The African Roots of Marijuana

The African Roots of Marijuana

ROOTS OF AFRICAN CANNABIS CULTURES 1. M. D. Merlin, “Archaeological Evidence for the Tradition of Psychoactive Plant Use in the Old World,” Economic Botany 57, no. 3 (2003): 295–323. 2. C. S. Duvall, “Linguistic Evidence on the ...

Author: Chris S. Duvall

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478004530

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After arriving from South Asia approximately a thousand years ago, cannabis quickly spread throughout the African continent. European accounts of cannabis in Africa—often fictionalized and reliant upon racial stereotypes—shaped widespread myths about the plant and were used to depict the continent as a cultural backwater and Africans as predisposed to drug use. These myths continue to influence contemporary thinking about cannabis. In The African Roots of Marijuana Chris S. Duvall corrects common misconceptions while providing an authoritative history of cannabis as it flowed into, throughout, and out of Africa. Duvall shows how preexisting smoking cultures in Africa transformed the plant into a fast-acting and easily dosed drug and how it later became linked with global capitalism and the slave trade. People often used cannabis to cope with oppressive working conditions under colonialism, as a recreational drug, and in religious and political movements. This expansive look at Africa's importance to the development of human knowledge about marijuana will challenge everything readers thought they knew about one of the world's most ubiquitous plants.
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Surveying Christianity s African Roots Paperback

Surveying Christianity s African Roots  Paperback

Africa's Mediterranean port cities81 and southward into towns along the Nile River in Upper Egypt.82 Old African Text The ... Henri Teissier's March 2004 article “The African Roots of Latin Christianity” states, “It has been said that ...

Author: Jimmie Compton


ISBN: 9780940123021


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"... pre-Constantinian Christian intellect apparently found a richer thought environment in Africa than elsewhere. It discovered itself in the intellectual centers of Africa before Europe had produced such centers. Eventually it offered its rich wisdom to the cultures of the northern side of the Mediterranean ..." - Dr. Thomas C. Oden. This book surveys the rational, organized, thriving, Scripturally informed and Holy Spirit-inspired roots of indigenous Christianity in Africa from 33 A.D. through 537 A.D. The intent is to supplement existing Church history resources.

Connecting with My African Roots

Connecting with My African Roots

Brandenburgers began setting up trading posts on the West Coast of Africa in the 15th century, “the political ... (The African Origins of Civilization Myth or Reality 25) Like Diop, Herskovits also concluded that patterns of African ...

Author: Carmen Barclay Subryan Ph.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664175242

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This book is not only about connection but also about discovery. As an adult, through my years or reading and research, I became aware of the theories revolving around Pangea (Pangaea), the super continent existing over 300 million years ago that included Africa and South America. The theory is that it broke apart to form the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as many islands. If one looks at a globe or a map, one would see that Africa and South America fit together like a hand in a glove, and if one believes the theory, then these countries share a common ancestry. So even though what became known as The Middle Passage separated the two continents, the people undoubtedly retain the DNA of those ancestors that creates a forever connection between what was and what is. For this reason, the picture of Pangea on my book cover is exceedingly important.
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African Origins of Monotheism

African Origins of Monotheism

PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT everywhere share aspects of the concept of God with those of their motherland. The people of African descent who are in diaspora, regardless of how many decades or even centuries they have lived away from the ...

Author: Gwinyai H. Muzorewa

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630875541

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African Origins of Monotheism recasts an African knowledge of God in a new and original way. It aims to recapture concepts of God as originally reflected upon by pristine African religious thinkers. Muzorewa is seeking after the traditional African understandings of the Divine, which trace their origins back before the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Monotheism, he maintains, is the ancient view of God, ubiquitous across the continent of Africa; indeed, monotheism comes "out of Africa." The book challenges the way that the idea of God has been manipulated by Eurocentric agendas, by colonizers, enslavers, and empire builders, all of whom were using God-talk to achieve their own personal ends. In African thinking, the God concept is guided by a sense of the presence of the all-pervasive and omnipresent God, which has instilled in the people a sense of respect for life at all costs. Thus, respect is not based on a commandment or on fear but on a propensity for affinity.
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The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History

The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History

T. O. Ranger, 'Connexions between “Primary Resistance” Movements and Modern Mass Nationalism in East and Central Africa', Journal of African History, 9/3–4 (1968). M. Echenberg, Colonial Conscripts: The Tirailleurs Senegalais in French ...

Author: John Parker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199572472

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"This collection of essays ... will allow readers to explore various aspects ... of the continent's history over the last two hundred years."--Book jacket.
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African Roots Brazilian Rites

African Roots  Brazilian Rites

While Alaketu's inception date is still speculative, Castillo (2011b) has authenticated the African origins of the terriero and its founding bythe princess Otampê Ojarô,from the Keturoyal family, who was kidnapped in aslaveraid andsent ...

Author: C. Sterling

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137010001

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This text explores how Afro-Brazilians define their Africanness through Candomblé and Quilombo models, and construct paradigms of blackness with influences from US-based perspectives, through the vectors of public rituals, carnival, drama, poetry, and hip hop.
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Ancient AFRICAN History A Journey Highlighting Africa s Past

Ancient AFRICAN History A Journey Highlighting Africa s Past

The African Origin of Civilization:: Myth or Reality. Chicago, IL: Lawrence Hill Books, 1974. 2. Murphy, E. Jefferson. History of African Civilization. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1972. 3. Bernal, Martin.

Author: Sedrick Sims


ISBN: 9780557096947

Category: Africa

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A selective journey into Africa's often untold rich history.
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The African History Book of All Times The Ultimate Pitch of What is Wrong with Black People

The African History Book of All Times  The Ultimate Pitch of What is Wrong with Black People

Therefore, I do not see how an apology for it should come from Africa. The history of slavery is an exclusively Western history, and most predominantly an AngloSaxon history. When I see people like President Obassanjo of Nigeria showing ...

Author: Joe Mintsa

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781447605263

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African History Books have been written and rewritten thousands of times. But what is bizarre about all these African History Books is that they are divided into three groups: one that deals with Colonial History, one that deals with Mediterranean History, and one that deals with Pre-history. The first one tells us about the Europeans all over the African continent. The second one tells us about the Kemets, the Persians and the Greeks in North Africa. And the last one tells us about primitive Negroes who did not themselves have any idea of the notion of History; so someone else has had to write their History in their place. There is no wonder that Basil Davidson has had to come to the embittering conclusion that what is referred to as African History today is nothing but "African History Without Africans" (1999). This is the book in which the true face of what may be referred to as African History is shown in full beam to a world that has cessed to believe in it.
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Writing African History

Writing African History

even for Africans , since Africa is such a wide and complex continent and since its history is so old . This can make other times and places of Africa's past almost as strange to Africans from other times and places as to anyone else .

Author: John Edward Philips

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 1580462561

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A comprehensive evaluation of how to read African history.
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African History A Very Short Introduction

African History  A Very Short Introduction

John Parker, Richard (Honorary Professor of History Rathbone, University of Aberystwyth), Richard Rathbone. Chapter 2 For an introduction to the history of Africa's populations, see James L. Newman, The Peopling of Africa: A Geographic ...

Author: John Parker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192802484

Category: History

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Intended for those interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history, this work looks at Africa's past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented. It illustrates key themes in modern thinking about Africa's history with a range of historical examples.
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