The Everything Guide to Pregnancy over 35

The Everything Guide to Pregnancy over 35

Introduction A lot is made of “older” women getting pregnant and having babies.
Women start worrying about their biological clock ticking even in their twenties
and women over 35 are trained to think that they can't have a normal pregnancy.

Author: Brette Sember

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781605502373

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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With more and more women waiting to start a family, it's encouraging to know that you can have a healthy pregnancy over 35-and into your 40s-if you make well-informed choices about your prenatal care. Whether you're considering parenting for the first time or starting over, The Everything Guide to Pregnancy over 35 covers the physical, emotional, and social implications of a 35+ pregnancy to help ensure the healthiest and happiest nine months-and beyond. Packed with expert advice, plus helpful tips from moms just like you, this reassuring guide shows you how to: Improve your chances of getting pregnant after 35-including fertility treatment options Select the best care options-whether with a doctor or midwife Incorporate vitamins, proper nutrition, and exercise into your lifestyle Weigh the benefits and risks of prenatal testing Understand the changes happening to your body Prepare for labor, delivery, and recovery Assess financial and career considerations And, most importantly, welcome a new baby into your life! With its supportive, straightforward approach, The Everything Guide to Pregnancy over 35 is the one book you need to dispel the rumors, understand the risks, and enjoy the rewards of this exciting time!
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The Quick Reference Guide to Counseling Women

The Quick Reference Guide to Counseling Women

ResouRCes. Maclean, Heather, and Hollie Schultz. The Baby Gizmo Buying
Guide: What to Buy When You're Expecting. Thomas Nelson, 2008. McWhorter,
Brette, and Bruce Rodgers. The Everything Guide to Pregnancy Over 35.

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9780801072345

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Women have unique needs and unique problems that require understanding, empathy, and direction from their pastors and counselors. For anyone who is called to counsel women, The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Women will be a welcome guide to bring hope, life, and freedom to women in need. This A-Z guide gives pastors, professional counselors, and lay helpers the information they need to help female church members, clients, and friends work through their spiritual and emotional issues. The many topics addressed include: healthy relationships conflict and stress sexuality, pregnancy, and infertility emotional and physical abuse roles of women Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies typical symptoms and patterns, definitions and key thoughts, questions to ask, directions for the conversation, action steps, biblical insights, prayer starters, and recommended resources. "The most comprehensive, cutting-edge resource to date on addressing the real issues women face."--Stormie Omartian, author of the bestselling The Power of Praying® books "I'm so grateful for this resource. The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Women will assist you in working with women on their healing journey."--Jennifer Rothschild, Jennifer Rothschild Ministries "Whether you work in women's ministry, lay counseling, or professional counseling, you'll want to have this book on hand. It will become one of your most often-used resources."--Carol Kent, speaker and author of Between a Rock and a Grace Place Tim Clinton (EdD, The College of William and Mary) is president of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), executive director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies, professor of counseling and pastoral care at Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and a licensed professional counselor. Diane Langberg (PhD, Temple University) is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes thirty-five years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She is the director of Diane Langberg, Ph.D. & Associates, a group practice in suburban Philadelphia, and an adjunct professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.
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Your Over 35 Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

Your Over 35 Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

IUGR, or intrauterine growth restriction, means the baby is not growing as she
should. Usually caused by impaired blood flow through the placenta, a common
effect of high blood pressure, it does not allow the baby to get everything she
needs ...

Author: Kelly M. Shanahan, M.D.

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307781789

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 432

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Know What to Expect Week-by-Week Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is both a joy and a challenge. This is true at any age, but as an expectant mother over the age of 35 you want real answers for your unique needs and concerns. With wisdom and compassion, Dr. Kelly Shanahan shares her own experiences as an obstetrician and over-35 mom. Her detailed and reassuring approach will help you understand the significant changes in your body and life as well as your baby's development. Inside, you will find: ·Explanations and answers for your special health concerns ·Advice about making career, relationship, and lifestyle adjustments ·Practical tips for safe weight gain, exercise, and travel ·Excerpts from Dr. Shanahan's journal of her over-35 pregnancy From pregnancy planning and proper nutrition to labor and delivery, this informative book will fully prepare you for the birth of your healthy, happy baby. "A must-read for expectant couples over the age of 35 and a valuable reference for pregnancy at any age." —Lynn D. Montgomery, M.D., director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Rocky Mountain Perinatal Center, Missoula, Montana "This book addresses virtually all of the questions commonly asked by expectant couples. Great job." —E. Albert Reexed M.D., professor and chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Temple University "A work of art and a work of love, with a lot of good science thrown in along the way." —R. Daniel Braun, M.D., FACOG, clinical professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Indiana University School of Medicine "What a great, week-by-week, commonsense journey through pregnancy!" —William F. von Almen II, M.D., FACOG, editorial adviser,
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Celebrating Life Customs around the World From Baby Showers to Funerals 3 volumes

