The Illustrated Rumi

The Illustrated Rumi

With a foreword by Huston Smith, these selections of the inimitable mystic's prose and poetry have been taken from all of the master's works.

Author: Philip Dunn

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780060620189

Category: Poetry

Page: 183

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The bestselling poet in America today, thirteenth-century Sufi mystic Jalalu'ddin Rumi has inspired and enlightened thousands with his playful, passionate work celebrating the sacred in everyday life. Now the spiritual wealth of Rumi's stories and poetry in translation are accompanied by rare and wonderful art in the Sufi tradition. This fresh rendering brings new life to these incomparable parables, which have transcended time, place, culture, and religion to speak directly to the hearts and souls of contemporary readers. With a foreword by Huston Smith, these selections of the inimitable mystic's prose and poetry have been taken from all of the master's works. Each parable, such as The King and the Handmaiden, The Grocer and the Parrot, The Ugly Old Woman, and The Man Who Was Always Being Swindled, is related as Rumi might have presented it to his fascinated audiences, as he whirled in meditation and trance. But each story also has a spiritual message, a holy essence that applies across all faiths, uttered from the heart of Islam. Each of these messages is provided here in a modern rendering that keeps the flavor of this unique period of history, of culture, and of inspired, passionate beauty.
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The Illuminated Rumi

The Illuminated Rumi

Coleman Barks's wise and witty commentary, together with Michael Green's art, makes this a classic guide to the life of the soul for a whole new generation of seekers.

Author: Jalal Al-Din Rumi

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780767900027

Category: Poetry

Page: 134

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Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meanings... In the mid-thirteenth century, in a dusty marketplace in Konya, Turkey, a city where Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist travelers mingled, Jelaluddin Rumi, a popular philosopher and scholar, met Shams of Tabriz, a wandering dervish. Their meeting forever altered the course of Rumi's life and influenced the mystical evolution of the planet. The bond they formed was everlasting--a powerful transcendent friendship that would flow through Rumi as some of the world's best-loved ecstatic poetry. Rumi's passionate, playful poems find and celebrate sacred life in everyday existence. They speak across all traditions, to all peoples, and today his relevance and popularity continue to grow. In The Illuminated Rumi, Coleman Barks, widely regarded as the world's premier translator of Rumi's writings, presents some of his most brilliant work, including many new translations. To complement Rumi's universal vision, Michael Green has worked the ancient art of illumination into a new, visually stunning form that joins typography, original art, old masters, photographs, and prints with sacred images from around the world. The Illuminated Rumi is a truly groundbreaking collaboration that interweaves word and image: a magnificent meeting of ancient tradition and modern interpretation that uniquely captures the spiritual wealth of Rumi's teachings. Coleman Barks's wise and witty commentary, together with Michael Green's art, makes this a classic guide to the life of the soul for a whole new generation of seekers.
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Translating Rumi into the West

Translating Rumi into the West

The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi. Albany: University of New York Press. ... Me and Rumi, The Autobiography of Shams-I Tabrizi. ... The Illustrated Rumi: A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul.

Author: Amir Sedaghat

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000834833

Category: Religion

Page: 347

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Focusing on Rumi, the best-selling Persian mystical poet of the 13th century, this book investigates the reception of his work and thought in North America and Europe – and the phenomenon of ‘Rumimania’ – to elucidate the complexities of intercultural communication between the West and the Iranian and Islamic worlds. Presenting tens of examples from the original and translated texts, the book is a critical analysis of various dimensions of this reception, outlining the difficulties of translating the text but also exploring how translators of various times and languages have performed, and explaining why the quality of reception varies. Topics analysed include the linguistic and pragmatic issues of translation, comparative stylistics and poetics, and non-textual factors like the translator’s beliefs and the political and ideological aspects of translation. Using a broad theoretical framework, the author highlights the difficulties of intercultural communication from linguistic, semiotic, stylistic, poetic, ethical, and sociocultural perspectives. Ultimately, the author shares his reflections on the semiotic specificities of Rumi’s mystical discourse and the ethics of translation generally. The book will be valuable to scholars and students of Islamic philosophy, Iranian studies, and translation studies, but will appeal to anyone interested in the cultural dichotomies of the West and Islam.
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The Illustrated Weekly of India

The Illustrated Weekly of India

Rumi's mysticism was based on the values of the Quran . Briefly , it is an effort towards union of the imperfections of Man with that which he himself believes to be perfect . A union with the Divine through Love and with a compassion ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105131074960

Category: India

Page: 684

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Sufi Encounters

Sufi Encounters

The Sun of Tabriz: The Diwan of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, translation by Sir Colin Garbett, Johnston and Neville, South Africa, 1969, p.19–21. 170. Ibid., p.65–6. 171. The Illustrated Rumi, translation by Philip Dunn, Manuela Dunn Mascetti and ...

Author: Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9781786783448

Category: Religion

Page: 809

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An unparalleled exploration of Sufism as it is practised around the world, describing meetings with today's enlightened teachers as well as including wonderfully inspiring translations of the great Sufi masters of the past. Ultimately, this book acts as a guide to the Sufi path and offers wise insight into the meaning and purpose of life. A compelling view of Sufi history together with vivid personal remembrances of living mystics. This is an inspiring and at the same time beautifully subtle book, with light-filled insights on every page." – Saadi Shakur Chishti, author of The Sufi Book of Life The Sufi path described in this book leads the seeker past ordinary states of consciousness towards a new experience of infinitude that is the source of the universe. In this stage there is no duality or otherness, but instead infinitude, the Original Oneness, from which all dualities and attributes emanate. The book is at once an autobiography, a didactic treatise and a literary opus full of wonderful translations of the words of earlier Sufis, as well as the author's own poetry. It describes Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri’s life quest to connect today’s world with classical times, especially through his meetings with enlightened Sufis all over the globe. Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri also addresses profound Sufi teachings concerning the nature of humankind, the cosmos and God, using clear and simple language to address difficult doctrinal issues as only a master who has digested fully such knowledge could do. The book also reveals much about the present-day Islamic world where, despite the tragedies that are to be seen everywhere, tradition and spirituality survive. This is a metaphysical and spiritual guide to the Sufi path that ultimately offers insight into the meaning and purpose of life.
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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

The Illustrated Rumi: A Treasury of Wisdomfrom the Poet ofthe Soul: A New Translation, trans. Philip Dunn, Manuel Dunn Mascetti, and Reynolds A. Nicholson. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 2000. Schimmel, Annemarie.

