Introduction to Wave Physics

Introduction to Wave Physics

Consequently, the absence of side lobes is desirable because any sizable reflections are known to have been produced by objects located somewhere along the ...

Author: Anthony L. Gerig, Ph.D.

Publisher: Anthony L Gerig

ISBN: 9798717849142

Category: Science

Page: 200

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Introduction to Wave Physics is a textbook that was developed out of a one-semester college course on Waves and Optics. It is designed to prepare the reader for work, research, or further study in areas that require a strong foundation in wave phenomena. It is therefore intended to be comprehensive and includes chapters on interference, reflection and transmission, cavities and waveguides, radiation, diffraction and scattering. It proceeds from simple to complex, employing one-dimensional waves to introduce major concepts in the first chapter, and extending each of those concepts to three dimensions in subsequent chapters for rectangular, spherical and cylindrical coordinates. Both scalar and vector waves are addressed, using acoustic waves as the primary example of the former and electromagnetic waves as the primary example of the latter.
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Reflections on Space

Reflections on Space

At the time of the agreement , it was widely believed that DoD was going to allow a sizable Air Force participation in Project Gemini and that there would ...

Author: United States Air Force Academy


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038430422

Category: Astronautics

Page: 345

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Contents: The challenge of space exploration Space and its impact on the United States The United States space effort: The cost and wisdom of the space race The space effort of the U.S.S.R. The military application of space International law and cooperation in outer space (Author).
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Radiation Laboratory Series

Radiation Laboratory Series

... the guide and its length trimmed until a minimum reflection is measured . ... it possible to obtain sizable reflections from strips necessarily limited ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B334104

Category: Electronics


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Health Food and Social Inequality

Health  Food and Social Inequality

(2008) Sizable Reflections: Big Women Living Full Lives, London: Women's Press. Boyce, T., Robertson, R. and Dixon, A. (2008) Commissioning and Behaviour ...

Author: Carolyn Mahoney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317625759

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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Health, Food and Social Inequality investigates how vast amounts of consumer data are used by the food industry to enable the social ranking of products, food outlets and consumers themselves, and how this influences food consumption patterns. This book supplies a fresh social scientific perspective on the health consequences of poor diet. Shifting the focus from individual behaviour to the food supply and the way it is developed and marketed, it discusses what is known about the shaping of food behaviours by both social theory and psychology. Exploring how knowledge of social identities and health beliefs and behaviours are used by the food industry, Health, Food and Social Inequality outlines, for example, how commercial marketing firms supply food companies with information on where to locate snack and fast foods whilst also advising governments on where to site health services for those consuming such foods disproportionately. Giving a sociological underpinning to Nudge theory while simultaneously critiquing it in the context of diet and health, this book explores how social class is an often overlooked factor mediating both individual dietary practice and food marketing strategies. This innovative volume provides a detailed critique of marketing and food industry practices and places class at the centre of diet and health. It is suitable for scholars in the social sciences, public health and marketing.
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Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Going in the direction of larger travel times , reflections have been ... which actually registered sizable reflections with travel times over 7 seconds .

Author: Seismological Society of America


ISBN: STANFORD:36105006939834

Category: Earthquakes


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Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

... imaging systems since reflection or scattering therefrom may be too weak. ... be an effective technique when there are no sizable reflections that can ...

Author: Bahaa Saleh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139495349

Category: Computers


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Describing and evaluating the basic principles and methods of subsurface sensing and imaging, Introduction to Subsurface Imaging is a clear and comprehensive treatment that links theory to a wide range of real-world applications in medicine, biology, security and geophysical/environmental exploration. It integrates the different sensing techniques (acoustic, electric, electromagnetic, optical, x-ray or particle beams) by unifying the underlying physical and mathematical similarities, and computational and algorithmic methods. Time-domain, spectral and multisensor methods are also covered, whilst all the necessary mathematical, statistical and linear systems tools are given in useful appendices to make the book self-contained. Featuring a logical blend of theory and applications, a wealth of color illustrations, homework problems and numerous case studies, this is suitable for use as both a course text and as a professional reference.
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Improving Learner Reflection for TESOL

Improving Learner Reflection for TESOL

s (2013) work investigated the use of app-mediated reflection by a sizable group of participants, with 12,000 recordings and reflections made to improve ...

