Science Technology and Society

Science  Technology  and Society

This volume will take a comprehensive view of STS education, the goals of which are manifold, and include making science and technology literacy available for all Americans, preparing those not bound for college to compete successfully in ...

Author: David D. Kumar

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306461730

Category: Education

Page: 308

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This volume will take a comprehensive view of STS education, the goals of which are manifold, and include making science and technology literacy available for all Americans, preparing those not bound for college to compete successfully in an increasingly science-and technology-oriented global market, and equipping the average person with the information necessary for making informed personal and policy decisions concerning the role of science and technology in society.
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Science Technology and Society

Science  Technology and Society

CHAPTER 10 Science, Technology and the Less-developed Countries David
Burch Much of the content of any textbook on science, technology and society
inevitably concerns the richer countries of the world, where most of the
technological ...

Author: Martin Bridgstock

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521587352

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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Provides a comprehensive introduction to the human, social and economic aspects of science and technology. It is broad, interdisciplinary and international, with a focus on Australia. The authors present complex issues in an accessible and engaging form. Invaluable for both students and teachers.
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Science Technology and Society

Science  Technology and Society

SOCIETY Wenceslao J . Gonzalez There is nowadays , through the “ social turn ”
in philosophy of science and philosophy of technology , a new panorama in the ...

Author: Wenceslao J. González

Publisher: Netbiblo

ISBN: 0972989226

Category: Science

Page: 219

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The emphasis on the realm of Science, Technology and Society or Science and Technology Studies may have the same degree of relevance that the “historical turn” had in the past. It is a “social turn” which affects philosophy of science as well as philosophy of technology. It includes a new vision of the aims, processes and results of scientific activities and technological doings, because the focus of attention is on several aspects of science and technology which used to be considered as secondary, or even irrelevant. This turn highlights science and technology as social undertakings rather than intellectual contents. According to this new vision, there are several important changes as to what should be studied the objects of research, how it should be studied the method and what the consequences for those studies are. The new focus of attention can be seen in many changes, and among them are several of special interest: a) from what science and technology are in themselves (mainly, epistemic contents) to how science and technology are made (largely, social constructions); b) from the language and structure of basic science to the characteristics of applied science and the applications of science; c) from technology as a feature through which human beings control their natural surroundings (a step beyond “technics” due to the contribution of science) to technology as a social practice and an instrument of power; and d) from the role of internal values necessary for “mature science” and “innovative technology” to the role of contextual or external values (cultural, political, economic ...) of science and technology. Wenceslao J. Gonzalez is professor of logic and philosophy of science at the University of A Coruña (Spain). He has been vicedean of the School of Humanities and president of the Committee of Doctoral Programs at the University. He has been a visting researcher at the Universities of St. Andrews, Münster and London (London School of Economics), as well as Visiting fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh. He has given lectures at the Universities of Pittsburgh, Stanford, Quebec and Helsinki. The conferences in which he has participated include those organized by the Universities of Uppsala, New South Wales, Bologne and Canterbury (New Zealand). He has edited 20 volumes and published 70 papers. He is the editor of the monographic issues on Philosophy and Methodology of Economics (1998) and Lakatos’s Philosophy Today (2001). His writings include “Economic Prediction and Human Activity. An Analysis of Prediction in Economics from Action Theory” (1994), “On the Theoretical Basis of Prediction in Economics” (1996), “Rationality in Economics and Scientific Predictions: A Critical Reconstruction of Bounded Rationality and its Role in Economic Predictions” (1997), “Lakatos’s Approach on Prediction and Novel Facts” (2001), “Rationality in Experimental Economics: An Analysis of R. Selten’s Approach” (2003), “From ErklärenVerstehen to PredictionUnderstanding: The Methodological Framework in Economics” (2003), and “The Many Faces of Popper’s Methodological Approach to Prediction” (2004).
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Science Technology and Society

Science  Technology  and Society

An Encyclopedia Sal P. Restivo Professor Department of Science and
Technology Studies Sal Restivo. Technology influencing authentic ... A Rumor of
Angels: Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Sacred. Garden City, NY:
Doubleday, ...

