Music and the Broadcast Experience

Music and the Broadcast Experience

Recognizing the value of opera as broadcasting in the public interest, NBC covered the cost as a “sustaining” program. The broadcast was reported on the first page of the New York Times, which, linking the broadcast to de Forest's early ...

Author: Associate Professor Communication Studies Christina Baade

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199314713

Category: Music and the Internet

Page: 368

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Music and the Broadcast Experience explores the complex ways in which music and broadcasting have developed together throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first centuries. It brings into dialogue researchers working in media and music studies; explores and develops crucial points of contact between studies of music in radio and music in television; and investigates the limits, persistence, and extensions of music broadcasting in the Internet era. The book presents a series of case studies that address key moments and concerns in music broadcasting, past and present, written by leading scholars in the field, who hail from both media and music studies. Unified by attentiveness both to musical sound and meaning and to broadcasting structures, practices, audiences, and discourses, the chapters in this collection address the following topics: the role of live orchestral concerts and opera in the early development of radio and their relation to ideologies of musical uplift; the relation between production culture, music, and television genre; the function of music in sponsored radio during the 1930s; the fortunes of musical celebrity and artistic ambition on television; questions of music format and political economy in the development of online radio; and the negotiation of space, community, and participation among audiences, online and offline, in the early twenty-first century. The collection's ultimate aim is to explore the usefulness and limitations of broadcasting as a concept for understanding music and its cultural role, both historically and today.
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The Broadcast Century and Beyond

The Broadcast Century and Beyond

Politics—party and public—interacted strongly with broadcasting in 1964. The election campaign between President Lyndon B. Johnson, who as Vice President had succeeded Kennedy, and Republican Senator Barry Goldwater introduced the kinds ...

Author: Robert L Hilliard

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781136027383

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 389

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The Broadcast Century and Beyond is a popular history of the most influential and innovative industry of the century. The story of broadcasting is told in a direct and informal style, blending personal insight and authoritative scholarship to fully capture the many facets of this dynamic industry. The book vividly depicts the events, people, programs, and companies that made television and radio dominant forms of communication. The latest edition includes coverage of all the technologies that have emerged over the past decade and discusses the profound impact they have had on the broadcasting industry in political, social, and economic spheres. "Broadcasting as a whole has been completely revolutionized with the advent of YouTube, podcasting, iphones, etc, and the authors show how this closing of world-wide broadcasting channels affects the industry.
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Radio Propaganda and the Broadcasting of Hatred

Radio Propaganda and the Broadcasting of Hatred

There are no reliable reports of just how many people reacted in some way to the broadcast and most accounts remain anecdotal and have an exaggerated feel, yet there was clearly a strong reaction and there were behavioural responses to ...

Author: Keith Somerville

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230278295

Category: Political Science

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During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, radio was used as a tool to encourage hatred, to dehumanize 'others' and to incite the mass murder or targeted groups. It became infamous - the radio station was nicknamed radio machete. In Kenya in 2007-8, local radio stations broadcast messages which incited violence, and for twelve years Nazi-controlled radio spewed out a constant stream of racial hatred against Jews, Russians and other Slavs. This set the agenda for genocide and the inhuman treatment of enemy peoples. This book gives a detailed account of the development of propaganda and the way radio transformed the delivery and impact of propaganda, making possible the use of hate broadcasting as a weapon. Despite many studies of propaganda, the trials at Nuremburg, Arusha and an impending trial of Kenyans at the Hague, there is still no definition of hate radio - Keith Somerville provides a clear picture of what it involves and defines its key characteristics.
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The Broadcast Journalism Handbook

The Broadcast Journalism Handbook

Published in the United States of America by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of ... 1962- The broadcast journalism handbook : a television news survival guide / Robert Thompson and Cindy Malone. p. cm.