Author: Li-Shih Huang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000403213

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Presenting comprehensive research conducted with learners and educators in a range of settings, this volume showcases self-reflection as a powerful tool to enhance student learning. The text builds on empirical insights to illustrate how language professionals can foster critical self-reflection amongst learners of English as an additional language. This text uses ecologically sensitive practitioner research that addresses issues of both practical and pedagogical significance in the fields of TESOL, language teaching and learning, and teacher education. By synthesizing interdisciplinary research and theory, chapters show how various types of self-reflection—including guided and non-guided; group and individual forms; and written, oral, and technology-mediated reflection—can promote autonomous, self-regulated learning amongst students at various levels. Whilst offering readers a strong grounding in the theoretical and empirical knowledge that supports self-reflection, the volume gives constant attention is given to praxis, with a focus on effective pedagogical strategies and tools needed to implement, encourage, and evaluate critical learner reflection in readers’ own teaching or research. This volume will be a critical resource for language-teaching professionals interested in critical learner reflection, including in-service, pre-service, and teacher educators in the field of TESOL. Scholars and researchers in the fields of applied linguistics and language education more broadly will find this volume valuable.
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Kingship in the Mycenaean World and its reflections in the Oral Tradition

Kingship in the Mycenaean World and its reflections in the Oral Tradition

to the plan of the House of Shields.198 This similarity can perhaps be seen most clearly in the eastern building of the large central compound (Building K, ...

Author: Ione Mylonas Shear

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press (Institute for Aegean Prehistory)

ISBN: 9781623030810

Category: Social Science

Page: 120

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Section 508 Compliant During the last few decades, there has been great interest in the problems of defining the extent and nature of kingship in the Mycenaean world. Questions concerning the degree of economic and religious power held by the king have been given special emphasis. This book surveys the conclusions drawn by individual scholars studying the Linear B tablets, contrasts their theories with our knowledge of the Mycenaean kingdoms as derived from the archaeological record, and finally compares this evidence with possible reflections in the oral tradition, specifically in the Iliad and Odyssey . This approach leads to the suggestion that the king in the Mycenaean period had only limited power over the society and its economy. Although the king appears to have controlled a large segment of the economy, it is argued here that other individuals and family groups within the kingdom also had a certain degree of economic independence.
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Reflections of a Cold Warrior

Reflections of a Cold Warrior

Large operations constitute a special category, both because it is difficult to maintain secrecy about them and because their compromise, if and when it ...

Author: Richard M. Bissell

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300064308

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 268

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Forfatterens oplevelser og betragtninger som højt placeret embedsmand i den amerikanske administration - her udenrigspolitikken og internationale forhold.
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Reflections of a Whale watcher

Reflections of a Whale watcher

As we headed out for the deep water of the Pacific , a large cruise ship entered the bay . Looking more like an ocean liner than a whale - watching vessel ...

Author: Michelle A. Gilders

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253209579

Category: Nature

Page: 269

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The author recounts her experiences observing grey and blue whales in the Gulf of California, off Baja California
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Selected Papers of Lawrence R Klein Theoretical Reflections and Econometric Applications

Selected Papers of Lawrence R Klein  Theoretical Reflections and Econometric Applications

In this event, a sufficiently large multiplicand will make the product (of multiplier and multiplicand) a sizable quantity.

