Mike Filey s Toronto Sketches

Mike Filey s Toronto Sketches

that year's edition of the CNE Fairy Battle bombers, Oxford light bombers and a Hawker Hurricane gave aerial demonstrations. No one could anticipate what carnage the Hurricane and its companion, the Spitfire, wouldsoon befacing in the ...

Author: Mike Filey

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459729469

Category: History

Page: 672

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Mike Filey’s column "The Way We Were" first appeared in the Toronto Sunday Sun not long after the first edition of the paper hit the newsstands on September 16, 1973. Now, over four decades later, Filey’s column has enjoyed an uninterrupted stretch as one of the newspaper’s most popular features. In 1992 a number of his columns were reprinted in Toronto Sketches: "The Way We Were." Since then another ten volumes have been published. Each column looks at Toronto as it was and contributes to our understanding of how the city became what it is. Illustrated with photographs of the city’s people and places of the past, Toronto Sketches are nostalgic journeys for the long-time Torontonian and a voyage of discovery for the newcomer. This special bundle collects the first three of those volumes, packed with fascinating information about Toronto’s history. Includes Toronto Sketches More Toronto Sketches Toronto Sketches 3
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Hawker Hurricane Survivors

Hawker Hurricane Survivors

Hawker. Hurricane. Mk. XII. RCAF 5667 carries the c/n CCF 56022 and was one of a batch of aircraft built by Canadian Car and Foundry at Fort William ... 1 and 3 TCs were disbanded and amalgamated to form No.1 AC on 15 January 1945.

Author: Gordon Riley

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781910690796

Category: History

Page: 224

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REVIEWS Anyone with an interest in the Hurricane and those who are about to build any of the recent excellent Hurricane kits will find this a fascinating addition to their bookshelf." — Model Airplane International "...heavily illustrated and well produced and will serve as an excellent guide not only for historians but also warbird enthusiasts." — Air Classics Magazine, Feb 2016
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Machines of War

Machines of War

... pistol 36 Colt Single-action Army Model 1873 39 Remington Army Model 1875 40 Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistol 311 Smith & Wesson Military and Police 37 Smith & Wesson No. 3 Russian Model 39 Harley-Davidson WLC 218–21 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241325391

Category: History

Page: 362

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From ancient flint hand daggers to the futuristic M1A2 tanks of today, flip through a series of stunning visuals to discover the weapons and vehicles that have shaped the military world. With rich illustrations, striking photography, and inputs from experts, Machines of War presents the story of all forms of weaponry that have dominated the battlefield, right from the pre-industrial age to the 21st century. Get a close-up look at firearms, aircraft, tanks, warships, and learn about the invention, evolution, and progression of arms and armaments through the ages. Presenting weapons and vehicles in innovative detail, this one-of-a-kind reference book offers a unique perspective on military developments in the Industrial era, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the modern world. Readers will uncover intriguing aspects of the Gatling gun, the Spitfire fighter plane, the T-72 Tank and many more with virtual tours. Whether you're a history lover or a science buff, Machines of War is guaranteed to enthral you by putting you at the helm of war's most formidable weapons.
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Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane

Hurricane IIc After their excellent Hurricane I, Trumpeter went one better by releasing no less than two 1/24th scale ... The European-based Mk.IIc has decals for two UK-based Hurricanes, BD962 QO-Q of No.3 Squadron in the Day Fighter ...

