Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

Salome is singing a joyful song and dancing with her shadow when she hears the cries of someone in trouble . An enormous crocodile is trapped in a gully ! As Salome is both a kind and a resourceful girl , she frees the crocodile and ...

Author: Tololwa Marti Mollel

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0395829097

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 31

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When the crocodile she has rescued tricks her, little Salome must use some cunning of her own to escape becoming his next meal.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

... stranding me alone - My illumination incantation animation perspiration dry to the bone – Exorcized - my heart crawls back along the shadow edge of my dark art. Shadows I woke up this morning just in time to. 91 Shadow Dance ...

Author: Anne Erskine

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480906068

Category: Poetry

Page: 132

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Anne Marie Erskine taught literature for many years, but is now retired and lives with her husband Jim in Prescott, Arizona. She has a Master of Arts in the Humanities from The California State University. Through reading, studying, and teaching literature, Anne Marie became interested in composing poetry. For Anne Marie, writing poetry permits people to understand and express what is breathing within us. Each discovery is a new opening to our world. Reading and writing poetry expose doors we never even knew existed.
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Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

They froze in the impenetrable shadows while he shook faintly at the locked door, until he drifted slowly away. And there followed after him, some moments later, a crazy, silent, dancing crew, faltering, staggering in the ghost light, ...

Author: Angela Carter

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349008158

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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The scar drew her whole face sideways and even in profile, with the hideous thing turned away, her face was horribly lop-sided, skin, features and all, dragged away from the bone. She was a beautiful girl, a white and golden girl, like moonlight on daisies, a month ago.' And yet the men still hover around her, more out of curiosity than lust, and none more so than the wildly seductive, dangerous funny man, Honeybuzzard; lithe as a stick of liquorice, he is the demonic puppet master at the swirling centre of the tale. 'In a modern day horror story gleaming with perfect 1960's detail, she performs a double act, conjuring up just the right amount of unease and perversion beneath the idiosyncratic business of relatively ordinary lives' THE TIMES
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Sunlit Shadow Dance

Sunlit Shadow Dance

Chapter 51 – Sunlit Shadow Dance She stood on the cliff took, looking out over the valley below. The sun was just touching the horizon and, as it did, suddenly the whole world lit up, lighting not just the ordinary world, but her world ...

Author: Graham Wilson

Publisher: Graham Wilson

ISBN: 9781311005922

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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The girl you love vanishes - you search and search. No trace of her is found. You find one who looks just like her - her eyes see you but they do not know you, no recognition flickers - is it a mirage, dream or desperate hope? She likes you. You ask and she comes with you. Her mind sees sunlight. You see dark shadowed edges. Can you remake your life with a person who holds no memory of you. An unknown girl appears on an aboriginal community in far north Queensland. She has no memory of any life before, no one knows her. Who is she? Where has she come from? She looks like a missing backpacker, Susan, she sounds like Susan, but her name is Jane. Her past life is an unknown place from where she knows no one. Now she has to try to make a new life without any connections to her past. This is the final book of the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series. It tells the story of an English backpacker who went traveling in Outback Australia with a man who loved crocodiles, and how her life turned into a horror nightmare. Finally she gets her freedom only to disappear. Susan was on trial for murder when she vanished. She had been just released on bail, despite pleading guilty, when new evidence indicating self-defense was found. She was also pregnant and expecting twins. Since she has gone only a pair of shoes she was wearing have been found. They were next to a waterhole full of crocodiles. It is feared that she and her unborn children are dead, taken by crocodiles. More than a year passes without any other trace of her. An inquest has made an open finding on her disappearance. What is the link between Susan and this girl Jane who turns up out of nowhere, knowing no one, remembering nothing? Can this girl, Jane, build a new and happy life with just her two small children. Can a tragedy of the past ever be overcome? This is the story of the remaking of a new life from the broken shell of the old - how memories of the old threaten to tear apart the new. And always, at the dark edge, lurks an ancient creature of the deep, a being whose lineage is the long lost Australian dreamtime, before the spirits made this land. Yet from this dark can come a new place, a place where sunlit shadows dance.
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Shadowrun Shadow Dance

Shadowrun  Shadow Dance

... Borrowed Time by R.L. King Deniable Assets by Mel Odom Undershadows by Jason M. Hardy Shadows Down Under by Jean Rabe Makeda Red by Jennifer Brozek The Johnson Run by Kai O'connal Shadow Dance by Aaron Rosenberg Anthologies 1.

