Sometimes i Need to be Alone with My Bike

Sometimes i Need to be Alone with My Bike


Author: Dorothy Ann

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1096305526


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Sometimes a Hero Sometimes Not

Sometimes a Hero  Sometimes Not

the bike. There was one problem with riding that bike, and helived in the house
across the street. Bobby was a little ... and I dropped the bike. “Wanna fight?” he
challenged. “I don't want to fight,” I said. “Leave me alone.” He shoved me harder.

Author: John Jacobson

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480944008

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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Sometimes a Hero By: John Jacobson They come from around the world each year, over 1,800 firefighters, to race up 69 floors of the Columbia Center in Seattle. Carrying over fifty pounds of firefighting gear and breathing only the air they carry on their backs. Some race for the fastest time, others for the challenge. All do it to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I did it hoping for a cure.
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I Love the Beach Poetry Long Walks Night Runs Riding My Bike Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet

I Love the Beach  Poetry  Long Walks  Night Runs  Riding My Bike  Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet

interesting if he talks about the current drug problems in the himalayas.
hahahaha but wait. is there? hahaha oh museum life is so ... and sometimes,
being tired makes you think of giving up. you just wanna rest you know. but you
know you just can't do that. if you have to ... you have to fight alone. all alone. you
have to face it all alone. you absorb every pressure and everything that comes
along the way.

Author: Edwin Estuya

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452085234

Category: Family & Relationships

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this is a summary of his daily thoughts which he wrote every night. He loves the beach, poetry, long walks, night runs, riding his bike, sunsets and smelling his own feet. though this is not a perfect commercial grade book, this is a story of a persons life. a true story of his wanderings. his convictions. his passions. his dreams. his frustrations. his love. yes. these thoughts come from his heart. this is his story of his road to greatness if theres ever one for him. a true story to tell the whole world and the ones left behind.
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How to Install Tires on Motorcycles Fix Flat Tires

How to Install Tires on Motorcycles   Fix Flat Tires

A low - profile tire will generate a harsh ride on bumps , but you can put them on
your bike if it fits the rim and it will not hit any parts on the motorcycle . Low -
profile tires ... You may get the look you want , but the price you pay will be high .
292. ... Sometimes you just have to try and see ... People are shocked to discover
that the rear tire alone can cost over $ 200 retail price and last less than 10,000
miles .

Author: James Russell

Publisher: James Russell Publishing

ISBN: 0916367770

Category: Transportation

Page: 208

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Two Books in One! How to Install Tires on Motorcycles & Fix FlatTires - 187 photos, 202 pages 8.5x11 size book for riders who want to save big money installing and balancing their own tires. Written for the novice. So easy a girl can do it blindfolded. Tricks of the trade make it easy to install and balance all brands including Harley-Davidson, sport, dirt, touring bikes. Tire irons and machines are covered with 300 detailed Q&A. Plus, learn how to fix flat tires in ten minutes (car, truck and motorcycle tires). No more tow trucks! If you ride a motorcycle you will save money with this book... I guarantee it! This is a large book on motorcycle tires. Service manuals don't come close giving such highly-focused tire knowledge. Stop paying dealers, save your money! Order Your Copy Today!
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Come 2 Mama

Come 2 Mama

And I didn't want to talk; I declined. Walking and talking seemed natural to me.
Bicycling and gabbing with another person just wasn't my cup of tea. I wanted to
be alone when I rode my bike. Walking was another matter, entirely. Occasionally
I ...

Author: Eric Ehrmann

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469116561

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 255

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Book Summary On a hot desert ight in New Mexico author Eric Ehrmann found a death threat on his doorstep. The next morning routine x-rays revealed a cancer the size of an apple core lurking in his colon. A few hours later he would face his students at the University of New Mexico. At age 47 he ws too young for screening that would have caught it early; doctors gave him a 23% chance of surviving. Come 2 Mama is a story of rolling the dice and beating the odds, a journey through cancer and depression, miracles and medical misdeeds in our largest public health system, the VA.
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In addition to bedtime, take advantage of walks, bike rides, and meals alone as
an opportunity to care for your children. Sometimes fathers and mothers need to
get alone one-on-one with kids and ask them, “Is there anything that you would ...