Author: Martin Derry

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473827257

Category: History

Page: 100

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When Sidney Camm's masterpiece, the Hawker Hurricane, entered RAF service in late 1937 it quickly became one of the most important aircraft in Britain's military arsenal, especially in the first three years of the Second World War. This title covers the history of this iconic design, from the prototype and the initial production variants' entry in to RAF service, through its development and use, first as a day fighter, and then night fighter, intruder, fighter-bomber, catapult-launched and then carrier-based fighter, and eventually dedicated ground attack machine. ??The Hurricane served in every wartime theatre, from Norway and France, the Battle of Britain, the defence of Malta, to the campaigns in the Western Desert and the Mediterranean, on the Russian Front and in the Far East where it saw service until the end of hostilities.??Split into three primary sections, this volume offers a concise yet informative history of the Hurricane's development, operational career and design improvements, including many contemporary photographs with detailed captions; a 16-page colour illustration section featuring 48 separate aircraft (in profiles and 2-views); and finally a section prepared by that well-known and established doyen of model makers, Tony O'Toole, listing and illustrating the plastic model kits produced of the Hurricane in all scales. ??As with the other books in the Flight Craft series, whilst published primarily with the scale aircraft modeler in mind, it is hoped that those readers who might perhaps describe themselves as 'occasional' modelers Ð if indeed they model at all Ð may also find that this colourful and informative work offers something to provoke their interests too.
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Canadian Warbird Survivors 2002

Canadian Warbird Survivors 2002

The Mk. 1 AC (Army Cooperation) Atlas biplane was also powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar VIB. ... The Siskin III was a single-seat biplane fighter designed for the RAF and a number flew with the RCAF from 5 January 1926 through to ...

Author: Harold Skaarup

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595206681

Category: History

Page: 440

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The purpose of this handbook is to provide aviation enthusiasts with a simple checklist on where to find the surviving retired military aircraft that are preserved in Canada. The majority of the Canadian Warbird Survivors are on display within a great number of well maintained aviation museums, many others are displayed as ¡°gate guards¡± near or in a number of Canadian Forces Bases, and a good number are in the hands of private collectors. Many are not listed in any catalogue, but have been found by ¡°word of mouth,¡± or personal observation. The museum staffs and volunteer organizations throughout Canada have done a particularly good job of preserving the great variety of Canadian military aircraft, illustrated here. Hopefully, as more aircraft are recovered from their crash sites in the bush and restored, traded or brought back from private owners, they too will be added to the record. The book lists the aircraft alphabetically by manufacturer, number and type. This list is also appended with a brief summary of the aircraft presently on display within the nation and a bit of its history within the Canadian Forces. Canadian Warbirds books are available through the iUniverse.com or the Amazon.com online bookstores.
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Confidential Documents

Confidential Documents

Visual and cinematographic evidence showed there was no relative roverent in a horizontal pláne until the machines vere ... Flight Mar 3 138 p 211 1 illus À Service High Speed Flight A Hawker Hurricane single - seat fighter ( 990 - hp .

Author: United States. Army Air Forces


ISBN: STANFORD:36105016776150

Category: Aeronautics

Page: 548

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Hurricane Squadrons

Hurricane Squadrons

The Hawker Hurricane has generally been considered a second class fighter when compared with the Supermarine Spitfire. ... This was not only in 1 1 Group in the Southeast of England, but also throughout Britain, even when squadrons were ...

Author: Philip Birtles

Publisher: Red Kite / Air Research

ISBN: 9780953806157

Category: Hurricane (Fighter pilots)

Page: 106

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Hawker Hurricane Mk I V

Hawker Hurricane Mk I   V

Hawker Hurricane Mk I, production aircraft No.1 L1547, at Brooklands on 12 October 1937, the day of its first flight by Philip Lucas. ... Wroath began his second trial on 3 April in a model still fitted with a Merlin C engine.

Author: Martyn Chorlton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781780966038

Category: History

Page: 64

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At the outbreak of World War II, only 111 Squadron and a handful of others were equipped with the Hurricane. Thanks to sudden massive orders and a well-organized Hawker sub-contracting production to Gloster and General Aircraft, more squadrons rapidly became operational. Cutting their teeth during the Battle of France, it was during the Battle of Britain that the type excelled and came to form the backbone of Fighter Command. While the Hurricane was steadily overtaken by the Spitfire in the fighter defence role, it remained the fighter of choice in North Africa and the Far East. Despite a large number being shot down in these far-flung conflicts, many received hasty repairs and returned to the fray while more fragile designs were permanently grounded. The Hurricane may not have been the prettiest or, the best-performing aircraft but, as Francis Mason stated: 'The Royal Air Force was glad to get the Spitfire...it had to have the Hurricane!'
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Canadian Warbird War Prize Survivors

Canadian Warbird   War Prize Survivors

The Siskin III was a single-seat biplane fighter designed for the RAF and a number flew with the RCAF from 5 January ... 1 Squadron and No. 3 Squadron. The Siskin was Canada's only fighter until the Hawker Hurricane arrived in 1939.

