Surviving Cissy

Surviving Cissy

—Jon Provost, actor, Lassie ''If you like a great book, you'll love Surviving Cissy. I
was producer/production manager of all Don Fedderson's family shows,
including Family Affair, and can attest that Kathy was the talented and
hardworking ...

Author: Kathy Garver

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781630761165

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Kathy Garver, the teenage heartthrob from the hit series Family Affair (1966–1971), was no one-hit wonder, but a journeywoman actress who appeared in such classic films as Night of the Hunter and The Ten Commandments long before she became a television icon. This memoir is a recollection of a working actress’s experiences, from the many films, television shows, and stage plays in which she performed, to her second career as a voice-over specialist in popular animated films and audiobooks. Featuring anecdotes, Hollywood history, and details of her relationships with such stars as Charlton Heston and Jon Provost, Surviving Cissy is a veritable quilt of Kathy’s exciting life.
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RetroFan 10

RetroFan  10

(ABOVE) The actress' memoir, Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in
Hollywood (2015). © Kathy Garver. Family Affair © Don Fedderson Productions.
an accomplished author, with several books to her credit including Surviving
Cissy: My ...

Author: Michael Eury

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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Now bi-monthly! RetroFan #10 celebrates fifty years of Shaft—can you dig it? Plus: interviews with Family Affair’s Kathy Garver and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour’s Geri “Fake Jan” Reischl, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, rare Godzilla merchandise, Spaghetti Westerns, Saturday morning cartoon preview specials, fake presidential candidates, Spider-Man/The Spider parallels, Stuckey’s, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Ernest Farino, Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, and Scott Shaw! Edited by Michael Eury.
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Surviving as a Woman

Surviving as a Woman

Remember our rule that a promise is a promise ? " I quickly scanned the next two
paragraphs of the article , hoping my expert would get on with his expertise and
tell me which rule has precedence over ... “ It's two o'clock ! ” Cissy interrupted .

Author: Betty Canary


ISBN: NWU:35556000477034

Category: Women

Page: 179

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There had been no letters from her daughter , but Cissy had hired detectives and
knew that Felicia was working as a waitress in San Diego and seemed to be
settling and surviving . Cissy suggested that she and Rose open a new hotel , to
be ...

Author: Ralph G. Martin

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: UVA:X000041621

Category: United States

Page: 512

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ISBN 067122557X LCCN 7910752.
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Only Couples Need Apply

Only Couples Need Apply

Cissy suspected it was all for their co - workers ' benefit , but his attention still
pleased her . , Later , while driving back to the cabana where Jack would drop
Cissy before beginning his shift , he said , “ We survived that , didn ' t we ? ' ' “
What ?

Author: Connie Flynn

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 0373520441

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Only Couples Need Apply by Connie Flynn released on Mar 25, 1997 is available now for purchase.
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Annals of Wyoming

Annals of Wyoming

The very rooms Gizycki declared to be Cissy's own had some of the woman's
possessions in them . Somehow the marriage survived four years . After two
years a baby was born , a girl , but an offspring did not transform the footloose
Gizycki ...



ISBN: IND:30000117716690

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The Missing Twin Mills Boon Intrigue Guardian Angel Investigations Lost and Found Book 1

The Missing Twin  Mills   Boon Intrigue   Guardian Angel Investigations  Lost and Found  Book 1

“Shh,honey, Mommy's here.It's allright.” “Gonna hurt Mommy...” Sara wailed.“Help
Cissy. We have to help Cissy!”“Shh,baby.” Madelyn ... She'd heard that twins had
a special connection, but why was Sara still dreaming thatCissy had survived?

Author: Rita Herron

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472036308

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Detective Caleb Walker had taken on some tough cases for Guardian Angel Investigations, but when Madelyn Andrews came to him, claiming that her five-year-old daughter was able to "communicate" with her twin sister who'd never made it home from the hospital, Caleb was skeptical.
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Audit Poetry

Audit Poetry

And Cissy would be happier and she would respond the more to living if he did.
They had gone through their great tragedy and sorrow together and they had
survived it. They could not live in that sorrow forever. Time was passing fast now,

Author: Robert Edward Duncan


ISBN: UCSC:32106019583001

Category: American literature


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When Television Brought Us Together

When Television Brought Us Together

I'm happy to know I'm not the only one looking back at the television series of my youth not just with nostalgia, but with longing for programs today that comfort, nourish, entertain and reflect who we are.