Author: Bill Hybels

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310863410

Category: Religion

Page: 96

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How do you hand the tough challenges of parenting?Parenting. Nothing gives us more joy—or greater challenges. “How do I balance my work and family time? What’s the best way to handle my teenager's attitude? Can I do a better job of raising my kids?”Parenting helps you and your groups tackle the thorny issues parents face today. Each session covers a topic that's key to effective parenting, from raising well-balanced kids to overcoming the mistakes you make along the way. This practical, hands-on discussion guide helps you create a home where children can thrive. You'll develop confidence and competence in your God-entrusted role as a parent and enjoy watching your kids grow into vibrant, godly adults.Interactions—a powerful and challenging tool for building deep relationships between you and your group members, and you and God. Interactions is far more than another group Bible study. It's a cutting-edge series designed to help small group participants develop into fully devoted followers of Christ.
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Motorcross and Off Road Motorcycle Performance Handbook

Motorcross and Off Road Motorcycle Performance Handbook

Sometimes the air boots will leak at the bolted flange that fastens the boot to the
air box . ... AND SPROCKET FAQS The condition of the drive train is the one
thing that has a significant effect on both the handling and the engine
performance of a dirt bike . ... I can make the changes I need by the final - drive
sprockets alone ?

Author: Eric Gorr


ISBN: 1610590929

Category: Transportation


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How to maintain, modify and set-up every component and correct common flaws.
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Who Is My Shelter

Who Is My Shelter

The lakefront was less than a mile away, but I wasn't eager to ride city streets until
I got used to the bike with its zillion possible gears, so Lee put it back on the ... “
Yeah, sometimes I forget to go only as far as a decent halfway point, because you
always have to ride back the same distance! ... Frankly, I'd been grateful for the
single-file bike ride that left me alone with my thoughts and confused emotions.

Author: Neta Jackson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781401685478

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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Gabby knows God is the God of second chances. But can she give one to the man who betrayed her? When she was thrown out of the penthouse she shared with her husband and their sons, Gabby didn’t know if she’d ever find a soft place to land. But after seeking refuge at the shelter where she works, extraordinary things happen as she is reintroduced to God. From the ashes of her marriage comes the House of Hope—a safe haven for homeless moms and their children. But now those ashes of her destroyed marriage are being stirred again. When her long-gone husband’s life hits rock bottom, he reappears and asks for one more chance. And Gabby faces what feels like an impossible choice. Take him back. Or keep moving forward without him. Toward someone new who hasn’t betrayed her. Is God redeeming what Gabby thought was gone forever? Or is He leading her down a different path and giving her something—and someone—new?
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The Canary List

The Canary List

And that sometimes around certain people, the thundercloud mushroomed out of
control, darker and scarier as she got closer to the person who added to the ... It
would make her so afraid, like the other person knew she could feel the badness
and the person would want to hunt her down. ... But tonight some homeless
people tried chasing me, and now I'm too scared to be alone, so I rode my bike

Author: Sigmund Brouwer

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 9780307729514

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Protected by the dark of night, Jaimie Piper runs. But is anywhere safe when Evil is hunting you? She’s just a twelve year-old girl, bumped around between foster homes and relegated to school classes for challenged kids, those lagging in their test scores or with behavioral issues. But her real problem is that she can sense something the other kids can’t—something dark. Something compelling her to run for her life. All Crockett Grey wants is to mark the anniversary of his daughter’s death alone. But when his student Jaimie comes to him, terrified, her need for protection collides with his grief, and a tangled web of bizarre events sends them both spiraling toward destruction. Crockett’s one hope of getting his life back is to uncover the mysterious secrets of Jaimie’s past and her strange gift. It isn’t long before his discoveries lead him to a darker conspiracy, secrets guarded by the highest seat of power in the world—the Vatican.
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The Invisible Fog

The Invisible Fog

At first there were places around the house where I could be totally alone and as I
got a little older there were plenty of woods around ... My wife could never
understand why I would just take off on my bike at times with nowhere in mind to

Author: Richard Lanning

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412064422


Page: 376

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True stories of how learned behaviors and alcoholism created a life of chaos and emotional turmoil; how I repeatedly set myself up for failure to the point of being homeless.

Like Riding a Bike

Like Riding a Bike

If you ride a lot, you may not be able to perform at your peak simply because your
legs need rest. Your body requires adequate time to recover and rejuvenate.
Sometimes unsatisfactory performance cannot be explained by fatigue alone.