Author: Harold A. Skaarup

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462047949

Category: Transportation

Page: 441

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The purpose of this handbook is to provide aviation enthusiasts with a handbook on where to find the surviving retired military aircraft preserved in Canada. The majority of the Canadian Warbird and War Prize Survivors are on display within a significant number of aviation museums. Many others are displayed as "gate guards" on or near a number of Canadian and Allied Armed Forces Bases and installations. There are also a few in the hands of private owners and collectors that have been restored to flying status. These include a number of foreign warbird survivors that were brought back to Canada as War Prizes. The museum staffs and volunteer organizations such as the Canadian Aviation Preservation Association (CAPA) have done tremendous work in preserving military and civilian aircraft that have been a major part of Canada's aviation heritage. A few of these aircraft are illustrated in this book, along with a short description of the aircraft flown by Canadian servicemen and women. The aircraft are listed alphabetically, along with a city or museum location, the manufacturer, aircraft serial number and call sign where known. Canadian Warbird and War Prize Survivors is part of a series on aircraft used by the Canadian Forces throughout its history.
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HEAT Series 3 Number 1

HEAT Series 3 Number 1

His fatigues he recognises, but the parachute is his father's—the one that failed to deploy when his Hawker Hurricane was shot down over France, and there's a plastic strap noosed around his wrist he can't undo.

Author: Alexandra Christie

Publisher: Giramondo Publishing

ISBN: 9781922725226

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 112

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HEAT, Giramondo’s celebrated literary journal, relaunches in a third series. ‘An edgy and enormously influential literary magazine…’ – The Australian ‘A really lively magazine like HEAT can create the occasion for new writing as well as being an outlet for it, a wish on the part of writers to write up to its standard. It makes things happen. It creates its own scene.’ — David Malouf First published in 1996, HEAT is a literary journal dedicated to publishing Australian and overseas writers of the highest quality. It returns after a decade-long hiatus with a renewed commitment: to challenge convention and spark international exchange. At the core of HEAT is a desire to bring together writing that is powerful, eccentric and skilful. Rather than being guided by a subject or themes, the journal is drawn to depth of thought, singularity of voice, curiosity and, above all, writing that speaks to the urgency and dynamism inherent in the word ‘heat’ itself. HEAT’s third series is edited by Alexandra Christie and designed by award-winning designer Jenny Grigg. Christie is supported by a distinguished editorial advisory board, alongside Giramondo’s founders, Ivor Indyk and Evelyn Juers, and associate publisher, Nick Tapper. HEAT will continue to feature new and familiar voices, with the focus thrown sharply on the individual writers featured in each issue. Commencing in February, it will appear in a new, smaller and more intimate format, on a bimonthly schedule, with six issues per year. HEAT 3.1 will include short stories, essays, and poetry from writers including Sarah Holland-Batt, Mireille Juchau, Cristina Rivera Garza and Josephine Rowe. HEAT’s relaunch in print will be supported by the digitisation of the journal’s archive, allowing a new generation of readers to access contributions to past issues. Fifteen issues were published in the first series of HEAT from 1996–2000. The second series followed with twenty-four issues published between 2001 and 2011. Among the contributors to the first two series were Murray Bail, John Berger, Roberto Bolaño, Brian Castro, Inga Clendinnen, Gao Xingjian, Helen Garner, Lisa Gorton, Jorie Graham, Gail Jones, Kapka Kassabova, Etgar Keret, Deborah Levy, David Malouf, Herta Müller, Gerald Murnane, Les Murray, Dorothy Porter, Gig Ryan, Charles Simic and Alexis Wright.
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