Cantonese as a Second Language

Cantonese as a Second Language

Crane 文鶴出版有限公司. Bauer, R. S. (2017). The ABC Cantonese dictionary [ABC ]. Retrieved from Bauer, R. S. (2018). Cantonese as written language in Hong Kong 香港書面粵語. Global Chinese, 4(1), ...

Author: John C. Wakefield

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351184236

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 286

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Cantonese is a language from southern China that is spoken by roughly 70 million people worldwide. It is the language of Hong Kong cinema and has traditionally been the most prominent language spoken in Chinatowns around the world. People choose to learn Cantonese for a variety of social and economic reasons: because it is a heritage language that one’s relatives speak; because it is the language of one’s partner and monolingual in-laws; because it is necessary for living and working in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, or other Cantonese-speaking communities; because it is the bridge to fully appreciating and understanding Cantonese culture; or simply because it is an irresistible challenge. Whatever the motivation, more and more people are choosing to learn Cantonese as an additional language. This book discusses many issues related to both acquiring and teaching Cantonese. If you are a learner of Cantonese, this long overdue volume is essential to understanding both the grammatical and the social issues involved with learning this notoriously difficult language. If you are a teacher, this book will be invaluable to gaining insight into your students’ motivations and needs. And finally, if you are an applied linguist, the unique aspects related to the acquisition of Cantonese offer a fascinating contribution to the literature.
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ABC Cantonese English Comprehensive Dictionary

ABC Cantonese English Comprehensive Dictionary

Author Robert S. Bauer, a renowned lexicographer and authority on Cantonese, has utilized language documentation resources to the fullest extent by gathering material firsthand from dictionaries, glossaries, and grammars; newspapers and ...

Author: Robert S. Bauer

Publisher: ABC Chinese Dictionary

ISBN: 0824877322

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1248

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Cantonese is spoken by an estimated 73 million people worldwide. It remains hugely influential and a source of great pride--especially for its speakers in Hong Kong, where it flourishes as the predominant language and so sets Hong Kong apart linguistically from all of mainland China. The first and most authoritative reference of its kind to be published in the last forty years, ABC Cantonese-English Comprehensive Dictionary comprises about 15,000 lexical entries that are unique to the colloquial Cantonese language as it is spoken and written in Hong Kong today. Author Robert S. Bauer, a renowned lexicographer and authority on Cantonese, has utilized language documentation resources to the fullest extent by gathering material firsthand from dictionaries, glossaries, and grammars; newspapers and magazines; government records; cartoons and comic books; film and television; websites; and native speakers striding the sidewalks of Hong Kong to capture concretely contemporary Cantonese. In addition to the Introduction, which presents an exhaustive description and analysis of Hong Kong Cantonese, this dictionary's special features include: alphabetical ordering of the lexical entries by their Jyut Ping romanized Cantonese pronunciations; parts of speech; cross-referencing with semantically related lexical items; variant pronunciations and written forms in Chinese characters and English letters; explanatory notes on social status and usage (literal, figurative, slang, jargon, humorous, obscene, obsolete, etc.); information on sociocultural, historical, and political aspects; and example sentences showing lexical usage in the context of spoken Cantonese.
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Operatic China

Operatic China

Retired from professional acting careers, these elderly artists devote their time to teaching Cantonese opera and to ... and a third, relatively small generation of young ABCs (American-born Chinese) in their teens and twenties.

Author: D. Lei

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137061638

Category: Performing Arts

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In this study Lei focuses on the notion of 'performing Chinese' in traditional opera in the 'contact zones', where two or more cultures, ethnicities, and/or ideologies meet and clash. This work seeks to create discourse among theatre and performance studies, Asian and Asian American studies, and transnational and diasporic studies.
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Worldly Desires

Worldly Desires

However, because Final Option was shot in sync-sound, Michael Wong's Cantonese dialogue was delivered with a strong American accent that would come to define Wong—and other “ABCs”—for the rest of his career.

Author: Brian Hu

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474428477

Category: History

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Explores how internet use empowers Arab citizens.
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ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese

ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese

Length distinctions in some modern dialects are either a concomitant feature of tone, or have secondarily emerged as in Cantonese; there vowel length correlates regularly with MC segmental features and pro- bably has emerged due to Tai ...

Author: Axel Schuessler

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824829759

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 680

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This is the first genuine etymological dictionary of Old Chinese written in any language. As such, it constitutes a milestone in research on the evolution of the Sinitic language group. Whereas previous studies have emphasized the structure of the Chinese characters, this pathbreaking dictionary places primary emphasis on the sounds and meanings of Sinitic roots. Based on more than three decades of intensive investigation in primary and secondary sources, this completely new dictionary places Old Chinese squarely within the Sino-Tibetan language family (including close consideration of numerous Tiberto-Burman languages), while paying due regard to other language families such as Austroasiatic, Miao-Yao (Hmong-Mien), and Kam-Tai. Designed for use by nonspecialists and specialists alike, the dictionary is highly accessible, being arranged in alphabetical order and possessed of numerous innovative lexicographical features. Each entry offers one or more possible etymologies as well as reconstructed pronunciations and other relevant data. Words that are morphologically related are grouped together into "word families" that attempt to make explicit the derivational or other etymological processes that relate them. The dictionary is preceded by a substantive and significant introduction that outlines the author’s views on the linguistic position of Chinese within Asia and details the phonological and morphological properties, to the degree they are known, of the earliest stages of the Chinese language and its ancestor. This introduction, because it both summarizes and synthesizes earlier work and makes several original contributions, functions as a useful reference work all on its own.
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Creativity in Language and Literature

Creativity in Language and Literature

And when he raps it in his song , ' ABCgwan ' ( which is basically a song about himself ) , he has blended English into Cantonese almost seamlessly : Example 2 OK < Okay , everyone of the audience > HABC ZF6 € ŽIF ?

