Prophetic Secrets and the New World Order

Prophetic Secrets and the New World Order

It is also true of the anti - type at the end of the world after the final judgment is made . Their time remaining on this earth will be short until Jesus comes in the clouds to take them to their permanent homes in heaven .

Author: David A. Miller

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 1572580895

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Did you know the stories in the book of Daniel have a hidden prophetic meaning? Prophetic Secrets and the New World Order uses these stories and the prophecies of the book of Revelation to expose the Man of Sin and the mysterious mark of the beast. Written in easy to understand language, this book is a must for the time in which we live.Is there really a worldwide conspiracy? Are there secret societies leading us toward a mysterious agenda? Are there powers behind the scenes that we should be aware of? Is there a world leader either in charge now or soon to take charge of the entire world scene? Are there now plans being laid for a one world government? What is the New World Order?It is the intention of the author to reveal just such a hidden agenda. The exposure will be done using the secret clues of Bible prophecy. These secrets are hidden to those who do not care to know and yet open to those who choose to investigate.
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New World Order

New World Order

The Triumph of Western Ideals The final chapter of this study will draw together the central arguments explored in the ... The end of the Cold War was met with a great sense of Wilsonian optimism that a future New World Order would ...

Author: Mark Poynter

Publisher: Arena books

ISBN: 9781909421592

Category: Political Science

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Examines the geopolitical developments which have taken place since the end of the Cold War and assesses the impact of Francis Fukuyama's "e;The End of History"e; (1989) and the extent to which the spread of globalisation has shaped the New World Order.
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Big Red S New World Order

Big Red   S New World Order

A new world order could conceivably be achieved. History tells us, without exception, all great wars between countries of the world have had as their origin conflicting religious beliefs. Today we are battling the final world war that ...

Author: Lloyd R. Adams

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524531829

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I Am the Big Red Barn, part I, begins this trilogy. It is a factual fantasy of the life and times of Big Red, told in his own words when it was discovered by a three-year-old boy that this sixty-five-foot majestic barn could telepathically converse with him. Yes, walls can talk, and Big Red tells his life story from the time he was constructed in 1919 on a small dairy farm in Mormon Country, Utah, until it approached its one hundredth birthday. The Impossible Campaign, part II, contains a series of articles and stories based on the authors perspective, which depict the phenomenal circumstances surrounding a nonexperienced politician yet successful business mogul who lays waste to a field of career Republican presidential politicians, captured every news cycle for over eleven months, and consequently created a ground-swell movement by millions of his supporters to become victorious in his primary campaign. 2021 Our New World Horizon, part III, continues where part I left off and continues to the futuristic time of 2021 when Big Red became the inspirational conduit to help change the entire landscape by creating a new world horizon.
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Twenty First Century World Order and the Asia Pacific

Twenty First Century World Order and the Asia Pacific

To begin with, it (1) inquires into the pathway by which the new world order will emerge from its initial uncertainty and fluidity, and (2) attempts to speculate on the final shape the new world order will likely take.

Author: J. Hsiung

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230107175

Category: Social Science

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After examining the global system's political volatility at the dawn of the new millenium, the book looks at how some of the identifiable system-wide trends (e.g., globalization, democratization, fragmentation, etc.) may find repercussions in the Asia Pacific. The book also addresses the question of 'comprehensive security', in comparison with other regions, in a wide range of areas subsuming economic security (geoeconomics), environmental security (ecopolitics), and human security. In addition, the book recognizes the idiosyncrasies of the region, such as the defensiveness of most Asian governments toward the protection of their financial markets against external forces following the regional financial crisis of the late 1990s.
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The Historical Foundations of World Order

The Historical Foundations of World Order

Riddled with contradictions, the years between 1815 and 1905 can be evaluated in many different ways, even from the chosen perspective of world order. Those in the mainstream of the European international law community at the end of the ...

Author: Douglas M. Johnston

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789004161672

Category: Law

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In The Historical Foundations of World Order: the Tower and the Arena, Douglas M. Johnston has drawn on a 45 year career as one of the world s most prolific academics in the development of international law and public policy and 5 years of exhaustive research to produce a comprehensive and highly nuanced examination of the historical precursors, intellectual developments, and philosophical frameworks that have guided the progress of world order through recorded history and across the globe, from pre-classical antiquity to the present day. By illuminating the personalities and identifying the controversies behind the great advancements in international legal thought and weaving this into the context of more conventionally known history, Johnston presents a unique understanding of how peoples and nations have sought regularity, justice and order across the ages. This book will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers, from lawyers interested in the historical background of familiar concepts, to curriculum developers for law schools and history faculties, to general interest readers wanting a wider perspective on the history of civilization.Winner 2009 ASIL Certificate of Merit for a Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship
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The Coming New World Order

The Coming New World Order

This latter view of kingdom-building, therefore, should be the foundation for building the new world order! KINGDOM WORLD The final phase of the strategy is to build the Kingdom of God throughout the community of nations.

