Stitched up

Stitched up

Stitched - up is not anti - men , it is pro - women and is compulsively readable ! Stephanie Vermeulen , South Africa's most controversial voice on women's issues , has written the only definitive book that will challenge everything you ...

Author: Stephanie Vermeulen

Publisher: Jacana Media

ISBN: 1770090290

Category: Feminism

Page: 286

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This feisty and inspiring treatise blames the destructive cultural myth of female self-sacrifice for the desire for breast implants, the conservative insistence on family values, and the general cultural attitude that prevents women from supporting one another's accomplishments. Using everything from psychological analysis to clever fairy-tale parodies--called "fairer tales"--the author promotes an ideology for women that is neither bra-burning feminism nor passive conservatism, but rather a belief in self-development.
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Stitched Up

Stitched Up

PROFESSOR DAME SUE BLACK , author of All That Remains Dr Shahed Yousaf STITCHED UP O 06 Shahed Yousaf STITCHED UP Stories of Life and Death from. Stories of Life and Death from a Prison Doctor →. Front Cover.

Author: Dr Shahed Yousaf

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781529192872

Category: Social Science

Page: 215

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'Stories that will curl your toes, make you laugh out loud and break your heart all at the same time.' PROFESSOR DAME SUE BLACK, author of All That Remains Why would anyone want to work with thieves, murderers and rapists? Told from the inside out, this is a harrowing, humorous and hard-hitting tale of life behind bars by a prison doctor who has seen it all. Literally. Dr Shahed Yousaf spends his time running between emergencies - from overdoses to assaults, from cell fires to suicides - with one hand perpetually hovering over the panic button. Being a prison doctor is not for the faint-hearted. An outsider on the inside, in Stitched Up he introduces us to a cast of unforgettable characters, including killers, con men and auto-cannibals. To Dr Yousaf, they are patients first and prisoners second - because any one of us could end up on the wrong side of the law. Dedicated to caring for people on the margins of society, he tells us honestly and compassionately what it's like to be their doctor in a system that's chronically overcrowded, drastically under-resourced and all too easy to ignore. But while the system is failing, he and his colleagues are doing their very best to prop it up. In stories that are frequently harrowing, sometimes humorous and always hard-hitting, we discover how difficult it is to be locked up - but that there is still hope for all those who dare to care. For fans of This is Going to Hurt, The Secret Barrister and A Bit of a Stretch
Categories: Social Science

Jenny Q Stitched Up

Jenny Q  Stitched Up

(K4, K2tog) 4 times, K4 = 24 stitches. P4, P2tog, (P3, P2tog) 3 times, P3 = 20 stitches. Then cut the yarn and use a wool needle to thread it through these 20 stitches and fasten it off. Sew up the sides = one stripy beanie hat!

Author: Pauline McLynn

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141972947

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

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Right, here's how things are . . . My mother is pregnant. I shizz you not. My mum will be going around with a bump for all to see that she's still, well, shagging. Oh god I can't bear it - talk about a stitch-up. THEN there's Stevie Lee Bolton - every time I see him I'm like a stunned goldfish and just stand there with my mouth opening and closing. So between my untakebackably embarrassing family and a certain Stevie Lee, how will I be ready for Teen Factor X - not even my friends know about my dodgy yodelings and secret obsession with becoming a star . . . Funny, frank and surprisingly talented with a pair of knitting needles, meet Jenny Q in the hilarious new series from Father Ted and Shameless star Pauline McLynn.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Kata Golda s Hand Stitched Felt

Kata Golda s Hand Stitched Felt

With the flap up and out of the way, fold and pin the overlapped fabric in place. Starting at the bottom left corner, tie a knot on the inside of the sandwiched felt with 3-ply rose floss. Blanket stitch across the bottom of all 3 ...

