The Endurance Handbook

The Endurance Handbook

The Endurance Handbook teaches athletes how to stay healthy, achieve optimal athletic potential, and be injury-free for many productive years.

Author: Philip Maffetone

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781632208675

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

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Are you a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, cross-country skier, or other athlete seeking greater endurance? The Endurance Handbook teaches athletes how to stay healthy, achieve optimal athletic potential, and be injury-free for many productive years. Dr. Philip Maffetone’s approach to endurance offers a truly “individualized” outlook and unique system that he has refined over three decades of training and treating athletes, ranging from world champions to weekend warriors. Maffetone’s training and racing philosophy emphasizes building a strong aerobic base for increased fat burning, weight loss, sustained energy, and a healthy immune system. Good nutrition and stress reduction are also key to this common-sense, big-picture approach. Dr. Maffetone also dispels many of the commonly held myths that linger in participatory sports—and which adversely impact performance—and explains the “truths” about endurance, such as: The need to train slower to race faster will enable your aerobic system to improve endurance Why expensive running shoes can actually cause foot and leg injuries The fact that refined carbohydrates actually reduce endurance energy and disrupt hormone balance How overtraining can be avoided in its earliest stages And much more! If you are looking to increase your endurance and maximize your athletic potential, The Endurance Handbook is your one-stop guide to training and racing effectively. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Sports Publishing imprint, is proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in sports—books about baseball, pro football, college football, pro and college basketball, hockey, or soccer, we have a book about your sport or your team. In addition to books on popular team sports, we also publish books for a wide variety of athletes and sports enthusiasts, including books on running, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, martial arts, golf, camping, hiking, aviation, boating, and so much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
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The SAS Mental Endurance Handbook

The SAS Mental Endurance Handbook

Perfect the skills of mental toughness and endurance used by the Special Air Service, England's equivalent of the United States Special Forces. This handbook uncovers the secrets of these toughest-of-the-tough combat soldiers.

Author: Chris McNab

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 1585744425

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

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John Lachs, one of American philosophy's most distinguished interpreters, turns to William James, Josiah Royce, Charles S. Peirce, John Dewey, and George Santayana to elaborate stoic pragmatism, or a way to live life within reasonable limits. Stoic pragmatism makes sense of our moral obligations in a world driven by perfectionist human ambition and unreachable standards of achievement. Lachs proposes a corrective to pragmatist amelioration and stoic acquiescence by being satisfied with what is good enough. This personal, yet modest, philosophy offers penetrating insights into the American way of life and our human character.
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Mechanical Engineers Handbook Materials and Engineering Mechanics

Mechanical Engineers  Handbook  Materials and Engineering Mechanics

N is a reasonable factor of safety, G, is the ultimate tensile strength, and a, is the yield strength. o. is developed from the endurance limit o' and ...

Author: Myer Kutz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118112823

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1040

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Full coverage of electronics, MEMS, and instrumentation and control in mechanical engineering This second volume of Mechanical Engineers' Handbook covers electronics, MEMS, and instrumentation and control, giving you accessible and in-depth access to the topics you'll encounter in the discipline: computer-aided design, product design for manufacturing and assembly, design optimization, total quality management in mechanical system design, reliability in the mechanical design process for sustainability, life-cycle design, design for remanufacturing processes, signal processing, data acquisition and display systems, and much more. The book provides a quick guide to specialized areas you may encounter in your work, giving you access to the basics of each and pointing you toward trusted resources for further reading, if needed. The accessible information inside offers discussions, examples, and analyses of the topics covered, rather than the straight data, formulas, and calculations you'll find in other handbooks. Presents the most comprehensive coverage of the entire discipline of Mechanical Engineering anywhere in four interrelated books Offers the option of being purchased as a four-book set or as single books Comes in a subscription format through the Wiley Online Library and in electronic and custom formats Engineers at all levels will find Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Volume 2 an excellent resource they can turn to for the basics of electronics, MEMS, and instrumentation and control.
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Kent s Mechanical Engineers Handbook

Kent s Mechanical Engineers  Handbook

Effect of Defects on Endurance of Rolled or Forged Ferrous Metals Type of Defect Type of Defect Percentage Reduction in Endurance Limit Based on a Standard ...