Author: Robert Thompson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015060119727

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The Broadcast Journalism Handbook has everything you ever wanted to know about working in the television news business but were afraid to ask! Learn the ropes--and how to head off amateur errors--from the authors' vast experiences and dozens of interviews with news professionals. Complete with job-searching tips, helpful web sites, and real-life scenarios, this book covers many newsroom positions, from assignment editors to producers, reporters, and anchors. It gives you newsroom experience before you get the job.
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Broadcast License Renewal Act

Broadcast License Renewal Act

66 exclusive control of the broadcast media . Only one license challenge has been successful in the past five years , and yet you would make the challenge process even more difficult , if that is possible . By making broadcasters far ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce. Subcommittee on Communications


ISBN: LOC:00101210741

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A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting

A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting

For example, now that the broadcast signal is primarily carried over privately‐owned cable wires and broadband pipes, is there a legitimate policy rationale behind the public interest standard, or standards of “decency” that apply to ...

Author: Aniko Bodroghkozy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118646052

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 512

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Presented in a single volume, this engaging review reflects on the scholarship and the historical development of American broadcasting A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting comprehensively evaluates the vibrant history of American radio and television and reveals broadcasting’s influence on American history in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With contributions from leading scholars on the topic, this wide-ranging anthology explores the impact of broadcasting on American culture, politics, and society from an historical perspective as well as the effect on our economic and social structures. The text’s original and accessibly-written essays offer explorations on a wealth of topics including the production of broadcast media, the evolution of various television and radio genres, the development of the broadcast ratings system, the rise of Spanish language broadcasting in the United States, broadcast activism, African Americans and broadcasting, 1950’s television, and much more. This essential resource: Presents a scholarly overview of the history of radio and television broadcasting and its influence on contemporary American history Contains original essays from leading academics in the field Examines the role of radio in the television era Discusses the evolution of regulations in radio and television Offers insight into the cultural influence of radio and television Analyzes canonical texts that helped shape the field Written for students and scholars of media studies and twentieth-century history, A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting is an essential and field-defining guide to the history and historiography of American broadcasting and its many cultural, societal, and political impacts.
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Broadcast News

Broadcast News

Most national and international news comes into a newsroom from the Associated Press. ... Most small-market radio stations use the AP broadcast wire that transmits hourly summaries of the news. The broadcast wire is designed for those ...

Author: Ted White

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780240806594

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 507

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"Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing, Fourth Edition examines the skills, technologies, and challenges of writing, reporting, and producing for broadcast journalism. Along with complete coverage of the fundamentals, this book contains writing samples from some of the most famous broadcast journalists, including Edward R. Murrow, Charles Kuralt, Cokie Roberts, Eric Sevareid, Pauline Frederick, Charles Osgood, Paul Harvey, Betsy Aaron, Bob Dotson, Susan Stamberg, and Richard Threlkeld, who also discuss how they write and report."--BOOK JACKET.
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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

... and in the case of a retransmission of a broadcast transmission by a transmitting entity that does not have the right or ability to control the programming of the broadcast transmission , the requirement of this clause shall not ...


Publisher: Pike & Fischer - A BNA Company

ISBN: 0937275115

Category: Law

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Full text of Digital Copyright Act with legislative history, associated case law and other materials relevant to the subject.
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Compilation of Selected Acts Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Energy and Commerce

Compilation of Selected Acts Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Energy and Commerce

The charges made for the use of any broadcasting station by any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office in connection with his campaign for nomination for election , or election , to such office shall not ...

Author: U S Government Printing Office

Publisher: Committee on Energy & Commerce

ISBN: UOM:39015089027133

Category: Law

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Contains text of communication laws passed by Congress, as amended through August 1, 2005.
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The RPC-based IPC mechanisms normally support broadcast RPC facility for such applications. In broadcast RPC, a client's request is broadcast on the network and is processed by all the servers that have the concerned procedure for ...


Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120313804

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The highly praised book in communications networking from IEEE Press, now available in the Eastern Economy Edition.This is a non-mathematical introduction to Distributed Operating Systems explaining the fundamental concepts and design principles of this emerging technology. As a textbook for students and as a self-study text for systems managers and software engineers, this book provides a concise and an informal introduction to the subject.
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