Author: David Hofstede


ISBN: 1949802205


Page: 384

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Why do millions of people love classic television shows? One reason, certainly, is that many Americans have become disenchanted with the current TV landscape. The shows from decades past are more than a source of happy shared memories among millions of people; they are a common thread weaved through our culture. We're 50 years beyond most of their debuts now. Do they still mirror how we live? Should they? When Television Brought Us Together celebrates the era in television that came of age with the Baby Boomer generation, and how its most fondly remembered shows can still inspire us to emulate the ideals and ethics it portrays. "David Hofstede delves into the meanings of our favorite comforting classics and compares them with the TV fare of today. You'll be happy you stopped by to take a long breath of nostalgic fresh air and rediscover why these past shows are so classic. Totally recommended!" - Kathy Garver - Star of Family Affair and author of Surviving Cissy "Thanks to television, America was able to laugh together, cry together and love together, because we watched together. David reminds us how television united, rather than divided, a large and diverse country and how, even today, it has the power to provide valuable lessons for living in the real world. - Mitchell Hadley, author of The Electronic Mirror and founder of It's About TV blog "David Hofstede has encyclopedic knowledge and spot-on insight into TV shows of the past. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one looking back at the television series of my youth not just with nostalgia, but with longing for programs today that comfort, nourish, entertain and reflect who we are." -- Kathryn Leigh Scott, star of Dark Shadows and author of The Dark Shadows Companion "David Hofstede's thoughtful takes on our favorite TV shows from the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s-and the shared experience we often felt as we grew up watching them together, in a three-network, pre-DVR, pre-viewing on demand, pre-social media, pre-a lot of other things universe-are sometimes whimsical, sometimes analytical, but always absorbing to read." - Ed Robertson, Host of TV Confidential and author of 45 Years of The Rockford Files

The Stephen McKinley Family of Hamilton County Texas

The Stephen McKinley Family of Hamilton County  Texas

They survived Cissy by a few years as she had died in 1949. Tom Casey outlived
her by seven years . Grace , Lucy , Anna , Mollie , and Parthenia , the wives of the
five brothers , each survived her husband . They were all good friends , these ...

Author: Patricia McKinley Murphree Honea


ISBN: WISC:89061970562

Category: Hamilton County (Tex.)

Page: 112

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American Odyssey

American Odyssey

Three hours of waiting , searching , and chaos passed before the Lenticks
discovered Cissy had survived unscathed . Ralph decided he had had enough of
Calumet . On the day after Christmas he took his family , boarded the train , and ...

Author: Robert E. Conot


ISBN: UOM:39015010927823

Category: History

Page: 735

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The Biography of Eleanor M. "Cissy" Patterson Paul F. Healy. Cissy gave more
and more job opportunities to women in the late thirties . In 1939 , her ... He had
barely survived an office party that was wild even by Herald standards . Cissy , as

Author: Paul F. Healy


ISBN: UOM:39015013299386

Category: Journalists

Page: 421

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Categories: Journalists

Steph the Fabulous Princess

Steph  the Fabulous Princess

Cissy was an American aristocrat ; by her wealth and family position she
belonged , even in Viennese society . Their marriage was not ... fifteen she had
survived the possibility of having her head turned by the flattery of men . One of
her many ...

Author: Franz Hohenlohe (Prinz zu)


ISBN: STANFORD:36105081253549

Category: Princesses

Page: 205

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Drunk Before Noon

Drunk Before Noon

Finally , Cissy ordered him to come with her on her private parlor car to New York
. The fellow , on the horns ... Cissy Patterson was famous for her feuds . One
person she could not ... It was a miracle my marriage survived . As for me — I'm
not ...