Author: William Kent


ISBN: WISC:89088908579

Category: Mechanical engineering


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Routledge Handbook of Sport and Exercise Systems Genetics

Routledge Handbook of Sport and Exercise Systems Genetics

David A. Raichlen, James T. Webber, and Herman Pontzer Humans are exceptional endurance athletes. Compared to other quadrupedal mammals, our ability to ...

Author: J. Timothy Lightfoot

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351380157

Category: Medical

Page: 514

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Technological advances over the last two decades have placed genetic research at the forefront of sport and exercise science. It provides potential answers to some of contemporary sport and exercise’s defining issues and throws up some of the area’s most challenging ethical questions, but to date, it has rested on a fragmented and disparate literature base. The Routledge Handbook of Sport and Exercise Systems Genetics constitutes the most authoritative and comprehensive reference in this critical area of study, consolidating knowledge and providing a framework for interpreting future research findings. Taking an approach which covers single gene variations, through genomics, epigenetics, and proteomics, to environmental and dietary influences on genetic mechanisms, the book is divided into seven sections. It examines state-of-the-art genetic methods, applies its approach to physical activity, exercise endurance, muscle strength, and sports performance, and discusses the ethical considerations associated with genetic research in sport and exercise. Made up of contributions from some of the world’s leading sport and exercise scientists and including chapters on important topical issues such as gene doping, gender testing, predicting sport performance and injury risk, and using genetic information to inform physical activity and health debates, the handbook is a vital addition to the sport and exercise literature. It is an important reference for any upper-level student, researcher, or practitioner working in the genetics of sport and exercise or exercise physiology, and crucial reading for any social scientist interested in the ethics of sport.
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The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook E Book

The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook E Book

Thus endurance time is the best predictor of exercise capacity in children. The endurance data reported by Cummings et al in 1978 have served as the ...

Author: Myung K. Park

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323371025

Category: Medical

Page: 516

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Effectively diagnose and manage children with congenital and acquired heart disease by consulting the concise, portable and fully updated edition of Park's The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook. Designed as a companion to Dr. Park's larger text, Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners, this resource features useful diagrams and clear descriptions of disorders, presenting healthcare professionals in practice or in training with a reliable point-of-care reference or general review. Facilitate the decision-making process with a user-friendly organization; consistent and easy-to-read coverage. Better understand core concepts with help from numerous illustrative diagrams. Familiarize yourself with the latest developments in the field through extensive updates on congenital heart defects, infective endocarditis, cardiomyopathies, cardiac arrhythmias, long QT syndrome, blood pressure and systemic hypertension. Stay abreast of new recommendations in lipid screening for children, as well as the normative blood pressure standards for auscillometric and oscillometric methods obtained in the San Antonio Children’s Blood Pressure Study. Access an expanded section covering two-dimensional echocardiography, and consult detailed normative values of echocardiography in the Appendix. Study the newest approaches in the area of cardiac surgery, such as hybrid procedures.
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Metals Handbook

Metals Handbook

For many applications , where repeated stresses occur , it is not necessary to know the endurance limit , which has been defined as the maximum stress to ...

Author: American Society for Metals


ISBN: IND:30000105013365

Category: Metals

Page: 1803

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The Oxford Handbook of New Testament Gender and Sexuality

The Oxford Handbook of New Testament  Gender  and Sexuality

As John begins to narrate his visionary experience, he broaches the topic of masculinity by noting his own and his audience's “endurance” (hypomonē), ...