Author: Kanta Marwah

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814499231

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 708

View: 853

This volume contains selected papers of Lawrence R Klein in economics, econometric theory and applications in modeling, forecasting, macroeconomic analysis, international economics and public policy. Nobel Laureate Lawrence Klein's bibliography spans a half-century, including books, articles, and chapters in conference proceedings, festschriften, and thematic books. One such volume of solely scientific collections, mainly from his relatively early articles, has already been published. The present volume is different, it includes some articles, but largely chapters, or book excerpts that were mostly written since 1980, the approximate cut-off date of the prior volume, and the year of his Nobel Prize. Also, it includes things that were published in very limited or obscure editions. Thus it provides a more complete picture of his scholarly career and his current reflections on the state of economic science. All these writings are in the vanguard of thinking about economics in a global domain. The thirty-five-plus selections are organized in five parts, by major themes. An editorial commentary introduces each part. The introductory chapters include Klein's autobiographical research commentary, and his professional life philosophy. Contents: Introduction to the Series:More on “Forty Years of ‘Rigorous Observational Positivism’” and Years Beyond (K Marwah)An Autobiographical Research Commentary, Continued (L R Klein)My Professional Life Philosophy (L R Klein)Economic Theory ReconsiderationsEconometric Models and MethodologyApplied EconometricsPolicy FormulationClosing ReflectionsIndex Readership: Graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and researchers in macroeconomic theory & analysis, econometric models, methodology & applications, forecasting, public policy and international economics. keywords:Macroeconomics: Theory, Policy Formation, Reconsiderations;Macroeconometric Models: Methodology, Forecasting, Debate, Prospects;International Economics: Capital Flows, Exchange Rates;Expectations
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Reflections and Selections of a 20th Century Southerner

Reflections and Selections of a 20th Century Southerner

NAZARETH: We came next to Nazareth, a sizable village of 29,000 people. The name “Nazareth” is the name of a white flower with a yellow center that grows in ...

Author: Barrett Wilson


ISBN: 9781365145537



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Mirror Reflections Mirages

Mirror Reflections     Mirages

When asked why some of these big shots had not been criminally indicted, Spitzer replied that he was not out to destroy large well established companies; ...

Author: Alex Saliba

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412033299

Category: Political Science

Page: 230

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The new concept of preemptive wars has generated much debate, and controversy, on each side of the divide. What impact could it have in aggravating world instability? Is it acceptable? Is it even moral or legal? Many reports and statements are presented and discussed, as to why the war on Iraq was launched, the occupation of that country, and the quagmire of post-war in Iraq that we hear about almost daily! America's good will amongst our friends has been squandered, and its foreign policy, according to many outsiders, has been uneven and capricious. Thus, in recent debates it has been suggested by some, that this indeed has caused civil unrest in many parts of the world, and may have actually increased terrorism. Many knowledgeable persons have argued that trumpeting democracy at the point of a gun, through violence, has not worked well in the past; and the US is doing more of the same. This is tragic! We have not learned much from the lessons of history -- some of the social experiences are presented both for the developed nations, and those less fortunate: the overall economy, education, health care, poverty and discrimination, pollution, injustices and civil rights, the enormous expenditures on the military and on weapons of destruction, the precarious state of democracy etc., as well as proposals to strengthen the UN. The sources for these collected data include, politicians, newscasters, writers, guest speakers, lecturers, and other personalities, in newspapers, magazines on television, and on the Internet. The search continues for that elusive peace in our world today, and especially in the Middle East. The role of America in the general scheme of things needs to be better defined; as many have stated that we have been following the wrong path.
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Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco

Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco

... circles the lowest edge of the mountains and which is marked by a series of large springs which water sizable gardens , orchards , and olive groves .

Author: Paul Rabinow

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520035291

Category: Social Science

Page: 164

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Rarely have anthropologists regarded fieldwork as a serious object of study, although it is tacitly accepted as their major activity. How valid is the process? To what extent are the cultural data an artifact of the interaction between anthropologist and informants? Rabinow takes the view that fieldwork is an independent cultural activity, valuable in its own right and worthy of narrative report.
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Reflections of Love Four Historical Romances

Reflections of Love  Four Historical Romances

She asked him first, not wishing to appear too forward, but when he offered her the glass of water, she drank it in three large gulps.

