Sizeable Reflections

Sizeable Reflections

High-profile big women expound on the joys of being fat in this controversial and hilarious anthology. Jo Brand, Jenni Murray, Kathryn Szrodecki, and many more explode the cult of thinness.

Author: Shelley Bovey

Publisher: Womens PressLtd

ISBN: 0704345870

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 196

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High-profile big women expound on the joys of being fat in this controversial and hilarious anthology. Jo Brand, Jenni Murray, Kathryn Szrodecki, and many more explode the cult of thinness. All Cinderellas can go to the ball in a size 28 sequinned evening gown which fits like a glove!
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Introduction to Wave Physics

Introduction to Wave Physics

Consequently, the absence of side lobes is desirable because any sizable reflections are known to have been produced by objects located somewhere along the direction of the main lobe. The main lobe can be scanned to search in multiple ...

Author: Anthony L. Gerig, Ph.D.

Publisher: Anthony L Gerig

ISBN: 9798717849142

Category: Science

Page: 200

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Introduction to Wave Physics is a textbook that was developed out of a one-semester college course on Waves and Optics. It is designed to prepare the reader for work, research, or further study in areas that require a strong foundation in wave phenomena. It is therefore intended to be comprehensive and includes chapters on interference, reflection and transmission, cavities and waveguides, radiation, diffraction and scattering. It proceeds from simple to complex, employing one-dimensional waves to introduce major concepts in the first chapter, and extending each of those concepts to three dimensions in subsequent chapters for rectangular, spherical and cylindrical coordinates. Both scalar and vector waves are addressed, using acoustic waves as the primary example of the former and electromagnetic waves as the primary example of the latter.
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Health Food and Social Inequality

Health  Food and Social Inequality

(2008) Sizable Reflections: Big Women Living Full Lives, London: Women's Press. Boyce, T., Robertson, R. and Dixon, A. (2008) Commissioning and Behaviour Change: Kicking Bad Habits Final Report, London: King's Fund.

Author: Carolyn Mahoney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317625759

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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Health, Food and Social Inequality investigates how vast amounts of consumer data are used by the food industry to enable the social ranking of products, food outlets and consumers themselves, and how this influences food consumption patterns. This book supplies a fresh social scientific perspective on the health consequences of poor diet. Shifting the focus from individual behaviour to the food supply and the way it is developed and marketed, it discusses what is known about the shaping of food behaviours by both social theory and psychology. Exploring how knowledge of social identities and health beliefs and behaviours are used by the food industry, Health, Food and Social Inequality outlines, for example, how commercial marketing firms supply food companies with information on where to locate snack and fast foods whilst also advising governments on where to site health services for those consuming such foods disproportionately. Giving a sociological underpinning to Nudge theory while simultaneously critiquing it in the context of diet and health, this book explores how social class is an often overlooked factor mediating both individual dietary practice and food marketing strategies. This innovative volume provides a detailed critique of marketing and food industry practices and places class at the centre of diet and health. It is suitable for scholars in the social sciences, public health and marketing.
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Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

Such variation is difficult to image in localized imaging systems since reflection or scattering therefrom may be too weak. ... Ray tomography can be an effective technique when there are no sizable reflections that can be used for ...

Author: Bahaa Saleh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139495349

Category: Computers


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Describing and evaluating the basic principles and methods of subsurface sensing and imaging, Introduction to Subsurface Imaging is a clear and comprehensive treatment that links theory to a wide range of real-world applications in medicine, biology, security and geophysical/environmental exploration. It integrates the different sensing techniques (acoustic, electric, electromagnetic, optical, x-ray or particle beams) by unifying the underlying physical and mathematical similarities, and computational and algorithmic methods. Time-domain, spectral and multisensor methods are also covered, whilst all the necessary mathematical, statistical and linear systems tools are given in useful appendices to make the book self-contained. Featuring a logical blend of theory and applications, a wealth of color illustrations, homework problems and numerous case studies, this is suitable for use as both a course text and as a professional reference.
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Reflections of a Wondering Jew

Reflections of a Wondering Jew

The paucity of sizable rivers indicates the moderate rainfall and consequently limited vegetation as well as the great importance of wells. A consideration of the geography of the wilderness at Paran and the region of Kadesh will ...

