The Great Cat Caf Rescue

The Great Cat Caf   Rescue

Isla is frustrated by the time it's taking to rehome the cats at Poppy's Place.

Author: Katrina Charman

Publisher: Poppy's Place

ISBN: 1847158099

Category: Cats

Page: 192

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The third book in this heart-warming series about the residents of Poppy's Place cat café! Poppy's Place is up and running, but Isla is frustrated by the time it's taking to rehome the cats. Then she has a purr-fect idea - they could host a cat adoption event on Valentine's Day, to match the perfect cat with the perfect owner. But just as the plans for the Great Cat-acular are coming together disaster strikes - Poppy's Place is flooded! Can Isla come up with a plan to relocate their big event and save the day?
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The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue

The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue

The trend traveled to America, where multiple cat cafés have achieved great success. The Treehouse Bakery and Cat Café is the newest, opened by Harlem resident Maia Vanderbeeker this month. “I love coming here after work,” said Shirley ...

Author: Karina Yan Glaser

Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers

ISBN: 9781328577573

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 364

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The Vanderbeeker children, ages six to thirteen, race to help save their mother's baking business from closure after it fails an inspection.
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The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue One Englishwoman s Mission to Save An Island s Cats

The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue   One Englishwoman s Mission to Save An Island s Cats

Once, looking into the equally huge wardrobe, I was surprised to find a large gap between its base and the wall and found myself gazing down onto the shop below. But the bed was comfortable and I slept soundly despite the noisy nearby ...

Author: Jennifer Pulling

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781784186555

Category: Pets

Page: 300

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Numerous visitors to Mediterranean countries have found their holiday punctuated by trips to feed hungry feral cats. Some try to save injured and sick felines. Not many have gone to the lengths of Jennifer Pulling with her one-woman campaign, Catsnip.Set against the beautiful and sinister backdrop of Sicily and its enigmatic people, the book charts Jennifer's journey as passionate defender of the island's often abused and ill-treated cats. With no previous experience, she raises funds and, organises teams of British, American and German vets to work in improvised and clandestine surgeries.On her voyage of discovery she encounters the gattare (cat ladies) who devote their time to saving colonies of feral cats; she challenges Sicilian bureaucracy and risks prosecution by the authorities; and she discovers an unknown Sicily, gaining an understanding of the island's history of domination by numerous cultures and the Mafia.Incredibly moving, while peppered with humour, this is the story of one woman's mission to rescue an animal she loves, as well as an insight into a unique culture and landscape.
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The Great Cat and Dog Massacre

The Great Cat and Dog Massacre

But the allowance could only be given once the car was purchased and none could be allowed—even to test the car ... figure 7.5 Blue Cross rescue of a cat (H98 106/597, State Library, Victoria, Australia) figure 8.2 Rip and Mr. King at ...

Author: Hilda Kean

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226318462

Category: History

Page: 248

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The tragedies of World War II are well known. But at least one has been forgotten: in September 1939, four hundred thousand cats and dogs were massacred in Britain. The government, vets, and animal charities all advised against this killing. So why would thousands of British citizens line up to voluntarily euthanize household pets? In The Great Cat and Dog Massacre, Hilda Kean unearths the history, piecing together the compelling story of the life—and death—of Britain’s wartime animal companions. She explains that fear of imminent Nazi bombing and the desire to do something to prepare for war led Britons to sew blackout curtains, dig up flower beds for vegetable patches, send their children away to the countryside—and kill the family pet, in theory sparing them the suffering of a bombing raid. Kean’s narrative is gripping, unfolding through stories of shared experiences of bombing, food restrictions, sheltering, and mutual support. Soon pets became key to the war effort, providing emotional assistance and helping people to survive—a contribution for which the animals gained government recognition. Drawing extensively on new research from animal charities, state archives, diaries, and family stories, Kean does more than tell a virtually forgotten story. She complicates our understanding of World War II as a “good war” fought by a nation of “good” people. Accessibly written and generously illustrated, Kean’s account of this forgotten aspect of British history moves animals to center stage—forcing us to rethink our assumptions about ourselves and the animals with whom we share our homes.
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The Cat Magnet A Rescuer 39 s Collection of Cat Tales

The Cat Magnet  A Rescuer  39 s Collection of Cat Tales

When he finally got in touch with Michele, we learned it was too late to rescue the mom before she ... “Well, we're sorry to disappoint you with our silent 'unmarked car,' but my cat rescues are very quiet and subtle because I usually ...

Author: Helen B. Needham

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 1451276176

Category: Humor

Page: 254

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Rescue Cats

Rescue Cats

However, just because a cat is feral does not mean that it can't be socialized, nor that it can't be a great pet. This book focuses on rescue cats and kittens and their stories. As you will see, there are many ways that a cat becomes a ...