Author: Benjamin H. Dunning

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190213404

Category: Bibles

Page: 640

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Over several decades, scholarship in New Testament and early Christianity has drawn attention both to the ways in which ancient Mediterranean conceptions of embodiment, sexual difference, and desire were fundamentally different from modern ones and also to important lines of genealogical connection between the past and the present. The result is that the study of "gender" and "sexuality" in early Christianity has become an increasingly complex undertaking. This is a complexity produced not only by the intricacies of conflicting historical data, but also by historicizing approaches that query the very terms of analysis whereby we inquire into these questions in the first place. Yet at the same time, recent work on these topics has produced a rich and nuanced body of scholarly literature that has contributed substantially to our understanding of early Christian history and also proved relevant to ongoing theological and social debates. The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Sexuality in the New Testament provides a roadmap to this lively scholarly landscape, introducing both students and other scholars to the relevant problems, debates, and issues. Leading scholars in the field offer original contributions by way of synthesis, critical interrogation, and proposals for future questions, hypotheses, and research trajectories.
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Gear Motor Handbook

Gear Motor Handbook

Such risk is defined as follows op-10 and is known as the endurance limit of the material to the applied stress (breaking risk of 10% and consequent ...

Author: Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642795893

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 607

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In these years of constant growth and further development for our company, research and development has become more and more important, and has allowed us to be at the forefront in our business sector, where innovation is the obvious and decisive factor. It has therefore been consistent with our everyday business philosophy to involve ourselves deeply in writing and printing this handbook, which is designed to recognize the capacity and hard work of all employees working successfully in the Bonfiglioli Group. The book is intended to be a concrete contribution by Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. to the development and application of power transmissions. The book is addressed to all who have technical dealings with power transmissions, from university students to engineers active in the workplace. For this reason we have invited the cooperation of four prestigious professionals - Darle W. Dudley, Jacques Sprengers, Dierk SchrOder, and Hajime Yamashina - in the knowledge that only through the cooperation of the leading specialists in the field of power transmissions could we develop a truly useful and helpful handbook. It has been hard work, but we are sure the reader's appreciation will amply reward our efforts.
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Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints

Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints

The alternating stress on a bolt should not exceed its endurance limit . Figure 12 can be used to estimate the endurance limit of an alloy steel bolt ...

Author: John Bickford

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0824799771

Category: Science

Page: 911

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Presenting time-tested standard as well as reliable emerging knowledge on threaded fasteners and joints, this book covers how to select parts and materials, predict behavior, control assembly processes, and solve on-the-job problems. It examines key issues affecting bolting in the automotive, pressure vessel, petrochemical, aerospace, and structural steel industries. The editors have successfully created a useful rather than scholarly handbook with chapters written in a straightforward, how-to-do-it manner. Theory is discussed only when necessary and the handbook's logical organization and thorough index enhances its usefulness.
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Prestressed Concrete Designer s Handbook 3rd ed

Prestressed Concrete Designer s Handbook  3rd ed

If the normal strength of a prism is denoted by /prism and the 'endurance limit' is defined as the maximum stress that can be resisted without failure at ...

Author: P.W. Abeles

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482272338

Category: Architecture

Page: 588

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The third edition of this authoritative handbook provides the structural designer with comprehensive guidance on prestressed concrete and its effective use, covering materials, behaviour, analysis and design of prestressed elements. It includes numerous examples, design charts and details of post-tensioning systems.
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Fitness Professional s Handbook 7th Edition

Fitness Professional s Handbook 7th Edition

Endurance training reduces HR and increases SV at rest and during exercise. In addition, maximal cardiac output is greater because maximal HR is . generally ...

Author: Howley, Edward T.

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492523376

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 592

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Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Seventh Edition, provides current and future fitness professionals with the knowledge to screen participants, conduct standardized fitness tests, evaluate the major components of fitness, and prescribe appropriate exercise.
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Handbook on Physical Fitness for Students in Colleges and Universities

Handbook on Physical Fitness for Students in Colleges and Universities

for groups who had uniform scores for 50 yards , indicated a definite trend , which , combined with subjective ranking in endurance , was used to develop ...

Author: United States. Office of Education. Committee on Wartime Physical Fitness for Colleges and Universities


ISBN: UIUC:30112101024989

Category: College students

Page: 140

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Materials Properties Handbook

Materials Properties Handbook

Endurance Ratio Ti - 6A1 - 4V : Fatigue and tensile data for various microstructural conditions ( a ) ann = 705 °C / 2h / AC .

