Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child

Our instincts , as human beings , are to care for and nurture children , and we become quickly distressed at the idea of ... of God in Jesus and what ideas about the Holy Family do to pictures of the ' innocent ' or ' good ' child .

Author: Anne Richards

Publisher: Church House Publishing

ISBN: 0715140884

Category: Children

Page: 370

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A landmark work of theology, exploring 14 key theological themes - such as creation, grace, death and judgement - from the perspective of children. Challenging conventional readings of theology, this work challenges those who care about children and their place in the world and the church.
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A Child s Journey

A Child s Journey

A still small innocent unspeakable love that is buried in the depths of our souls and is waiting to birth into this incredible existence. A child like faith that can never be seen by the physical eye but lives inside of us from the ...

Author: Anna C. Bradford

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491828946

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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“A Childs Journey” is a parable of life’s journey as seen through the eyes of a child. For those that see God must come to God as little children with a childlike faith. “Like The Birth Of A Child, Our Journey’s Just Begun.” Just as the birth of a child is the beginning of new life so shall our incredible journey of faith, hope and love begin. This book will take you on an adventuous and spiritual journey. A fun filled multi resource book. Jump abroad this positive learning enviroment and early childhood developement book. Skip into this enjoyable, creative, inspirational and training guide for children. No parents, grandparents, teachers, daycare centers, prep schools, children’s churches, children’s outreaches or child care providers should be without this book. In this world we have a choice. We can be a follower or a leader. Dare to be a leader! Start your journey with the child like faith that was planted inside of you by God. Now, release that child like faith and pass it on. Begin to walk in your life long journey as seen in the eyes of an innocent child. You will leap right into creating precious moments by connecting with the incredible lives of children. Today you can start to run “A Child’s Journey“. Release The Kid Inside Of You!
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Color Codes

Color Codes

THE INNOCENT EYE Beyond the philosophical , ethical , and logical overtones of the asystematic nature of color ... are the notion of impossibility and a certain nostalgia for childhood , or at least for the color sense of the child .

Author: Charles A. Riley

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 0874517427

Category: Architecture

Page: 380

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A multidisciplinary look at the role of color in contemporary aesthetics.
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Discovering Child Art

Discovering Child Art

Samples of the original collections and the masterpieces indebted to them were presented in my book and exhibition The Innocent Eye : Children's Art and the Modern Artist ( Princeton University Press , 1997 ; shown in 1995 in Munich ...

Author: Jonathan David Fineberg

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691086826

Category: Art

Page: 306

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This book brings together thirteen distinguished critics and scholars to explore children's art and its profound but rarely documented influence on the evolution of modern art. It shows that children's art and childhood have inspired major works of art, served as central metaphors for artistic spontaneity and honesty, and provided a window into the fundamental human qualities explored by modern artists. The volume complements editor Jonathan Fineberg's groundbreaking new book, The Innocent Eye (Princeton, 1997), in which he showed how many of the greatest masters of modern art collected and were directly influenced by children's drawings. Contributors here both expand on Fineberg's themes and take the study of children's art in new directions. They examine, for example, the influence of child art on such artists as Kandinsky, Klee, Larionov, and Miró; the diverse styles of children's art; the influence of Romantic ideas on perceptions of children's art; the conception of giftedness versus education in children's drawings; and the relationship between children's art and primitivism. The book offers unique glimpses into the working processes of great modern artists, presenting, for example, Dora Vallier's personal recollections of Miró and his creative process, and new documentation about the works of the Russian avant-garde. The essays draw on art theory, psychology, and the close study of individual works of art and written texts. Discovering Child Art will appeal to a wide range of readers, including art historians, psychologists, and art educators. Contributors to the book are Troels Andersen, Rudolf Arnheim, John Carlin, Marcel Franciscono, Ernst Gombrich, Christopher Green, Josef Helfenstein, Werner Hofmann, Yuri Molok, G. G. Pospelov, Richard Shiff, Dora Vallier, and Barbara Würwag.
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She smiled, and her little white teeth glowed in the cliff's shadow as her pretty child's face looked inquisitively at the armed men. The Chairman could not remember ... The innocent eyes of the child looked up at him; her green eyes.

Author: Peter Stevens

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483677279

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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It is 2050. With global pollution and exploitation of the planet at intolerable levels, a summit of world leaders had forged the final solution to protect Earth no human reproduction for 50 years. Halfway through humanitys challenge to deny birth, one man, Jacob Harrower, discovers the awful truth about EarthWatch and rebels against them. He and a small group of courageous men and women begin their own society, deep in the southern forests of Australia. But will they succeed against natural disasters, betrayal, and the might of EarthWatch?
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The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Childhood and Children

The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Childhood and Children

Henri Matisse: A Retrospective. New York, NY: The Museum of Modern Art. Fineberg, J. 1997. The Innocent Eye: Children's Art and the Modern Artist. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Fineberg, J. 2006.

