teacher of “Drawing and History of Art” in Italy and Istanbul (Turkey) on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ̶ has been nominated in March 2018 Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA Director~ITALY) by the influencer Richard DiPilla (Virginia – USA) and, in March 2019, INSPAD ~Ambassador of Peace & CEO of IHC~Intenational Harmony Council by Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, President of INSPAD ~ Institute of Peace and Development, in Islamabad (Pakistan), a NGO incorporated with the UN with special observer status & Think Tank based in Islamabad (Pakistan) and Belgium. During the seven years spent abroad, thanks to her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience, she organized exhibitions of Art at the Italian High School I.M.I., the Italian Institute of Culture and the most prestigious universities in Istanbul (Turkey). Multi-tasked, creative and enthusiastic with strong belief in organizational innovation, she is an excellent team worker even in a multicultural context. Passionate about justice, attentive to the rights of the weakest social classes and the importance of the education of women and children, her current focus is in writing novels, poems, essays, articles on different newspapers and blogs about Human Rights, Kashmir, Peace, environmental problems, refugees, women’s empowerment, education and health related programs, etc. She is at present very active on social media to promote peace through articles, comments, publications also on
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The Destiny of the Soul a Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

The Destiny of the Soul  a Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

At the gateofeach of these golden segments a sentinel godis stationed, to whom the newly arriving soulmust giveits ... Nightly, arrayed in deep black from head to foot,he traversesthe dismal zones ofthe damned, where theyundergo ...

Author: William Rounseville Alger

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465507457

Category: Future life

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Journey to Destiny

Journey to Destiny

She had cut out the announcement of his birth that had appeared in the Keene Sentinel. It was a beautiful, ... I couldn't give a God-damned! What a stupid holiday. Love? ... I forgot! I love my Annie. I love my Annie 649 Journey to Destiny.

Author: Edwin C Briggs

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 145205598X

Category: Fiction

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Journey To Destiny is the love story of two men, whose relationship spanned forty four years. As life partners, they shared an expedition of discovery; travel, financial success and failure, hardship, illness, tragedy, happiness, indiscretions and infidelities, but most of all, love. Respected for who they were, rather than what they were, their challenges were faced without prejudice or malice. Although Journey To Destiny is in many aspects an insight into the gay lifestyle, more importantly, it dissects the humor, adventure, heartache, devotion and commitment sustained during five decades. With unrelenting candor, the book is an intimate portrait into the reality of bi-polar disorder, Alzheimers Disease, cancer, heart and lung disease; endured amidst happiness and heartbreak.
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Christian Science Sentinel

Christian Science Sentinel

CHRISTIAN - SCIENCE SENTINEL 957 uble ne a desin Sunda Le . ... that He requires a man either to believe Hearing God's anger in the sea at war . or to do anything in subjection to Him , with the alternative of being damned after death ?



ISBN: WISC:89062386560

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