Super Human

Super Human

He wanted to be like the superhuman who called himself Façade, except that Façade was a villain. Lance knew that if he could change his appearance at will then he'd be practically unstoppable. He didn't see himself as a villain.

Author: Michael Carroll

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101187692

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

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Four thousand years ago the world’s first super human walked the earth. Possessing the strength of one hundred men, skin impervious to attack, and the ability to read minds, this immortal being used his power to conquer and enslave nations. Now plans are in motion that will transport this super human to the present, where he’ll usher in a new age of tyranny unlike anything the world has ever seen. Determined to stand against them, using powers they’ve only just begun to master, is a ragtag group of young heroes. For them this first test may be their greatest . . . and last. Watch a Video
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The Superhuman Crew

The Superhuman Crew

James Ensor, Bob Dylan John Harris, Markus Brilling. 0 the SUPER HUMAN CREW Painting by James Ensor Lyric by.

Author: James Ensor

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892365528

Category: Art

Page: 48

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Brings together two works of art--James Ensor's "Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889" and Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row"
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Superhuman Japan

Superhuman Japan

The solution: transforming superflat to superhumans,” –robots, that is, as extensions of human alteregos. Murakami praises the Honda corporation as the vanguard developer of humanoid robots, and Japanese schools, corporations, ...

Author: Marie Thorsten

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136446726

Category: Political Science

Page: 192

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This book examines the imaginative narratives that shaped the attitudes of Americans (and others) toward Japan. Focusing on cultural aspects of economic nationalism and US-Japan relations during the trade war Marie Thorsten uses examples from public discourse, film, documentaries, novels, acts of racism and comparison of international education assessments to examine the way in which Japan has been constituted in a global political gaze as an economic hegemon. In times of heightened rivalry, we often try to find superior "others" so that we can motivate ourselves against an imagined future of decline. During the Cold War, Americans and other nations in the West took advantage of being the underdog against the perceived superiority of the Soviet Union, especially by turning the Sputnik launch of 1957 into a lodestone for an educational renaissance. As postwar Japanese power became increasingly threatening, American policymakers again tried to fashion Japan into another "Sputnik" to motivate American people. This book explores 1980s "Bubble" Japan as a "Superhuman Other" in the consciousness of Americans, especially as reflected in popular culture and policy discourses. Making Japan into a Superhuman often resorted into the same stereotyping that invented Japan as a Subhuman. It was difficult for many to see that America, Japan and other nations were actually sharing the same global economic circumstances affecting attitudes toward knowledge and nation. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Japanese politics, International Relations and Japanese culture and society.
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Superhuman Innovation

Superhuman Innovation

... the AI revolution 71 The Fourth Industrial Revolution 73 Human intelligence 75 Cycles of AI 77 AI successes 80 Types of AI 81 AI combined with other technologies 85 6 The SUPER framework: A superhuman strategy 89 The super framework ...

Author: Chris Duffey

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749483845

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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DISTINGUISHED FAVOURITE: Independent Press Award 2020 - Business General Category WINNER: CES 2020 Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the Year Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new electricity of our times. It is revolutionizing industries the world over, and changing how we fundamentally view and understand work. Superhuman Innovation argues that AI will supercharge the workforce and the world of work, can be harnessed to deliver powerful change to how companies innovate and gain competitive advantage. It is a practical guide to how AI and Machine Learning are impacting not only how businesses, brands, and agencies innovate, but also what they innovate: products, services and content. In a world of product and pricing parity, the delivery of superior service experience has become the new marketing, and the new real competitive edge. With AI companies can harness the power of data, personalization and on-demand availability, at the touch of an intelligent button. Superhuman Innovation discusses how AI will serve the superstar innovators of tomorrow, by enabling them to see deeper insights and set sail for higher goals. It unearths a powerful five-pronged model which describes how AI enables innovation through the offerings of Speed (facilitating work processes), Understanding (revealing and mastering deep insights), Performance (customization of delivery to customers), Experimentation (the iterative process of reinvention and feedback) and Results (tangible, measurable and optimizable results). The book is supported by varied and innovative case studies from a variety of industries.
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Superhuman Endurance

Superhuman Endurance

Printed in the United States of America, North Mankato, Minnesota 102021 012022 Many of the superhuman feats described in this book were overseen by trainers and doctors. Do not attempt to re‐create these feats.