Author: Kata Golda

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453268179

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 210

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Toys, bags, bookmarks—quick and delightfully quirky projects for sewing enthusiasts young and old. With no more than felt and thread, Kata Golda creates toys and practical items for the home that are undeniably charming, stylish, and sweetly imperfect. Her whimsical creations have been selling at high-end boutiques for several years, and now, in Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt, she shows crafters of all skill levels how to make 25 of her favorites. Ranging from children’s finger puppets and a tooth-fairy pillow to photo “brag” books, messenger bags, and curtains and blankets, most of these projects can be completed in an hour or less. They are made from basic shapes of wool felt sewn together and customized with unique details, all using simple, large stitches. Step-by-step instructions and templates, along with adorable photos and hand-drawn illustrations, make each project simple to replicate. Playful tutorials, such as how to personalize projects with a variety of facial expressions, add to the charm of this delightful book.
Categories: Crafts & Hobbies

Stitched in Crime

Stitched in Crime

up . He pulled a photo out of his back pocket . “ I wanted to ask if she could stitch up something to look like this . ” The photo was of a small black - and - white dog . “ It's my daughter's . We saw those pictures of the crocheted ...

Author: Emmie Caldwell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780593101711

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 786

When murder pierces the fabric of the close-knit Crandalsburg Craft Fair, it's up to the Ninth Street Knitters to make a killer slip their stitch. The Craft Fair may have hit a few snags lately, but knitting enthusiast Lia Geiger is hopeful her quiet life will return to its usual patterns in no time. Her daughter has officially moved back home, and sure, the house is a little crowded with Hayley's take-home work from the alpaca farm, but that's a price Lia will happily pay. All seems well until Cori Littlefield, a new vendor with a gift for crochet, is found dead, sending shock waves through all of Crandalsburg. What begins as a tragic accident turns into a snarled spool of lies that only the combined efforts of the Ninth Street Knitters can untangle. When Lia makes a connection between Cori's death and a decades-old murder, it's up to her to weave together the clues and find the truth.
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Quick Easy Stitched Jewelry

Quick   Easy Stitched Jewelry

Stitch up Actually, these banners won't even take a whole day to stitch up. Plus, their dimensions can easily be adjusted to fit any design you can imagine. I started with a simple repeating floral pattern and thought of five more ...

Author: Cathy Jakicic

Publisher: Kalmbach Books

ISBN: 9781627002325

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 113

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Cathy Jakicic captures the untapped market of beginner stitchers. No one has made a book this simple yet creative. The book contains 20 basic stitching projects that result in pretty, fashion-forward jewelry. She very cleverly adds project variations, with instructions that expand the number of projects to 40+. Each variation is very different from the core design. Each design has a stitching element, some flat designs, and some 3D. This book has something for everyone and is a great value.
Categories: Crafts & Hobbies

Hand stitched Landscapes Flowers

Hand stitched Landscapes   Flowers

Cut out the stitched garden, which should be approximately 6 x 12cm (21⁄4 x 43⁄4in). ... Take up the butterfly motif again, and stitch it – at the head – to the top-left corner of the pincushion, then work antennae in straight stitch to ...

Author: Witten

Publisher: Search Press Limited

ISBN: 9781781264812



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Stitched Textiles Animals

Stitched Textiles  Animals

C. Horizontal stitching across the ochre predominantly on the circle body helps and vertical neck. to break stitching up the D. to Here, suggest the the sketching fullness stitchof the helps sleeves of the bodice and breaks area. up the ...

Author: Mrs Bertimus

Publisher: Search Press Limited

ISBN: 9781781267899



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Alien Immigration

 Alien Immigration

Men's coats up to 3s . 9d . ( 4. ) Men's coats , stitched , 28 .; bound , 2s . 6d . Jackets , stitched , 1s . 3d . to 2s . 2d . ( 5. ) Men's coats , stitched , 28. 3d .; bound , 28. 9d . ( 6. ) " " 29 " " 1s . 6d . to 28. 2d .; bound .



ISBN: NYPL:33433075931729

Category: Great Britain

Page: 246

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The Obstetric Gazette

The Obstetric Gazette

Another case did die of pyemia where every precaution was taken that could be thought of , and I was really very much inclined to believe that it was due to the stitching up of the perineum ; and that if I hadn't stitched the perineum ...



ISBN: UOM:39015076672883

Category: Children

Page: 754

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