Celebrating Life Customs around the World  From Baby Showers to Funerals  3 volumes

When these candles are left lit for at least an hour a continuous band of light is
created. ... The Everything Guide to Pregnancy over 35: From Conquering Your
Fears to Assessing Health Risks, All You Need to Have a Happy, Healthy Nine ...

Author: Victoria Williams Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440836596

Category: Social Science

Page: 1247

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This book documents hundreds of customs and traditions practiced in countries outside of the United States, showcasing the diversity of birth, coming-of-age, and death celebrations worldwide. • Examines cultural events in the general categories of birth and childhood events, teen and early adulthood milestones, and aging and death customs • Offers primary and cultural document excerpts that are useful for the purposes of meeting Common Core standards • Includes color inserts that help bring the text to life • Features sidebars that present fun facts, interesting anecdotes, and recipes that are often used to celebrate various life-cycle customs in different countries • Provides information ideal for students studying geography, global studies, anthropology, and world cultures
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Public Library Core Collection

Public Library Core Collection

3 Diseases and complications of pregnancy Sember , Brette McWhorter ,
1968The everything guide to pregnancy over 35 ; from conquering your fears to
assessing health risks — all you need to have a happy , healthy nine months ;
technical ...

Author: John Greenfieldt

Publisher: Hw Wilson Company

ISBN: 0824210948

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1856

View: 418

Wilson's Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction (13th Edition, 2008) recommends reference and nonfiction books for the general adult audience. It is a guide to over 9,000 books (over 6,500 titles are new to this edition), plus review sources and other professional aids for librarians and media specialists. Acquisitions librarians, reference librarians and cataloguers can all use this reliable guide to building and maintaining a well-rounded collection of the most highly recommended reference and nonfiction books for adults. All titles are selected by librarians, editors, advisors, and nominators-all of them experts in public library services. The collection is a valuable tool for collection development and maintenance, reader's advisory, weeding your collection, and curriculum support. Richly enhanced records provide a wealth of useful information. All entries include complete bibliographic data as well as price, subject headings, annotations, grade level, Dewey classification, cover art, and quotations from reviews. Many entries also list awards, best-book lists, and starred reviews. Save Time: Efficiently organised and includes ""Starred"" titles Save Money: Allocate your resources to the best materials available Stay Relevant: Discover the best in important, contemporary categories Complete Coverage: Includes recommendations on periodicals and electronic resources, too Four-Year Subscription This Core Collection was originally sold as a four-year subscription. The core edition, published in 2008, delivers a library-bound volume with an extensive, selective list of recommended books. From 2009 to 2011 Wilson published extensive paperback supplements to the 2008 edition. A new cycle of materials will begin in 2012. However, the 2008 to 2011 materials are currently available. Buyers of them will receive all these materials immediately. All four years are only $420. Uniquely Valuable There is nothing quite like Wilson Core Collections. The accumulated expertise of our selectors, and the unquestioned reputation of these collections, is invaluable. Wilson Core Collections are universally recognised as impartial and expert aids to collection development that assist and reinforce the judgement of librarians everywhere. Selection to a Wilson Core Collection is strong support to any challenged purchase. Contemporary Relevance This Core Collection includes broad updates in the areas of crafts; terrorism, and international security; environment and global warming; diseases and medicine; and religion, plus other contemporary topics that keep the library's collection as current as today's headlines. Other Key Features Classified Catalogue - A list arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification, with complete cataloguing information for each book. Author, Title, Subject and Analytical Index - An in-depth key to the information in Classified Catalogue-including author and title analytics for works contained in anthologies and collections. Richly enhanced records provide complete bibliographic data, price, subject headings, descriptive annotations, grade level, Dewey classification, evaluative quotations from a review, when available. Listing works published in the United States, or published in Canada or the United Kingdom and distributed in the United States, Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction features extensive revisions in the areas of health, science and technology, personal finance, sports, cooking and gardening, and handicrafts. Biography, poetry and literary criticism continue to receive comprehensive treatment. Reference works in all subject fields are included.
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The Impatient Woman s Guide to Getting Pregnant

The Impatient Woman s Guide to Getting Pregnant

CHAPTER 6 Not as Scary as You've Heard: The Real Stats on Age and Fertility
You've probably heard lots of scary statistics on getting pregnant in your 30s,
particularly after age 35. Not long ago, doctors used terms such as advanced ...

