National and International Bibliographic Databases

National and International Bibliographic Databases

The British National Bibliographic Service Andy Stephens SUMMARY . The British Library's national bibliographic service and UKMARC database are described in detail . The use of shared cataloguing data in the UK , and overseas ...

Author: Michael Carpenter

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0866567496

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The first comprehensive examination of bibliographic databases on a worldwide scale, this important new volume focuses on the development and future of, as well as the transitions within large scale national and international bibliographic databases. Professionals discuss the linking of national bibliographic databases. On a broader scale, several chapters examine different types of bibliographic databases outside of North America in their various stages of development. Experts address some of the important issues connecting the components of international bibliographic databases, including communication protocols between various bibliographic databases and authority control.
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National Bibliographies in the Digital Age

National Bibliographies in the Digital Age

Guidance and New Directions IFLA Working Group on Guidelines for National Bibliographies Maja Žumer ... Examples of national practice United Kingdom In the United Kingdom the British National Bibliography (BNB) is a view of data in the ...

Author: IFLA Working Group on Guidelines for National Bibliographies

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783598242878

Category: Bibliografías nacionales

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The changes brought about by the World Wide Web and the explosion of electronic media have called into question many of the assumptions on which national bibliographies have been founded. The need was growing of a route map to navigate through unchartes territories. After a preparation period of several years, IFLA & number 180's Bibliography Section endorsed this large set of guidelines. They seek to help national bibliographic agencies improve their bibliographic services. Many examples and references are included.
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