Author: Morris Raphael Cohen

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412843232

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

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Much as he considered himself a philosopher, Morris Raphael Cohen was also immersed in the machinery of social life. From his first years of "engagement" as a volunteer teacher in Thomas Davidson's school for working-class people, to his last as professor of philosophy at New York's City College and at the University of Chicago, he constantly sought to understand the underlying assumptions of human behavior. The studies Cohen gathered together for Reflections of a Wondering Jew are an indication of representative achievements of his life. He was deeply involved in the experience of the American Jewish community, and much of his work here consists of an inquiry into and analysis of specifically Jewish affairs. Some of his most valuable contributions to American thought and maturity are those that were never included in standard philosophical efforts. His work and scholarship provide foundations for the field of human problems and the history of ideas. These lectures illuminated the way forward in so many of our crisis years. There is a certain tragedy to the fact that for many decades Morris Raphael Cohen had hoped to organize and put into systematic form his literary reflections on Jewish problems and American liberalism. Towards the end of his life, he faced the realization that many of his intended writings would never reach fruition. Though this volume may not be quite what Cohen intended, it is a product of a mature giant in American intellectual history.
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Theological Reflection Methods 2nd Edition

Theological Reflection  Methods  2nd Edition

... ministerial formation and the twin disciplines of pastoral studies and practical theology have become familiar over the past two decades with the frequently used phrase 'theological reflection'. A sizable literature has developed in ...

Author: Elaine Graham

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334056119

Category: Religion

Page: 300

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Theological Reflections: Methods, offers a comprehensive collection of models of theological reflection. By bringing this diverse collection together in one place, the editors create a unique reference work that allows a clear and visible contrast and comparison as each model is treated formally and in a standard format. Throughout each chapter the distinguishing features of the model are examined, the geneology and origins are discussed, worked examples of the model applied to contemporary theology are provided, and critical commentary, future trends and exercises and questions are provided. Now firmly established as an essential text on theological reflection, this new edition has been revised and updated with a new introduction, updated examples, and refreshed bibliographies
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Radio System Design for Telecommunications

Radio System Design for Telecommunications

1.5 GROUND REFLECTION When a radio wave is incident on the earth's surface, it is not actually reflected from a point on the surface, but from a sizable area. The area of reflection may be large enough to encompass several Fresnel zones ...

Author: Roger L. Freeman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470050439

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 912

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Step-by-step tutorial to master current design techniques for wireless communication systems The Third Edition of Radio System Design for Telecommunications brings this highly acclaimed book fully up to date with the latest technological advances and new applications. At the same time, the hallmarks of the previous editions, including the text's popular tutorial presentation, have been retained. Readers therefore get all the tools and guidance they need to master an essential set of current design techniques for radio systems that operate at frequencies of 3 MHz to 100 GHz. Using simple mathematics, the author illustrates design concepts and applications. The book's logical organization, beginning with a discussion of radio propagation problems, enables readers to progressively develop the skills and knowledge needed to advance in the text. Topics that are new to the Third Edition include: Chapter devoted to wireless LANs (WLANs) as detailed in IEEE 802.11 Subsections covering IEEE 802.15, 802.16, 802.20, and the wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) WiFi, WiMax, and UWB applications that have recently experienced explosive growth Broadband radio in telecommunications, as well as offset frequency division multiplex (OFDM), a new technique for transmitting information in an interference environment The use of very small aperture satellite terminal (VSAT) systems as an economical alternative to public switched telecommunication networks (PSTN) Review questions and problems at the end of each chapter engage readers' newfound skills and knowledge and help them assess whether they are ready to progress to the next chapter. References are provided for readers who want to investigate particular topics in greater depth. Students in wireless telecommunications will find the book's tutorial style ideal for learning all the ins and outs of radio system design, whereas professionals in the industry will want to refer to the Third Edition for its clear explanations of the latest technology and applications.
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Processing Near surface Seismic reflection Data

Processing Near surface Seismic reflection Data

One positive attribute of processing shallow seismic reflection data is that the total size of the data set is typically small relative to exploration-scale data sets. Because of this, processors have the ability to perform several ...

Author: Gregory S. Baker

Publisher: SEG Books

ISBN: 9781560800903

Category: Geophysics

Page: 77

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The goal of this primer is to provide a basic near-surface seismic-reflection processing guide for workers who have not had industry- or academic-supported training or guidance but wish to maintain the integrity of seismic imaging as a tool for near-surface exploration. Increasingly, shallow-reflection seismology is being used as a noninvasive tool for determining the physical properties and geometry of the upper 100 meters of the subsurface. This primer focuses on processing two small data sets using standard common-midpoint (CMP) processing and includes significant processing pitfalls encountered in previous work.
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Reflections on History and Historians

Reflections on History and Historians

Indeed , their atmosphere is not really conducive to calm reflection on the problems of higher learning . ... Historical Association , a sizable number are inspired by a desire for personal recognition as much as by original research .