Author: Samina Quraeshi

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780873658591

Category: Architecture

Page: 293

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Quraeshi provides a vision of Islam in South Asia enriched by art and by a female perspective on the diversity of Islamic expressions of faith. An account of a journey through the author’s childhood homeland, the book reveals the deeply spiritual nature of major centers of Sufism in the central and northwestern heartlands of South Asia.
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The Penguin Dictionary of Islam

The Penguin Dictionary of Islam

Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1970 Rumi, Jalal al-Din Maulana. The Illustrated Rumi: A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul. Trans. Philip Dunn, Manuela Dunn Mascetti and R. A. Nicholson; foreword by Huston Smith.

Author: Azim Nanji

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141920863

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Islam today is a truly global faith, yet it remains somewhat of an enigma to many of us. Each and every day our newspapers are saturated with references to Islam; Quran, Taliban, Hijab, Fatwa, Allah, Sunni, Jihad, Shia, the list goes on. But how much do we really understand? Are we, in fact, misunderstanding? The Penguin Dictionary of Islam provides complete, impartial answers. It includes extensive coverage of the historical formations of the worldwide Muslim community and highlights key modern Muslim figures and events. Understanding Islam is vital to understanding our world and this text is the definitive authority, designed for both general and academic readers.
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Tuck Yourself In

Tuck Yourself In

See C. Barks, The Illustrated Rumi, 28. ** See A. Damasio, Descartes' Error (New York: Avon, 1994). *** See S. Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, 101. H“ See C. Barks, The Illustrated Rumi, 78. ***** See S. Suzuki, Zen Mind, ...

Author: Ginger Clark, PhD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452568164

Category: Self-Help

Page: 364

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Access the deep source of wisdom you already have for greater self-soothing, presence, and aliveness. Awaken to your “bodyself voice” through three listening practices. Often delightful, sometimes poignant, and always informative, bodyself “messages” are your unique guide. Discover how: • Exercises make this material come alive as you read • Examples from the author’s own experience speak to your interest • Experiments can help you sleep better tonight Discover how to soften your resistance to slowing down and taking care of yourself. Experience how change occurs by embracing the sensory moment. Trade energy-depleting addictions for energy-enhancing Goldilocks moments of getting it “just right”! Balance Let’s Go! doing with Let Go being. This bodymindful approach can enrich every aspect of your life, from eating and exercising to engaging with others. “Learning how to self-soothe, re-center, or ‘tuck yourself in’ during difficult moments is an important skill that few of us learned to do in an optimal way as we grew up. Dr. Ginger Clark has written a fascinating approach on how to develop this crucial skill for your own moments of discomfort, or to help those you care about. Her approach combines her background as a therapist, her knowledge of body-mind-spirit methods, and her vulnerability and courage as a human being who has worked hard for many years to find self-soothing and re-centering steps that are effective and do-able for people from all walks of life.” —Leonard Felder, PhD, author of Here I Am: Using Jewish Spiritual Wisdom to Become More Present, Centered, and Available for Life
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Dreaming While Awake

Dreaming While Awake

93 From Coleman Barks and Michael Green, The Illustrated Rumi (New York: Broadway Books, Bantam, 1996). 94 See my Quantum Mind, chapter 36, for more about the Self-reflecting Universe. 95 Barks and Green, The Illustrated Rumi, ...

Author: Arnold Mindell

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 9781612831084

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 272

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What if you could dream 24 hours a day, even while awake? According to innovative psychotherapist Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., we already do. The seeds of dreaming arise in every moment of the day, in body symptoms, problems, relationships, subtile feelings, interactions, random thoughts, and fantasies. We're getting countless little cues from the unconscious every minute. All are signs from the world of dreaming. And, according to Mindell, we can be in this state of lucid dreaming all day long. In Dreaming While Awake, Mindell shows how to become aware of these "flirts" from the dreamworld and how to interpret their message. The goal, he says, is to be wide awake and lucid 24 hours a day in the midst of this unending dreamfield of information. Practicing 24-hour lucid dreaming:Helps you solve personal, physical, and emotional problemsServes as a preventive medicine for relationships and health, helping you catch the earliest warning signs before they turn into problemsHelps resolve conflicts in relationships, families, large groups, corporations, even politics Dreaming is the mystical source of reality, says Mindell. "My goal is to make the Dreaming roots of reality so accessible, so visceral, that your conscious mind will give you back your right to dream."
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Medieval and Renaissance Spirituality

Medieval and Renaissance Spirituality

Ahmad Ali ( Princeton : Princeton University Press , 1988 ) . 16. Schimmel , 358 . 17. Philip Dunn , Manuela Dunn - Mascetti , and R. A. Nicholson , The Illustrated Rumi : A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul .

Author: Maria Jaoudi

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 0809146592

Category: Religion

Page: 164

View: 534

Displays the theology and spirituality of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in the three major western religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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