Star Wars the Galactic Explorer s Guide

Star Wars  the Galactic Explorer s Guide

This fact-packed book-plus-app is an interactive guide to key planets from the Star Wars galaxy.

Author: Jason Fry

Publisher: Goodman Publishers

ISBN: 1847961029

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 144

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This fact-packed book-plus-app is an interactive guide to key planets from the Star Wars galaxy. It contains plenty of information, photographs, and diagrams on the page, and the latest Augmented Reality technology brings many interactive elements to enhance the reading experience. The traveler's guide to some of the key planets, places, and events from the Star Wars galaxy is a unique tool and a fun reference work. Observe, wonder, and engage with these amazing elements and immerse yourself fully into the galaxy that's far, far away.
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Author: ジェイソン・フライ


ISBN: 480192087X


Page: 144

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Star Wars The New Essential Guide to Alien Species

Star Wars  The New Essential Guide to Alien Species

Assassination and coups are surprisingly rare, most likely because while they are belligerent and grandstanding amid other species. among their own the Dugs recognize their betters Dugs are not remarkable galactic explorers. with many ...

Author: Ann Margaret Lewis

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345542793

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 544

Discover who’s who and what’s what in the Star Wars universe with this beautifully illustrated guide–now in full color for the first time. When it comes to extraterrestrial life-forms, there’s more to science fiction’s most famous galaxy than just Jawas, Wookiees, Ewoks, and Hutts. From the skylanes of Coruscant to the worlds of the Outer Rim, an untold number of species populate those planets far, far away. And if you confuse Gungans with Gamorreans, or don’t know a bantha from a tauntaun, you definitely need the in-depth data that only this revised, expanded, and updated guide can deliver. This comprehensive overview includes beings from all six of the classic movies–plus the novels, cartoon series, comics, and video games. It’s an even bigger cross section of species than what you’ll find in the Mos Eisley cantina. And each entry, from acklay to Zabrak, from amphibians to vacuum-breathers, features everything you need to know, including • complete physical description and official designation, so you can tell your sentients from your non-sentients, and your humanoids from your insectoids • homeworld: from dry and dusty Tatooine, stormy and waterlogged Kamino, to arctic Hoth, and countless other strange and varied worlds • phonetic pronunciation: Askajian, H’nemthe, Iktotchi, Ssi-ruu, and Xexto/Quermian aren’t as easy to say as they are to, er, spell • notable appearance: a listing of one of the more significant appearances of each species in the teeming Star Wars storyline Plus, this brand-new edition includes a glossary of crucial descriptive terms and a completely original, full color illustration for each of more than one hundred individual species. It’s a big galaxy, and someone has to organize it. Count on Star Wars®: The New Essential Guide to Alien Species–and don’t leave your homeworld without it.
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Ultimate Star Wars New Edition

Ultimate Star Wars New Edition

The Definitive Guide to the Star Wars Universe Adam Bray, Cole Horton, Tricia Barr, Ryder Windham, Daniel Wallace ... entrepreneur Wollivan is a galactic explorer who sells his knowledge of hyperspace navigation, unexplored worlds, ...

Author: Adam Bray

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241429266

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 118

Every significant Star Wars character, creature, location, battle, droid and vehicle: one ultimate encyclopedia. Packed full of information, stunning images, and now fully updated to include The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Resistance, plus an exclusive look at The Rise of Skywalker. All the saga's iconic characters are here, from Darth Vader to Ponda Baba and Leia to Luminara Unduli. Amazing vehicles are explored, such as the Millennium Falcon and Ghost. Extraordinary technology is explained, including all your favourite lightsabers, and key events in the epic Star Wars story are richly unpacked, with behind-the-scenes insights. Ultimate Star Wars New Edition is the ideal go-to resource for fans who wish to brush up on their Star Wars knowledge, and for a new generation of fans eager to start their journey into a galaxy far, far away.... © & TM 2019 LUCASFILM LTD.
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Star Wars Galaxy s Edge Traveler s Guide to Batuu

Star Wars Galaxy s Edge  Traveler s Guide to Batuu

... their passageways and caverns are perfect for modern explorers who enjoy history or architecture. ... Senator Padmé Amidala, who represented Naboo in the Galactic Senate during the Clone Wars, was spotted briefly near Black Spire.

Author: Cole Horton

Publisher: becker&mayer! Books

ISBN: 9780760366745

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 144

View: 679

Welcome to Batuu, a trading post at the edge of the galaxy where smugglers, bounty hunters, and rogue adventurers swap stories, food, and goods. Like any good tourist, you’re going to need a guide book to lead you through your visit. Here is your official guide. In 2019, Disney opened a new Star Wars addition to their parks: The planet Batuu. Star Wars fans now have access to an authentic, in-world experience unlike anything they have ever seen before! This official guide to Batuu is written completely in-world, as if you are a visitor from another part of the galaxy, looking for recommendations on where to eat, sleep, and what to do during your trip to this planet. The guide also provides itineraries and descriptions of weekend trips “Beyond Batuu”; getaways to nearby planets and environs. The guide features: Full-color illustrations and maps Original content from Lucasfilm An in-world experience like no other Whether strolling in The Galaxy’s Edge 15-acre park or simply being an armchair traveler, this immersive guide will delight any Star Wars fan.
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The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets

The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets

... Office Star Wars Advent Calendar CH.21: SPACE 487 Space Cruiser 493 Command Center 497/928 Galaxy Explorer 5619 Crystal Hawk 70709 Galactic Titan CH.22: STAR WARS UCS 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon 10143 Death Star II ...