Author: Gerhard Welsch

Publisher: ASM International

ISBN: 0871704811

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1176

View: 651

Comprehensive datasheets on more than 60 titanium alloys More than 200 pages on metallurgy and fabrication procedures Input from more than 50 contributors from several countries Careful editorial review for accuracy and usefulness. Materials Properties Handbook: Titanium Alloys provides a data base for information on titanium and its alloys, and the selection of specific alloys for specific applications. The most comprehensive titanium data package ever assembled provides extensive information on applications, physical properties, corrosion, mechanical properties (including design allowances where available), fatigue, fracture properties, and elevated temperature properties. The appropriate specifications for each alloy are included. This international effort has provided a broad information base that has been compiled and reviewed by leading experts within the titanium industry, from several countries, encompassing numerous technology areas. Inputs have been obtained from the titanium industry, fabricators, users, government and academia. This up-to-date package covers information from almost the inception of the titanium industry, in the 1950s, to mid-1992. The information, organized by alloy, makes this exhaustive collection an easy-to-use data base at your fingertips, which generally includes all the product forms for each alloy. The 60-plus data sheets supply not only extensive graphical and tabular information on properties, but the datasheets also describe or illustrate important factors which would aid in the selection of the proper alloy or heat treatment. The datasheets are further supplemented with back-ground information on the metallurgy and fabrication characteristics of titanium alloys. An especially extensive coverage of properties, processing and metallurgy is provided in the datasheet for the workhorse of the titanium industry, Ti-6Al-4V. This compendium includes the newest alloys made public. even those still under development. In many cases, key references are included for further information on a given subject. Comprehensive datasheets provide extensive information on: Applications, Specifications, Corrosion, Mechanical Design Properties, Fatigue and Fracture
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Epoxy Resins Technology Handbook Manufacturing Process Synthesis Epoxy Resin Adhesives and Epoxy Coatings 2nd Revised Edition

Epoxy Resins Technology Handbook  Manufacturing Process  Synthesis  Epoxy Resin Adhesives and Epoxy Coatings  2nd Revised Edition

One can now estimate the endurance limit of adhesive joints from the value of the shortterm strength. With nylon-epoxy adhesives, for example, the endurance ...

Author: Dr. H. Panda


ISBN: 9788178331829


Page: 576

View: 610

Epoxy is a term used to denote both the basic components and the cured end products of epoxy resins, as well as a colloquial name for the epoxide functional group. Epoxy resin are a class of thermoset materials used extensively in structural and specialty composite applications because they offer a unique combination of properties that are unattainable with other thermoset resins. Epoxies are monomers or prepolymers that further reacts with curing agents to yield high performance thermosetting plastics. They have gained wide acceptance in protecting coatings, electrical and structural applications because of their exceptional combination of properties such as toughness, adhesion, chemical resistance and superior electrical properties. Epoxy resins are characterized by the presence of a three membered cycle ether group commonly referred to as an epoxy group 1,2-epoxide, or oxirane. The most widely used epoxy resins are diglycidyl ethers of bisphenol-A derived from bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. The market of epoxy resins are growing day by day. Today the total business of this product is more than 100 crores. Epoxy resins are used for about 75% of wind blades currently produced worldwide, while polyester resins account for the remaining 25%. A standard 1.5-MW (megawatt) wind turbine has approximately 10 tonnes of epoxy in its blades. Traditionally, the markets for epoxy resins have been driven by demand generated primarily in areas of adhesives, building and civil construction, electrical insulation, printed circuit boards, and protective coatings for consumer durables, amongst others. The major contents of the book are synthesis and characteristics of epoxy resin, manufacture of epoxy resins, epoxide curing reactions, the dynamic mechanical properties of epoxy resins, physical and chemical properties of epoxy resins, epoxy resin adhesives, epoxy resin coatings, epoxy coating give into water, electrical and electronic applications, analysis of epoxides and epoxy resins and the toxicology of epoxy resins. It will be a standard reference book for professionals and entrepreneurs. Those who are interested in this field can find the complete information from manufacture to final uses of epoxy resin. This presentation will be very helpful to new entrepreneurs, technocrats, research scholars, libraries and existing units.