Author: Aaron Rosenberg

Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs


Category: Fiction

Page: 275

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THE SHADOWS OF A MAN'S PAST ARE LONG… Cole Danvers is a small-time shadowrunner scratching out a living in the dangerous, divided sprawl of Denver, Colorado. But when a lucrative heist to steal an AmerIndian amulet goes terribly wrong, costing him both his teammates and nearly his life, Cole hits the streets intent on only one thing—vengeance. But as he tracks down the Johnson that sent him on this deadly mission, Cole quickly realizes he’s stumbled onto a plot much bigger than stealing a piece of jewelry—and that it’s somehow connected to his own shadowed past. Soon, he’s sucked into machinations that involve Native Americans, wily shamans, and impossibly, himself. And even sooner, Cole realizes he needs help to take down his enemies—before he gets killed for real this time. Assembling a motley crew of shadowrunners using every bit of guile and charisma he possesses, Cole sets out to solve the mystery of who tried to double-cross him and why…and what, if anything it has to do with his own murky background. But the answers may do more than just shock him…before it’s all over, they may just be the death of him…
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Shadow Dance Ghostly Shadows 2

Shadow Dance  Ghostly Shadows  2

THANK YOU Thank you for reading Shadow Dance (Ghostly Shadows #2). I hope you enjoyed it! Please consider leaving an honest review at your point of purchase. Reviews help me in so many ways! If you would like to know when my next novel ...

Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Publisher: Alyssa Rose Ivy


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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Ghostly Shadows continues... Having one ghost in her apartment was tough enough. Having another was out of the question. The city is being overrun by ghosts from the 1920s, and somehow Gabriella and Rexton’s latest case is at the center of it all. Unsure of who or what to believe, they must work together to find the true villain all the while contending with a passion between them that can be more than a little distracting. *New Adult Paranormal Romance*
Categories: Fiction

The Shadow Dancer

The Shadow Dancer

We have to speak out against Orlando and the shadow dance from the pulpit.” Father John stared at the man across from him a moment. Somehow they'd veered off the subject. “You see the irony here, don't you?” he said finally. “Irony?

Author: Margaret Coel

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440627743

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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With the disappearance of a young man and his old friend Vicky Holden accused of murder, Father John O'Malley must prove his hunch that both events are connected to a dangerous sect leader known as Orlando-who has resurrected the old Shadow Dance religion.
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Naked Crow 5 Shadow Dancer

Naked Crow 5   Shadow Dancer

"This is a book Nashoba and I have been compiling since he got this idea to perform his very own Shadow Dance." Poloma hesitated for a moment. This had to be difficult for her. "We wrote down everything, from the very beginning.

Author: P.Z. Walker

Publisher: P.Z. Walker


Category: Fiction


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While Jeremy blossoms in his new job and finds new ways to express himself, Sheila suddenly finds herself in Mississippi where a friend is trying to save someone's life. A fellow Shaman wanted to be a Shadow Dancer and that did not turn out well. Follow Sheila to Mississippi and join her on her adventures! This is book 5 in the "Naked Crow" series.
Categories: Fiction

Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer

Dance. Of. Ages. Through times mists to days of yore My one great love from another life Nineteen hundred years the ... in life's eternal pages Recording my heart's words to you Constantly timeless shadows watching My love guarding and ...

Author: John W Henson


ISBN: 9780557141654



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