The Devil Wears Scrubs

The Devil Wears Scrubs

Newly minted doctor Jane McGill is in hell.Not literally, of course.

Author: Freida McFadden

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1492177164

Category: Humor

Page: 282

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Newly minted doctor Jane McGill is in hell. Not literally, of course. But between her drug addict patients, sleepless nights on call, and battling wits with the sadistic yet charming Sexy Surgeon, Jane can't imagine an afterlife much worse than her first month of medical internship at County Hospital. And then there's the devil herself: Jane's senior resident Dr. Alyssa Morgan. When Alyssa becomes absolutely hell-bent on making her new interns pay tenfold for the deadly sin of incompetence, Jane starts to worry that she may not make it through the year with her soul or her sanity still intact.
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The Late Doctor Savage

The Late Doctor Savage

For all I know, “The Devil Wears Scrubs” might make a million dollars. I doubt that I'll ever read it. I'm not immune to trash, but Zelda's book didn't appeal to me. Not the way she described it. Zelda was eager to talk about plots, ...

Author: Lawrence Friedman

Publisher: Quid Pro Books

ISBN: 9781610273671

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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Categories: Fiction

Pushing Up Posies

Pushing Up Posies

Still some giant skull of a long extinct animal carved as a desk. Violent and yet captivating murals across the walls. Leather-wrapped club chairs, and the Devil, wearing hospital scrubs in a deep red, smoking a cigar.

Author: Eve Langlais

Publisher: Eve Langlais

ISBN: 9781773841533

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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Poor Brody. As reaper leader for the Canadian guild, he and his crew don’t get as much work as other countries until the Dark Lord gives them a new mandate: Establish a dating service on Earth that will facilitate the meeting between citizens of Hell and humans with the end goal being babies. In other words, become a pimp. It’s a cruel demotion for a reaper who just wanted to guide souls to their final destination. He is dying to return to Hell, until he meets the stubborn woman living across the hall. The Devil wants Posie mated, but she is resisting all attempts. What will it take to make her see the light? And how will she react when she finally discovers that death has been knocking at her door? Genre: paranormal romantic comedy, reaper romance, demonic romance, romantic fantasy, Eve Langlais Hell series, shapeshifter romance
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The Devil in Denim

The Devil in Denim

“Yup. Which is why we're taking this little tour.” “Could've warned me,” Lucas said. “I would've worn something different.” “Dust won't hurt your precious suit. Besides, you just wear scrubs at the hospital, so they won't care.

Author: Melanie Scott

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466835689

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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LIFE JUST THREW HER A CURVEBALL. As the team-owner's daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints' stadium-glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball's in her blood, and she's always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to victory herself. That was before her dad had to sell the team to Alex Winters. The fast-talking, fiercely attractive businessman has a baseball pedigree that's distinctly minor league. Maggie wants to hate him but his skills of seduction, however, are off the charts. WILL LOVE BE A HOME RUN? Alex could never have imagined how much this team means to Maggie. He needs her to help show the players that they're still a family...even if he and Maggie are at the verge of exchanging blows. But her fiery determination and gorgeous looks prove irresistible to Alex. And much as he wants to relegate their relationship to the playing field-and get the Saints back in the game-Alex just can't help himself: What he wants to win most is Maggie's The Devil in Denim by Melanie Scott.
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The Scandalous Kolovskys Knight on the Children s Ward The House of Kolovsky Book 3 The Last Kolovsky Playboy The House of Kolovsky Book 4 The Devil Wears Kolovsky The House of Kolovsky Book 5

The Scandalous Kolovskys  Knight on the Children s Ward  The House of Kolovsky  Book 3    The Last Kolovsky Playboy  The House of Kolovsky  Book 4    The Devil Wears Kolovsky  The House of Kolovsky  Book 5

And then again, but only rarely, given he wasn't a surgeon, if he'd been on call he might be wearing scrubs. Well, it almost made her dizzy: the thin cotton that accentuated the outline of his body, the extra glimpse of olive skin and ...

Author: Carol Marinelli

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472015501

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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The ultra-rich Kolovsky family. The glamorous fashion industry: red carpet events, ballrooms and opulent hotel bedrooms...
Categories: Fiction

The Devil On My Shoulders

The Devil On My Shoulders

“OK, look around do you see anyone wearing scrubs.” I had already seen there wasn't anyone, but the new hires looked back and forth, and turned back and shook their heads. “All the nurses are in various patients' rooms, a patient has ...

Author: NREMT Adam Jay Bentley. Co Author BHRS David Reffner

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477212302

Category: Drama

Page: 172

View: 465

How much does someones work define them? Does one mistake really change who we are? Once we go down the long burned out path, can we come back? Is there a difference between burned out and laid back? This cast of characters will attempt to find those answers in this story filled with romance, drama, fun and adventure. Join them as they question ethics values and find that what tears them apart is what keeps them together. Stories of caring for patients dealing with coworkers and the struggle to find themselves.
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Tell the Truth Shame the Devil

Tell the Truth   Shame the Devil

We had to wear nursing scrubs even though we weren't working directly with the patients. I felt proud wearing them scrubs. To me it was the best way to show the world I could do something and amount to something.