Author: Susannah Maynard

Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc

ISBN: 9781682033456

Category: Pets


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Award-winning photographer Tracy Sweeney presents a joyous celebration of children. The author has artfully crafted a collection of whimsical images of children in play and reverie. Join her in exploring the magical world of childhood. Tracy brings her education experience as a classroom teacher and education professor for many years to the photography field, where she is able to direct children in a way that is natural and fun, with the goal of capturing uninhibited interactions with enchanting elements to create enchanting portraits. This book is perfect for moms, grandparents, teachers, kids, or anyone who might need a little lift. Just a few minutes with these adorable faces provides a boost that will last all day!
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Katie s Rescue

Katie s Rescue

The fancy car looked as if it should drive presidents, but instead it had a blanket spread across the backseat, cat hair on the floorboards and smelled of cat, big cat. The green Christmas tree freshener hanging from the rearview mirror ...

Author: Pamela Tracy

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460317464

Category: Fiction

Page: 283

View: 323

A WILD HOPE Wild animals can't be tamed—a traumatic lesson Katie Vincent had learned firsthand as a child. So when her estranged father passes away, she has no choice but to sell his beloved zoo to an animal park in Arizona. But when the park's director, Luke Rittenhouse, reports that the panther she'd hand-raised is dying, he threatens to return all the animals unless she comes and nurses the panther back to health. Katie has to try to save the big cat, even though she knows she's doomed to fail. She hasn't worked with animals in more than a decade…and she has an immobilizing fear of them since the accident. But Luke believes everything deserves a chance—even Katie. And if she can let go of her fear, he might just be the one who rescues her.
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Molly and the Cat Cafe

Molly and the Cat Cafe

But I was also intrigued to imagine how a cat café comes into being, and what the background stories of the cats in such ... Whereas Molly and her kittens are Debbie's pets, many of the real cat cafés source their cats from local rescue ...

Author: Melissa Daley

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509804313

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 620

When two-year-old tabby, Molly, loses her beloved owner, her world falls apart. Re-homed with three cat-hating dogs, she decides to take matters into her own paws and embarks on a gruelling journey to the nearest town. As Molly walks the cobbled streets of Stourton, she begins to lose all hope of finding a home . . . Until one day she is welcomed into the warmth by caring café owner, Debbie. Like Molly, Debbie is also an outsider and, with a daughter to care for, she is desperate to turn around the struggling café. But a local battleaxe is on the warpath and she is determined to keep out newcomers, especially four-legged ones. It looks as if Debbie will have to choose between the café and Molly. Yet maybe the solution to their problems may not be as far away as they think. Will Debbie and Molly be able to turn their fortunes around to launch the Cotswolds' first Cat Café?
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Decoding Your Cat

Decoding Your Cat

There is generally a modest adoption fee that helps the shelter cover the cost of care for the cat or kitten. ... The concept of the cat café started in Taiwan, based on the idea that customers can enjoy a hot beverage while also ...

Author: American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 9781328489906

Category: Pets

Page: 368

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The cutting-edge, scientifically accurate, definitive book on the most popular behavioral issues that cats face In the United States, one of the predominant reasons that owners abandon or give up their pets (often leading to euthanasia) is because of unwanted behaviors. Many have tried to instruct proper cat training, but this is the first book of its kind to provide an in-depth understanding of the underlying reasons for a cat's problem behavior, the essential key to unlocking the best for your cat and avoiding pitfalls. Decoding Your Cat gives owners new insight on promoting their cat's physical and psychological health and wellness and maintaining a long and fulfilling relationship together. Written by the leading experts in cat behavior from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, with an introduction by animal expert Steve Dale, this book conveys the newest and best information on cat behavioral science in a fun, interesting, and understandable way. Together with anecdotes from real life situations and the science behind how cats relate to their world, Decoding Your Cat empowers owners to provide a home environment that is happy, safe, and functional, to identify and seek treatment for medical health problems, to understand how to deal with unwanted behaviors, and in general to help cats live longer and fuller lives.
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Peaceful Places Washington D C

Peaceful Places  Washington  D C

The pizza is great, the sandwiches are generous, and the café has one of the best selections of international and ... to a good cause: Both the Lost Dog and the Stray Cat cafés are supporters of the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. —DC ...

Author: Judy Colbert

Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press

ISBN: 9780897325448

Category: Travel

Page: 240

View: 246

Native Washingtonians Judy Colbert and Denis Collins have grown up and lived amid some of the most exciting sightseeing in the country--in their own grand urban backyard. They share this knowledge in Peaceful Places: Washington, DC. Their diverse peaceful "finds" unfold in 12 categories of tranquil spots: Day Trips & Overnights, Enchanting Walks, Historic Sites, Museums & Galleries, Outdoor Habitats, Parks and Gardens, Quiet Tables, Reading Rooms, Scenic Vistas, Shops & Services, Spiritual Enclaves, and Urban Surprises. Each entry includes vital information such as locations for the nearest Metro stations or local parking facilities, admission charges (and any free times), and operating hours. Plus, the authors provide a “peacefulness rating” based on three criteria: always peaceful, usually quite tranquil, or peaceful during the times or seasons specified in the peaceful place entry description. Peaceful Places: Washington, DC is not a coffee-table book. It’s one to keep in the car, the briefcase, the backpack, or the purse. Whether the reader is a native, who has lived in D.C. long enough to be considered a native, or is a visitor with only a few hours between business meetings or a hectic tourist schedule, this book will be a treasured asset.
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