Space Below My Feet

Space Below My Feet

Author: Gwen Moffat

Publisher: Sigma Press

ISBN: 1850587698

Category: Mountaineers

Page: 216

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Categories: Mountaineers

Space Below My Feet

Space Below My Feet

GWEN MOFFAT SPACE BELOW MY FEET " As a story of climbing and compulsive love of mountains , Space Below My Feet is magnificent ' Observer To my mother Space Below My Feet GWEN MOFFAT. Front Cover.

Author: Gwen Moffat

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780226330

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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A classic mountaineering memoir by one of the UK's foremost female climbers. 'A story of climbing and compulsive love of mountains ... magnificent' OBSERVER In 1945, when Gwen Moffat was in her twenties, she deserted from her post as a driver and dispatch rider in the Army and went to live rough in Wales and Cornwall, climbing and living on practically nothing. She hitch-hiked her way around, travelling from Skye to Chamonix and many places in between, with all her possessions on her back, although these amounted to little more than a rope and a sleeping bag. When the money ran out, she worked as a forester, went winkle-picking on the Isle of Skye, acted as the helmsman of a schooner and did a stint as an artist's model. And always there were the mountains, drawing her away from a 'proper' job. Throughout this unique story, there are acutely observed accounts of mountaineering exploits as Moffat tackles the toughest climbs and goes on to become Britain's leading female climber - and the first woman to qualify as a mountain guide.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Five Years In Heaven

Five Years In Heaven

THE. WHITE. SPACE. I cannot call this area a room, as there were no walls, no ceilings and no floor. It was the whitest ... I actually didn't look down to see if there was a definitive space below my feet, because there was no floor.

Author: Lynda Cramer

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781794705913

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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In May 2001, Dr Lynda Cramer died. This is the story of her Near Death Experience, outlining the five years that she spent in Heaven. Starting when she found herself "floating" in the living room for over 45 minutes, she then went on a journey where she entered Heaven, she then processed her Life Review prior to meeting her great-great-great-great grandmother who explained what Life Lessons, Life Contracts and Reincarnation are all about. Backed up by Medical Records as well as diagrams she drew, this is her personal account for anyone intriqued by what happens in the afterlife. The second Book explains what she Learnt during this time in Heaven. What are Life Contracts, our Life Lessons and what is Reincarnation. She also gives Techniques and Exercises on how to make the Law of Attraction truly work. This comprehensive Book teaches how to truly live Heaven on Earth and to Heal ourselves and to become the Best Version of Ourselves.
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The Coniston Tigers

The Coniston Tigers

SPACE BELOW Also from Sigma Leisure : MY FEET SPACE BELOW MY FEET This is a republication of a classic book about “ mountains , men and love " . It tells how Gwen Moffat , an army deserter , made her uninhibited , unconventional way to ...

Author: Arthur Harold Griffin

Publisher: Sigma Press

ISBN: 1850587523

Category: Rock climbing

Page: 254

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This work provides a comprehensive look at the author's years with the Coniston Tigers, one of the first climbing clubs in the Lake District. It talks of his climbing with the great names such as George Basterfield, G.S. Sansom and C.F. Holland, and captures daring exploits of climbing in the 1930s long before modern safeguards.
Categories: Rock climbing

Fullness No Matter What

Fullness No Matter What

I imagine letting the Color of Loving drop down and around my lower body and my legs into the space about two feet below my feet on my outbreath. My Honey Colored Tetrahedron of Earth lights up and sparkles. I let three deep outbreaths ...

Author: Ulla Mentzel M.A.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595340811

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 333

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When change comes knocking on our door, or when we are ready to play a bigger game in life, Fullness No Matter What explores the opportunities inherent in opening ourselves up to new vistas. Ulla Mentzel takes us on a journey into our very own fullness through:  Art  Poetry  Breathing and pleasure exercises  Thought provoking concepts and perspectives  Inspirational quotes  And more. Whether single or in relationship, this journey into fullness is filled with such aspects as pleasure, laughter, joy, loving, and inspiration, and all of it just inside these human bodies. "Fullness is when our cup runs over and we give back where inspiration guides us, gratitude points us, and help is needed." Here is a practical resource for anyone who is ready to experience joy in everyday life, find more and expansive levels of pleasure, celebrate the attitude of gratitude towards everyone and everything, and see the funny side of just plain living. By the way, if we should find ourselves stranded on a deserted island, Fullness No Matter What is the one book that might make that challenging situation exciting and pleasurable, possibly even meaningful.
Categories: Health & Fitness

Have This Mind

Have This Mind

“This space below my navel, my loins and legs down to the soles of my feet are in truth my original face. There is no need of any nostrils. This space below my navel is in truth my original home. There is no need of any visits from my ...