Author: Sal P. Restivo

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195141931

Category: Social Science

Page: 701

View: 793

'Science, Technology, and Society' offers approximately 150 articles written by major scholars and experts from academic and scientific institutions worldwide. The theme is the functions and effects of science and technology in society and culture.
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Business Information Technology and Society

Business  Information Technology and Society

7 IT and society The need for choice Topics The social implications of an
information society Leisure and the home Education and information technology
Culture and cyberspace IT and divisions in society Communities and IT The
physical ...

Author: Stephen D. Tansey

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415192137

Category: Computers

Page: 252

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This book is primarily intended as an undergraduate text that introduces students to the impact of modern information technology on business. It focuses upon the use of information technology on organizations of all kinds, and the way this is constrained by the wider society within which such organizations operate.
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Technology and Society

Technology and Society

We find that technology was developed in response to the needs of the society .
At the same time , technology shaped their societies and even influenced their art
and culture . 2.1 The Mesopotamian Civilization Mesopotamia is the area that is ...

Author: R. V. G. Menon

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 8131756416

Category: Electronic books

Page: 168

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Technology and Society traces the history of developments in science and technology from the Stone Age to modern times. It analyses how cultural attitudes and values have influenced their development and use, as well as the ways that technology in turn has influenced our lives, morals and culture, for better and for worse. The book also looks at recent developments in information and space technology, and closely examines the many facets of our prospects for survival in a safe and sustained world. Students of science and the humanities, as well as general readers interested in the subjects will find this lucid, engaging text an invaluable introduction to this vast, exciting and essential topic.
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Technology and Society

Technology and Society

An understanding of how technology and society are intertwined and how values
are woven into this relationship is essential to making informed choices to meet
these challenges. This book does not provide any simple algorithms for solving ...

Author: Deborah G. Johnson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262303385

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 648

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An anthology of writings by thinkers ranging from Freeman Dyson to Bruno Latour that focuses on the interconnections of technology, society, and values and how these may affect the future. Technological change does not happen in a vacuum; decisions about which technologies to develop, fund, market, and use engage ideas about values as well as calculations of costs and benefits. This anthology focuses on the interconnections of technology, society, and values. It offers writings by authorities as varied as Freeman Dyson, Laurence Lessig, Bruno Latour, and Judy Wajcman that will introduce readers to recent thinking about technology and provide them with conceptual tools, a theoretical framework, and knowledge to help understand how technology shapes society and how society shapes technology. It offers readers a new perspective on such current issues as globalization, the balance between security and privacy, environmental justice, and poverty in the developing world. The careful ordering of the selections and the editors' introductions give Technology and Society a coherence and flow that is unusual in anthologies. The book is suitable for use in undergraduate courses in STS and other disciplines. The selections begin with predictions of the future that range from forecasts of technological utopia to cautionary tales. These are followed by writings that explore the complexity of sociotechnical systems, presenting a picture of how technology and society work in step, shaping and being shaped by one another. Finally, the book goes back to considerations of the future, discussing twenty-first-century challenges that include nanotechnology, the role of citizens in technological decisions, and the technologies of human enhancement.
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Science Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan

Science  Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan

This reflects how many Japanese lack a knowledge of information technology
and the way it can create economic growth ( Boyd : 1998 ) , a puzzling situation
given that the Japanese were the first to coin the term ' information society ' in the

Author: Morris Low

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521654254

Category: History

Page: 226

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This is an introductory-level text exploring science and technology in Japanese society.
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Technology and Society

Technology and Society

It may be socially acceptable to say that you won't buy a driverless car or don't
use Twitter, but objecting to technological society as a whole is often seen as old
fashioned, naïve or dangerous. Yet there are a growing number of people who
are ...