Author: Anca Gheaus

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351055963

Category: Philosophy

Page: 424

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Childhood looms large in our understanding of human life, as a phase through which all adults have passed. Childhood is foundational to the development of selfhood, the formation of interests, values and skills and to the lifespan as a whole. Understanding what it is like to be a child, and what differences childhood makes, are thus essential for any broader understanding of the human condition. The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Childhood and Children is an outstanding reference source for the key topics, problems and debates in this crucial and exciting field and is the first collection of its kind. Comprising over thirty chapters by a team of international contributors the Handbook is divided into five parts: · Being a child · Childhood and moral status · Parents and children · Children in society · Children and the state. Questions covered include: What is a child? Is childhood a uniquely valuable state, and if so why? Can we generalize about the goods of childhood? What rights do children have, and are they different from adults’ rights? What (if anything) gives people a right to parent? What role, if any, ought biology to play in determining who has the right to parent a particular child? What kind of rights can parents legitimately exercise over their children? What roles do relationships with siblings and friends play in the shaping of childhoods? How should we think about sexuality and disability in childhood, and about racialised children? How should society manage the education of children? How are children’s lives affected by being taken into social care? The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Childhood and Children is essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy of childhood, political philosophy and ethics as well as those in related disciplines such as education, psychology, sociology, social policy, law, social work, youth work, neuroscience and anthropology.
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Killers Britain s Deadliest Murderers Tell Their Stories

Killers   Britain s Deadliest Murderers Tell Their Stories

His eyes struck me first, his piercing blue eyes, like the innocent eyes of a child trapped inside an old man. I studied him carefully as he began to speak. He whispered politely in a West Country accent that he would like a drink and a ...

Author: Kate Kray

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781784185268

Category: True Crime

Page: 300

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When Kate married gangster Ronnie Kray he introduced her to some of the most feared criminals Britain has ever known. She persuaded them to open their hearts to her and talk about their crimes, fears and dreams.Featured in this book are such killers as John Straffen, Britain's longest-serving lifer. He has shunned publicity and interviews throughout his years inside, but has agreed to speak only to Kate Kray. Harry Roberts, the cop killer whose conviction led to a blaze of publicity, opens his heart out to Kate as does Linda Calvey, dubbed the Black Widow. Kate has also spoken to the Black Widow's husband, the notorious Danny Reece.
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The Light

The Light

For a brief but unmistakable instant, something terrifying had looked back at him through the child's innocent eyes. Something dark and ancient and powerful beyond imagining. With the look came a feeling, as if his soul had been striped ...

Author: J. Powers

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595423941

Category: Fiction

Page: 317

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In a cosmos where the physical constants of nature are fine tuned to unimaginable precision to permit the existence of life, the giant US/Chinese radio telescope on the far side of the moon detects no technological civilizations. Why? Fantasies of space travel to the stars and cheap limitless energy have, by the mid-21st century, proven to be just that. Fantasies. Upon this stage appears an American Indian woman in the grip of a delusion that her son is Quetzalcoatl, an ancient Meso-American God whom she has pursued in devotion across the centuries. A teacher at the shabby Apache Indian reservation elementary school recognizes the boy as probably the greatest mathematical genius in human history. A shaman senses in the man the reality of myth and fulfillment of ancient prophecy. None comprehend the staggering dimensions of his true destiny. The Light is a psychedelic adventure of a genius who must choose between surrender to delusion, or freedom from superstition and madness to fall in love and live his own life as the greatest particle physicist of his age. In so doing he unleashes forces that give substance to ancient myths and challenge the limits of human imagination.
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Matisse on Art Revised Edition

Matisse on Art  Revised Edition

Hence his notion of " Looking at Life with the Eyes of a Child " ( Text 51 ) , which to some degree echoed the ideal of the innocent eye espoused by the Impressionists . Unlike the Impressionists , however , Matisse emphasized the ...

Author: Henri Matisse

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520200322

Category: Art

Page: 372

View: 976

Ed : Brooklyn College and City University of New York, Revised edition, Includesnew texts, introduction, biography, overview.
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The Gathering Book 2

The Gathering Book 2

The innocent eyes of the child brought empathy to the embrace. This girl of six years sank her head onto the caring shoulder of the whimpered while squeezing every strand of love from the queen, “I love you, my queen.

Author: P.Hacker

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

ISBN: 9789354904165

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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This trilogy began with The Gathering for the Steel, a story about two young boys thrust into an adventure full of action-packed fighting and thrilling drama. In the sequel, the story continues. During the Haugernaut Wars. Uncover what fate awaited the two boys. Discover new characters as Stelvose's rescue has taken a turn for the worse. Will the righteous prevail over evil, or will chaos be the ruling force. Indulge in a non-stop story with adventure around every corner, magic within the mist, love surrounding innocent hearts, emerging gallantry, and diabolical treachery at every corner. Take part in parallel adventures that are on a collision course. Adventure continues! I hope you enjoy the sequel.!
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