The Baccarat One Sided Strategy the Boss

The Baccarat One Sided Strategy  the Boss

The BOSS takes an objective view. And this is one of the important strengths of Tabone's strategy.

Author: Stephen TABONE

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1791975984


Page: 65

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The Baccarat One-Sided Strategy (The BOSS) is an easy to follow baccarat strategy that uses a non risky 1:1 flat wagering tactic. Thus the Martingale method is not used at all. The aim of the BOSS is to win a certain number (average of 3+ units) per Baccarat Shoe over long term play and overtime increasing flat betting wagers to thus win more. The BOSS strategy has been fully tested on thousands of live Baccarat Shoes and over many thousands of outcomes. Although the BOSS is straight forward, the concept behind the strategy is very advanced, thus making this it one of the best Baccarat strategies in the world. It follows some of the Author's bestselling books on Baccarat including, The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0. In the BOSS book, the Author uses a certain indicator that shows readers how to spot the most productive Baccarat Shoes for the strategy. There's lots of tips and important information that'll improve a bettors game and overall Baccarat experience. The BOSS is a Baccarat strategy that is designed to remove the psychological burden from a bettor when trying to work out what Side (Banker or Player) to bet on. Any regular Baccarat bettor knows the stressful feeling of making wagering decisions for each outcome. A completed 6 or 8 deck Baccarat Shoe will have 60 to 80 ish outcomes, thus there are lots of decisions to make should a bettor play to the end of a Shoe. Patterns will form and change within a few outcomes, trends can thus only begin to become clear sometimes well into a Shoe depending on the trend type forming. With the red (Banker) and blue (Player) dots forming on a scoreboard, a bettor can become confused and will often make wrong decisions because the forming trend of Shoes are in constant change thus showing different signals from outcome to outcome. The BOSS takes an objective view. And this is one of the important strengths of Tabone's strategy. Its focus for the most part steers away from forming patterns, and the trends those patterns form and aims at winning a percentage of what will be the difference in the stats between the Banker and Player Sides during the forming of a Shoe i.e. the winning number difference that one Side gains while the Shoe is being played out. This book contains a complete strategy with stop losses and a bet again trigger. It is a flat betting strategy which means no double down is required in order to win.Contents: Introduction.What is the game of Baccarat? Why the Banker Side does not have a true profitable advantage in and of itself.What is, The Baccarat One-Sided Strategy: The BOSS?What Side to take?Making further savings in the long term.The BOSS in action.How many units should you aim at winning per Shoe?How many units should you aim at winning per day?Doubling down, doubling up and increasing wagers?In-game play, stop loss.Bet again trigger.Bankroll.Overall stop loss.Pros and cons of the BOSS in-game play.Ending statement.

Fodor s Puerto Rico 2nd Edition

Fodor s Puerto Rico  2nd Edition

Author: Fodor's

Publisher: Fodor's

ISBN: 1400010616

Category: Travel

Page: 240

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Great descriptions of all the sights, plus shopping, nightlife, outdoor fun, and side trips are included in this guide to Puerto Rico along with historical background, walking tours, and unique itineraries. Dozens of maps. Photos.
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Identity Theft Inc

Identity Theft  Inc

in their velvety chairs around the long oval baccarat table, underneath big chandeliers, was an assortment of ... As Richard had said, the bets between player and banker were equally distributed, unlike in craps where one side had most ...

Author: Glen Hastings

Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser

ISBN: 9781609258733

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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An identity thief recounts how he pulled off the cybercrime of the century—and got away with it—in this true crime memoir. Identity theft is the crime of the century—so says con man turned security consultant Frank Abagnale in his book Catch Me If You Can. So here, then, is the true-crime book of the century: the life and crimes of expert identity thief Glen Hastings. Hastings takes readers inside the world of cutting-edge cybercrime, revealing how he got rich off of assuming the identities of hundreds of unsuspecting people. Beyond detailing the secrets of the trade, Hastings shares the wild but true stories about his many impersonations. But while many of these stories have entertaining and incredible twists, Hastings is making his story public in order to repent for his crimes. He offers expert tips on how to protect yourself from the gangs of ID thieves thriving in the real and virtual worlds of today.
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Hedge Fund Market Wizards

Hedge Fund Market Wizards

I could prove that the main game was not beatable, but the side bets were. ... I tried to be inconspicuous, but on our first night at the baccarat table, I was recognized by one of the readers of my book, who said, “Hey, that's the guy ...

