The Far Side of the World Vol Book 10 Aubrey Maturin Novels

The Far Side of the World  Vol  Book 10   Aubrey Maturin Novels

shore; and with one of those to buoy them up they could last all day and more, much more. He turned it over in his mind – the ways of ... The earth turned and the ocean with it; the water in which they swam turned towards the sun.

Author: Patrick O'Brian

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393063820

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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The tenth installment in the beloved, epic Aubrey/Maturin series and inspiration for the major motion picture starring Russell Crowe. The War of 1812 continues, and Captain Jack Aubrey sets course for Cape Horn on a mission after his own heart: intercepting a powerful American frigate outward bound to wreak havoc with the British whaling trade. Meanwhile, Stephen Maturin has a mission of his own in the world of secret intelligence and comes face to face with the harsh realities for women of the age. Disaster in various guises awaits them in the Great South Sea and in the far reaches of the Pacific—typhoons, castaways, shipwrecks, an ill-fated affair, murder, and criminal insanity—as well as a bold rescue by a crew of seafaring female warriors.
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Gary Larson and The Far Side

Gary Larson and The Far Side

The idea that The Far Side gave many of its original readers their first exposure to alternative worldviews—and introduced many young people to the mechanisms of satire for the first time—is supported in online reviews.

Author: Kerry D. Soper

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496817297

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 128

Kerry D. Soper reminds us of The Far Side's groundbreaking qualities and cultural significance in Gary Larson and "The Far Side." In the 1980s, Gary Larson (b. 1950) shook up a staid comics page by introducing a set of aesthetic devices, comedic tones, and philosophical frames that challenged and delighted many readers, even while upsetting and confusing others. His irreverent, single panels served as an alternative reality to the tame comedy of the family-friendly newspaper comics page, as well as the pervasive, button-down consumerism and conformity of the Reagan era. In this first full study of Larson's art, Soper follows the arc of the cartoonist's life and career, describing the aesthetic and comedic qualities of his work, probing the business side of his success, and exploring how The Far Side brand as a whole--with its iconic characters and accompanying set of comedic and philosophical frames--connected with its core readers. In effect, Larson reinvented his medium by creatively working within, pushing against, and often breaking past institutional, aesthetic, comedic, and philosophical parameters. Due to the comic's great success, it opened the door for additional alternative voices in comics and other popular mediums. With its intentionally awkward, minimalistic lines and its morbid humor, The Far Side expanded Americans' comedic palette and inspired up-and-coming cartoonists, comedians, and filmmakers. Soper re-creates the cultural climate and media landscape in which The Far Side first appeared and thrived, then assesses how it impacted worldviews and shaped the comedic sensibilities of a generation of cartoonists, comedy writers, and everyday fans.
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Cengage Advantage Books Liberty Equality Power A History of the American People

Cengage Advantage Books  Liberty  Equality  Power  A History of the American People

Commander: The. Far. Side. of. the. World. (2003). Russell Crowe stars as the fictional British navy captain Jack ... the naval surgeon Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany), joins him throughout this adventure to “the far side of the world.

Author: John M. Murrin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305657151

Category: History

Page: 1184

View: 436

This economically priced version of LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER, 7th Edition offers readers the complete narrative while limiting the number of features, photos, and maps. A highly respected, balanced, and thoroughly modern approach to U.S. History, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER uses these three themes in a unique approach to show how the United States was transformed, in a relatively short time, from a land inhabited by hunter-gatherer and agricultural Native American societies into the most powerful industrial nation on earth. This approach helps students understand not only the impact of the notions of liberty and equality, which are often associated with the American story, but also how dominant and subordinate groups have affected and been affected by the ever-shifting balance of power. The text integrates the best of recent social and cultural scholarship into a political story, offering students a comprehensive and complete understanding of American history. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Guerilla Bride

Guerilla Bride

It was on the far side of the world. It did not move fast. Nor slow. But he could see it move. The sun. On the far side of the world. It had begun to move fast. Tom Thackery tried to slow it down, but the sun moved faster.

Author: J. J. Zerr

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532027758

Category: Fiction

Page: 327

View: 690

It is 1860, and Emerson Sharp has grown from a boy into a handsome man. Ever since he can remember, his father has governed every aspect of his life. When his father proclaims he will wed a neighbors plain daughter, Emerson rebels, has a fling with a local girl, and flees his Indiana farm to escape her angry brothers. When the brothers finally catch him, Emerson barely survives the deadly encounter. As he is led down a new path, Emerson partners with notorious gambler Weakes Daley. After their travels land them in the middle of the Civil War, Weakes is killed in a poker game shoot-out, leading Emerson to befriend a Quantrill guerilla fighter and participate in a stagecoach holdup that eventually makes him a wanted man. After he changes his name to Tom Thackery, Emerson meets a woman he hopes will change everything for the better. But as the end of 1863 approaches, Emerson is brought full circle to a time when he had nothing but a gun, a horse, and a dream to head west. Now he must determine if salvation lies in that direction again. Guerilla Bride shares the tale of a young mans journey from an Indiana farm into the midst of the Civil War where it seems everyone is intent on killing him.
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The World Is at Your Door

The World Is at Your Door

This new outsourcing was brought about by a “handful of visionary industrialists,” who initiated purchase agreements with suppliers not just on the “far side of town or the far side of America, but on the far side of the earth” (Lynn, ...

Author: Phil Watlington

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 9780741434081

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 293

View: 848

Understanding and responding to globalization's intoxicating economic, political, and social challenges (and opportunities) -- with creativity, imagination and "new-age innovation"
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The Observer s Guide to Planetary Motion

The Observer s Guide to Planetary Motion

... pull that the Moon exerts on the Earth is slightly stronger on the near side of the Earth than on the far side. As the Moon slightly elongates the Earth into a nonspherical shape, two bulges are created on the near and far sides, ...