Author: Ed Maciorowski

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440244889

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 250

View: 752

Brick by Brick Brilliance LEGO bricks are the building blocks of childhood. Yet they are far from child's play. LEGO sets are fast becoming a hot commodity with collectors worldwide for fun and profit. Abundantly visual, informative and detailed, The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets is the definitive reference to more than 2,000 of the most collectible sets on the secondary market, illustrating the incredible value of LEGO bricks, not only from an entertainment and educational standpoint, but also as an investment. Consider a Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon, which sold at retail for $500, is now selling for more than $3,500 on the secondary market. The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets features: • More than 25 top themes, including Advanced Models, Batman, Ideas/Cuusoo, Star Wars UCS and non-UCS sets, Technic, Trains, and Vintage • Up-to-date secondary market prices for more than 2,000 new and used sets from 2000 to present • More than 300 full-color photos of sets in their boxes, and built models • Tips on reselling, flipping, and investing The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets is your brick-by-brick guide to a world of imagination and discovery.
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The Unofficial Guide The Color Companion to Walt Disney World

The Unofficial Guide  The Color Companion to Walt Disney World

... 256 Wilderness Explorers, 272–73 Seas Main Tank and Exhibits, e, 229 Seas With Nemo and Friends Pavilion, e, ... See Shows, theater and stage Star Tours—e Adventures Continue, 317 Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, 328 Star Wars ...

Author: Bob Sehlinger

Publisher: Unofficial Guides

ISBN: 9781628090543

Category: Travel

Page: 384

View: 262

Following in the best-selling tradition ofThe Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, The Unofficial Guide: The Color Companion to Walt Disney World shows you how to get the inside track on visitingWalt Disney World and how to make the most of your time in the park. Complete with hundreds of full-color photographs, theColor Companion is a visual guide for your Disney vacation, showing you the best that Walt Disney World has to offer. The Color Companion is perfect for pairing withThe Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World ("the big book") or it can stand alone to provide you with what you need to know in a flash when you're visiting the park.The Unofficial Guide gives you more than 800 pages of highly detailed information on planning, staying, and surviving your visit toWalt Disney World. InThe Color Companion the authorsBob Sehlinger andLen Testa also take the "Unofficial" approach, but their book SHOWS you where you'll be staying and what you'll be doing, all in a trim little book that's perfect for tucking into a backpack or totebag.
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The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2017

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2017

... 53, 192,300–322 Magic Kingdom, 293–94 New Year celebration, 55 Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (DHS), ... 192,326–29, 337, 129 Explore Zone (DisneyQuest), 431 Explorer's Aviary (Discovery Cove), ...

Author: Bob Sehlinger

Publisher: Unofficial Guides

ISBN: 9781628090567

Category: Travel

Page: 488

View: 980

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Librarian s Guide to Games and Gamers From Collection Development to Advisory Services

Librarian s Guide to Games and Gamers  From Collection Development to Advisory Services

... Sexual Themes, Violence User behavior type: Explorer, Achiever, Killer Description: This MMORPG takes place in the Star Wars universe and takes place at a time of peace between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.

Author: Michelle Goodridge

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440867323

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 247

View: 192

As games grow ever-more ubiquitous in our culture and communities, they have become popular staples in public library collections and are increasing in prominence in academic ones. Many librarians, especially those who are not themselves gamers or are only acquainted with a handful of games, are ill-prepared to successfully advise patrons who use games. This book provides the tools to help adult and youth services librarians to better understand the gaming landscape and better serve gamers in discovery of new games—whether they are new to gaming or seasoned players—through advisory services. This book maps all types of games—board, roleplaying, digital, and virtual reality—providing all the information needed to understand and appropriately recommend games to library users. Organized by game type, hundreds of descriptions offer not only bibliographic information (title, publication date, series, and format/platform), but genre classifications, target age ranges for players, notes on gameplay and user behavior type, and short descriptions of the game's basic premise and appeals.
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Avatar and Nature Spirituality

Avatar and Nature Spirituality

In contrast to Star Trek, the main characters in the first trilogy of Star Wars are not explorers or diplomats but rebels fighting againt the evil Galactic Empire personified by Darth Vader. The second trilogy travels back in time to a ...

Author: Bron Taylor

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554588800

Category: Religion

Page: 378

View: 435

Avatar and Nature Spirituality explores the cultural and religious significance of James Cameron’s film Avatar (2010), one of the most commercially successful motion pictures of all time. Its success was due in no small measure to the beauty of the Pandora landscape and the dramatic, heart-wrenching plight of its nature-venerating inhabitants. To some audience members, the film was inspirational, leading them to express affinity with the film’s message of ecological interdependence and animistic spirituality. Some were moved to support the efforts of indigenous peoples, who were metaphorically and sympathetically depicted in the film, to protect their cultures and environments. To others, the film was politically, ethically, or spiritually dangerous. Indeed, the global reception to the film was intense, contested, and often confusing. To illuminate the film and its reception, this book draws on an interdisciplinary team of scholars, experts in indigenous traditions, religious studies, anthropology, literature and film, and post-colonial studies. Readers will learn about the cultural and religious trends that gave rise to the film and the reasons these trends are feared, resisted, and criticized, enabling them to wrestle with their own views, not only about the film but about the controversy surrounding it. Like the film itself, Avatar and Nature Spirituality provides an opportunity for considering afresh the ongoing struggle to determine how we should live on our home planet, and what sorts of political, economic, and spiritual values and practices would best guide us.
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