Author: Jim Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465333800

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 167

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It all begins with balance. This is a simple truth about both cycling and life. There are many similarities between learning to ride a bike and living a happy and fulfilling life. Like Riding a Bike: A Cycle Logical Exploration of Life illuminates these similarities and provides insight into their potentials. This book is not one of great victories or epic tours, but of the experiences, thoughts, and reflections that are a part of both the world of cycling and the journey of life. Like Riding a Bike is an inspirational guide for personal understanding and development. It uses cycling experiences as a point of departure for life lessons. But the book is not just for active cyclists; it is accessible by anyone who travels through life with more than a passing interest. The lessons and themes are based in practical reality and extend far beyond cycling. Like Riding a Bike takes an innovative approach that differentiates it from other sports and personal growth books. First, it invites readers to actively participate in the learning process. Readers are encouraged to try the cycling experiences upon which the life lessons are based, not just to apply the lessons that are derived. How many other books enable readers to prove a point to themselves rather than just take the author’s word for it? The clearer the connection to the metaphor, the greater the value of the lesson. Another innovation of Like Riding a Bike is how cycling experiences are used. Most personal coaching or growth books start with someone’s ideas about the way things should be. The author then collects or creates stories that support those ideas. In contrast, the cycling elements of Like Riding a Bike are actual experiences that do not merely reflect key points, they generate the issues and lead to the lessons. The validity of each idea is derived from reality, not idealization. Virtually all books deal with growth as a linear process. But is life actually linear? A third innovation of Like Riding a Bike is that it recognizes the cyclical nature of learning and development. While each chapter presents different topics and lessons, there is an underlying logical structure and repetition of themes that cyclically builds to the conclusion. The presentation of Like Riding a Bike is a personal dialogue between the author and the reader. This is done to draw the reader into the ideas, discussions, and lessons, and to promote personal insight. Again, the manuscript encourages reader involvement. Life is a personal exploration. What makes this concept easier to learn and apply than a book that actually starts the process for the reader? Each chapter concludes with five questions for personal reflection. Like Riding a Bike is unique in many aspects, but most importantly it gives practical advice on techniques the reader can apply to develop and pursue his or her own vision for life. It presents life lessons from a fresh perspective and provides a process for personal development. It suggests answers, yet also encourages questions. Like Riding a Bike begins by setting a foundation with the key elements of balance, motion, and vision. The book then addresses the basic skills required to find balance and establish a context for growth. The reader is led through a process for personal development that includes building on existing skills, working variety into life, stepping back when necessary, and reaching out to others for help when needed. The second half of the book further develops the themes from the first half, beginning with a section dedicated to meeting challenges. Chapters in this section address anticipating obstacles, facing challenges, understanding the “price” of choices, and speaking up for yourself. The sec
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Falcon Fever

Falcon Fever

You could say she was waiting in the wings the entire time I flew Merlin. Before
Jimmie gave Merlin to me, I had spent every weekend that spring riding my bike
far into the hills alone, searching for nests. Sometimes I went to the areas past ...

Author: Tim Gallagher

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618805753

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 326

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The author shares his lifelong obsession with falcons, discusses the subculture of individuals involved in falconry, and explores the role of the sport in providing him with emotional solace in response to his turbulent childhood.
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Untamed Spirit

Untamed Spirit

In 1989, at the age of forty—one I learned how to ride a motorcycle and that was
the beginning of my travels in North America. ... Up to this point most of my travels
were with other people— sometimes one friend, other times a group of friends,
and ... Every time I thought seriously about doing it, old anxieties would surface—
I can't do this alone, I don't have enough money, what ifI have trouble with my
bike, ...

Author: Doris Maron

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450228510

Category: Motorcycling

Page: 204

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In the summer of 2001, at fifty-three years old, Doris Maron sold everything she owned, except her motorcycle and a few personal belongings, to live a dream. On August 4 of that year, Maron left Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on her 750 cc Honda Magna to begin her journey around the world. Over the next two years and eleven months, she traveled across forty-four countries on six continents.
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Bride Island

Bride Island

We had to ask our mothers and draw it and the teacher read it out loud.” “Did you
ask ... But she looks so serious I don't want to disappoint her. I rack my brain ... I
tell her that when I was nine I sometimes rode my bike home from school alone.

Author: Alexandra Enders

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101213421

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Six years ago, Polly Birdswell—drinking and deeply unhappy—made a decision that changed her life forever. Believing she could spare her young daughter a legacy of self-destruction, she left her husband and child and moved north to a coastal town in Maine. There, close to Bride Island, the beloved family retreat she considers her true home, she set about getting sober and remaking her life. Now Polly desperately wants seven-year-old Monroe back and is determined to prove—to herself especially—she’s a stable and loving mother. At the same time, a sudden decision to sell Bride Island unleashes a wave of family greed that endangers the island’s future. As Polly and her siblings try to claim ownership of what they love, they discover some things can never truly be owned, and Polly must again ask herself what she’s willing to relinquish. Beautifully written and emotionally complex, Bride Island is a poignant debut novel about love, motherhood, and the haunting and sometimes conflicting pulls of family and the places that shape us.
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Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope

I have always known that I would be protected throughout my life if I would just
listen to whatI call the 'inner voice. ... Then, I felt peaceful and protected, as if I
were not alone, even in the midst of this unfolding physical tragedy. ... The
experience of riding my bike across America has strengthened my connection
with the essence of God in my being, in nature all around me, and in the hearts of
each person I meet ... Sometimes she followed closely behind me to alert trafic to
my presence.

