Author: Tom Strang


ISBN: 1907789421

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Trust TeeJay's proven approach, which successfully develops mathematical skills and adds fun to learning. This book provides hundreds of practice questions, with progression and consolidation - the core TeeJay philosophy - underpinning every exercise and chapter. - Use Book 1A followed by Book 1B to cover the entire First Level curriculum - Chapter Zero revises all of the strands from Early Level - Every chapter ends with 'The 3Rs' exercise so that pupils can Revisit, Review and Revise that topic - Extension work provides extra stretch for high-attaining pupils - Answers for all questions are in the back of the book; answers for 'The 3Rs' are available on the TeeJay Maths website
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TeeJay Literacy and English CfE First Level Book 1B

TeeJay Literacy and English CfE First Level Book 1B

On a Monday morning We do spellings and Maths. And silent reading. But on the Monday After the frost We went straight outside. Cobwebs hung in the cold air, Everywhere. All around the playground, They clothed the trees, Dressed every ...

Author: Madeleine Barnes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781398352551

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Add fun to your lessons with the only Literacy and English textbooks offering comprehensive, consistent coverage of the whole CfE First Level curriculum. This brand-new series from TeeJay will enable you to confidently cover all CfE Benchmarks and Experiences and Outcomes for Writing, Listening & Talking, and Reading for Understanding. - Explore different genres and foster a love of reading with exciting text extracts - Bring the fun of learning to your classroom with activities for play-based learning - Help students of all abilities progress at their own pace with tasks for differentiation flagged throughout - Continuously build and consolidate knowledge and monitor progression with end-of-chapter 'Review Revisit, Revise' exercises - Brush up on past teaching with the exercises in Chapter 0, which revise key skills from Book 1A - Trust the core TeeJay philosophy - progression and consolidation - to help students build and develop their skills and understanding This title will also be available as a Boost eBook - contact TeeJay consultant Karen Kidd for more information: [email protected]
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