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118273043

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 551

View: 223

Fascinating insights into the hedge fund traders who consistently outperform the markets, in their own words From bestselling author, investment expert, and Wall Street theoretician Jack Schwager comes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of hedge funds, from fifteen traders who've consistently beaten the markets. Exploring what makes a great trader a great trader, Hedge Fund Market Wizards breaks new ground, giving readers rare insight into the trading philosophy and successful methods employed by some of the most profitable individuals in the hedge fund business. Presents exclusive interviews with fifteen of the most successful hedge fund traders and what they've learned over the course of their careers Includes interviews with Jamie Mai, Joel Greenblatt, Michael Platt, Ray Dalio, Colm O’Shea, Ed Thorp, and many more Explains forty key lessons for traders Joins Stock Market Wizards, New Market Wizards, and Market Wizards as the fourth installment of investment guru Jack Schwager's acclaimed bestselling series of interviews with stock market experts A candid assessment of each trader's successes and failures, in their own words, the book shows readers what they can learn from each, and also outlines forty essential lessons—from finding a trading method that fits an investor's personality to learning to appreciate the value of diversification—that investment professionals everywhere can apply in their own careers. Bringing together the wisdom of the true masters of the markets, Hedge Fund Market Wizards is a collection of timeless insights into what it takes to trade in the hedge fund world.
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Modern Blackjack Second Edition

Modern Blackjack Second Edition

to “bang” one's way back — to take large risks in an attempt to recover losses quickly. ... A brief story: A New Jersey friend was playing Baccarat in Vegas. ... No game plan/Betting strategy – Well this one is obvious.

Author: Norm Wattenberger


ISBN: 9780557474165

Category: Games

Page: 318

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Highly detailed information on casino Blackjack as played worldwide, including over 100 variations, modern basic strategy, modern card counting systems, casino heat, current casino conditions, strategy comparisons, scams and myths, casino comportment and stories from the road. See the preview at This is Volume I. Volume II is available with advanced strategies. Blackjack expert Don Schlesinger said "What Norm fails to tell you is that this monumental work is one of the most important, comprehensive, pieces of research ever done on the game of blackjack...."
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The Dictionary of Gambling Gaming

The Dictionary of Gambling   Gaming

Author: Thomas L. Clark

Publisher: Lexik House Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105118440556

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 263

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Categories: Sports & Recreation

The Frugal Gambler

The Frugal Gambler

For blackjack basic - strategy players , this is a fantastic opportunity that offers positive expectation without a ... down at a blackjack , crap , roulette , or baccarat table , the key to getting comps is getting noticed . One way ...

Author: Jean Scott


ISBN: 0929712404

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 240

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Jean Scott is the country's most renowned low roller. She stays at hotel-casinos up to 120 nights a year and never has to pay for a room or meal. She gets shows, manicures, massages, clothes, jewelry, even gifts for her grandchildren -- all free. How does she do it? The answers are in The Frugal Gambler. Readers will learn the low-roller secrets for: staying free at hotel-casinos, beating casino promotions, eating and drinking on the house, playing, video poker for profit, even getting bumped from airplanes and flying free.
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Dragon Quest Journey of the Cursed King

Dragon Quest Journey of the Cursed King


Author: Klaus Dieter Hartwig

Publisher: Piggyback Interactive Ltd.

ISBN: 9781903511855

Category: Computer adventure games

Page: 357

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Covers your epic journey through Dragon Quest from start to finish. Using detailed 2D and 3D maps, this guide shows where and how to find every item. It also provides a monster chapter giving you the low down on each of the minions of darkness that stand between you and the completion of your epic quest.
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Marketing Channel Strategy

Marketing Channel Strategy

Ace Hardware Stores, 220–1 ADA (car rental), 245 AEON, 166 Affiliated Distributors, 218 Ahold, 167 Albertson's, 395 Albrecht, 390, 391, ... Baby Mine Store, Inc., 60 Baccarat, 152 Bandai, 154 Barnes & Noble, 189 Baskin-Robbins, ...

Author: Robert W. Palmatier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315506449

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 497

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For advanced undergraduate and/or graduate-level courses in Distribution Channels, Marketing Channels or Marketing Systems. Marketing Channel Strategy shows students how to design, develop, maintain and manage effective relationships among worldwide marketing channels to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by using strategic and managerial frames of reference. This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how: Bring Concepts to Life with a Global Perspective: Varied topics are covered, bringing in findings, practice, and viewpoints from multiple disciplines. Teach Marketing Channels in a More Flexible Manner: Chapters are organized in a modular format, may be read in any order, and re-organized. Keep your Course Current and Relevant: New examples, exercises, and research findings appear throughout the text.
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Indian Gaming

Indian Gaming

SECURITY by Derk Boss a Basic Strategy quiz . ... If you are not catching them on at least a fairly regular basis , you're getting ripped off , one way or another . ... Another example is Baccarat and Mini - Baccarat .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924110482449

Category: Gambling


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