Author: Doreen Milstead

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365341977

Category: Fiction


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The Overweight Fish Seller From Maine - An overweight woman from Maine is tired of running her father’s fish selling shop and spending her days hacking off fish heads, so she decides to take a chance on love and travels to California and a rancher with three children. The Woman With The Divided Face - A woman has known only the circus sideshow her whole life, because her parents sold her to the owners when she was three years old. Half her face is white and half black. Doubting That She’ll Be More Than Just A Friends - An Englishwoman leaves England for what she assumes will be a loveless marriage as all that they had agreed to was to care for her rancher, look after his home, and respect each other – but it didn’t include love. A Big Surprise For The Arizona Rancher - A woman from an upper class English family decides to become a mail order bride to an Arizona rancher, but is shocked when she realizes the potentially harsh life ahead on the days-long journey to his remote ranch by oxcart.
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Singapore s Economic Development

 Singapore  s Economic Development

Such a large accumulation of budgetary assets substantially increases the ... is made 116 Singapore's Economic Development: Retrospection and Reflections.

Author: Linda Y C Lim

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814723480

Category: Political Science

Page: 332

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' Singapore is known internationally for its successful economic development. Key to its economic successes is a variety of policies put into place over the past 50 years since its independence. Singapore''s Economic Development: Retrospection and Reflections provides a retrospective analysis of independent Singapore''s economic development, from the perspective of different policy domains each considered by different expert scholars in that particular field. The book is written by academic economists in a style that is accessible to non-experts. Each chapter includes reviews of past scholarship, current data on each policy area, and reflections on required or desirable future policy changes and outcomes. By examining the evolution of past and current policies which combined to make Singapore''s development a success and exploring emerging developmental challenges, Singapore''s Economic Development: Retrospection and Reflections gives readers a better understanding of Singapore''s economic trajectory and future. Contents:Fifty Years of Development in the Singapore Economy: An Introductory Review (Linda Y C Lim)Governance and Economic Change in Singapore (Lee Soo Ann)Lessons of Singapore''s Development for Other Developing Economies (Tilak Abeysinghe)The Role of the State in Singapore: Pragmatism in Pursuit of Growth (Tan Kim Song and Manu Bhaskaran)Monetary Policy and Financial Sector Development (Peter Wilson)Public Financial Management in Singapore: Key Characteristics and Prospects (Mukul G Asher, Azad Singh Bali and Chang Yee Kwan)Labor, Productivity and Singapore''s Development Model (Pang Eng Fong and Linda Y C Lim)Globalization and Regionalization: Singapore''s Trade and FDI (Chia Siow Yue)Singapore''s Demographic Transition, the Labor Force and Government Policies: The Last 50 Years (Yap Mui Teng and Christopher Gee)Singapore''s Housing Policies: Responding to the Challenges of Economic Transitions (Sock-Yong Phang)Adding a Basic Pillar to the Central Provident Fund System: An Actuarial Analysis (Ngee-Choon Chia)Being Poor in a Rich "Nanny State": Developments in Singapore Social Welfare (Irene Y H Ng)Energy and Environmental Policy (Youngho Chang)About the Contributors Readership: General readers, researchers and academics alike who are interested in Singapore''s economics and development since its independence. Key Features:It is a multi-author volume covering different policy areas all focused on economic development, thus providing both depth and breadth. The authors are all established senior Singaporean or Singapore-based scholars known for their expertise in the specific policy area each addressesIt provides both a comprehensive historical overview and an up-to-date contemporary analysisIt identifies not only the well-known successes of the past but also the challenges of the present and future now that Singapore is an ageing, affluent, mature economy, identifying limitations of past and current policies and suggesting possible changesKeywords:Singapore;Economy;Development'
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Theological Reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Theological Reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

... their evangelical and Pentecostal counterparts faced increasing scrutiny in the mid-2000s, for their large congregations and sizable economic capital— ...