Author: Dominic Ford

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781493906291

Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 658

To the naked eye, the most evident defining feature of the planets is their motion across the night sky. It was this motion that allowed ancient civilizations to single them out as different from fixed stars. “The Observer’s Guide to Planetary Motion” takes each planet and its moons (if it has them) in turn and describes how the geometry of the Solar System gives rise to its observed motions. Although the motions of the planets may be described as simple elliptical orbits around the Sun, we have to observe them from a particular vantage point: the Earth, which spins daily on its axis and circles around the Sun each year. The motions of the planets as observed relative to this spinning observatory take on more complicated patterns. Periodically, objects become prominent in the night sky for a few weeks or months, while at other times they pass too close to the Sun to be observed. “The Observer’s Guide to Planetary Motion” provides accurate tables of the best time for observing each planet, together with other notable events in their orbits, helping amateur astronomers plan when and what to observe. Uniquely each of the chapters includes extensive explanatory text, relating the events listed to the physical geometry of the Solar System. Along the way, many questions are answered: Why does Mars take over two years between apparitions (the times when it is visible from Earth) in the night sky, while Uranus and Neptune take almost exactly a year? Why do planets appear higher in the night sky when they’re visible in the winter months? Why do Saturn’s rings appear to open and close every 15 years? This book places seemingly disparate astronomical events into an understandable three-dimensional structure, enabling an appreciation that, for example, very good apparitions of Mars come around roughly every 15 years and that those in 2018 and 2035 will be nearly as good as that seen in 2003. Events are listed for the time period 2010-2030 and in the case of rarer events (such as eclipses and apparitions of Mars) even longer time periods are covered. A short closing chapter describes the seasonal appearance of deep sky objects, which follow an annual cycle as a result of Earth’s orbital motion around the Sun.
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The Far Side of Evil

The Far Side of Evil

that it involves stealing worlds that belong to indigenous populations. For this and other reasons, I regret having connected The Far Side of Evil specifically to Enchantress from the Stars, which is often enjoyed by younger readers ...

Author: Sylvia Engdahl

Publisher: Sylvia Engdahl

ISBN: 9798985853254

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 992

On completion of her training as an agent of the interstellar federation's Anthropological Service, Elana is sent to a world whose people may soon destroy their civilization. Since not enough is understood about the situation to justify any interference with their evolution, the Service has no power to act; its agents must go as helpless observers, posing as natives, in the hope of gaining knowledge that may help to save other worlds. This passive role proves intolerable to the young, inexperienced agent assigned to the same city as Elana, a city under totalitarian rule. After falling in love with a local girl who has become Elana's closest friend, he identifies too completely with the natives and unwittingly endangers the entire world by a well-meant but ill-advised attempt to intervene. Forced to assume responsibility for undoing the damage, Elana finds that only she—at great cost—can prevent an immediate war of annihilation. Although this novel has the same heroine as the author's Newbery Honor book Enchantress from the Stars, it is not a sequel but a completely separate—and very different—story not intended for readers below high school age, which is also enjoyed by adults. The two books are in no way dependent on each other and can be read in either order.
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The Far Side of the World

The Far Side of the World

Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin tales are widely acknowledged to be the greatest series of historical novels ever written.

Author: Patrick O'Brian


ISBN: 0007157878

Category: Aubrey, Jack (Fictitious character)

Page: 343

View: 649

Now a motion picture, Captain Jack Aubrey and his friend Stephen Maturin, ship's surgeon and secret agent on another voyage, the war of 1812.
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The Lion of Farside

The Lion of Farside

What do you mean, you're 'new in this world'?” “I came through a gate last spring. From Farside.” “Indeed!” This time it was the halfling, the tomttu who spoke. “I've heard of gates to a world called Farside.

Author: John Dalmas

Publisher: Baen Books

ISBN: 9780671876746

Category: Farmers

Page: 400

View: 321

Curtis Macurdy would have been content to spend his life with his wife Varia earning a living by tilling his land in the American Midwest. But Varia is from Yuulith, and when the Sisterhood called her home, she refused to go. Their big mistake was kidnapping her. For Curtis may seem like an ordinary farmer, but underneath lurks a strategic genius of the highest order.
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Civilizations Beyond Earth

Civilizations Beyond Earth

is the implementation of an effort to turn the “Lunar Far Side Program” into reality. Lunar Far Side Observatories For decades radio astronomers have been urging the establishment of radio observatories on the far side of the lunar ...

Author: Douglas A. Vakoch

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9780857452122

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 298

Astronomers around the world are pointing their telescopes toward the heavens, searching for signs of intelligent life. If they make contact with an advanced alien civilization, how will humankind respond? In thinking about first contact, the contributors to this volume present new empirical and theoretical research on the societal dimensions of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Archaeologists and astronomers explore the likelihood that extraterrestrial intelligence exists, using scientific insights to estimate such elusive factors as the longevity of technological societies. Sociologists present the latest findings of novel surveys, tapping into the public's attitudes about life beyond Earth to show how religion and education influence beliefs about extraterrestrials. Scholars from such diverse disciplines as mathematics, chemistry, journalism, and religious studies offer innovative solutions for bridging the cultural gap between human and extraterrestrial civilizations, while recognizing the tremendous challenges of communicating at interstellar distances. At a time when new planets are being discovered around other stars at an unprecedented rate, this collection provides a much needed guide to the human impact of discovering we are not alone in the universe.
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