Author: Andrew Ede

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108425605

Category: History

Page: 350

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Celebrates the creativity of humanity by examining the history of technology as a strategy to solve real-world problems.
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Thinking Constructively About Science Technology and Society Education

Thinking Constructively About Science  Technology  and Society Education

We have seen that STS education must attend more seriously to literature
regarding children's active construction of reality, especially as it relates to
science, technology, politics, economics, and society. This chapter considers
other research ...

Author: Dennis W. Cheek

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791409392

Category: Education

Page: 262

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This book defines STS--science, technology, and society--education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history and philosophy of science and technology, STS studies, and education as they are informed by the the dual perspectives of cognitive and social psychology. A model for STS curriculum development in science, social studies, or technology education is presented with well-chosen examples. The book includes an extensive and invaluable bibliography that will enable students, teachers, and researchers to explore the richness of this emerging field.
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Technology and Society Reader

Technology and Society Reader

The 21st century so far has been notable for the manipulation of technology
organizing work as efficiently as possible by means of novel equipment,
processes, and systems for gathering, recording, analyzing, distributing, storing,
and ...

Author: Peter B. Heller

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761858287

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 108

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These case studies illustrate the mutual, reciprocal impact of technology on one hand and the social sciences, including government policy, on the other. The text suggests that advanced technology is not always compatible with the different settings in emerging societies with other geographic, economic, social, cultural, and political environments.
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Science Technology Society

Science Technology   Society

The social cost of such technology was recognized in the public sector only after
international concern about its impact on society had become apparent. In this
chapter, we focus on the interplay of three social sectors, public, private and
citizen ...

Author: Nakayama

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136154751

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Technology and Society

Technology and Society

In addition, the two world wars spurred the creation of many technologies,
including computers (used for code cracking and navigation) and atomic
weapons. This was a period of some social change in the United States. Women
received the ...

Author: Jan L. Harrington

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763750947

Category: Computers

Page: 296

View: 945

Technology and Society illustrates the impact of technological change, both positive and negative, on our world. The author looks at how technology has brought many positive advancements to our society, and also discusses the significant repercussions that we need to consider. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.
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Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society

Ever since the dawn of human his— tory from the shaping of the first primitive
tools, technology has influenced the nature of society as well as individual life
styles Invention of the wheel, the plough, the lever, the discovery of the properties
of ...

Author: B. Schmeikal

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483286266

Category: Reference

Page: 286

View: 334

This book consists of an inventory of research projects on the impact of technology on society. Research in this field is of growing importance as the flood of technological innovation continues. This survey indicates considerable activity in the areas of microelectronics and information technology, but with a need for more consistency and balance. By building together detailed information on current research, the volume not only increases awareness of what has been done, but also indicates areas needing further research.
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Current Trends in Technology and Society Volume 1

Current Trends in Technology and Society   Volume 1

The development of a new technology reflects the needs of, constraints on, and
opportunities available to a society at a particular moment in time. In that way,
each new technological innovation is a reflection of the culture and society in
which ...

Author: Rick van der Zwan


ISBN: 9781471610080

Category: Technological innovations


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Categories: Technological innovations

Science Technology and Society

Science  Technology and Society

United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for Development will be
held ...

Author: Klaus-Heinrich Standke

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483148281

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 652

View: 498

Science, Technology and Society: Needs, Challenges and Limitations focuses on the role of science and technology in promoting development as well as its limitation in shaping the society. The text outlines the contributions that this field has provided in health, industries, agriculture, transportation, and communication. The book puts emphasis on the role of technologists and scientists in promoting development, such as in the fields of biology and medicine. The text notes the emergence of socio-economic problems in the sector of food and agriculture and how these problems can be solved by the application of agricultural technologies. Case studies in this regard that is presented in this book include fish handling and distribution, improving soil fertility, and feed resources for animal feeding. The role of science and technology in the management of water resources is noted, and the problems associated with the application of science and technology to water resources development are discussed. Science and technology has also played an important role in improving the quality of life in human settlements. The text is a valuable source of data for scientists and technologists who aim to improve science and technology and serve the interest of mankind.
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Convergence of Knowledge Technology and Society

Convergence of Knowledge  Technology and Society

Society: Beyond. Convergence. of. Nano-BioInfo-Cognitive. Technologies.
Overview. and. Recommendations. Science, engineering, and technology are
recognized to permeate nearly every facet of modern life and to hold the key to
solving ...

