Body Voice Imagination

Body Voice Imagination

(245) All these extracts illuminate Steiner's version of what I have been calling connectedness: the desired “oneness” of the vocal apparatus with the physical, the psychological, and the imaginative mechanisms of the performer.

Author: David Zinder

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134043309

Category: Performing Arts

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First published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The World of the Imagination

The World of the Imagination

imagination are some sort of corporeal configuration. How arid why does the mind impress ideas on the body? How does the body present itself to the mind? The imagination is indeed the interface between mind and corporeal world.

Author: Eva T. H. Brann

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442273641

Category: Philosophy

Page: 843

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In this book, Eva Brann sets out no less a task than to assess the meaning of imagination in its multifarious expressions throughout western history. The result is one of those rare achievements that will make The World of the Imagination a standard reference.
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Handbook of Imagination and Culture

Handbook of Imagination and Culture

Body and Materiality A second significant set of issues and questions emerging from the chapters in this collection refers to the embodied and material nature of the imagination. Contrary to common conceptions that associate the ...

Author: Tania Zittoun

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190468736

Category: Psychology

Page: 432

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Imagination allows individuals and groups to think beyond the here-and-now, to envisage alternatives, to create parallel worlds, and to mentally travel through time. Imagination is both extremely personal (for example, people imagine unique futures for themselves) and deeply social, as our imagination is fed with media and other shared representations. As a result, imagination occupies a central position within the life of mind and society. Expanding the boundaries of disciplinary approaches, the Handbook of Imagination and Culture expertly illustrates this core role of imagination in the development of children, adolescents, adults, and older persons today. Bringing together leading scholars in sociocultural psychology and neighboring disciplines from around the world, this edited volume guides readers towards a much deeper understanding of the conditions of imagining, its resources, its constraints, and the consequences it has on different groups of people in different domains of society. Summarily, this Handbook places imagination at the center, and offers readers new ways to examine old questions regarding the possibility of change, development, and innovation in modern society.
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The Imagination of Pentecost

The Imagination of Pentecost

The etheric body had to be almost forcefully pried loose from the physical body to facilitate clairvoyant perception . The supervised immersion , or baptism , of the candidate was so thorough it was a near drowning ; but the shock of ...

Author: Richard Leviton

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 0880103795

Category: Religion

Page: 464

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Carlo Pietzner speaks, out of his own ego-directed, inner experiences, about several motifs inherent to inner striving: the problem of self in relationship to the world, the disintegration of the three soul forces, the transition from sense perception to spiritual perception, the reality of evil, the condition of loneliness, and more.
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Imagination for Inclusion

Imagination for Inclusion

The interactions of human passions and imaginations come into view as reason traverses the imagination. The affections of the human body lay down a range of associational paths in thought. These associational paths arise from an ...

Author: Derek Bland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317425571

Category: Education

Page: 216

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Imagination for Inclusion offers a reconsideration of the ways in which imagination engages and empowers learners across the education spectrum, from primary to adult levels and in all subject areas. Imagination as a natural, expedient, and exciting learning tool should be central to any approach to developing and implementing curriculum, but is increasingly undervalued as learners progress through the education system; this disregards not only imagination’s potential, but its paramount place in informing truly inclusive approaches to teaching and learning. This book presents a new theory of imagination and includes discussion about its application to teaching and learning to increase the engagement of disaffected students and reinvigorate their relationships with curriculum content. Chapters include key ideas and discussion surrounding the benefits of introducing imaginative practices into the classroom for learners from a range of marginalised backgrounds, such as young people with disabilities and adult learners from socio-economically disadvantaged environments. In exploring imagination in the practice of inclusive education, the book includes chapters from researchers and practitioners in education who have fresh ideas about how learners and teachers have benefited from introducing imaginative pedagogies. The diverse collection, featuring writers with backgrounds from early childhood to adult education, will be essential reading for academics and researchers in the fields of education, inclusive education, social policy, professional development, teacher education and creativity. It will be of particular interest to current and pre-service teachers who want to develop inclusive practice and increase the engagement of all students with formal education.
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Living Forms of the Imagination

Living Forms of the Imagination

Wordsworth asks in his Preface to Poems of 1815 which term might designate 'that Faculty of which the Poet is “all compact”; he whose eye glances from earth to heaven, whose spiritual attributes body forth what his pen is prompt in ...