Author: Thomas J. Mueller

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460257838

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This book proposes a step-by-step blueprint for a better world. There is a storm brewing on the horizon. A new world order is coming based on all the trends and global pressures that is facing mankind today. The question is, who's world vision is going to prevail and lead us into the 21st century and beyond? Will it be based on Man's vision and his world-ruling government that has only produced war or God's vision and Christ's world-ruling government that is guaranteed to produce lasting peace? The outcome to this vital question and struggle will either bring on the "Apocalypse" or the prophesied "Millennium." It is our choice and we need to decide soon before we hit a point of no return! Prophecy says the Kingdom of Man is going to face off with the Kingdom of God on the Plains of Megiddo in Northern Israel in the not too distant future for supremacy on earth if we don't heed the warnings and change our ways. Our message, therefore, is simple. Christ is returning shortly as King of Kings to establish a new political order, His world-ruling government of the Kingdom of God on earth. His return can either be a forceful one or a peaceful one. It is our decision. Either way, we need to decide soon and get ready for the Second Coming!
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God s One World Order

God s One World Order

He will be the final world ruler, and Satan will give him authority. Can this be the third world war many people talk about? Satan and all whose names are not written in the book will worship the beast and will wage war against God's ...

Author: Patsy A. Cox

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973683018

Category: Religion

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Throughout the Bible, God has revealed the real reason he created all things. In this book, author Patsy A. Cox discloses the many hidden secrets and mysteries shared by God. She faithfully followed his directions as he revealed these new things, and she began to search and dig deeper into each revelation. She discusses how the Bible begins and ends with the marriage of a bridegroom and bride from Genesis through Revelation. This relationship embraces God’s one world order that all should walk in love. Cox compares the betrothal and marriage of the lamb to the bride of Christ to the Jewish marriage customs. Each chapter discusses the love of God for his son, Jesus, and the bride of Christ. God’s One World Order warns and prepares the church for the soon coming of Christ, and it tells how the church will suffer through part of the tribulation. Cox shares this text with the hope hearts may be encouraged as they are knit together in unselfish love. She wants all to enjoy the riches that come from the full assurance of understanding the joy of salvation, resulting in a true and more intimate knowledge of the mystery of God.
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The New World Order in Genesis 1 9

The New World Order in Genesis 1 9

A Commentary Alexandria Parker-Shigemura. King. As seen in the chart below, this final world empire will be a new beginning, the meaning of the biblical eight. Eighth World Empire in New World Order 1. Old Babylonian 2000—1600 BC ...

Author: Alexandria Parker-Shigemura

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462015962

Category: Religion

Page: 554

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God has a specific plan-one that is spelled out in the words of the Bible as it reveals progressive information about the beginning, middle, and end of God's covenant and grace. In The New World Order in Genesis 1-9, author Alexandria Parker-Shigemura provides a commentary on God's plan for a new world order and Satan's attempt to usurp God. Through an in-depth, line-by-line analysis of the first nine chapters of Genesis, Parker-Shigemura provides insight into the literal, spiritual, prophetic, and providential prophetic implications of this holy text by discussing the creation and restoration, the source of original sin, the importance of Cain and Abel, the idea of physical death, the big flood, and the ark of salvation. She also explores the power of God and the relationship between God and man. In The New World Order, Parker-Shigemura, who has studied the word of God for more than forty years, communicates the importance of learning God's message in the Bible to better prepare for the new world order.
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Peace and World Order Studies

Peace and World Order Studies

R. Johansen , Toward a Dependable Peace ( Institute for World Order , 1978 ) . ... Richardson arms race process and other models of arms races the final document of the UN Special Session on Disarmament research methods on arms control ...

Author: Barbara J. Wien

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412830613

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 404

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Mapping the New World Order

Mapping the New World Order

events following 9/11, and especially given the war in Iraq, which has played a key role for the US and scores of other states.21 The final chapter revisits the nature of the post-Cold War order as seen from the standpoint of the ...

Author: Thomas J. Volgy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444306561

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

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This groundbreaking study maps out and analyzes the development ofa global intergovernmental (IGO) institutional architecture in thepost World War II era. Systematically traces similarities and differences between theinstitutional architecture of the Cold War and post-Cold Wareras Examines the range of reasons why states join IGOs, identifiespatterns of participation within these organizations, and examinesthe effects of membership on states Considers the impact of the EU on other regional organizationsand developments outside Europe Provides a strong contribution to the study of internationalorganization and IGO development combining both quantitative andqualitative methodologies
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