Author: Mihail C. Roco

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783319022048

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 558

View: 281

This volume aims to document the most important worldwide accomplishments in converging knowledge and technology, including converging platforms, methods of convergence, societal implications, and governance in the last ten years. Convergence in knowledge, technology, and society is the accelerating, transformative interaction among seemingly distinct scientific disciplines, technologies, and communities to achieve mutual compatibility, synergism, and integration, and through this process to create added value for societal benefit. It is a movement that is recognized by scientists and thought leaders around the world as having the potential to provide far-reaching solutions to many of today’s complex knowledge, technology, and human development challenges. Four essential and interdependent convergence platforms of human activity are defined in the first part of this report: nanotechnology-biotechnology-information technology and cognitive science (“NBIC”) foundational tools; Earth-scale environmental systems; human-scale activities; and convergence methods for societal-scale activities. The report then presents the main implications of convergence for human physical potential, cognition and communication, productivity and societal outcomes, education and physical infrastructure, sustainability, and innovative and responsible governance. As a whole, the report presents a new model for convergence. To effectively take advantage of this potential, a proactive governance approach is suggested. The study identifies an international opportunity to develop and apply convergence for technological, economic, environmental, and societal benefits. The panel also suggests an opportunity in the United States for implementing a program aimed at focusing disparate R and D energies into a coherent activity - a "Societal Convergence Initiative”. This study received input from leading academic, industry, government, and NGO experts from the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
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Health Technology and Society

Health  Technology and Society

This book has offered an exploration of the relationship between health,
technology and society. Throughout I have been especially interested in asking
how innovation in biomedical technoscience – such as that found in tissue
engineering ...

Author: Andrew Webster

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137095930

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 390

Examines a range of current innovative health technologies, exploring how far they change the boundaries between the body, health, technology relationship, and assessing the contribution a critical social science can make towards our understanding of this shift.
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Science and Technology in Society

Science and Technology in Society

Information technology is one of the two cornerstones of our new postindustrial
economy. Today, the use of computers is commonplace in homes, workplaces,
and schools; many people in this country “surf” the World Wide Web regularly.

Author: Daniel Lee Kleiman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405148191

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

View: 880

This thoughtful and engaging text challenges the widely held notion of science as somehow outside of society, and the idea that technology proceeds automatically down a singular and inevitable path. Through specific case studies involving contemporary debates, this book shows that science and technology are fundamentally part of society and are shaped by it. Draws on concepts from political sociology, organizational analysis, and contemporary social theory. Avoids dense theoretical debate. Includes case studies and concluding chapter summaries for students and scholars.
Categories: Social Science

Language Technology and Society

Language  Technology  and Society

For all its importance in the history of civilization, writing is a passive technology.
Once created, written texts do not do much by themselves. We turn now to a
different type of language and speech technology, namely machines that, to a
greater ...

Author: Richard Sproat

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191613920

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 302

View: 487

This book traces the history of language technology from writing - the first technology specifically designed for language - to digital speech and other contemporary language systems. The book describes the social impact of technological developments over five millennia, and addresses topics such as the ways in which literacy has influenced cognitive and scientific development; the social impact of modern speech technology; the influence of various printing technologies; the uses and limitations of machine translation; how far mass information access is a means for exploitation or enlightenment; the deciphering of ancient scripts; and technical aids for people with language disabilities. Richard Sproat writes in a clear, readable style, introducing linguistic and other scientific concepts as they are needed. His book offers fascinating reading for everyone interested in how language and technology have shaped and continue to shape our day-to-day lives.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines