Benefit of the Doubt

Benefit of the Doubt

The Benefit of Doubt within the Safety of Covenant A true and living faith is never a destination; it's a journey. And to move forward on this journey we need the benefit of doubt. There's a kind of doubt that is appropriate as we're ...

Author: Gregory A. Boyd

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441244543

Category: Religion

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In Benefit of the Doubt, influential theologian, pastor, and bestselling author Gregory Boyd invites readers to embrace a faith that doesn't strive for certainty, but rather for commitment in the midst of uncertainty. Boyd rejects the idea that a person's faith is as strong as it is certain. In fact, he makes the case that doubt can enhance faith and that seeking certainty is harming many in today's church. Readers who wrestle with their faith will welcome Boyd's message that experiencing a life-transforming relationship with Christ is possible, even with unresolved questions about the Bible, theology, and ethics. Boyd shares stories of his own painful journey, and stories of those to whom he has ministered, with a poignant honesty that will resonate with readers of all ages.
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Southern Reporter

Southern Reporter

( 2 ) defendant was in danger of losing his life or " If the jury , upon considering all the evi- limb , then you must give the defendant the dence , have a reasonable doubt about the de- benefit of this doubt , and find that the ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3503587

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Includes the decisions of the Supreme Courts of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, the Appellate Courts of Alabama and, Sept. 1928/Jan. 1929-Jan./Mar. 1941, the Courts of Appeal of Louisiana.
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Of Doubt and Proof

Of Doubt and Proof

Good, in Chapter 6, examines how 'the benefit of the doubt' is applied or withheld during asylum decision-making in the UK. Most asylum applicants cannot supply documentary proof or eye-witness testimony so decisions depend largely on ...

Author: Daniela Berti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317086178

Category: Law

Page: 224

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All institutions concerned with the process of judging - whether it be deciding between alternative courses of action, determining a judge’s professional integrity, assigning culpability for an alleged crime, or ruling on the credibility of an asylum claimant - are necessarily directly concerned with the question of doubt. By putting ritual and judicial settings into comparative perspective, in contexts as diverse as Indian and Taiwanese divination and international cricket, as well as legal processes in France, the UK, India, Denmark, and Ghana, this book offers a comprehensive and novel perspective on techniques for casting and dispelling doubt, and the roles they play in achieving verdicts or decisions that appear both valid and just. Broadening the theoretical understandings of the social role of doubt, both in social science and in law, the authors present these understandings in ways that not only contribute to academic knowledge but are also useful to professionals and other participants engaged in the process of judging. This collection will consequently be of great interest to academics researching in the fields of legal anthropology, ritual studies, legal sociology, criminology, and socio-legal studies.
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The Moral Rights of Animals

The Moral Rights of Animals

He maintains: “The reasons for viewing fish as subjects-of-a-life are so plausible, that I personally would rather err on the side of moral caution and give them the benefit of the doubt—which is why I think ...

Author: Mylan Engel Jr.

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498531917

Category: Philosophy

Page: 328

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Edited by Mylan Engel Jr. and Gary Lynn Comstock, this book employs different ethical lenses, including classical deontology, libertarianism, commonsense morality, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, and the capabilities approach, to explore the philosophical basis for the strong animal rights view, which holds that animals have moral rights equal in strength to the rights of humans, while also addressing what are undoubtedly the most serious challenges to the strong animal rights stance, including the challenges posed by rights nihilism, the “kind” argument against animal rights, the problem of predation, and the comparative value of lives. In addition, contributors explore the practical import of animal rights both from a social policy standpoint and from the standpoint of personal ethical decisions concerning what to eat and whether to hunt animals. Unlike other volumes on animal rights, which focus primarily on the legal rights of animals, and unlike other anthologies on animal ethics, which tend to cover a wide variety of topics but only devote a few articles to each topic, this volume focuses exclusively on the question of whether animals have moral rights and the practical import of such rights. The Moral Rights of Animals will be an indispensable resource for scholars, teachers, and students in the fields of animal ethics, applied ethics, ethical theory, and human-animal studies, as well as animal rights advocates and policy makers interested in improving the treatment of animals.
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Terror in Australia Workers Paradise Lost

Terror in Australia  Workers  Paradise Lost

There's been the benefit of the doubt at our borders, the benefit of the doubt for residency, the benefit of the doubt for citizenship and the benefit of the doubt at Centrelink. And in the courts, there has been bail, when clearly ...

Author: John Stapleton

Publisher: A Sense Of Place Publishing

ISBN: 9780992548797

Category: Political Science

Page: 274

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Terror in Australia: Workers' Paradise Lost, by veteran journalist John Stapleton, is a beautifully written snapshot of a pivotal turning point in the history of the so-called Lucky Country. This book is a sidewinding missile into the heart of Australian hypocrisy. In 2015 there were well attended Reclaim Australia demonstrations in every major capital city, all protesting what the demonstrators saw as the growing Islamisation of Australia, along with countering anti-racism demonstrations. There were frequent violent clashes, hundreds of police were forced to form lines separating the demonstrators in Sydney and Melbourne, there were a significant number of arrests and injuries, and dozens of people were treated for the effects of capsicum spray. The terror alert was at its highest level ever, the country was engaged in an unpopular and discredited war in Iraq and Syria, and relations between the government and an increasingly radicalised Muslim minority had broken down. Despite the billions being spent on national security, authorities believed another terrorist attack was inevitable. A demoralised population, saddled with a history of grotesque overregulation, turned inwards, increasingly questioning the failed social creeds of the past. On the streets once vibrant entertainment districts were desolate, while closed and shuttered shops became a characteristic of many suburbs. An optimistic, freedom loving country with an irreverent, larrikin culture and a wildly optimistic view of its place in the world lost faith in its own story. Well documented, switching through multiple points of view, Terror in Australia: Workers' Paradise Lost is a sometimes frightening, sometimes intensely lyrical step inside a democracy in serious trouble.
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Arkansas Reports

Arkansas Reports

Evidently a doubt as to whether the jury found the defendant guilty of voluntary or involuntary manslaughter . They gave him the benefit of the doubt , and fixed his punishment at one year in the penitentiary , the highest penalty for ...

Author: Arkansas. Supreme Court


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District Reports Containing Cases Decided in the Various Judicial Districts of the State of Pennsylvania

District Reports Containing Cases Decided in the Various Judicial Districts of the State of Pennsylvania

... of murder in the second degree , then he is entitled to the benefit of that doubt and acquittal upon that . If , passing that point , you find a reasonable doubt existing in your minds upon the question of voluntary manslaughter ...

Author: Pennsylvania. Courts


ISBN: UCAL:B4608577

Category: Criminal procedure

Page: 910

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The Invention of Multilingualism

The Invention of Multilingualism

The benefit-of-the-doubt principle is intended to compensate for the circumstance of the asylum process: the absence of documentary evidence and the reliance on oral testimony, which in turn create its reliance on the applicant's ...

Author: David Gramling

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108490306

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 277

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Explores what multilingualism means today, in a historical moment when it is under intense discursive and technological pressure.
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Legislative Hearing on Radiation Measures H R 1811 S 1002 and S 453

Legislative Hearing on Radiation Measures  H R  1811  S  1002  and S  453

I believe it is the purpose of the Veterans ' Administration to give the benefit of the doubt to the veteran . Dr. GRAHAM . I always do my best when I am reviewing a claim , yes , sir . Dr. ROWLAND . Do you feel that the benefit of the ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Compensation, Pension, and Insurance


ISBN: UCR:31210024917534

Category: Disabled veterans

Page: 236

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Weekly Cincinnati Law Bulletin

Weekly Cincinnati Law Bulletin

A reasonable doubt is an honest uncertainty existing in the minds of a candid , impartial , diligent jury , after a full and careful consideration of all the ... The prisoner is entitled to the benefit of that doubt , whether it exists ...



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