Stress and Poverty

Stress and Poverty

Poverty causes stress. Living with persistent poverty damages one's health. Poverty then implies “toxic stress,” a term describing a state similar to the concepts mentioned earlier of “distress” or “allostatic overload.

Author: Michael Breitenbach

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030777388

Category: Science

Page: 234

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The word stress is everywhere and highly overused. Everyone is stressed, it seems, all the time. Looking into the meaning of stress in the natural science and the humanities, this book explores cellular stress as cause of and in correlation with what humans experience as stress. When do we psychologically feel stress and when do we show physiological evidence of stress in our brain? Stress is a deviation from what feels normal and healthy. It can be created by social or economic factors and become chronic, which has substantial impacts on the individual and society as a whole. Focusing on poverty as one chronic inducer of stress, this book explores how the lack of pressure-free time, the hardships and unpredictability of everyday life and a general lack of protection lead to destructive toxic stress. This pressure affects cognitive and social functioning, brain development during childhood and may also result in premature aging. How can the sciences inform our understanding of and our response to stress? What can be done about toxic stress both on a personal level and in terms of structures and policies? The book is written for anyone interested in stress, its causes and consequences, and its relationship to poverty.
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Family Poverty in Diverse Contexts

Family Poverty in Diverse Contexts

Stress and distress arise from theadaptational response ofthefamily to the environmentas appraised ordefined.This is a transactionand stress isa relational and multifaceted concept; stress results fromthe relationshipamong environmental ...

Author: C. Anne Broussard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135694975

Category: Social Science

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Family Poverty in Diverse Contexts addresses the context of poverty in the United States and focuses on poverty issues that family members must confront as they move through the life course. This edited collection provides a unique perspective that draws together macro and micro research about how poverty affects families throughout their lives, increasing risks and reducing opportunities at every stage. Individual chapters emphasize the context of poverty in the United States, then go on to examine specific life cycle stages and what happens when poverty intersects with family concerns. Contributing authors are respected experts in their fields and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives including child development, community health, education, family studies, gerontology, disability, public policy, social work and sociology. Family Poverty in Diverse Contexts includes a range of pedagogical features to enhance learning such as exercises and discussions relating to each chapter, which will encourage readers to think critically and apply the knowledge to their own lives. It will interest students, academics and researchers of sociology, family studies, social work and health as well as other related disciplines.
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The Oxford Handbook of Poverty and Child Development

The Oxford Handbook of Poverty and Child Development

Daycare attendance, stress, and mental health. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 51, 607–615. Gershoff, E. T., Aber, J. L., Raver, C. C., & Lennon, M. C. (2007). Income is not enough: Incorporating material hardship into models ofincome ...

Author: Valerie Maholmes, Ph.D., CAS Ph.D.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199772964

Category: Psychology

Page: 504

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Over 15 million children live in families subsisting below the federal poverty level, and there are nearly 4 million more children living in poverty today than in the turn of the 21st century. When compared to their more affluent counterparts, children living in fragile circumstances-including homeless children, children in foster care, and children living in families affected by chronic physical or mental health problems-are more likely to have low academic achievement, to drop out of school, and to have health and behavioral problems. The Oxford Handbook of Poverty and Child Development provides a comprehensive analysis of the mechanisms through which socioeconomic, cultural, familial, and community-level factors impact the early and long-term cognitive, neurobiological, socio-emotional, and physical development of children living in poverty. Leading contributors from various disciplines review basic and applied multidisciplinary research and propose questions and answers regarding the short and long-term impact of poverty, contexts and policies on child developmental trajectories. In addition, the book features analyses involving diverse children of all ages, particularly those from understudied groups (e.g. Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, immigrants) and those from understudied geographic areas (e.g., the rural U.S; international humanitarian settings). Each of the 7 sections begins with an overview of basic biological and behavioral research on child development and poverty, followed by applied analyses of contemporary issues that are currently at the heart of public debates on child health and well-being, and concluded with suggestions for policy reform. Through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, this book identifies the most pressing scientific issues involving poverty and child development, and offers new ideas and research questions that could lead us to develop a new science of research that is multidisciplinary, longitudinal, and that embraces an ecological approach to the study of child development.
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Wealth Virtue and Moral Luck

Wealth  Virtue  and Moral Luck

117 Poverty's destruction of humility can be read in the body. The epidemiologists Wilkinson and Pickett explain how “inequality gets under the skin” through its effects on self- image. Psychologists studied stress in a variety of ...