Author: Jean M. Twenge

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451620719

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

View: 614

Comforting and intimate, this “girlfriend” guide to getting pregnant gets to the heart of all the emotional issues around having children—biological pressure, in-law pressures, greater social pressures—to support women who are considering getting pregnant. Trying to get pregnant is enough to make any woman impatient. The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant is a complete guide to the medical, psychological, social, and sexual aspects of getting pregnant, told in a funny, compassionate way, like talking to a good friend who’s been through it all. And in fact, Dr. Jean Twenge has been through it all—the mother of three young children, she started researching fertility when trying to conceive for the first time. A renowned sociologist and professor at San Diego State University, Dr. Twenge brought her research background to the huge amount of information—sometimes contradictory, frequently alarmist, and often discouraging— that she encountered online, from family and friends, and in books, and decided to go into the latest studies to find out the real story. The good news is: There is a lot less to worry about than you’ve been led to believe. Dr. Twenge gets to the heart of the emotional issues around getting pregnant, including how to prepare mentally and physically when thinking about conceiving; how to talk about it with family, friends, and your partner; and how to handle the great sadness of a miscarriage. Also covered is how to know when you’re ovulating, when to have sex, timing your pregnancy, maximizing your chances of getting pregnant, how to tilt the odds toward having a boy or a girl, and the best prenatal diet. Trying to conceive often involves an enormous amount of emotion, from anxiety and disappointment to hope and joy. With comfort, humor, and straightforward advice, The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant is the bedside companion to help you through it.
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The Everything Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition Health

The Everything Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition   Health

From Preconception to Post-delivery, All You Need to Know About Pregnancy
Nutrition, Fitness, and Diet! ... 25 to 35 pounds Overweight (BMI 26 to 29) 15 to 25
pounds Obese (BMI greater than 29) At least 15 pounds Underweight (BMI of
less ...

Author: Britt Brandon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440560125

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 307

Your all-in-one guide for a fit pregnancy! As a mom-to-be, you want the best for your baby and yourself. You need sensible, up-to-date advice on maintaining a healthy diet and a robust fitness level. The Everything Guide to Pregnancy Health and Nutrition is your ultimate mother's helper for diet, exercise, nutrition, and more--at every stage. Inside, you'll find information on: Determining your caloric needs When (and when not!) to exercise The best and worst foods for pregnancy Exercises for all your major muscle groups Vegetarian or vegan pregnancies Getting back into exercise after your baby is born With extra information on pre- and post-pregnancy health, this guide is the perfect handbook for mamas-to-be looking to stay healthy!
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Fertility Handbook A Guide To Getting Pregnant

Fertility Handbook  A Guide To Getting Pregnant

Most health professionals recommend seeking help if you have been trying to get
pregnant for over a year and you are younger than 35 years old, or if you have
been trying to get pregnant for more than six months and you are over 35 years ...

Author: Rebecca Matthews PhD


ISBN: 9781304482730

Category: Science

Page: 124

View: 769

The Fertility Handbook: A Guide to Getting Pregnant. Whether you're just starting to think about growing your family or have been trying for weeks, months or even years, this book will give you a helping hand on your path to parenthood. Conception is easy only when conditions are perfect. Our bodies are complex systems and creating perfect conditions sometimes requires a little extra knowledge. In these pages, you'll find all you need to know to get pregnant in the shortest time possible including in depth information on: *Preconception Care *Dietary Supplements for Optimal Reproductive Health *How the Body Works and Reproductive Processes *What Signs to Look For to Improve Your Chances *Fertility Testing and Treatment *What May be Keeping You From Getting Pregnant. The Fertility Handbook: A Guide to Getting Pregnant can improve your chances starting today
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The Disabled Woman s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

The Disabled Woman s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

Results are available approximately 3 weeks after the amniocentesis. Women
who are over 35, or who have a family history of genetic disorders, may want to
consider genetic testing. Women who do not want to terminate their pregnancies

