Small Arms Big Impact

Small Arms  Big Impact

Among them are weak authority and oversight of the government over the arms industry and the armed forces, weak law enforcement and porous borders, and general social disorder. In addition, the desperate state of affairs in the armed ...

Author: Michael Renner

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788171887

Category: Arms transfers

Page: 77

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Provides an in-depth analysis of the issue of small-arms control. It discusses wars & privatized violence, firearm production & the ease of purchase, land mines, sources of small arms & commodities-for arms transactions, the challenge of shrinking armies, taking weapons out of circulation, & restricting governmentally approved sales & illicit transfers of firearms. Charts & tables.
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Small Libraries Big Impact How to Better Serve Your Community in the Digital Age

Small Libraries  Big Impact  How to Better Serve Your Community in the Digital Age

Changes in immigration demographics suggest that libraries should serve the information needs of new and emerging labor forces, particularly new immigrants and their children. At the same time, libraries continue to carry the mission to ...

Author: Yunfei Du

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440841576

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 153

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This valuable book shows how to get your community behind your library by making it an essential part of community life and demonstrating its benefit to all members of the community. • Helps smaller public libraries re-establish their relevance and value to their communities • Broadens possibilities for library service that will demonstrate how your library is an essential part of all community life and positively impacts all members of your community • Presents effective tools for collaboration, community outreach, and partnership • Offers an inclusive approach to library service that embraces diverse populations
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Large Scale Change For Non Profits

Large Scale Change For Non Profits

Rearrange (low to high) the sticky note forces as they impact the organization. 3. ... Type 2 Force Type 3 Force Type 4 Force Type 5 Force Type 6 BIG Force BIG Force Medium Force BIG Force BIG Force small force BIG Medium Force Force 2.

Author: Gina Hinrichs

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781681230436

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 179

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The impetus to purchase this book is to provide social profit leaders, change agents, and new organization development (OD) practitioners who need a simple “Monday-ready” tool kit so they can help their social profit organization build capacity. A complete large scale change approach is offered. This practitioner’s playbook contains tactics and tools that can be experimented with by the social profit improvement team. A playbook allows the team to create, explore, and master without fear while learning. What is contained in this playbook has been tested across many for-profit and non- (social) profit organizations. It is designed to be a bridge for OD theories that have informed the work to field ready tools for large scale change. This book provides both explicit and tacit knowledge. The contents in this book have been tested in social profit projects.
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Small Money Big Impact

Small Money Big Impact

Especially in the context of microfinance as a driving force in the development of local financial markets, the current trend towards raising capital locally is a much hailed development. In the wake of the rather rapid development of ...

Author: Peter A. Fanconi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119338192

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Make your money make a difference—and enjoy attractive returns Small Money, Big Impact explores and explains the globally growing importance of impact investing. Today, the investor's perspective has become as important as the actual social impact. Based on their experience with over 25 million micro borrowers, the authors delve into the mechanics, considerations, data and strategies that make microloans and impact investing an attractive asset class. From the World Bank to the individual investor, impact investing is attracting more and more attention. Impact investing is a global megatrend and is reshaping the way people invest as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, family offices and private investors jump on board. This book explains for the first time how it works, why it works and what you should know if you're ready to help change the world. Impact investing has proven over the last 20 years as the first-line offense against crushing poverty. Over two billion people still lack access to basic financial services, which are essential for improving their livelihood. Investors have experienced not only social and environmental impact, but have received attractive, stable and uncorrelated returns for over 15 years. This guide provides the latest insights and methodologies that help you reap the rewards of investing in humanity. Explore the global impact investing phenomenon Learn how microloans work, and how they make a difference Discover why investors are increasingly leaning into impact investing Consider the factors that inform impact investing decisions Part social movement and part financial strategy, impact investing offers the unique opportunity for investors to power tremendous change with a small amount of money— expanding their portfolios as they expand their own global impact. Microfinance allows investors at any level to step in where banks refuse to tread, offering opportunity to those who need it most. Small Money, Big Impact provides the expert guidance you need to optimize the impact on your portfolio and the world.
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Physico Chemical Control of Cell Function

Physico Chemical Control of Cell Function

9:1417. doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.01417 Small Force, Big Impact: Next Generation Organ-on-a-Chip Systems Incorporating Biomechanical Cues Ece Ergir1,2†, Barbara Bachmann2,3,4,5†, Heinz Redl3,4,5, Giancarlo Forte1,6 ...

Author: Cesare Gargioli

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889459988


Page: 272

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Extracellular Matrix (ECM) has been considered for a long time merely a scaffold sustaining cell and tissue function. Despite this simplistic view shared by many, nowadays ECM and their mechanic-physical and chemical characteristic acquired a progressive larger role actively regulating cell life: survival, proliferation, gene expression and differentiation. The interplay between cells and the ECM is continuously controlled at the cell level in a dynamic way. While cells synthesize the raw components of the ECM, this in turn impacts on cell function by providing chemical, topographical and mechanical hints. Such stimuli have been proven to control several aspects of cell function, including survival, proliferation, differentiation and migration. The molecular pathways activated by cells in response to the physical cues arising from the ECM are being disclosed and thus the possibility to control cell function through materials design is becoming more realistic. Current in vitro protocols, relying in 2D cell culture system, entail reductionist approaches to the complexity of cell-ECM interaction and result in cells rapidly losing their distinctive functions in culture. Understanding and replicating the 3D microenvironmental cues affecting cell function appears as a mandatory requirement for the development of next-generation biomaterials, as well as for the establishment of more physiologically relevant and predictive in vitro models of diseases. Such an effort will require a multidisciplinary approach at the convergence of biophysics, biology, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

Legislative Environmental Impact Statement

Legislative Environmental Impact Statement

Aut Bat 24 Malmstrom Air Force Base Short - term impacts to aquatic habitats will be moderate and long - term ... These potential short - term impacts will be significant at the regional level for aquatic habitats and not ...

Author: United States. Air Force


ISBN: MINN:31951D03258262P

Category: Environmental impact statements

Page: 888

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Impact of Changes in the Telecommunications Industry on Small Business

Impact of Changes in the Telecommunications Industry on Small Business

Hearing Before the Special Task Force on the Impact of Telephone Costs of the Committee on Small Business, ... the little bit that we've . uncovered disturbs us terribly and we're very fearful it will have a big impact on small business ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Special Task Force on the Impact of Telephone Costs


ISBN: LOC:00187078672

Category: Small business

Page: 502

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The Impact of Federal Installations on Small Business

The Impact of Federal Installations on Small Business

The Supreme Court decision yesterday in the Weld County area , $ 96,000 a year , is having a big impact in the Denver area from the use of food stamps . Is it limited to airmen of smaller grade ? Colonel Buss . Yes , sir ; it is .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Small Business Problems in Smaller Towns and Urban Areas


ISBN: LOC:00186934398

Category: Government property

Page: 386

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Technical Memorandum National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

Technical Memorandum   National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

Inasmuch as the impact forces are of a higher order of magnitude than the take - off resistance , the waveforming and ... integral of the force , is rather small owing to its short period of action , in spite of the great impact force .

Author: United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics


ISBN: UIUC:30112018292687

Category: Aeronautics


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Chiefly translations from foreign aeronautical journals.
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