Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass

Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass

Over the course of more than two decades, all kinds of attempts have been made to STALK THE WILD SWEETGRASS and TAME IT, and many have failed. Yet in those failures, we learned a lot about this still elusive plant.

Author: Robert J. Dufault

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461459033

Category: Science

Page: 119

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Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass: Domestication and Horticulture of the Grass Used in African-American Coiled Basketry is concerned with the historical domestication of sweetgrass, the main construction/structural grass used in the three century old African-American tradition of coiled basketry in South Carolina. During the plantation era in southern agriculture, sweetgrass baskets were made for post-harvest processing and storage of rice by enslaved Africans from Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina to northern Florida. Enslaved Africans from the Rice Kingdom in Africa were prized for the basketry and rice agronomic skills and were specially sought by slavery traders. Today, this ancient craft still thrives in the community of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Authored by one of the most renowned experts in the field and filled with illuminating color photographs, this volume provides knowledge of the horticulture of an extremely important wild plant and an example of the perils of plant- and people-based research and experimentation. As one of the few authoritative texts on the subject, Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass: Domestication and Horticulture of the Grass Used in African-American Coiled Basketry is a resourceful volume on wild sweetgrass, suitable for researchers and students alike.
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Perishable Material Culture in Prehistory

Perishable Material Culture in Prehistory

... Carbondale: Centre for Archaeological Research, Southern Illinois University. Dufault, R.J. (2013) Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass: Domestication and Horticulture of the Grass used in AfricanAmerican Coiled Basketry,

Author: Linda M. Hurcombe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317814542

Category: Social Science

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Perishable Material Culture in Prehistory provides new approaches and integrates a broad range of data to address a neglected topic, organic material in the prehistoric record. Providing news ideas and connections and suggesting revisionist ways of thinking about broad themes in the past, this book demonstrates the efficacy of an holistic approach by using examples and cases studies. No other book covers such a broad range of organic materials from a social and object biography perspective, or concentrates so fully on approaches to the missing components of prehistoric material culture. This book will be an essential addition for those people wishing to understand better the nature and importance of organic materials as the ’missing majority’ of prehistoric material culture.
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A Measure of the Earth

A Measure of the Earth

56 See Dale Rosengarten, “Missions and Markets: Sea Island Basketry and the Sweetgrass Revolution,” in Rosengarten et al., ... 79 Robert Dufault, Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass: Domestication and Horticulture of the Grass Used in ...

Author: Nicholas R. Bell

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469615295

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Page: 192

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A Measure of the Earth provides an unparalleled window into an overlooked corner of recent American history: the traditional basketry revival of the past fifty years. Steve Cole and Martha Ware amassed a remarkable collection using the most stringent guidelines: baskets made from undyed domestic materials that have been harvested by the maker. An essay by Nicholas Bell details the long-standing use of traditional fibers such as black ash and white oak, willow and sweetgrass, and the perseverance of a select few to claim these elements--the land itself--for the enrichment of daily life. As they trek through woods, fields, farm, and shore in the quest for the right ingredients for a basket, these men and women cultivate an enviable knowledge of the land. Each basket crafted from this knowledge provides not only evidence of this connection to place, but also a measure of the earth. Drawing on conversations with the basketmakers from across the country and reproducing many of their documentary photographs, Bell offers an intimate glimpse of their lifeways, motivations, and hopes. Lavish illustrations of every basket convey the humble, tactile beauty of these functional vessels.
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The Art of Deer stalking

The Art of Deer stalking

... on the northern part there is long heather and reed , and near the top of the ridges , much sweet grass , of which the deer are particularly fond . ... 397 proprietor , Forest of Glengarry —Sagacity of a blood-hound — Wild work.

Author: William Scrope


ISBN: WISC:89073392110

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Days of Deer stalking in the Scottish Highlands

Days of Deer stalking in the Scottish Highlands

... land on the banks of the river ; on the northern part there is long heather and reed , and near the top of the ridges , much sweet grass , of which the deer are particularly fond . ... Glengarry —Sagacity of a blood-bound-Wild work,

Author: William Scrope

Publisher: Glasgow : Thomas D. Morison ; London : Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent


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Page: 324

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The Gourmet s Canada

The Gourmet s Canada

Dore , William G. , Wild Rice , Canada Department of Agriculture , Ottawa : Queen's Printer , 1969 . ... Gibbons , Euell , Stalking the Wild Asparagus . New York : David McKay Company ... Remarkable Recipes for Sweet - Grass Buffalo .

