Sometimes i Need to be Alone with My Bike

Sometimes i Need to be Alone with My Bike


Author: Dorothy Ann

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1096305526


Page: 96

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Loneliness Updated

Loneliness Updated

Also sometimes I need a break from my parents ... and being alone is fun, ... around sometimes Ijust drop by my neighbors ... orjust go outside ride my bike ...

Author: Ami Rokach

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317981534

Category: Psychology

Page: 312

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"To be alone is to be different. To be different is to be alone, and to be in the interior of this fatal circle is to be lonely. To be lonely is to have failed" (Susan Schultz, 1976) Loneliness carries a significant social stigma, as lack of friendship and social ties is socially undesirable, and social perceptions of lonely people are generally unfavourable. Lonely people often have very negative self-perceptions, believing that the inability to establish social ties is due to personal inadequacies or socially undesirable attributes. This book is divided into three parts. The first part reviews loneliness in general, describing what it is and how it affects us. The second part examines loneliness throughout the life cycle, analysing how it affects us in childhood, adulthood and as we age. The final part explores the connection between loneliness and other conditions such as arthritis, eating disorders and depression. Loneliness Updated offers the latest research on how loneliness can affect us in our daily lives, and how it is expressed as we travel through life from childhood to old age. It will be a highly interesting read for scholars, students and researchers of clinical psychology, particularly those interested in further exploring the effects and consequences of loneliness. This book was originally published as a special issue of The Journal of Psychology.
Categories: Psychology

The Bike Writer

The Bike Writer

Insights Discovered Along the Bicycle Paths of Life Jim Boeglin ... Sometimes we are alone on the path; at other times we have company on the journey.

Author: Jim Boeglin

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480844575

Category: Self-Help

Page: 122

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For almost seventy years, the bicycle has been a balancing influence in Jim Boeglins life. His love affair began when his sister, Ann, taught him to ride at age five, paving the way for Jim to deliver newspapers by bicycle from ages 10 to 16. Seven days a week, hed deliver the Louisville Courier Journal throughout Ferdinand, Indiana, chugging up a seemingly endless number of steep hills. Hes biked much of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. About twenty years ago, he took a memorable bike trip through Germany with his wife and two friends, exploring the Romantic Road from Heidelberg to Augsburg. Since his heart bypass surgery sixteen years ago, biking has been his ongoing rehab program of choice. He continues to bike in excess of six thousand miles per year. In addition to biking, he also enjoys golf, which is a sport based on integrity. When a golfer intentionally breaks a rule, it can lead to a loss of reputation, loss of business relationships, and loss of friends. Join Boeglin as he celebrates his love for biking and golf and shares important life lessons in The Bike Writer.
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The Bike Hike

The Bike Hike

My only regrets is doing this trip alone. I wish I could have shared this experience with someone, but everyone I asked to come along with me said you must ...

Author: Daniel Ross

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514433676

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 204

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Is the story of a guy's dream to travel the Pacific coast on his bicycle. To leave everyone he loves and everything he owns to depart on trip with no return. After thinking about it for 10 years, he finally decides to do it. This trip will take him from Montreal, Canada throughout the United States and along the Pacific Coast to end in Vancouver, Canada. During his journey he learns to live with what he has. He learns about the outdoor experience and to live with nature. He gets challenges and different situations to overcome and also the physical and mental strain he endured. He visits cities, and meets people he will never forget. He must change his itinerary, sometimes because he wants to, other times because he has no choice. This writing brings this adventure to a climax which is unexpected. The “Bike Hike” brings twists and turns that he, himself cannot foresee. For three weeks, he describes the freedom he senses within, and the fears that can be around, at any corner. Mr. Trump, You have been talking about fi xing immigration and broken borders by deporting millions of illegal aliens. Putting up a wall is not the immediate solution to get rid of illegal aliens or undocumented residents. I was an illegal alien for ten years in the United States and lived the American dream at its fullest. I was able to obtain all the necessary documents to have a great life In the U.S.A. including; Social security card, ID card, Bank card, credit cards(7), Drivers license. I paid income tax also. Yes, illegal aliens can pay taxes; Police offi cers arrest illegal’s with no papers all the time. Because of internal bureaucracy and ill-will they are released hours later. The biggest problem is the social security card. That is just a few examples of internal bureaucracy loop-holes. If the government would address these loop-holes, you could solve a lot of immigration problems. Mr. Trump; before putting up walls and deporting women, children and good hard working people, read this book. It will help you restore immigration issues in the United States with dignity. These people are not the enemy... They just want to live the American dream.
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Sometimes a Hero Sometimes Not