Author: Kate Ward

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9781647121389

Category: Christian ethics

Page: 278

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"In this book, Kate Ward addresses the issue of inequality from the perspective of Christian virtue ethics. Her unique contribution is to argue that moral luck, our individual life circumstances, affects one's ability to pursue virtue. She argues that economic status functions as moral luck and impedes the ability of both the wealthy and the impoverished to pursue virtues such as prudence, justice, and temperance. The book presents social science evidence that inequality reduces empathy for others' suffering, and increases violence, fear, and the desire to punish others. For the wealthy, inequality creates "hyperagency" - abundant freedom, power, and choice beyond that enjoyed by other members of society. For the poor, scarcity of time, money, and other important goods can also impair their ability to pursue virtue. Having established the theological harm caused by inequality, Ward then makes the argument that both individual Christians and Christian communities have obligations to address the impact of inequality. As individuals, Christians should pursue what Ward calls encounter, conversion, and contentment. Encounter means genuinely reaching out to the less fortunate and spending enough time to get to know individuals as human beings. For Ward, conversion means informing oneself about the realities of poverty and inequality. Contentment means being satisfied with one's position and not striving for more material wealth. Christian communities, in Ward's view, have obligations to pursue political action, tithing, and aid, and to foster encounters in parishes and educational settings"--
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Handbook of Infant Mental Health Fourth Edition

Handbook of Infant Mental Health  Fourth Edition

Research examining the impact of adverse contexts in shaping infant neurobiological stress responses is reviewed below. Poverty Poverty has detrimental and lasting effects, predicting psychopathology and disability well into adulthood ...

Author: Charles H. Zeanah

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462537112

Category: Medical

Page: 697

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This completely revised and updated edition reflects tremendous advances in theory, research and practice that have taken place over the past decade. Grounded in a relational view of infancy, the volume offers a broad interdisciplinary analysis of the developmental, clinical and social aspects of mental health from birth to age three.
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World Poverty Issues

World Poverty Issues

Research has examined PRS from both the psychological and psychobiological perspectives . Both have received strong support in the research literature . Much of this early work focused on the stress of poverty and economic troubles for ...

Author: Marilyn M. Watkins

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124027801

Category: Political Science

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Poverty is a social fact of life for billions of people around the world. The developed countries abhor poverty, or seem to, for several reasons. Perhaps it is a blotch on their consciences. Perhaps there is a genuine desire to help those who are not prospering while others around them are. Perhaps they wish to pay lip service to the good cause of eliminating either poverty or the poor, whichever comes first. This new volume concentrates on world poverty issues including their alleviation.
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Understanding Poverty

Understanding Poverty

... such as food insufficiency, evictions, homelessness, utility cutoffs, lack of medical care, neighborhood crime rate, and school quality. The good parent model focuses on parental stress: poverty is stressful, stress reduces ...

Author: Sheldon DANZIGER

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674030176

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

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In spite of an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity, the poverty rate in the United States remains high relative to the levels of the early 1970s and relative to those in many industrialized countries today. Understanding Poverty brings the problem of poverty in America to the fore, focusing on its nature and extent at the dawn of the twenty-first century.
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Mindful Interventions in Special Education

Mindful Interventions in Special Education

mental and physical development and how mindfulness might help with the stress of poverty. Effects. of. Poverty. Poverty. and. Physical. Development. Poverty may have had a direct impact on Paz's physical development.

Author: Julia A. H. Keller

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000683066

Category: Education

Page: 262

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Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Mindful Interventions in Special Education helps aspiring educators develop their intervention toolkit. Covering topics from dyslexia to hypoactivity, each chapter provides an overview of the theoretical and research-based rationale alongside an illustrative case study for each intervention being discussed. Each intervention features mindful and strength-based remediation strategies and reflection questions to deepen readers’ understanding. Addressing a wide array of common scenarios, this thoughtful resource is ideal for anyone seeking to effectively build inclusive classrooms and support students’ social-emotional learning.
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True Stories of Teen Homelessness

True Stories of Teen Homelessness

When someone is living under the poverty line, like many homeless teenagers are, they are under an extraordinary amount of stress. Research has shown this directly affects their executive function skills. Essentially, the stress of ...

Author: Monika Davis

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781502634023

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 114

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Nearly two million teens face homelessness a year in the United States alone. This book shares the stories of teens who are homeless and live on the streets or in shelters, with or without their families. Readers are presented with relatable facts about a vulnerable population. They will learn what can be done to address homelessness, and how to remedy the long-lasting consequences of the epidemic.
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Handbook of Adolescent Psychology Volume 1

Handbook of Adolescent Psychology  Volume 1

contribute both to greater vulnerability and protection from stress. ... However, the stress of poverty is best understood by examining the more proximal sources of stress that are manifested in adolescents' immediate environments.

Author: Richard M. Lerner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470149218

Category: Psychology

Page: 801

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The study of and interest in adolescence in the field of psychology and related fields continues to grow, necessitating an expanded revision of this seminal work. This multidisciplinary handbook, edited by the premier scholars in the field, Richard Lerner and Laurence Steinberg, and with contributions from the leading researchers, reflects the latest empirical work and growth in the field.
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