Author: Ray Madaghiele

Publisher: Ray of Hope

ISBN: 9780978709723

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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Writing Alone and with Others

Writing Alone and with Others

They didn't hear the echo of the sputtering bike, the echo in the gully, in the
opened jaw of earth before them. And they ... for a fresh idea. When I am alone
and want to be surprised into writing, I sometimes open a novel or a book of
poems at.

Author: Pat Schneider

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199840243

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 416

View: 511

For more than a quarter of a century, Pat Schneider has helped writers find and liberate their true voices. She has taught all kinds--the award winning, the struggling, and those who have been silenced by poverty and hardship. Her innovative methods have worked in classrooms from elementary to graduate level, in jail cells and public housing projects, in convents and seminaries, in youth at-risk programs, and with groups of the terminally ill. Now, in Writing Alone and with Others, Schneider's acclaimed methods are available in a single, well-organized, and highly readable volume. The first part of the book guides the reader through the perils of the solitary writing life: fear, writer's block, and the bad habits of the internal critic. In the second section, Schneider describes the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, widely used across the U.S. and abroad. Chapters on fiction and poetry address matters of technique and point to further resources, while more than a hundred writing exercises offer specific ways to jumpstart the blocked and stretch the rut-stuck. Schneider's innovative teaching method will refresh the experienced writer and encourage the beginner. Her book is the essential owner's manual for the writer's voice.
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Sometimes Brilliant

Sometimes Brilliant

... for an interview. “You are not going away and leaving me here alone when ... A
few months after my dad died, in August 1965, I rode my motorcycle to a dentist's
office in downtown Detroit to have my wisdom teeth removed. I hadn't thought ...

Author: Larry Brilliant

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062049278

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 354

When a powerful mystic steps on the hand of a radical young hippie doctor from Detroit, it changes lives and the world. Sometimes Brilliant is the adventures of a philosopher, mystic, hippie, doctor, groundbreaking tech innovator, and key player in the eradication of one of the worst pandemics in human history. His story, of what happens when love, compassion and determination meet the right circumstances to effect positive change, is the kind that keeps hope and the sense of possibility alive. After sitting at the feet of Martin Luther King at the University of Michigan in 1963, Larry Brilliant was swept up into the civil rights movement, marching and protesting across America and Europe. As a radical young doctor he followed the hippie trail from London over the Khyber Pass with his wife Girija, Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm commune to India. There, he found himself in a Himalayan ashram wondering whether he had stumbled into a cult. Instead, one of India’s greatest spiritual teachers, Neem Karoli Baba, opened Larry’s heart and told him his destiny was to work for the World Health Organization to help eradicate killer smallpox. He would never have believed he would become a key player in eliminating a 10,000-year-old disease that killed more than half a billion people in the 20th century alone. Brilliant’s unlikely trajectory, chronicled in Sometimes Brilliant, has brought him into close proximity with political leaders, spiritual masters, cultural heroes, and titans of technology around the world—from the Grateful Dead to Mikhail Gorbachev, from Ram Dass, the Dalai Lama, Lama Govinda, and Karmapa to Steve Jobs and the founders of Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft and eBay and Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama. Anchored by the engrossing account of the heroic efforts of the extraordinary people involved in smallpox eradication in India, this is a riveting and fascinating epidemiological adventure, an honest reckoning of an entire generation, and a deeply moving spiritual memoir. It is a testament to faith, love, service, and what it means to engage with life’s most important questions in pursuit of a better, more brilliant existence.
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Never Eat Alone Expanded and Updated

Never Eat Alone  Expanded and Updated

grown and that years had passed since the toy had been used. “You're welcome
to the bicycle I have, too. It's nice enough that I just ... I remind myselfhow people
with a low tolerance for risk, whose behavior is guided by fear, have a low
propensity for sucCeSS. The memories of ... whatever the situation. Sometimes I