Sometimes a Hero  Sometimes Not

“I see you have a new bike. Maybe I'll take it for myself.” “Leave me alone,” I said, as I began to pick up the bike. He pushed me in the chest and I ...

Author: John Jacobson

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480944008

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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Sometimes a Hero By: John Jacobson They come from around the world each year, over 1,800 firefighters, to race up 69 floors of the Columbia Center in Seattle. Carrying over fifty pounds of firefighting gear and breathing only the air they carry on their backs. Some race for the fastest time, others for the challenge. All do it to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I did it hoping for a cure.
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Odyssey to Ushuaia

Odyssey to Ushuaia

I sometimes need to be alone, just to think. ... choice at the time, and went about my business preparing myself and the bike for the remainder of my trip.

Author: Andres Carlstein

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781569764763

Category: Transportation

Page: 368

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What makes a man sell all he owns and ride a motorcycle 22,000 miles from his hometown in upstate New York to the southernmost tip of South America? Some call it craziness; Latinos call it "cojones." This funny, fast-paced narrative follows a young man in his search for meaning, adventure, and the best rum in Latin America. Battling rough roads, careening buses, and bribe-taking cops in 14 countries, he discovers breathtaking beauty as well as what it feels like to hit a truck head-on. He and his companions for much of the trip--two bikers he met over the Internet--form an unlikely and amusing trio. In the tradition of "Road Fever" and "Motorcycle Diaries," Odyssey to Ushuaia is a riot for every reader, and absolutely essential for those planning a similar trip. Loaded with insider information such as how to bribe cops and not lose one's savings, how to cross a border without going crazy, how to handle an accident, and much more, it also features an appendix with the detailed trip lists from all three riders.
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I Love the Beach Poetry Long Walks Night Runs Riding My Bike Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet

I Love the Beach  Poetry  Long Walks  Night Runs  Riding My Bike  Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet

interesting if he talks about the current drug problems in the himalayas. ... too. and sometimes, being tired makes you think of giving up. you just wanna ...

Author: Edwin Estuya

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452085234

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 732

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this is a summary of his daily thoughts which he wrote every night. He loves the beach, poetry, long walks, night runs, riding his bike, sunsets and smelling his own feet. though this is not a perfect commercial grade book, this is a story of a persons life. a true story of his wanderings. his convictions. his passions. his dreams. his frustrations. his love. yes. these thoughts come from his heart. this is his story of his road to greatness if theres ever one for him. a true story to tell the whole world and the ones left behind.
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Sean Yates It s All About the Bike

Sean Yates  It   s All About the Bike

1 couldn't accept that, and said that he shouldn't have signed up to the ... But he's not perfect, and not alone in his occasional dislike of confrontation.

