The Anti Retirement Book

The Anti Retirement Book

After he wrote this book, I knew why I admired him so much. This is his philoshophy: "My feeling is that you should never retire! In order to stay alive you should work until you die!" .

Author: Robert E. Levinson

Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub

ISBN: 1412011442

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 179

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My feeling is that you should never retire! In order to stay alive you should work until you die! Successful and timely planning, not for retirement but for rechargement is the main thrust of this book. It will show you step by step how I did it, along with dozens of intriguing case examples of 'others' experience. When The Anti-Retirement Book does its job, it will help you structure a plan tailored to your personal circumstances and needs that will, as you get older, make you more productive, exciting, and have fun filled years in the future. You can design your own destiny on your own terms and within your own time frame. This book is geared to people well in advance of the so called "retirement" age. It makes it clear that the main problem for most people heading there is not financial. At least equally important is how to occupy one's time in an organized way with productive physical and mental activity. And most important, how to plan well to make this happen. Norman Mailer put it simply enough: "Boredom slays more of existence than war." If boredom is retirement's arch enemy, its antidote is diversity. Studies bear out repeatedly that variety sparks interest and excitement. It also presents the challenge of change. Excerpted from, review by Anita Finley: Many Years ago, I met Robert Levison and was quite impressed with him and the powerful influence he had in his community of Boca Raton. After he wrote this book, I knew why I admired him so much. This is his philoshophy: "My feeling is that you should never retire! In order to stay alive you should work until you die!" ...In writing the retirement book, Bob approaches the project with missionary zeal. "It has long depressed me" Levinson says, "to see so many fine people who could be happily and productively employed wasting what could be the best years of their lives." This in a nutshell is the basic theme of the book. Bob's vast experience qualifies him to review, assess and help readers tailor to their personal needs and desires . . . the wealth of fruitful options accessible. Bob Levison is a management and marketing specialist. But more than that, he is a RETIREMENT specialist. "When you get the urge" he believes, "follow it." This explains why he has many careers. Excerpted from a column by Humberto & Georgina Cruz Driving from Vero Beach to Port Everglades to go on a cruise, we had only 30 minutes to stop in Boca Raton and see Robert Levinson at Lynn University. he talked, his brown eyes gleaming, we could sense he was right in his element, feeling just enough pressure to get a thrill out of it. I've talked to doctors about this. In order to live a good life you must always have a degree of pressure on you," said Levinson, who at 78 - he turns 79 on Friday - has served as a vice president of the Boca Raton shcool for more than 12 years. What Levinson refers to as "pressure" other people might simply call "structure," or having a specific activity at a specific time. And many retirees may find enjoyment in leisure activities and hobbies Levinson doesn't much care about. But none of this takes away from the wisdom of his advice: Always be thinking of what you'll do next, including when you reach the traditional "retirement" age. Even if it isn't work, know what it is you want to do, or you may find yourself without a reason for living.
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Pension Answer Book 2015e

Pension Answer Book 2015e

anti-cutback rule, because the elimination affected only employees who had retired before the cost-of-living ... 9723048] After a participant's retirement, the plan was amended three times to increase benefits for both active and ...