Author: Kelly Doudna

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 9781098219130



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This title explores real-life people whose endurance is so amazing, it seems like a superpower! Readers will learn what endurance is and the factors that affect endurance and meet people whose endurance is superhuman! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Big Buddy Books is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

The Superhuman Origin of the Bible

The Superhuman Origin of the Bible

LECTURE I. ON SOME TRAITS OF THE BIBLE WHICH SEEM AT VARIANCE WITH CERTAIN PRINCIPLES AND TENDENCIES OF HUMAN NATURE AN N argument , of no mean force , for the superhuman origin of the Bible , may , I conceive , be fairly founded on the ...

Author: Henry Rogers


ISBN: HARVARD:32044069757912

Category: Bible

Page: 465

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The Superhuman Origin of the Bible: Inferred from Itself by Henry Rogers, first published in 1874, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by state-of-the-art publishing tools for better readability and enhanced appreciation. Restoration Editors' mission is to bring long out of print manuscripts back to life. Some smudges, annotations or unclear text may still exist, due to permanent damage to the original work. We believe the literary significance of the text justifies offering this reproduction, allowing a new generation to appreciate it.
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The Superhuman Origin of the Bible inferred from itself etc

The Superhuman Origin of the Bible inferred from itself  etc

1 LECTURE I. ON SOME TRAITS OF THE BIBLE WHICH SEEM AT VARIANCE WITH CERTAIN PRINCIPLES AND TENDENCIES OF HUMAN NATURE A N argument , of no mean force , for the superhuman origin of the Bible , may , I conceive , be fairly founded on ...

Author: Henry ROGERS (President of Lancashire Independent College.)


ISBN: BL:A0022701087


Page: 359

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Enter the SUPERHUMAN RACE  1   1

he gestured to Noah and himself, “we're meant to be above humans, we're a different class of humans, superior in every way, because we improve ourselves, we strive to be better,” “So you're saying we're Superhuman?

Author: E.J. Perez



Category: Fiction

Page: 138

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In the future, the world is the same, yet different; Enter the Superhuman Race. Prepare yourself for the future. The next evolution of humans are here and they rule. The Superhuman Race is the begining of a series, one step in the future. Enter the Superhuman Race is the first book. It's a story of humanities struggle against a one world government with advancements in technology as the backdrop; including humans chipped, cloned and enhanced on physical abilities through natural or artificial means. A story that questions what happens when humanity reaches the threshold of technology in the future. Does humanity change for the better?
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Theories of Religion

Theories of Religion

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HUMAN AND SUPER - HUMAN AGENTS No doubt a difference was soon perceived between the ordinary human strikers , and that terrible and irresistible striker , the lightning . And what would be the inevitable result of ...

Author: Seth Daniel Kunin

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 081353965X

Category: Religion

Page: 524

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This book provides a comprehensive selection of readings that relate to and explore the definition of religion. The texts come from a wide range of approaches, unified both by the questions they address and their broadly social scientific perspective. The disciplines covered include anthropology, phenomenology, psychology and sociology. The editors have also included some key texts relating to the feminist approach to and critique of religion. The initial section of the book includes some of the foundational texts, such as materials by Marx, Freud, and Durkheim. The remaining sections look at more recent discussions of the issues from the different disciplinary perspectives. Each reading is introduced by a biographical sketch of the author. The book also includes introductory discussions to each section that both raise the key issues developed in a particular discipline and address the disciplinary approaches from a more critical stance. Theories of Religion: A Reader is an invaluable critical resource, accessible to a broad audience as well as students of theology and religious studies.Seth D. Kunin, dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Durham, is author of Religion: the Modern Theories, coeditor of A Companion to Religious Studies and Theology, and editor of Themes and Issues in Judaism. Jonathan Miles-Watson is lecturer in anthropology at the University of Wales Swansea.
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