Author: Theodore S. Hamerow

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299109348

Category: History

Page: 267

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History as a field of learning is in a state of crisis. It has lost much of its influence in institutions of higher learning and its place in public esteem. Historians have, in large part, lost touch with the intelligent lay reader and with the undergraduate college student. History's value to society is being questioned. In this work, a distinguished historian views the profession to which he has been devoted for more than thirty years. Theodore S. Hamerow's learned observations will be welcomed by all historians and by those involved in the management of higher education, and should be required reading for all graduate students in history. Far from being a sentimental look at the past, Hamerow's work confronts the unpleasant reality of the present. History, he says flatly, is a discipline in retreat. The profession is in serious trouble and there are no signs that its problems will be resolved in the foreseeable future. After identifying the current crisis, Hamerow proceeds to trace the development of the profession over the last hundred years and to examine its characteristics in modern society. In this section of the book he shares some fascinating practical observations on the ways in which the profession operates. Hamerow explains why some historians rise to prominence while others do not. He also examines causes of the dissatisfactions that afflict many historians and their students. Hamerow also examines the way in which academic historians live their lives, as he expands on the daily realities that they face. He then explains how those realities have shaped scholarship and led to the "new history." The broad use of social science methods, he observes, has had the effect of isolating the new historians from traditional historians, indeed from one another. Couched in the arcane prose of machine-readable languages, says Hamerow, history has become inaccessible to the intelligent lay reader who had once read historical works with interest, understanding, and appreciation. In concluding his examination, Hamerow asks, "What is the use of history?" It has long been a favorite question asked by historians, but seldom one over which they agonized for very long. After considering various arguments for the usefulness of historical investigation, Hamerow offers his own justification. There are times, says Hamerow, when even the most spontaneous or instructive cultural pursuits need to be examined in the light of the purposes they serve and the goals they seek. Now might be a good time for all historians to take a long look at the direction their discipline has taken in the past century, at the functions it has come to perform, and at the serious dilemma it now faces. Hamerow is a steady and helpful guide to any such examination.
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Attachment in Adolescence Reflections and New Angles

Attachment in Adolescence  Reflections and New Angles

Some studies find sizable correlations between infant attachment and future adolescent AAI security (Hamilton, 2000; Waters, Merrick, Treboux, Crowell, & Albersheim, 2000). Others find no such relationship but identify experiences ...

Author: Miri Scharf

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470225608

Category: Education

Page: 128

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In recent years, the number of empirical studies examining attachment in adolescence has grown considerably, with most focusing on individual difference in attachment security. This volume goes a step further in extending knowledge and understanding. The physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that characterize adolescence invite a closer conceptual look at attachment processes and organization during this period. The chapter authors, leading researchers in attachment in adolescence, address key topics in attachment process in adolescence. These include issues such as the normative distancing from parents and the growing importance of peers, the formation of varied attachment hierarchies, the changing nature of attachment dynamics from issues of survival to issues of affect regulation, siblings' similarity in attachment representations, individual differences in social information processes in adolescence, and stability and change in attachment representations in a risk sample. Together the chapters provide a compelling discussion of intriguing issues and broaden our understanding of attachment in adolescence and the basic tenets of attachment theory at large. This is the 117th issue of the Jossey Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development.
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Within the hour the truck-train and its men move through the main gates of The Esteban Horse Ranch, they drive on for miles before seeing large out buildings with sizable corals, men and horses are everywhere all going about the ...

Author: D. L. Lagone

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491817919

Category: Fiction

Page: 286

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“Reflection” is a story of two family’s history. Bridging a century taking you from Poncho Villa’s Mexico and New England Connecticut, where in the early twentieth centurysocial status in life was important, how you achieved it was not.Second Lieutenant Charles Black assigned to General Pershing’s expeditionary incursion force into Mexico to capture Poncho Villa falls in love with the daughted of a wealthy horse breeder. Their love is a story of hate, death, and obsession. Secrets and lies dominate the lives of three generations of women. Climaxing in the revelation that we are not who we have been led to believe we are.
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Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves Linear aspects

Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves  Linear aspects

Sizable reflection coefficients were measured along many stations over the bar patch. This experiment gives the first observed evidence of strong reflection by periodic bars. Let us apply the present theory to a more general case where ...

Author: Chiang C. Mei

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812561565

Category: Coastal engineering

Page: 1071

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Categories: Coastal engineering

Circulatory System Dynamics

Circulatory System Dynamics

... in the characteristic impedance (Pace, 1971; Elkins and Milnor, 1971). c. Interpretation of' Observed Phenomena From the studies by Pollack et al. (1968) it appears that sizable reflection is to be expected against the microvessels.