Author: Lezley McSpadden

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781942872931

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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The revelatory memoir of Lezley McSpadden—the mother of Michael Brown, the African-American teenager killed by the police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014—sheds light on one of the landmark events in recent history. “I wasn’t there when Mike Mike was shot. I didn’t see him fall or take his last breath, but as his mother, I do know one thing better than anyone, and that’s how to tell my son’s story, and the journey we shared together as mother and son." —Lezley McSpadden When Michael Orlandus Darrion Brown was born, he was adored and doted on by his aunts, uncles, grandparents, his father, and most of all by his sixteen-year-old mother, who nicknamed him Mike Mike. McSpadden never imagined that her son’s name would inspire the resounding chants of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and ignite the global conversation about the disparities in the American policing system. In Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil, McSpadden picks up the pieces of the tragedy that shook her life and the country to their core and reveals the unforgettable story of her life, her son, and their truth. Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil is a riveting family memoir about the journey of a young woman, triumphing over insurmountable obstacles, and learning to become a good mother. With brutal honesty, McSpadden brings us inside her experiences being raised by a hardworking, single mother; her pregnancy at age fifteen and the painful subsequent decision to drop out of school to support her son; how she survived domestic abuse; and her unwavering commitment to raising four strong and healthy children, even if it meant doing so on her own. McSpadden writes passionately about the hours, days, and months after her son was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson, recounting her time on the ground with peaceful protestors, how she was treated by police and city officials, and how she felt in the gut-wrenching moment when the grand jury announced it would not indict the man who had killed her son. After the system failed to deliver justice to Michael Brown, McSpadden and thousands of others across America took it upon themselves to carry on his legacy in the fight against injustice and racism. Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil is a portrait of our time, an urgent call to action, and a moving testament to the undying bond between mothers and sons.
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The Devil s Dictionary

The Devil s Dictionary

To his left, a man wearing doctor's scrubs and a mask steps into view. He has a pair of Buddy Holly glasses pushed high on his forehead and an ancient movie camera pressed to his right eye. Lion can make out the words Bolex H-11, ...

Author: Steven Kotler

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250202109

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 391

New York Times bestselling author Steven Kotler's follow up to Last Tango in Cyberspace, a near-future thriller about the evolution of empathy in the tradition of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Hard to say exactly when the human species fractured. Harder to say when this new talent arrived. But Lion Zorn, protagonist of Last Tango in Cyberspace, is the first of his kind—an empathy tracker, an emotional forecaster, with a felt sense for how culture evolves and the future arrives. It’s also a useful skill in today’s competitive business market. In The Devil’s Dictionary, when a routine em-tracking job goes sideways and em-trackers themselves start disappearing, Lion finds himself not knowing who to trust in a life and death race to uncover the truth. And when the trail leads to the world’s first mega-linkage, a continent-wide national park advertised as the best way to stave off environmental collapse, and exotic animals unlike any on Earth start showing up—Lion’s quest for truth becomes a fight for the survival of the species. Packed with intrigue and heart-pounding action, marked by unforgettable characters and vivid storytelling, filled with science-based brilliance and cult comic touches, The Devil’s Dictionary is Steven Kotler at his thrilling science fiction best.
Categories: Fiction

The Devil s Work

The Devil s Work

She was wearing blue scrubs, and Novak was pretty sure it was the doctor named Thea. Black became openly agitated. “It's too soon. She's three months from full term.” “You should've kept a better eye on her, Doc, kept her home safe with ...

Author: Linda Ladd

Publisher: Lyrical Press

ISBN: 9781516107407

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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IN THE DARK A pristine white beach near Sanibel Island, Florida, is an unlikely place for a murder, but that’s where Will Novak finds himself, knee-deep in salt water trying to save a life. Maybe the frantic woman is the client he’s supposed to meet. But there’s no question she’s got plenty of powerful enemies. And now they’re after Novak too. IN THE DETAILS When he meets her again, her story opens a world of nightmares: captured women, stolen children, and “adoptions” forged in blood and death. The network that tore apart her family stretches across continents and corrupts the forces that should fight against it. And its leaders will do anything to silence her. IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK From the alligator-infested waters of the Everglades to the Central American jungle, the fight to stop a ruthless conspiracy—and to find one mother’s child—will take Novak to the edge of hell itself...
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The Devil s Chord

The Devil s Chord

Turning, she walked right into a nurse wearing pink scrubs who wielded an armload of charts and a questioning yet weary smile. “I think I must have the wrong room,” Annja said. “I'm here to see Scout Roberts.” “He left earlier.

Author: Alex Archer

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 9780373621699

Category: Fiction

Page: 315

View: 378

Searching for the missing Cross of Lorraine, which is linked to Joan of Arc and da Vinci, archaeologist Annja Creed must risk her life to keep this priceless artifact , which could unlock one of da Vinci's most fantastical inventions, from falling into the hands of the enemy. Original.
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