Author: Justin K.H. Tse

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349948468

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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This book gathers the voices of four local Hong Kong theologians to reflect on the 2014 democracy protests in the city from the perspectives of Catholic social teaching, feminist and queer intersectionality, Protestant liberation, and textual exegesis. The volume also includes an extended primer on Hong Kong politics to aid readers as they reflect on the theology underlying the democracy protests. September 28, 2014 is known as the day that political consciousness in Hong Kong began to shift. As police fired eighty-seven volleys of tear gas at protesters demanding “genuine universal suffrage” in Hong Kong, the movement (termed the “Umbrella Movement”) ignited a polarizing set of debates over civil disobedience, government collusion with private interests, and democracy. The Umbrella Movement was also a theological watershed moment, a time for religious reflection. This book analyzes the role that religion played in shaping the course of this historic movement.
Categories: Religion

Zen Brain Reflections

Zen Brain Reflections

This more sizable ''extended'' amygdala might seem in keeping with our greater interest in understanding its complex physiological roles.

Author: James H. Austin

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262260374

Category: Medical

Page: 616

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A sequel to the popular Zen and the Brain further explores pivotal points of intersection in Zen Buddhism, neuroscience, and consciousness, arriving at a new synthesis of information from both neuroscience research and Zen studies. This sequel to the widely read Zen and the Brain continues James Austin's explorations into the key interrelationships between Zen Buddhism and brain research. In Zen-Brain Reflections, Austin, a clinical neurologist, researcher, and Zen practitioner, examines the evolving psychological processes and brain changes associated with the path of long-range meditative training. Austin draws not only on the latest neuroscience research and new neuroimaging studies but also on Zen literature and his personal experience with alternate states of consciousness. Zen-Brain Reflections takes up where the earlier book left off. It addresses such questions as: how do placebos and acupuncture change the brain? Can neuroimaging studies localize the sites where our notions of self arise? How can the latest brain imaging methods monitor meditators more effectively? How do long years of meditative training plus brief enlightened states produce pivotal transformations in the physiology of the brain? In many chapters testable hypotheses suggest ways to correlate normal brain functions and meditative training with the phenomena of extraordinary states of consciousness. After briefly introducing the topic of Zen and describing recent research into meditation, Austin reviews the latest studies on the amygdala, frontotemporal interactions, and paralimbic extensions of the limbic system. He then explores different states of consciousness, both the early superficial absorptions and the later, major "peak experiences." This discussion begins with the states called kensho and satori and includes a fresh analysis of their several different expressions of "oneness." He points beyond the still more advanced states toward that rare ongoing stage of enlightenment that is manifest as "sage wisdom." Finally, with reference to a delayed "moonlight" phase of kensho, Austin envisions novel links between migraines and metaphors, moonlight and mysticism. The Zen perspective on the self and consciousness is an ancient one. Readers will discover how relevant Zen is to the neurosciences, and how each field can illuminate the other.
Categories: Medical

Reflections on the Cliometrics Revolution

Reflections on the Cliometrics Revolution

Some wheat farms in the Red River Valley in Minnesota and in California in the nineteenth century were large land holdings, but not large bodies of ...

Author: John S. Lyons

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135993603

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

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This volume marks fifty years of an innovative approach to writing economic history often called "The Cliometrics Revolution." The book presents memoirs of personal development, intellectual lives and influences, new lines of historical research, long-standing debates, a growing international scholarly community, and the contingencies that guide and re-direct academic careers. In conversation with cliometricians of the next generation, 25 pioneering scholars reflect on changes in the practice of economic history they have observed and have helped to bring about, examining the rise of Western economies and their economic interrelationships, and the impact of modern economic growth on human health, mortality and even happiness. The conversations presented here are engaging, informative and – more often than one might expect – humorous. Together with a framework provided by the editors, they tell a tale of how cliometricians, their allies and their critics, have helped to transform what we know about the economic past.
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