Author: Judith Rogers, OTR

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

ISBN: 1934559431

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 144

View: 916

The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth was a finalist for a 2005 Foreward Magazine Best Book of the Year Award and a 2006 Ben Franklin Award! This comprehensive and useful guide is based on the experiences of ninety women with disabilities who chose to have children. In order to bring an intimate focus and understanding to the issues involved in being pregnant and disabled, author Judith Rodgers conducted in-depth interviews with women with 22 different types of disabilities and with a total of 143 pregnancies. Thoroughly researched and informative, this book is a practical guide both for disabled women planning for pregnancy and the health professionals who work with them. The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth supports the right of all women to choose motherhood, and will be useful for any disabled woman who desires to have a child. The subjects covered include: an introduction to the ninety women and their specific disabilities; the decision to have a baby; parenting with a disability; emotional concerns of the mother, family and friends; nutrition and exercise in pregnancy; a look at each trimester; labor and delivery; caesarean delivery; the postpartum period; and breast-feeding. A list of references and a glossary will assist the reader in obtaining additional information and understanding medical terminology. Empathetic, balanced, comprehensive, and practical, this guide provides all the facts needed by disabled women and their families. It stresses the importance of informed communication among the pregnant woman, her family members, and health care professionals. It is the only book that answers critical questions and provides guidance for the woman with a disability facing one of the biggest challenges of her life.
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Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E Book

Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery   E Book

Sociodemographic risk factors Some of the variables used in attempts to identify
asymptomatic women at high risk for ... Maternal age over 35, smoking, and high
and low maternal body mass index have a stronger association with SGA than ...

Author: Fernando Arias

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9788131231630

Category: Medical

Page: 584

View: 134

The third edition of the book, Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery, has been completely revised to present more up-to-date approach to the field. Several changes have been made in the book to keep up with multiple new developments and to facilitate the finding of information. However, the purpose of the book remains unchanged: to provide residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology, fellows in Maternal–Fetal Medicine, obstetricians, general physicians, and interested nurses and medical students with a source of practical information about complications of pregnancy. The book is organized into three sections: Fetal Medicine, Obstetrical Complications and Tropical Diseases in Pregnancy All chapters have been rearranged, expanded, and updated Several new flowcharts, tables, and boxes have been included to make the coverage more comprehensive and contemporary Important points at the end of every chapter help in quick recapitulation. Separate chapters on Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy, Diabetes and Pregnancy, and Cardiac Diseases in Pregnancy.
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The Complete Guide To Female Fertility

The Complete Guide To Female Fertility

For those between the ages of 35 and 39, there's just a 60 per cent chance of
getting pregnant after a year of trying. Although this does clearly illustrate that
women become less fertile as they get older, it doesn't mean that all women over
35 ...

Author: Kate Brian

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748126026

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 697

With warnings about rising infertility rates and the dangers of leaving motherhood too late, many women are concerned about when or whether they will manage to have a baby. Written by an international expert on fertility, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FEMALE FERTILITY deals with the medical facts, the emotional and social aspects of female fertility, and includes the real-life experiences and insights of dozens of women. It includes information on: * How your repoductive system works * When you are at your most fertile * How you age affects your chances of conceiving * How you can boost your fertility naturally * What may stop you getting pregnant * What reproductive technology can do to help.
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A Woman s Guide to Living with HIV Infection

A Woman s Guide to Living with HIV Infection

Two of the most common causes for a woman's difficulty in becoming pregnant
are her age (over 35) and a history of pelvic infections. Infections like gonorrhea
and chlamydia can lead to scarring of the fallopian tubes, and this scar tissue can

Author: Rebecca A. Clark

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421405483

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 321

View: 610

The complete guide to better physical and emotional health for women living with HIV or AIDS. It covers the full range of health and emotional issues faced by people with HIV while also addressing topics of special interest to women, including gynaecologic disorders, reproductive choices, contraception, and pregnancy.
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American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record

M26 2007 ) 22 2006 - 014127 ISBN 0 - 19531458 - 1 35 . 00 1 . Deaf children ...
122 baby ' s 1st year / edited by Indi Zeleny . Avon , MA : Adams ... 122 The
everything guide to raising a one - year - old / Brian Orr and Donna Raskin . Avon
, MA ...



ISBN: UOM:39015066180434

Category: American literature


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Categories: American literature



... Maggie Jones , Motherhood After 35 : Choices , Decisions , Options ( Tucson ,
AZ : Fisher Books , 1996 ) ; Ellen Rose Lavin , PhD , with Samuel H . Wood , MD ,
The Essential Over 35 Pregnancy Guide : Everything You Need to Know About ...