Author: Abraham Noordergraaf

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780323141413

Category: Nature

Page: 368

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Circulatory System Dynamics reviews cardiovascular dynamics from the analytical viewpoint and indicates ways in which the accumulated knowledge can be expanded and applied to further enhance understanding of the normal mammalian circulation, to ascertain the nature of difficulties associated with disease, and to test the effect of treatment. Comprised of 10 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the circulatory system, including its anatomy and the trigger for myocardial (heart muscle) contraction. The discussion then turns to measurement of blood pressure using invasive and non-invasive techniques; blood flow measurement, with emphasis on cardiac output and measurement in the microcirculation; the system and pulmonary arterial trees; and pulsatile pressure and flow in pulmonary veins. Subsequent chapters explore microcirculation and the anatomy of the microvasculature; the heart and coronary circulation, paying particular attention to the Frank-Starling mechanism and indices of myocardial "contractility"; and control of blood pressure, peripheral resistance, and cerebral flow. The last two chapters deal with circulatory assistance and the closed cardiovascular system. This book will be of interest to students, practitioners, and researchers in fields ranging from physiology and biology to biochemistry and biophysics.
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High Energy Spectroscopic Astrophysics

High Energy Spectroscopic Astrophysics

Focusing systems for high-energy photons Wolter telescopes a) total external reflection ∼0.1 − 12 keV b) multilayer mirror ... of the reflections at all low-high n interfaces This result in a sizable total reflectivity of the system.

Author: Steven M. Kahn

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540270133

Category: Science

Page: 295

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After three decades of intense research in X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, the time was ripe to summarize basic knowledge on X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy for interested students and researchers ready to become involved in new high-energy missions. This volume exposes both the scientific basics and modern methods of high-energy spectroscopic astrophysics. The emphasis is on physical principles and observing methods rather than a discussion of particular classes of high-energy objects, but many examples and new results are included in the three chapters as well.
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Auditorium Acoustics and Architectural Design

Auditorium Acoustics and Architectural Design

Those who criticize the acoustics are probably unenthu- siastic about reflections from large plane surfaces. The successor to this design in Wellington, New Zealand, aimed to overcome these shortcomings. The objective behaviour of ...

Author: Michael Barron

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135219260

Category: Architecture

Page: 504

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Modern concert halls and opera houses are now very specialized buildings with special acoustical characteristics. With new contemporary case-studies, this updated book explores these characteristics as an important resource for architects, engineers and auditorium technicians. Supported by over 40 detailed case studies and architectural drawings of 75 auditoria at a scale of 1:500, the survey of each auditorium type is completed with a discussion of current best practice to achieve optimum acoustics.
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Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics

Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics

Specular multipath is produced by scatterers which are sufficiently large (e.g., a substantial fraction of a Fresnel zone) to yield a reflection level within about 10 dB of the direct signal. Example Sources include sizable buildings, ...


Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080577342

Category: Computers

Page: 423

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Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics
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Expanded Abstracts with Biographies

Expanded Abstracts with Biographies

Each distribution represents the frequency of a reflection coefficient of a given value occurring in a designated depth interval . ... GDC area 11 gas and water sand reflection coefficients versus depth . ... a sizable reflection .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105021262501

Category: Prospecting


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Categories: Prospecting

Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal

An analysis of this reflection - coefficient curve shows that the characteristic impedance of the connectors was ... to measure and resolve small reflections in the unknown connectors in the presence of sizable reflections and errors in ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822005488077

Category: Microwaves


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Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves Third Edition In 2 Volumes

Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves  Third Edition   In 2 Volumes

Sizable reflection coefficients were measured along many stations over the bar patch. This experiment gives the first observed evidence of strong reflection by periodic bars. Let us apply the present theory to a more general case where ...

Author: Chiang C Mei

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789813147201

Category: Science

Page: 1240

View: 859

This book set is a revised version of the 2005 edition of Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves. It presents theoretical topics on ocean wave dynamics, including basic principles and applications in coastal and offshore engineering as well as coastal oceanography. Advanced analytical and numerical techniques are demonstrated. In this revised version, five chapters on recent developments in linear and nonlinear aspects have been added. The first is on detailed analyses in Wave/Structure Interactions. The second is a new section on Waves through a Marine Forest, a topic motivated by its possible relevance to tsunami reduction. The third is on Long Waves in Shallow Water and the fourth is an update on Broad-Banded Nonlinear Surface Waves in the Open Sea to include new findings in this topic. The fifth is an expanded chapter on Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Wave Dynamics to include predictions of nonlinear spectral evolution and rogue wave occurrence and dynamics using large-scale phase-resolved simulations. This revised version also includes recent developments in precorrected-FFT accelerated O(N log N) low- and high-order boundary element methods for the computation of fully nonlinear wave-wave and wave-body interactions.Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves (2016) will be invaluable for graduate students and researchers in coastal and ocean engineering, geophysical fluid dynamicists interested in water waves, and theoretical scientists and applied mathematicians wishing to develop new techniques for challenging problems or to apply techniques existing elsewhere.
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