Author: Joan Swann

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781349924820

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 368

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"Creativity in Language and Literature is a provocative and valuable book. Its breadth of topics, variety of approaches, and self-consciously creative and dialogic nature are especially appropriate and creative ways of approaching the subject of creativity. The scope, variety and original content of this book make it a unique contribution to the field" - Professor David L. Hoover, New York University, USA This unique resource brings together contributions from creative practitioners and academic researchers working across different disciplines. Researchers, literary authors, editors, performers and film makers reflect on their work and collectively explore the art of creativity in language and literature. Creativity in Language and Literature covers a range of texts, genres and practices, such as poetry, hip hop, film, story telling, web chat and pen-friend correspondence. Each part of the book begins with an introduction and the final part includes critical responses to the idea of linguistic creativity, encouraging ongoing dialogue and debate. This richly diverse collection is an ideal text for students and practitioners working at all levels. With contributions by Patience Agbabi, Daniel Allington, R. Amritavalli, Richard D. Brown, Lynne Cameron, Ronald Carter, Guy Cook, Jon Cook, Ruth Finnegan, Angela Goddard, Ben Haggarty, Graeme Harper, G. D. Jayalakshmi, Angel Lin, Janet Maybin, Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Kate Pahl, Mario Petrucci, Rob Pope, Elena Semino, Fiona Sampson, Jane Spiro, Peter Stockwell, Joan Swann, S. Upendran and Michelene Wandor.
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This is the ABC

This is the ABC

An instruction was issued that Milligan was never again to . appear live on ABC radio . Nobody had foreseen the danger of ... French , Indonesian , Vietnamese , Thai , Japanese , Mandarin , and Cantonese . About 200 000 letters a year ...

Author: Kenneth Stanley Inglis

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 1863951814

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As the bells in the tower of Sydney's General Post Office chimed eight o'clock on the evening of Friday 1 July 1932, the peals were picked up by a microphone and carried to every State of the Federation. 'This is the Australian Broadcasting Commission,' said the announcer, Conrad Charlton.So begins K.S. Inglis's compelling history of the first fifty years of the ABC. In a sparkling tour de force Inglis shows us the ABC's triumphs and failures, its great medley of personalities and the effects it has had on Australian public life. Based on the Commission's own archives, on newspapers and journals, on a rich assortment of interviews and on the author's own listening and viewing, this is a social history of the highest order.
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The ABC of Gourmet Cookery

The ABC of Gourmet Cookery

Combine with 1 pint of raw oysters, drained, and 1 standard recipe of white sauce. Cook gently a few minutes and serve on toast. (“MW-WWWJmwMM-(mqdng! PANCAKES. CANTONESE 3 tablespoons peanut oil 1/1 cup onions,.

Author: Peter Pauper Press

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

ISBN: 9781441310996

Category: Cooking

Page: 64

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Carpe Kitchen! The door of the Peter Pauper vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school cookbooks...for your e-reader! Delve into the art of gourmet cooking and serve your guests a beautiful Bouillabaisse, quaint Quiche Lorraine, or vivacious Vichyssoise with this 1954 compilation of gourmet recipes. "Here we have gourmet recipes that are easy to make, require only those ingredients readily found on most home pantry shelves, and which are reputation-making for the cooks that use them," says the editor. With refined recipes from A to Z and amusing rhymes, this vintage cookbook is a tried-and-true introduction to the ins and outs of simple gourmet cooking, from an astounding Arroz Con Pollo to zesty Zabaglione. Artistic cooking's a Gourmet's delight; He dreams up the menu And cooks it just right!
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The Chinese in Silicon Valley

The Chinese in Silicon Valley

In the past , Cantonese was a lingua franca among the Chinese . ... Many Hong Kong Chinese have recently learned to speak Mandarin due to the fact that Hong Kong is now part of China . Many of the ABC can speak only Cantonese .

Author: Bernard P. Wong

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742539407

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Bernard Wong examines the complex role of Chinese-American scientists and engineers in their ever-increasing role in Silicon Valley, where those who settle there must learn how to prosper despite a changing cultural identity, changes in family life and new citizenship.
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York University ( Canada ) , 1997 Construct Validity of the K - ABC for Cantonese , ( Ph.D. in Administrative Studies ) . xii , 312p . DAI 58 , no.10 English , and Punjabi Speaking Canadian Chil( Apr. 1998 ) : 3999 - A ...

Author: Frank Joseph Shulman

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9622093973

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 878

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A descriptively annotated, multidisciplinary, cross-referenced and extensively indexed guide to 2,395 dissertations that are concerned either in whole or in part with Hong Kong and with Hong Kong Chinese students and emigres throughout the world.
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