Author: Elizabeth Gregory

Publisher: Basic Books (AZ)

ISBN: UVA:X030251687

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 298

View: 455

Drawing on both statistical and anecdotal evidence, a critical study of American women who had their first child after age thirty-five discusses the benefits of later motherhood, including greater family stability, higher earnings, increased self-awareness and confidence, and the ability to shape careers around family needs.
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A Guide to Genetic Counseling

A Guide to Genetic Counseling

Over the last four decades, the portion of the patient population that needs
genetic counseling services has steadily expanded. ... Then came pregnant
women, at first, only those over 35, and eventually pregnancies with abnormal
serum or ...

Author: Wendy R. Uhlmann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118210536

Category: Medical

Page: 644

View: 344

The first book devoted exclusively to the principles and practice of genetic counseling—now in a new edition First published in 1998, A Guide to Genetic Counseling quickly became a bestselling and widely recognized text, used nationally and internationally in genetic counseling training programs. Now in its eagerly anticipated Second Edition, it provides a thoroughly revised and comprehensive overview of genetic counseling, focusing on the components, theoretical framework, and unique approach to patient care that are the basis of this profession. The book defines the core competencies and covers the genetic counseling process from case initiation to completion—in addition to addressing global professional issues—with an emphasis on describing fundamental principles and practices. Chapters are written by leaders in the field of genetic counseling and are organized to facilitate academic instruction and skill attainment. They provide the most up-to-date coverage of: The history and practice of genetic counseling Family history Interviewing Case preparation and management Psychosocial counseling Patient education Risk communication and decision-making Medical genetics evaluation Understanding genetic testing Medical documentation Multicultural counseling Ethical and legal issues Student supervision Genetic counseling research Professional development Genetics education and outreach Evolving roles and expanding opportunities Case examples A Guide to Genetic Counseling, Second Edition belongs on the syllabi of all medical and human genetics and genetic counseling training programs. It is an indispensable reference for both students and healthcare professionals working with patients who have or are at risk for genetic conditions.
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The Complete Guide to Medications During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The Complete Guide to Medications During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Should be used with caution in women over the age of 35 who smoke and/or
women who are breast-feeding, or who suffer from liver dysfunction. How it can
affect pregnant women: Esterified estrogens are prepared from plants. There are
no ...

Author: Carl P. Weiner, MD

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250037206

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 576

View: 378

From a renowned obstetrician and expert in maternal-fetal medicine comes the only comprehensive pharmaceutical guide available to help you make informed decisions while pregnant and nursing Sometimes even physicians disagree or appear confused about what medications are appropriate choices for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Tylenol? Ambien? Sudafed? A prescription medication for a chronic condition? How much is OK and when? Incomplete or misinformation, an out-dated FDA classification system, and fear all stand in the way. Which means taking care of your health during this important time of your life can feel scarier than it should. The Complete Guide to Medications During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding cuts through the confusion so that you can feel good about taking care of yourself and your baby. This essential reference combines authority and empathy with an A-to-Z directory of more than six hundred drugs to help you make the best possible decisions for you and your baby.
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Protecting Against Unintended Pregnancy A Guide to Contraceptive Choices

Protecting Against Unintended Pregnancy  A Guide to Contraceptive Choices

Birth control pills are safe for most women -- safer even than delivering a baby --
but they carry some risks . Current low - dose pills have fewer risks associated
with them than earlier versions . But women over age 35 who smoke and women

Author: Tamar Nordenberg

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1422326071



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Zita West s Guide to Getting Pregnant

Zita West   s Guide to Getting Pregnant

Often, in particular if the woman is over 35 and a couple has been trying for a
year, there is a tendency to fast-track them into assisted conception – without
properly assessing the fertility of either partner. There is so much that needs to be

Author: Zita West

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007374410

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 400

View: 545

A pioneer in the field of fertility, Zita West’s programme is invaluable for couples trying to conceive. Harley Street’s most popular fertility expert, and favourite consultant to celebrity clients, guides the reader through a process of vital physical and mental preparation.
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Library Journal

Library Journal



ISBN: IND:30000046369736

Category: Libraries


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Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

Infertility , Pregnancy , and Childbirth High Blood Pressure Women who have
high blood pressure ( see p.644 ) before becoming ... Premature Rupture of Poor
fetal growth is more the Membranes common among women under 17 or over 35

Author: Anthony L. Komaroff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684863731

Category: Medical

Page: 1312

View: 106

An accessible guide to family health care discusses drug interactions, symptoms, first aid, and how to choose a family doctor, including a new research about hormone therapy and heart surgery.
Categories: Medical