Author: Sean Yates

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448167418

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

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Before Bradley Wiggins, there was Sean Yates. Behind Bradley Wiggins, there was Sean Yates. One of only five Britons to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, Sean Yates burst onto the cycling scene as the rawest pure talent this country has ever seen. After turning professional at the age of 22, he soon became known as a die-hard domestique, putting his body on the line for his teammates. Devastatingly fast, powerful and a fearless competitor, Yates won a stage of the Tour, as well as the Vuelta a España, in 1988, and went on to don the coveted maillot jaune six years later. Having put British cycling on the map as a rider, Yates was soon in demand as a directeur sportif, using his tactical knowledge to inspire a new generation of cyclists to success. And after Team Sky came calling, Yates was the man to design the brilliant plan that saw Sky demolish the opposition in 2012, and for Bradley Wiggins to become the first cyclist from these shores to win the Tour. Straight-talking, entertaining and revelatory, It's All About the Bike is the story of a remarkable career told from the unique perspective of a man who is immersed in the history of the sport he loves.
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How to Install Tires on Motorcycles Fix Flat Tires

How to Install Tires on Motorcycles   Fix Flat Tires

Question : Can I install radial tires on my bike ? Answer : If you have cast tubeless wheels , yes . Sometimes ... Sometimes you just have to try and see ...

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367770

Category: Transportation

Page: 208

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Two Books in One! How to Install Tires on Motorcycles & Fix FlatTires - 187 photos, 202 pages 8.5x11 size book for riders who want to save big money installing and balancing their own tires. Written for the novice. So easy a girl can do it blindfolded. Tricks of the trade make it easy to install and balance all brands including Harley-Davidson, sport, dirt, touring bikes. Tire irons and machines are covered with 300 detailed Q&A. Plus, learn how to fix flat tires in ten minutes (car, truck and motorcycle tires). No more tow trucks! If you ride a motorcycle you will save money with this book... I guarantee it! This is a large book on motorcycle tires. Service manuals don't come close giving such highly-focused tire knowledge. Stop paying dealers, save your money! Order Your Copy Today!
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Fundamentals of Marketing Research

Fundamentals of Marketing Research

I like to ride alone . Some people would call me and my friends " outlaws . " I have spent lots on speed modifications for my bike . Sometimes I feel like ...

Author: Scott M. Smith

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761988521

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 881

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Fundamentals of Marketing Research covers all facets of marketing research including method, technique, and analysis at all levels. The methodological scope regarding research design, data collection techniques, and measurement is broad with three chapters devoted to the critical area of measurement and scaling. The presentation is from primarily a pragmatic and user-oriented perspective which aides the student to evaluate the research presented to them. This text explores cutting-edge technologies and new horizons while ensuring students have a thorough grasp of research fundamentals.
Categories: Business & Economics

They Told Me I Had to Write This

They Told Me I Had to Write This

Sometimes thereareother people there andlast weekendI gotstopped bythe park ranger. ... Andwe talked abouthisbike which hastwentyseven gears ...

Author: Kim Miller

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781925000658

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 199

View: 957

Clem is a boy in strife. Blamed for the death of his mother, carrying a terrible secret from Grade 5 and in trouble with the police, he’s now in a school for toxic teenagers. And that rev-head school counsellor wants him to write letters. Through his writing Clem goes deep into the trauma that has defined his life. Then he comes face to face with his mother’s death. In a rush of bush bike racing, the death of one student and the consequent arrest of another, an unexpected first girlfriend, and some surprising friendships, Clem's story is the celebration of a boy who finds an unexpected future.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Learning by Going Transformative Learning through Long term Independent Travel

Learning by Going  Transformative Learning through Long term Independent Travel

8.2.3 Discovering the value of solitude In the context of narrative ... and even though I have very little stuff, it's 45 minutes getting the bike ready.

Author: Birgit Phillips

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783658257736

Category: Education

Page: 388

View: 689

Birgit Phillips explores the concept of transformative travel as it pertains to long-term independent travelers and offers a broad philosophical understanding of the complex socio-cultural processes involved in identity negotiation. She examines both the elements that contribute to the transformation of values and identities and the mechanisms by which this transformation occurs. By deploying a pluralistic, reflexive, interpretive research approach, Phillips foregrounds the personal experiences of the individual study participants and the meanings they attach to their travel experiences. In addition, since the study spanned over 14 years, the author is able to provide a wide-ranging picture of the complete travel experience, from initial motivations to post-travel reintegration as well as the long-term effects on traveler values and identities.
Categories: Education

Alone in the Woods

Alone in the Woods

Sometimes I considered offering to do her hair before we left the house, ... waiting on my front steps with my legs stretched out and my bike propped up ...