Author: Douglas Hedley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567032959

Category: Religion

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Explores the necessity of enabling the imagination to prevail as part of an anti-reductionist approach, to philosophical theology, if we are to engage with God's action in the world.
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The Philosophy of the Imagination in Vico and Malebranche

The Philosophy of the Imagination in Vico and Malebranche

Imitation, Imagination, and Freedom Imitation is a function of the imagination for the maintenance of the social body, which relies on the closeness and communality of the component individual bodies. Mentality is the imitation of the ...

Author: Paolo Fabiani

Publisher: Firenze University Press

ISBN: 9788864530666

Category: Electronic books

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This book is a retrospective view of modern philosophical anthropology through the works of two of its greatest exponents. the author demonstrates how mythology, the philosophy of history and language and Vico's concept of man had as a constant referral point Malebranche's psychology with its Cartesian formulation. The idolatrous and mythopoietic imagination that is described in La Scienza Nuova (New Science) has much in common with the "pagan" mind (that is to say the mind subjugated to passions, sensitivity and fantasy that is described in La Recherche (The Search after Truth). Some of the themes discussed here are myth, the metaphoric nature of thought, idolatry, the formation of mentality, the relationships which bind passions and representations and the association of ideas through iconic images. Also discussed are other themes such as the structure of society and imagination, imitation, persuasion and social relationships, communication within society between illustrious imaginations. Moreover in Malebranche has been found a complex and complete theory of imaginative universals (universali fantastici). The philosophy of the imagination in Vico and Malebranche is translated and edited by Giorgio A. Pinton.
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The Cambridge Handbook of the Imagination

The Cambridge Handbook of the Imagination

This is tricky, because thought easily becomes entangled in, or at least flavored by imagination. ... Longchenpa explains, for the body gives access to wisdom: Supreme primordial wisdom, is there of its own accord In the precious ...

Author: Anna Abraham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108429245

Category: Psychology

Page: 865

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The human imagination manifests in countless different forms. We imagine the possible and the impossible. How do we do this so effortlessly? Why did the capacity for imagination evolve and manifest with undeniably manifold complexity uniquely in human beings? This handbook reflects on such questions by collecting perspectives on imagination from leading experts. It showcases a rich and detailed analysis on how the imagination is understood across several disciplines of study, including anthropology, archaeology, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and the arts. An integrated theoretical-empirical-applied picture of the field is presented, which stands to inform researchers, students, and practitioners about the issues of relevance across the board when considering the imagination. With each chapter, the nature of human imagination is examined - what it entails, how it evolved, and why it singularly defines us as a species.
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The Imagination of the Body and the History of Bodily Experience

The Imagination of the Body and the History of Bodily Experience

This fact inevitably affects the boy'spersonality . surgeon , who 3 The symbiosis of two identities on the same body has a real model in Siamese twins . The freak has since long stimulated the imagination . In the case of Tokugawa Japan ...

Author: 栗山茂久


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111123332

Category: Anatomy, Artistic

Page: 292

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Travel and Imagination

Travel and Imagination

Bodies Bodies and embodiment are both theme and analytic throughout the book. as suggested above, the body and embodiment allow most writers to bring ... The body of the subject is as crucial as place is to thinking travel/imagination.

Author: Dr Garth Lean

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472410252

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 265

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Bringing together geographers, sociologists, cultural researchers, philosophers, anthropologists, visual researchers, archaeologists, heritage researchers, literary scholars and creative writers, this edited collection explores the socio-cultural phenomenon of imagination and travel. The volume reflects upon imagination in the context of many forms of physical and non-physical travel, inviting scholars to explore this fascinating, yet complex, area of inquiry in all of its wonderful colour, slipperiness, mystery and intrigue. The book intends to provide a catalyst for thinking, discussion, research and writing, with the vision of generating a cannon of scholarship on travel and the imagination that is currently absent from the literature.
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