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science Sports Nutrition

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science  Sports Nutrition

While popular diet books and supplement programs suggest that such “fat loading” strategies will enhance the performance of endurance and ultraendurance ...

Author: Ronald J. Maughan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405140553

Category: Medical

Page: 200

View: 150

Sports Nutrition, which focuses on the importance of proper nutritional preparation for athletes, provides a practical supplement to Nutrition in Sport. It provides an essential reference on all aspects of sports nutrition for the team coach, athletic trainer, physical therapist and allied health-related professional working with athletes and sports teams, and the knowledgeable athlete.
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Aircraft Propeller Handbook

Aircraft Propeller Handbook

An adequate engine endurance test of a propeller should develop marginal fatigue weaknesses , chafing , galling tendencies , and other weaknesses ...

Author: United States. Munitions Board. Aircraft Committee. Subcommittee on Air Force-Navy-Civil Aircraft Design Criteria


ISBN: STANFORD:36105129751868

Category: Propellers, Aerial

Page: 391

View: 732

Categories: Propellers, Aerial

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science Road Cycling

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science  Road Cycling

An endurance athlete, such as a road-racing cyclist, has about 450 g of glycogen at the race's start: 350 g in the muscles and 100 g in the liver.

Author: Robert J. Gregor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470694909

Category: Medical

Page: 144

View: 106

The fourth volume in this acclaimed series, Road Cycling concentrates on the techniques of conditioning, road cycling biomechanics, nutrition and hydration, trauma, and the various medical problems encountered by the competitive road cyclist. Edited by two of the world's leading authorities, this new book draws together expertise from contributors from The Netherlands, Italy, and the United States to present an authoritative reference for all those actively involved in the sport.
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The Handbook of Advanced Materials

The Handbook of Advanced Materials

The fatigue strengths of the various aluminum alloys can be compared based on the endurance limits given in Table 9.14. These endurance limits are the ...

Author: James K. Wessel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471454755

Category: Science

Page: 645

View: 145

Written to educate readers about recent advances in the area of new materials used in making products. Materials and their properties usually limit the component designer. * Presents information about all of these advanced materials that enable products to be designed in a new way * Provides a cost effective way for the design engineer to become acquainted with new materials * The material expert benefits by being aware of the latest development in all these areas so he/she can focus on further improvements
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The Oxford Handbook of Montaigne

The Oxford Handbook of Montaigne

The key to this seeming contradiction lies in Montaigne's phrase “test of endurance rather than of truth.” As torture was considered investigative rather ...

Author: Philippe Desan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190679231

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 480

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In 1580, Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) published a book unique by its title and its content: Essays"R. A literary genre was born. At first sight, the Essays resemble a patchwork of personal reflections, but they engage with questions that animate the human mind, and tend toward a single goal: to live better in the present and to prepare for death. For this reason, Montaigne's thought and writings have been a subject of enduring interest across disciplines. This Handbook brings together essays by prominent scholars that examine Montaigne's literary, philosophical, and political contributions, and assess his legacy and relevance today in a global perspective. The chapters of this Handbook offer a sweeping study of Montaigne across different disciplines and in a global perspective. One section covers the historical Montaigne, situating his thought in his own time and space, notably the Wars of Religion in France. The political, historical and religious context of Montaigne's Essays requires a rigorous presentation to inform the modern reader of the issues and problems that confronted Montaigne and his contemporaries in his own time. In addition to this contextual approach to Montaigne, the Handbook also establishes a connection between Montaigne's writings and issues and problems directly relevant to our modern times, that is to say, our age of global ideology. Montaigne's considerations, or essays, offer a point of departure for the modern reader's own assessments. The Essays analyze what can be broadly defined as human nature, the endless process by which the individual tries to impose opinions upon others through the production of laws, policies or philosophies. Montaigne's motto -- "What do I know?" -- is a simple question yet one of perennial significance. One could argue that reading Montaigne today teaches us that the angle defines the world we see, or, as Montaigne wrote: "What matters is not merely that we see the thing, but how we see it."
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