Author: Rebecca Behrens

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492673385

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

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From the author of The Disaster Days comes a thrilling survival story, and lost in the woods children's book, about two former best friends who must work together to stay alive after getting lost in a remote national forest. Jocelyn and Alex have always been best friends...until they aren't. Jocelyn's not sure what happened, but she hopes the annual joint-family vacation in the isolated north woods will be the perfect spot to rekindle their friendship. But Alex still isn't herself when they get to the cabin. And Jocelyn reaches a breaking point during a rafting trip that goes horribly wrong. When the girls' tube tears it leaves them stranded and alone. And before they know it, the two are hopelessly lost. Wearing swimsuits and water shoes and with only the contents of their wet backpack, the girls face threats from the elements. And as they spend days and nights lost in the wilderness, they'll have to overcome their fractured friendship to make it out of the woods alive. Praise for The Disaster Days: "A realistic, engrossing survival story that's perfect for aspiring babysitters and fans of John Macfarlane's Stormstruck!, Sherry Shahan's Ice Island, or Wesley King's A World Below."—School Library Journal "The strength of this steadily paced novel that stretches over four days of a scary disaster scenario is that Hannah doesn't figure everything out; she stumbles, doubts, and struggles throughout it all."—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books "Fans of survival thrillers in the vein of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet will enjoy this tense, honest tale of excellent (and refreshingly not didactic) teaching tool on natural-disaster preparedness."—Booklist "The relentless progression of a variety of disaster scenarios will keep readers turning pages...equally suspenseful and informative."—School Library Connection "Behrens uses immersive details and situations effectively viewed from Hannah's perspective to create a suspenseful, vivid story filled with lessons about responsibility and overcoming adversity."—Publishers Weekly Alone in the Woods is a perfect... gift for preteen survival story fans summer reading tween book for girls 11-14 book for middle school girls
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Come 2 Mama

Come 2 Mama

I wanted to be alone when I rode my bike. Walking was another matter, entirely. Occasionally I would join my friend Celine for walks along the Rio Grande ...

Author: Eric Ehrmann

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781413484632

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Like Riding a Bike

Like Riding a Bike

Even though you may do the work yourself, you do not have to work alone. ... Sometimes the squeak goes away on its own, but other times it persists.

