A Stranger Within

A Stranger Within

However, there was extensive damage occurring within the depths of my mind. “A Stranger Within,” began developing inside me. A stranger who would eventually almost cause me to take my life. Exactly where and when, I became a compulsive ...

Author: Rose North

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462834981

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The article you are about to read is my overwhelming desire to express my thoughts on the subject of controlled gamblers vs. the compulsive gamblers. Gambling appears to be providing a very lucrative source of income for the United States and other states besides Nevada and New Jersey. Gambling was introduced to Atlantic City back in the later part of the nineteen seventies. In addition, there is world wide gambling that is enjoyed by vacationers or via the internet (extremely addictive). Several gamblers can control their gambling and can stop. However, there are those gamblers who “cannot” control their desire to gamble and become “Compulsive Gamblers.”
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A Stranger Within

A Stranger Within

myself, Who is thisperson within me? What is Hisplanfin" me? Why is He within me? How wil/[hnow Him? What am [supposed to do with Him? Where will He take me? People were drawn to Jesus because there was something digerent about Him.

Author: Paulette Riddlesprigger

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490802305

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Do you know me, or am I a stranger within? When the Lord asked me this question, it changed my life forever. I heard Christians say there was nothing like intimacy with the Lord. I didn’t understand what that meant. I asked spiritually mature Christians to instruct me in the ways of Lord so that I might know Him. They consistently said pray, study the Word, be obedient to the Word, and live a sanctified life. Thus began my pursuit of intimacy with the Lord. I made mistakes during my pursuit; I tried to know Christ through other Christians—big mistake. I decided to pray and study the Word daily, obey His commands, and live a holy life. Out of that obedience came a longing to know Christ and to make Him known to others. God has a place within us where we are to meet with Him daily through His Word and prayer. Humanity has tried to fill that place with drugs, alcohol, porn, women, men, etc.—failing to realize the Lord created that special place just for Himself. The road to knowing the Lord is a journey that must be traveled alone. This book can help you find keys and principles to assist you. Stranger Within seeks to help those who want to look like Jesus, who want to walk in the truth of God’s Word, and who want minister in the power of God’s Spirit.
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Strangers Within the Realm

Strangers Within the Realm

Edited by Bernard Bailyn and Philip D. Morgan Strangers within the Realm Cultural Margins of the First British Empire Published for The Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia, by The University ...

Author: Bernard Bailyn

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807839416

Category: History

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Shedding new light on British expansion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this collection of essays examines how the first British Empire was received and shaped by its subject peoples in Scotland, Ireland, North America, and the Caribbean. An introduction surveys British imperial historiography and provides a context for the volume as a whole. The essays focus on specific ethnic groups -- Native Americans, African-Americans, Scotch-Irish, and Dutch and Germans -- and their relations with the British, as well as on the effects of British expansion in particular regions -- Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the West Indies. A conclusion assesses the impact of the North American colonies on British society and politics. Taken together, these essays represent a new kind of imperial history -- one that portrays imperial expansion as a dynamic process in which the oulying areas, not only the English center, played an important role in the development and character of the Empire. The collection interpets imperial history broadly, examining it from the perspective of common folk as well as elites and discussing the clash of cultures in addition to political disputes. Finally, by examining shifting and multiple frontiers and by drawing parallels between outlying provinces, these essays move us closer to a truly integrated story that links the diverse ethnic experiences of the first British Empire. The contributors are Bernard Bailyn, Philip D. Morgan, Nicholas Canny, Eric Richards, James H. Merrell, A. G. Roeber, Maldwyn A. Jones, Michael Craton, J. M. Bumsted, and Jacob M. Price.
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Stranger in the Mirror

Stranger in the Mirror

137 Described in Claire Ainsworth, 'The Stranger Within', New Scientist 180 (2421) (November 15, 2003). 138 Uhl quoted in Wheeler, ibid. 139 Keegan quoted in Wheeler, ibid. 140 See also L. Strain, J. Dean, M. Hamilton, and D. Bonthron, ...

Author: Robert Levine

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472142641

Category: Psychology

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Who are we? Where is the boundary between us and everything else? Are we all multiple personalities? And how can we control who we become? From distinguished psychologist Robert Levine comes this provocative and entertaining scientific exploration of the most personal and important of all landscapes: the physical and psychological entity we call our self. Using a combination of case studies and cutting-edge research in psychology, biology, neuroscience, virtual reality and many other fields, Levine challenges cherished beliefs about the unity and stability of the self - but also suggests that we are more capable of change than we know. Transformation, Levine shows, is the human condition at virtually every level. Physically, our cells are unrecognizable from one moment to the next. Cognitively, our self-perceptions are equally changeable: A single glitch can make us lose track of a body part or our entire body, or to confuse our very self with that of another person. Psychologically, we switch back and forth like quicksilver between incongruent, sometimes adversarial sub-selves. Socially, we appear to be little more than an ever-changing troupe of actors. And, culturally, the boundaries of the self vary wildly around the world - from the confines of one's body to an entire village. The self, in short, is a fiction: vague, arbitrary, and utterly intangible. But it is also interminably fluid. And this unleashes a world of potential. Engaging, informative, and ultimately liberating, Stranger in the Mirror will change forever how you think about your self - and what you might become.
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Stranger at the Door

Stranger at the Door

It is “the stranger within the gates” who can see what regular inhabitants cannot. In Welty's words: It may be the stranger within the gates whose eye is smitten by the crucial thing, the essence of life, the moment or act in our ...