Author: James E. Royster

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452572758

Category: Religion

Page: 588

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Have This Mind uses a rational, logical, and systematic approach to spirituality, religion, and God by focusing on the mind or consciousness rather than doctrine, ritual, etc. It provides a model that resolves the many seemingly conflicting views of religion and God. The four largest religions of the world, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, are introduced in terms of their transformative dimensions that lead to an inclusive and eminently happy life. These principles and practices are illustrated with biographies of exemplary saints and sages from the traditions. Have This Mind outlines three different ways of being religious-regardless of one’s particular religious tradition-based on a progressively maturing mind. Of particular import to Christian readers are interpretations of biblical and theological views that facilitate transition from a traditional and mythic outlook tending toward exclusivism to one that is rational, transrational, and inclusive. On the basis of an appreciative and inclusive view of the world’s great religions, one discovers how these religions can actually enhance one’s own spirituality and religious outlook. A perspective central to Have This Mind is that authentic religion and spirituality lie in the loving quality of one’s life and not simply the ideas or beliefs held in one’s mind
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Fantastic Female Adventurers

Fantastic Female Adventurers

Ann Daniels Personal communication with the author, November 2018 BBC Radio 4 interview (March 2016), source available ... New York: Viking Press BBC Radio 3 programme Give Me Space Below My Feet (September 2017), source available here: ...

Author: Lily Dyu

Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing

ISBN: 9781912560189

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

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Do you know how it feels to run for 1,900 miles? Or to look down at the earth from a space station? Or to swim alongside a hungry shark? Fantastic Female Adventurers by Lily Dyu is a collection of fourteen exciting and inspirational stories about the women that do. Follow them on their incredible journeys around the globe. Ski to the North Pole with Ann Daniels while watching out for polar bears and lethal cracks in the ice. Feel the air beneath your feet as you climb high on a cliff face with Gwen Moffat. Experience the thrill of racing down rocky Himalayan trails with champion runner Mira Rai. Sail the oceans with Ellen MacArthur, the girl who saved up her lunch money to buy her first boat. You’ll even fly into space with Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman. And join Lily on other awesome adventures with Anna McNuff, Sarah Outen, Misba Khan and more – taking you from Everest to the South Pole and all the places in between. Beautifully illustrated by artist and adventurer Chellie Carroll, Fantastic Female Adventurers will leave you thinking: I can do that, too!
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

Engineering Record Building Record and Sanitary Engineer

Engineering Record  Building Record and Sanitary Engineer

Through a system of ducts the air is distributed from these openings into the space below the floor of the House ... 2,197,000 to 2,600,000 cubic feet of fresh air is supplied to the House ; of this amount about 500,000 cubic feet is ...



ISBN: UOM:39015011397703

Category: Building


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Categories: Building

Time on Rock

Time on Rock

long multi-pitch mountain routes, I had grown accustomed to the feeling of space below my feet and the glimpses of vast panoramas at my side, but here, before me, where rock should meet my gaze, there was a void.

Author: Anna Fleming

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781838851774

Category: Nature

Page: 268

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SHORTLISTED FOR THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE FOR NATURE WRITING AND THE BOARDMAN TASKER AWARD FOR MOUNTAIN LITERATURE In Time on Rock Anna Fleming charts two parallel journeys: learning the craft of traditional rock climbing, and the new developing appreciation of the natural world it brings her. Through the story of her progress from terrified beginner to confident lead climber she shows us how placing hand and foot on rock becomes a profound new way into the landscape. Anna takes us from the gritstone rocks of the Peak District and Yorkshire to the gabbro pinnacles of the Cullin, the slate of North Wales and the high plateau of the Cairngorms. Each landscape, and each type of rock, brings its own challenges and unique pleasures. She also shows us how climbing invites us into the history of a place: geologically, of course, but also culturally. This book is Anna’s journey of self-discovery, but it is also a guide to losing oneself in the greater majesty of the natural world. With great lyricism she explores how it feels to climb as a woman, about the pleasures of the physical demands of climbing, about fear and challenge, but more than anything it is about a joyful connection to the mountains.
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in my skull. My hairflew above my head as ifsome torrent ofwind were risingfiom the blac/eness beneath my feet. ... The blac/eness a little below my feet glowed a glacial blue as the shimmering tear fell through empty space below my ...

Author: Allyson Crawford

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595389223

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

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An account of a young woman's struggles in a land of parallel dimension.
Categories: Fiction