Author: Jim Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465333800

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 167

View: 703

It all begins with balance. This is a simple truth about both cycling and life. There are many similarities between learning to ride a bike and living a happy and fulfilling life. Like Riding a Bike: A Cycle Logical Exploration of Life illuminates these similarities and provides insight into their potentials. This book is not one of great victories or epic tours, but of the experiences, thoughts, and reflections that are a part of both the world of cycling and the journey of life. Like Riding a Bike is an inspirational guide for personal understanding and development. It uses cycling experiences as a point of departure for life lessons. But the book is not just for active cyclists; it is accessible by anyone who travels through life with more than a passing interest. The lessons and themes are based in practical reality and extend far beyond cycling. Like Riding a Bike takes an innovative approach that differentiates it from other sports and personal growth books. First, it invites readers to actively participate in the learning process. Readers are encouraged to try the cycling experiences upon which the life lessons are based, not just to apply the lessons that are derived. How many other books enable readers to prove a point to themselves rather than just take the author’s word for it? The clearer the connection to the metaphor, the greater the value of the lesson. Another innovation of Like Riding a Bike is how cycling experiences are used. Most personal coaching or growth books start with someone’s ideas about the way things should be. The author then collects or creates stories that support those ideas. In contrast, the cycling elements of Like Riding a Bike are actual experiences that do not merely reflect key points, they generate the issues and lead to the lessons. The validity of each idea is derived from reality, not idealization. Virtually all books deal with growth as a linear process. But is life actually linear? A third innovation of Like Riding a Bike is that it recognizes the cyclical nature of learning and development. While each chapter presents different topics and lessons, there is an underlying logical structure and repetition of themes that cyclically builds to the conclusion. The presentation of Like Riding a Bike is a personal dialogue between the author and the reader. This is done to draw the reader into the ideas, discussions, and lessons, and to promote personal insight. Again, the manuscript encourages reader involvement. Life is a personal exploration. What makes this concept easier to learn and apply than a book that actually starts the process for the reader? Each chapter concludes with five questions for personal reflection. Like Riding a Bike is unique in many aspects, but most importantly it gives practical advice on techniques the reader can apply to develop and pursue his or her own vision for life. It presents life lessons from a fresh perspective and provides a process for personal development. It suggests answers, yet also encourages questions. Like Riding a Bike begins by setting a foundation with the key elements of balance, motion, and vision. The book then addresses the basic skills required to find balance and establish a context for growth. The reader is led through a process for personal development that includes building on existing skills, working variety into life, stepping back when necessary, and reaching out to others for help when needed. The second half of the book further develops the themes from the first half, beginning with a section dedicated to meeting challenges. Chapters in this section address anticipating obstacles, facing challenges, understanding the “price” of choices, and speaking up for yourself. The sec
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Bike Lust

Bike Lust

Bernie asserts with pride that she alone raised her children. ... The single-wage household has gone the way of the Knucklehead. Men of Dick's generation ...

Author: Barbara Joans

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299173534

Category: Transportation

Page: 288

View: 106

Bike Lust roars straight into the world of women bikers and offers us a ride. In this adventure story that is also an insider’s study of an American subculture, Barbara Joans enters as a passenger on the back of a bike, but soon learns to ride her own. As an anthropologist she untangles the rules, rituals, and rites of passage of the biker culture. As a new member of that culture, she struggles to overcome fear, physical weakness, and a tendency to shoot her mouth off—a tendency that very nearly gets her killed. Bike Lust travels a landscape of contradictions. Outlaws still chase freedom on the highway, but so do thousands of riders of all classes, races, and colors. Joans introduces us to the women who ride the rear—the biker chick, the calendar slut straddling the hot engine, the back-seat Betty at the latest rally, or the underage groupie at the local run. But she also gives us the first close look at women who ride in their own right, on their own bikes, as well as a new understanding of changing world of male bikers. These are ordinary women’s lives made extraordinary, adding a dimension of courage to the sport not experienced by males, risking life and limb for a glimpse of the very edge of existence. This community of riders exists as a primal tribute to humanity's lust for freedom.
Categories: Transportation

Triathlon for the Every Woman

Triathlon for the Every Woman

Stay on your towel If you have a backpack in transition with you, find a friend ... If you are racing alone, squeeze your bag under your bike or against the ...

Author: Meredith Atwood

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780738285443

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

View: 475

You Are a Badass for aspiring triathletes: a practical and inspiring guide to getting off the couch and on the trail to race your first -- or 50th -- triathlon When Meredith Atwood first shared her journey from tired, overworked wife and mom to successful triathlete, her story resonated with women everywhere, online at her SwimBikeMom blog and in the first edition of Triathlon for the Every Woman. Now with her own IRONMAN finishes, experience, and triathlon coaching expertise, Meredith is back with even more wisdom. In this fully revised edition, Atwood not only shares how she went from the couch to an IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon in just over a year, but also shares the latest expertise from coaches, nutritionists, and athletes on each component of the triathlon: swimming, biking, and running. With compact training plans, the most current nutrition advice, updated resources, and the latest information on long-distance racing, this new edition has all you need to make your triathlon goals a reality.
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The People Power Love Lust Superbook Book 31 Single Lifestyle Single By Choice or Can t Find a Mate Can You Be Happy Alone

The  People Power  Love   Lust Superbook  Book 31  Single Lifestyle  Single By Choice or Can   t Find a Mate  Can You Be Happy Alone

I read a book about an older, fifytish woman who biked around the world solo ... myself getting run over or shot for my bike sometimes while riding alone on ...