Author: Kendall K. Hoyt

Publisher: Prentice Hall Direct

ISBN: 013220830X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 418

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An irreverent, warts-and-all look at the Washington Press corps--from big name stars to lowly stringers--offers fascinating insights into the Washington news pack and the people and events they cover
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Only Begotten Sonnets

Only Begotten Sonnets

One is not entitled to infer from all this that he was a cissy in character; there are
surviving tributes to his courage as a captain of cavalry in Ireland and in hand to
hand fighting in the Azores. But it could not have been easy for such a personality

Author: S. C. Campbell

Publisher: Bell & Hyman

ISBN: STANFORD:36105035489561

Category: Sonnets anglais - Histoire et critique

Page: 241

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A radical yet careful reconsideration leads the author to a small but far-reaching rearrangement of the Quarto ordering. Many have tried to find the original order, but have tended to use hare-brained codes, or massive reshuffling, and the result makes no better sense than the quarto ordering. S.C. Campbell assumes (giving good reason for so doing) that only a few repositionings are necessary, and in sets rather than in individual sonnets. -- from book jacket.
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The Piano Quarterly

The Piano Quarterly

Meanwhile the other grown - ups , Cissy Caffrey and I , awaited our calls in states
resembling clinical shock . Cissy somehow survived her ordeal , delivering a
rather catatonic but unexceptionable Bach fugue . Then it was my turn . As usual



ISBN: UOM:39015022310901

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Surviving the Death of an Angel

Surviving the Death of an Angel

In the new edition and updated title, "Surviving the Death of an Angel: Memoir of a Mother's Worse Reality", Dr. Cecelia Yopp shares her darkest time to-date; the birth and death of her newborn son, William Brandon Yopp.

Author: Cecelia Yopp

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1530732697


Page: 52

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In the new edition and updated title, "Surviving the Death of an Angel: Memoir of a Mother's Worse Reality," Dr. Cecelia Yopp shares her darkest time to-date; the birth and death of her newborn son, William Brandon Yopp. Dr. Yopp invites you on her personal grieving and healing journey with the intention to convey that your joy will eventually be restored. No matter the loss---of a child, spouse, parent, sibling, or any other loved-one---you are sure to find encouragement in this book for your personal grief journey.

The Listener

The Listener

... bearing all survived in Chandler's these passed - on burpsyche almost
untardens , could get out of bed in the morning ... So while you will find Sunday's
programme ready to admit that Chandler's 1924 marriage to Cissy Pascal united
him to ...



ISBN: UVA:X001534555

Category: Radio addresses, debates, etc


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Categories: Radio addresses, debates, etc

The One Blood

The One Blood

A third case involves the division of Cissy Jones ' estate of £ 8,000 . Cissy was
survived by her only daughter , middleaged and married , and her daughter's two
children . Cissy has never got on that well ” with her own daughter who had ...

Author: Elliott Leyton

Publisher: [St. John's, Nfld.] : Institute of Social and Economic Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland

ISBN: UVA:X000743368

Category: Aughnaboy, Ire

Page: 103

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Categories: Aughnaboy, Ire

Say Yes to the Death

Say Yes to the Death

I did have one little black dress that I'd kept around for a decade in case of
emergencies, but Cissy had nixed it the ... skinny woman who survived on lettuce
and water and/or had the meat sucked off her bones in seasonal liposuction

Author: Susan McBride

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062358615

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Someone old, someone cruel Debutante dropout Andrea Kendricks is beyond done with big hair, big gowns, and big egos—so being dragged to a high-society Texas wedding by her socialite mama, Cissy, gives her a bad case of déjà vu. As does running into her old prep-school bully, Olivia La Belle, the wedding planner, who's graduated to berating people for a living on her reality TV show. But for all the times Andy wished her dead, nobody deserves Olivia's fate: lying in a pool of blood, a cake knife in her throat—but did the angry baker do it? Millicent Draper, the grandmotherly owner of Millie's Cakes, swears she's innocent, and Andy believes her. Unfortunately, the cops don't. Though Andy's fiancé, lawyer Brian Malone, is handling Millie's case, she's determined to spring Millie herself. But where to start? "La Belle from Hell" had enemies galore. Good thing Andy has a BFF who's a reporter— and a blue-blood mother who likes to pull strings.
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