Author: Stephen J. Krass

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

ISBN: 9781454842965

Category: Law

Page: 2400

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i>The 2015 Pension Answer Book covers the most recent legislative, regulatory, and case law developments so you're never without the information you need to detect compliance and regulatory issues - ensuring you make the right decisions and avoid potential problems. The 2015 Pension Answer Book is a library unto itself, probing, explicating, and elucidating the most recent laws, regulations, private rulings, and court decisions that affect retirement plans. The advantages of owning this reference source are apparent after the very first consultation. Don't deny yourself and your clients this valuable research tool. Exclusive Q&A Format! The 2015 Pension Answer Book is not only comprehensive in scope, but remarkably accessible, too. Clear, jargon-free language and an efficient question-and-answer format combine to speed your research every time. No wonder it's found on the desks of professionals and academics alike. Always Up-To-Date...Always Accurate! Renowned pension expert Stephen J. Krass provides rigorous updates that regularly re-establish this remarkable volume as the definitive work of its kind. No matter what type of defined benefit, defined contribution or combo plan you're working with, The 2015 Pension Answer Book will give you the up-to-date, reliable answers you need. The 2015 Pension Answer Book has been fully updated to reflect the changes made by the Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Notices, Announcements, and Private Letter Rulings issued by IRS, Opinion Letters and Interpretive Bulletins issued by DOL, final and proposed regulations issued by both IRS and DOL, and important case decisions. The 2015 Pension Answer Book has been fully updated to reflect the changes made by the Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Notices, Announcements, and Private Letter Rulings issued by IRS, Opinion Letters and Interpretive Bulletins issued by DOL, final and proposed regulations issued by both IRS and DOL, and important case decisions. Specifically, The 2015 Pension Answer Book discusses the following: IRS further guidance on the application of the Windsor decision Final regulations on hybrid deferred benefit plans Proposed regulations on market rate of return requirement Notice providing temporary nondiscrimination relief for certain closed defined benefit plans For 2014, increases in the dollar limitation applicable to the annual retirement benefit under a defined benefit plan ($210,000), the annual addition under a defined contribution plan ($52,000), and compensation ($260,000) Self-employed individual's plan contribution deduction Updated covered compensation tables More IRS rulings on minimum funding waivers Changes to segment rates under HATFA More on the anti-cutback rule More IRS rulings on required minimum distributions And much more!
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Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton

Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton

With a little help from our friends — and this good book — the Age of Aquarius is still far out ahead of us . The first anti - retirement retirement book . “ Leave it to the author of Zen and the Art of Fatherhood to show us that the ...

Author: Steven Lewis

Publisher: Quill Driver Books

ISBN: 1884956742

Category: Self-Help

Page: 190

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A hip, witty, and groovy collection of insights into retirement, grandparenting, and easying into the second half of life.
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The Resolutionist

The Resolutionist

RETIREMENT IS NO LONGER THE STORY OF OLD AGE. IT IS THE STORY OF LONG LIFE. According to US census data, the average person spends nearly twenty years in the post-career phase of their lives.

Author: Patti Hart

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 1642251240


Page: 220

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RETIREMENT IS NO LONGER THE STORY OF OLD AGE. IT IS THE STORY OF LONG LIFE. According to US census data, the average person spends nearly twenty years in the post-career phase of their lives. Luckily for those currently entering this phase, the traditional concept of retirement is quickly becoming outdated. We are at the dawn of the anti-retirement movement--a movement that assumes participants bring the same energy and enthusiasm to their post-career life that they brought to their career. But every movement needs leaders, and the anti-retirement movement is finding two of its leaders in authors Patti and Milledge Hart. In The Resolutionist, Patti and Milledge identify twelve resolutions that can provide a framework for your continued growth, engagement, and adventure after you've left the workplace. Using examples from their own sometimes-bumpy journey from C-suite executive to a relevant and fulfilling anti-retirement life, Patti and Milledge suggest options for how to invest your resources--time, energy, wisdom, finances--to find your passions, develop new metrics for success, and surround yourself with kindred spirits. You'll walk away from this book enthusiastic about becoming a Resolutionist and inspired to make the next phase the best phase of your life. Welcome to the anti-retirement movement!

Panama Your Best Value for Offshore Retirement

Panama     Your Best Value for Offshore Retirement

In many respects, this is an “anti- sloth” book. Most people are completely unaware of the vast range of options for their retirement. If you check out the available books on retirement planning on “Amazon” or in your local “Barnes and ...


Publisher: Boomers World Press

ISBN: 9781934024003



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Wilhelm Marr

Wilhelm Marr

The claim was first made in 1879, after Marr published his antiSemitic book, The Victory of Judaism over Germanism. ... "business-of-anti-Semitism," at the time the newspapers were announcing his retirement from anti-Semitic activities ...