Author: Tony Kelbrat

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781304798473

Category: Self-Help


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There was a reality TV show about a sex columnist and a matchmaker looking for love. In one scene, the girl's brother was visiting her and he starts off digging right into her. He says she thinks she is Miss Perfect. No guy is good enough. She rejects them all. Maybe there are deep issues like fear of intimacy and/ or sex. The other girl was anorexic and all messed up psychologically. Personally, I thought both girls were over 30 which is bad because a smart guy wants to be with a really young girl with fresh eggs for kids. I thought they looked average even though they thought they were hot. I think they were self-centered. It was all about them. One had a 72 point checklist of the kind of guy she wanted. What do they bring to a relationship? If I see an over-30 years old girl on mental health drugs, smoking a cigarette with colored hair, I know she does not have a strong identity. To me, she's weak. She won't be a good mother.
Categories: Self-Help

It s Not About The Bike

It s Not About The Bike

Sometimes Kik's friends would say, “Oh, you live in the South of France, how glamorous. ... “Have a good day at work,” she said each morning as I left.

Author: Lance Armstrong

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448104987

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 538

"I want to die at a hundred years old after screaming down an Alpine descent on a bicycle at 75 miles per hour. I don't do anything slow, not even breathe. I do everything at a fast cadence: eat fast, sleep fast." At twenty four, Lance Armstrong was already well on his way to becoming a sporting legend. Then, in October 1996, he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer. When lesions appeared on his brain and in his lungs, doctors gave him a 40% chance of survival. On that day Armstrong's life changed forever and in typical fashion he met the challenge head on - this was one fight he was determined not to lose. As he battled against the cancer invading his body and the chemotherapy that threatened to sap his soul, a tremendous sense of commitment emerged, to his training and to the people around him who never gave up on him. Just sixteen months after he was discharged from hospital, Armstrong entered the Tour de France, a race famed for its gruelling intensity, and won, in the fastest ever time. Just a few months after that, he became a father. It's Not About the Bike is the story of one man's inspirational battle against the odds, charting his progress through triumph, tragedy and transformation. This is an awe-inspiring tale of immense courage and will.
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Biker s Diary The Best of Ten Years

Biker   s Diary  The Best of Ten Years

Whenever possible, I bike with someone else. That is not because I don't like to do things alone. Quite to the contrary, I have mostly lived alone.

Author: Jan Meyer, Ph.D.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468541038

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 252

View: 972

Biker’s Diary started in 1999 as a weekly column in a local newspaper then known as the River Valley Reader, now the Bluff Country Reader. Located in a very popular tourist area, the publisher’s plan was a newspaper that emphasized local arts, culture, and recreation. Dr. Jan applauded that effort, and had spent a year as a community columnist for another paper, so she submitted some sample columns and proposed this column, written by a biker. Ten successful years later, she was asked by a faithful reader is she intended to publish the columns in a book. That started her thinking, and she asked her publisher for permission to do so, which was granted. At the beginning, Dr. Jan was living in Lincoln, and commuting to her and Spouse Roger’s country place near Lanesboro MN. Upon retirement, they chose that country place as their primary residence. Those locations – and the people along the way – provided fodder for the mill of writing, as have the many places around the world to which they have both traveled and/or at which Dr. Jan has worked. The column started out as a way to capture the ambling and sometimes philosophical thoughts and experiences triggered by almost-daily time spent on a bike. When a serious illness got in the way of biking, the habit of writing about life became almost a tension reliever as she wrote about that experience. In the years since it started, the column has evolved into writing about anything and everything she and others experience in life. This book captures some of the best of those first ten years.
Categories: Health & Fitness