Author: Sondra Gotlieb

Publisher: Toronto: New Press

ISBN: UVA:X000662671

Category: Cookery, Canadian

Page: 290

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Guide to Edible Plants and Animals

Guide to Edible Plants and Animals

... 232 sweet flags 252-253 shortbeaked echidnas southern sennet 10 Stachys pulustris 221 sweet grass 252 46 southern United States 33 staghorn sumacs 251 sweet javril 177 short - tailed shearSouth Georgia Island 120 Stalking the Wild ...

Author: A. D. Livingston

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Limited

ISBN: 185326377X

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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This text is a survey of the vast and varied ways that different cultures have cooked, or overlooked, the culinary delights that surround them. It explores the nutritive, medicinal and cultural significance of foods, as well as indicating which parts of each plant or animal are edible.
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The Eclectic Review

The Eclectic Review

Reindeer Stalking . 691 district , Mr. Barnard speaks of as being inexpressibly wild and beautiful . In some districts , where sport is good , warning is given that “ Dirt , fleas , and poor fare must be expected .

Author: Samuel Greatheed



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The Wild Red Deer of Scotland Notes from an Island Forest on Deer Deer Stalking and Deer Forests in the Scottish Highlands

The Wild Red Deer of Scotland   Notes from an Island Forest on Deer  Deer Stalking  and Deer Forests in the Scottish Highlands

He will travel miles across the moor for a full feed, climb a thousand feet to the birthplace of the big burn for the sweet grass that grows only by the wellheads, or hang like an ibex on the steep face of the precipice to reach the ...

Author: Alan Gordon Cameron

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781446548967

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 284

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THE WILD RED DEER OF SCOTLAND Notes from an Island Forest on Deer, Deer Stalking, and Deer Forests in the Scottish Highlands. By Allan Gordon Cameron. Originally published in the early 1920's this scarce deer stalking title is now very hard to locate in its first edition. READ COUNTRY BOOKS have now republished it using the original text, maps and illustrations. The author was an experienced stalker and naturalist who wrote many articles for the sporting journals of that era. The life of a Scottish hill stag is a phenomenon without parallel in the natural history of the species and this book will prove of great interest to all with an interest in field sports and nature. Two hundred and sixty five pages contain fifteen detailed chapters including : - Deer Stalking Old and New. - The Hill Stag and the Hill Stalk. - A Naturalist in the Deer Forest. - Calving, Birth Rate etc. - Habits. - Duration of Life. - Stalking Methods. - Antlers (four chapters) - Deer Forest Reforms. - The Ideal Forest. - Deer Distribution etc. This is a fascinating read for any stalking enthusiast or historian of the species, and contains much information that is still useful and practical today. Many of the earliest sporting books, particularly those dating back to the 1800s, are now extremely scarce and very expensive. READ COUNTRY BOOKS are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
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First Spear

First Spear

... as half-wild cattle graze on a verdant mixture of knee-high sweet grass and wild flowers growing lushly amid tall ... We soon forgive their inability to march in step, exchanging for a genuine appreciation of their stalking and ...

Author: Brent Nielsen

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 9781950015177

Category: Fiction

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First Spear: Pro Denuo presents the saga of Roman Centurion Gaius Crastinus vividly to life. Up close and personal, this often-dark look into the Legions of Rome is seen through the eyes of a brave soldier and man of honor. Gaius “Killer” Crastinus and his fellow veterans, Vorenus, Pullo and Bacculus, have won honor and glory in the service of the SPQR. Now these comrades must introduce a new consignment of recruits to life in the Roman Army. One of them is Gaius’ younger brother Marcus. But training for the young soldiers is cut far too short, for war brews in Lusitania. With only three weeks of training, the newly constituted X Legion is ordered north. Their order is to stop Lusitanii incursions into the province of Hispanica forever. Marcus and his fellow recruits follow Gaius in a desperate fight to safeguard their homeland. If they survive, even larger troubles loom to the east. Mob violence in Rome and a quarter-million Helvetian tribesmen are invading provinces in southern Gaul. When Marcus is the one chosen to enter enemy territory on a secret mission, only the “soldier’s god” Mithras knows if he will succeed. This well-researched novel is the sequel to the author’s first book First Spear: Rudimenta (Xlibris 2009).
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