Author: Moshe Zimmermann

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195364953

Category: History

Page: 190

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The creation of the term "anti-Semitism" a century ago signalled a turning point in the history of Jew-hatred, marking the division between the classical, Christian hatred of Jews and the modern, politically-rooted racist attitudes. This is the first biography of radical writer and politician Wilhelm Marr, the man who introduced the term "anti-Semitism" into politics and founded the first "Anti-Semitic League." Marr (1819-1904) began his political career as a democrat and revolutionary, fighting for the emancipation of all oppressed groups including the Jews. But when he became disillusioned with contemporary politics, Jews became the focus of his attack. Drawing on Marr's published and unpublished works, as well as on previously unexamined journals and voluminous correspondence, Zimmermann sets out to discover why an intellectual radical like Marr would become a virulent anti-Semite. As Zimmermann follows Marr's profound influence in the political, literary, and artistic circles of his day and his collaborations with Karl Marx, Richard Wagner, and other radical founders of modern anti-Semitism, he reveals the diverse ways that anti-Semitism came to permeate German thought and illuminates critical moments in the emergence of the German Reich. The book also includes Marr's surprising, never-before-published "Testament of an Anti-Semite," written at the end of his life when he finally turned his back on the movement he helped to create. This is the first volume in a new Oxford series, Studies in Jewish History. The General Editor for the series is Jehuda Reinharz of Brandeis University.
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Against Theatre

Against Theatre

... from 1954 until his retirement in 1991. His book associates anti-theatricality with fascism, from Plato to Nietzsche, and with anti-Semitism. The argument, earlier advanced by Horkheimer and Adorno in Dialectic of Enlightenment ...

Author: A. Ackerman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230289086

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 259

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Against Theatre shows that the most prominent writers of modern drama shared a radical rejection of the theatre as they knew it. Together with designers, composers and film makers, they plotted to destroy all existing theatres. But from their destruction emerged the most astonishing innovations of modernist theatre.
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Athlete Transitions into Retirement

Athlete Transitions into Retirement

Dimeo and MØller (2018) dedicated an entire chapter of their book, The Anti-Doping Crisis in Sport. Causes, Consequences, Solutions, to discussing the social stigma attached to doping. They presented a number of example cases to ...

Author: Deborah Agnew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000425130

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 232

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Transitions in sport can be either normative (relatively predictable) or non-normative (less predictable) and are critical times in the development of athlete’s careers. While retirement from sport is inevitable, the timing of retirement can be less predictable. If an athlete copes well with the transition they may be better able to adjust to life after sport. However, not coping with the transition can lead to a crisis and negative consequences for the athlete. Transition periods from sport and in particular retirement from sport have been identified as high-risk periods for athletes in terms of psychological distress. However, circumstances surrounding the athlete’s retirement are a critical factor in the transition into life after sport. Voluntarily retiring from sport for example, leads to a smoother transition than being forced into retirement through injury or deselection. Research indicates that retirement from sport should be seen as a process rather than a single moment, with many athletes taking up to two years to successfully transition out of sport. Currently, there are few bodies of work that are solely devoted to retirement transition. Athlete Transitions into Retirement: Experiences in Elite Sport and Options for Effective Support provides contemporary viewpoints on athlete transitions from elite sport in a global context. This volume is a collaboration of research from leading authors around the world, offering global perspectives to athlete transitions into retirement and is key reading for both researchers and practitioners in the fields of Sport Psychology and Coaching as well as the Athletes themselves.
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The Psychology of Retirement

The Psychology of Retirement

My transition might be delayed or never truly happen, were I to write books for the rest of my life. Therefore, in a psychological sense I may never fully retire. This book explores whether that is a “cunning plan” or mere denial.

Author: Derek L. Milne

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118408711

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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The Psychology of Retirement is the first self-help guideto retirement based on highly proven psychological copingstrategies. Provides the most comprehensive and coherent account of thechallenges of retirement and the associated aging process Represents the culmination of over 30 years of clinical,teaching and research involvement in the main issues discussedwithin this book Draws systematically on applied scientific theories, acceptedprofessional circles, which are interpreted and communicated by anapplied scientist A constructive emphasis establishes the best possible copingstrategies and perspectives
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