Author: Kristjana Gunnars

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554586943

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 138

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At the beginning of a new writing project—whether it’s the first page of a new novel or a less ambitious project, writers often experience exhilaration, fear, or dread. For Kristjana Gunnars, the call of a new project is “like someone you don’t know knocking on your door—you either choose to let the person in or not. It’s both exciting and dangerous to start a new manuscript.” This book is an engagement with that “stranger” called writing. Creative or imaginative writing is a complex process that involves more than intellect alone. Writers make use of everything: their sensibilities, history, culture, knowledge, experience, education, and even their biology. These essays seek out, and gather into a discussion, what writers have said about their own experiences in writing. Although the writers are from around the world and of very different backgrounds, the commonality of their remarks brings home the realization that writers everywhere are grappling with similar problems—with the seemingly simple problems of when, where, why, and what to write, but also larger questions such as the relationship between writer and society, or issues of privacy, appropriation, or homelessness. While none of these questions can be definitively answered, they can be fruitfully discussed. Originating as questions posed in creative-writing seminars, these essays have grown into companion texts for both writers and readers who want to participate in a conversation about what writers do.
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EBOOK Acquaintances The Space Between Intimates And Strangers

EBOOK  Acquaintances  The Space Between Intimates And Strangers

Intimates, therefore, occupy one point on the social space within which we locate acquaintances. ... The biblical 'stranger within the gates' and numerous other texts and proverbial expressions indicate that strangers may have a more ...

Author: David Morgan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335240081

Category: Social Science

Page: 151

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The distinction between friends and acquaintances is often made in everyday conversation but the significance of this distinction is under-explored. Acquaintanceship can be understood as a form of knowledge of other people that lies somewhere between intimates and strangers. This book argues that acquaintanceship is a topic worthy of investigation in its own right and assesses the overall significance of acquaintances in late modern society. This fascinating book examines the topic by: Exploring possible definitions of acquaintanceship Examining the key features of acquaintanceship Considering its nature and significance in a variety of settings Analysing different forms of acquaintanceship - including those in places of work, neighbourhoods and between professionals and their clients - it also explores passing acquaintances and newer forms of ties such as those formed over the internet, with celebrities or even fictional characters. Soundly based in sociological theory, the book assesses the extent to which acquaintances can provide a sense of location and security in modern life and the ways in which they can provide us with insights, often fleeting, into worlds other than our own. Written by one of the foremost authorities in the field, this book is key reading for sociology students, lecturers and researchers, in particular those interested in sociological theory, social interaction, the sociology of everyday life and the sociology of intimacy.
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Safeguarding the Stranger

Safeguarding the Stranger

Moral Obligation: This motivation for protection and rescue assumes that those threatened are “within the boundaries of moral obligation” wherein the host acts on “the conviction that it [is] morally obligatory to invite the stranger ...

Author: Jayme R. Reaves

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498224628

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

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What are the resources and teachings in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that take hospitality--and its call to provide protective hospitality--seriously enough to inform shared action and belief on behalf of the threatened other? This book argues that protective hospitality and its faith-based foundations as seen in the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam merit greater theological attention and that the practice of protective hospitality in Christianity can be enhanced by better understandings of Judaism's and Islam's practices of hospitality, namely their codes and etiquettes related to honor. Safeguarding the Stranger draws especially on two currents in contemporary Christian theologies: (1) a contextual and political theological approach informed by liberation and feminist theologies, and (2) a cooperative and complementary theological approach informed by interreligious, Abrahamic, and hospitable approaches to dialogue. This book is unique in that it seeks to contribute to academic debates within theology and religious dialogue as well as to discussions within the fields of peace studies and conflict resolution on the positive role that religions might play in contexts of conflict.
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Satan s Invisible World Displayed

Satan s Invisible World Displayed

THE STRANGER WITHIN OUR GATES . " I WAS a stranger and ye took me in . " The familiar passage needs to be interpreted in a different sense if it is to describe the treatment of the stranger by the police of New York .

Author: William Thomas Stead

Publisher: Arno Press

ISBN: HARVARD:32044055042022

Category: New York (N.Y.)

Page: 338

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Strangers on the Western Front

Strangers on the Western Front

STRANGERS. IN. A. STRANGE. WORLD. Chinese. Lives. in. Europe. The Stranger within my gate, He may be true or kind, But he does not talk my Most of the Chinese who worked in the trenches, factories,. talk I cannot feel his mind.

Author: Guoqi Xu

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674049994

Category: History

Page: 367

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This is a fresh work of history that crosses thematic boundaries: Chinese history, WWI history, world history, migration and labor history. It recovers the lost story of 140,000 Chinese workers, men mostly from the Northern Chinese province of Shandong, who were recruited by the British and French governments to support their fight against the Germans during WWI. These workers later were also “imported” to the US and Canada as those countries joined the war and felt the need for additional labor. The work is based on a decade of archival research in China, Taiwan, France, Germany, the US, Canada, and Britain. It sheds light on these long-forgotten workers, who were instrumental in the Allied efforts that resulted in a defeat of Germany. Yet the persistent racism they encountered in the West, and ultimately the erasure of their contribution both by the countries they served and the Chinese elites who recruited them for the purpose, raises the question of how power determines who is included and excluded from the historical record.
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Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland

Calendar of Documents  Relating to Ireland

... no strange merchant shall buy corn of a stranger within the city , or hides or wool , unless of the citizens ; no stranger shall keep a wine tavern unless on board a vessel , reserving to the K. the liberty that out ef every ship ...

Author: Great Britain. Public Record Office


ISBN: BSB:BSB11313996

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