Author: Keith Ferrazzi

Publisher: Currency

ISBN: 9780385346665

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 801

The bestselling business classic on the power of relationships, updated with in-depth advice for making connections in the digital world. Do you want to get ahead in life? Climb the ladder to personal success? The secret, master networker Keith Ferrazzi claims, is in reaching out to other people. As Ferrazzi discovered in early life, what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships—so that everyone wins. In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps—and inner mindset—he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his contacts list, people he has helped and who have helped him. And in the time since Never Eat Alone was published in 2005, the rise of social media and new, collaborative management styles have only made Ferrazzi’s advice more essential for anyone hoping to get ahead in business. The son of a small-town steelworker and a cleaning lady, Ferrazzi first used his remarkable ability to connect with others to pave the way to Yale, a Harvard M.B.A., and several top executive posts. Not yet out of his thirties, he developed a network of relationships that stretched from Washington’s corridors of power to Hollywood’s A-list, leading to him being named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 and selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the Davos World Economic Forum. Ferrazzi’s form of connecting to the world around him is based on generosity, helping friends connect with other friends. Ferrazzi distinguishes genuine relationship-building from the crude, desperate glad-handing usually associated with “networking.” He then distills his system of reaching out to people into practical, proven principles. Among them: Don’t keep score: It’s never simply about getting what you want. It’s about getting what you want and making sure that the people who are important to you get what they want, too. “Ping” constantly: The ins and outs of reaching out to those in your circle of contacts all the time—not just when you need something. Never Eat Alone: The dynamics of status are the same whether you’re working at a corporation or attending a social event—“invisibility” is a fate worse than failure. Become the “King of Content”: How to use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to make meaningful connections, spark engagement, and curate a network of people who can help you with your interests and goals. In the course of this book, Ferrazzi outlines the timeless strategies shared by the world’s most connected individuals, from Winston Churchill to Bill Clinton, Vernon Jordan to the Dalai Lama. Chock-full of specific advice on handling rejection, getting past gatekeepers, becoming a “conference commando,” and more, this new edition of Never Eat Alone will remain a classic alongside alongside How to Win Friends and Influence People for years to come.
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Narratives of Positive Aging

Narratives of Positive Aging

I use the coffee shop to change, since we do not have changing rooms around
here. We all do this. ... I don't stop when I meet people while walking, either, but
we sometimes smile in greeting. A smile is a ... At home, too, while watching TV, I
exercise on my bike. One has to; there ... I live alone and do not feel lonely. I have
a ...

Author: Amia Lieblich

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190213824

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

View: 726

In Narratives of Positive Aging, Amia Lieblich presents a qualitative study that explores the life narratives of elderly men and women who engage in practices of "positive aging." They belong to a spontaneous community that assembles daily, early in the morning, on a beach near Tel-Aviv, Israel. At the seaside, the elders practice various outdoor sports, and converse over coffee at the local café. Based on their narratives, procured by individual open-ended interviews, and the author's participant observation, the book explores the impact of routine, physical activity, and social relationships on successful aging. Lieblich additionally presents an analysis of the tension-minimizing discourse adopted at the café and the pleasant bubble-like environment it fosters amongst the community members. Finally, the book debates the adaptive role of narrating one's life story, and its perceived manifestation of wisdom. A combination of complete life stories and extracts of conversations recorded on the beach color every chapter. These texts are complimented and elucidated by a variety of academic claims, theories and findings concerning narratives and aging. This book, based on an Israeli field study, may be viewed both as a local case study as well as a lesson relevant to aging everywhere.
Categories: Psychology

Harley Davidson and Philosophy

Harley Davidson and Philosophy

I am inclined to let the snobs have their Fundamental Ontologies (and if you are
one of them, you are not welcome to ride with me, let alone work on my bike)
while I go after something more suited to their estimation of my depth, or lack
thereof (estimation, I mean, not depth). ... Perhaps the Blake scholars (and there
are many more of these than the world really needs) would be offended, but
sometimes I ...

Author: Bernard E. Rollin

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812698077

Category: Philosophy

Page: 292

View: 418

It’s no wonder descriptions of riding often resemble the words of Asian mystics and Jedi knights: The ride causes your senses to open completely. You experience only the present, the now. Readers who prefer revving a Harley to meditating in a Zen garden know that biking is just as contemplative as chanting in the lotus position. Here, philosopher-bikers explore this seeming dichotomy, expounding on intriguing questions such as: Why are the motorcycles the real stars of Easy Rider? What would Marx and Foucault say about Harley riders’ tight leather garb? What’s it like to live a dual life as a philosophy professor who wrenches his own 1965 Electra Glide? Would Jesus hang out in a biker bar or a coffeehouse? And more importantly, would He ride a Harley or a Honda? These witty, provocative essays give readers and riders a new appreciation of what it means to become one with the road.
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