The Fuller Jewel

The Fuller Jewel

The next day, Milan brought up the subject of the jewel with Tamar the wizard to see if he had any knowledge of the story of the missing jewel. Tamar said, “Around the time of its disappearance, we had heard rumors of the story and were ...

Author: Michael Malecki

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781685265823

Category: Fiction

Page: 122

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Previously in the Knotted Cord, Mite Mannies had come to the Vane Isles, and there he fulfilled an ancient prophecy; but now a harmless looking jewel may hold unknown powers, and it has a history that is intriguing and also vague.Ann Trown, a friend of Mite's, comes for a visit and becomes ensnared in this jewel's mystery. Follow her and this mystery to its conclusion as they visit other isles and encounter various nefarious schemes, and Ann learns that she may hold the answer to the mystery in the end.
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The Debt of Tamar

The Debt of Tamar

Through the bamboo lattices, she could see Tamar sitting atop the jewel-studded saddle of a miniature pony with a young boy. “Let me go to her.” Reyna stood from her place. “What's the rush?” Nurbanu seized her by the wrist.

Author: Nicole Dweck

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466872691

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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A USA TODAY Best seller! Bestselling author Nicole Dweck brings to life one of history's greatest yet overlooked stories of love and resilience. In 2002, thirty-two-year-old Selim Osman, the last descendant of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, flees Istanbul for New York. In a twist of fate he meets Hannah, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and an artist striving to understand a father she barely knows. Unaware that the connection they share goes back centuries, the two feel an immediate pull to one another. But as their story intertwines with that of their ancestors, the heroic but ultimately tragic decision that bound two families centuries ago ripples into the future, threatening to tear Hannah and Selim apart. From a 16th-century harem to a seaside village in the Holy Land, from Nazi-occupied Paris to modern-day Manhattan, Nicole Dweck's The Debt of Tamar weaves a spellbinding tapestry of love, history, and fate that will enchant readers from the very first page.
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The Jewel of Tamar

The Jewel of Tamar

While the content of this book is couched in casual style laced with caustic wit, it is fundamentally a serious work . . . not to be taken lightly. A special feature makes this book rather unique.

Author: K. Alease White


ISBN: 1403355819

Category: Fiction

Page: 468

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The work is a critique of religion, in general (and Christianity, in particular), alleging that it is nothing more than a random composite of fanciful tales invented by the priests and, as such, a cultural dysfunction, that the old socialist cliché, "Religion is the opiate of the people," is an astute appraisal of this vestigial relic, and that all devotees are misguided victims, emotional homunculi, seduced by "priestly lies," and so addicted to this "poppy madness" that "deprogramming" is virtually impossible. While the content of this book is couched in casual style laced with caustic wit, it is fundamentally a serious work . . . not to be taken lightly. A special feature makes this book rather unique. It is a collection of reflections, under the generic caption "radical ruminations," of one St. William of the Orphic Cross at Salem Monastery (shades of Søren Kierkegaard's Judge William, but without "the leap of faith"), which I have supposedly discovered, proofed, and arranged in their proper order. This fictional feature, a find of "momentous import," lends a mysterious air to the manuscript, characteristic of the aura of religion itself. There is another feature, a novel turn, one that may not be readily apparent to the reader, but even ally a facsimile of the alleged nature of religion. That is to say, in other words, the manuscript . . . itself an invention . . . is simply the embodiment of its own critique.
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Tamar s Dress

Tamar s Dress

little girl twenty-one you never thought that this would come starve yourself to play the part 1 can promise you there's a man whose love is true he'll treat you like the jewel you are lrn around you're not too far ack away be who you ...

Author: Melissa Russell

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609571696

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 244

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WHAT ARE YOU CLOTHED IN? Our story begins in 2 Samuel 13. This is the story of Tamar. She was the beautiful daughter of King David. Tamar was clothed in beauty and grace until she was violated. Afterward all she could see was shame and disgrace. Tamar chose to remain clothed in it. Sadly, we are no different than Tamar. We are clothed with words, labels and false identities. These garments claim to be our identity and value but are they? We are going to look at what Christ has to say about us. It is time to change our wardrobe. There is power in what we are clothed in. Take a walk with us and learn what you can be clothed in. You do not have to remain clothed in your desolation. Melissa Russell is a wife and mother of 3 children. She has one terrific son-in-law. She has been a Women's Ministry leader for 9 years. Her passion is to study and teach the Word of God and the history of our faith. She shares a love of words with her co-writer and dear friend. Her desire is to teach women that they do not have to remain clothed in their desolation. We have a new garment called Enabling GRACE! Jeanine Murrow is a wife to an amazing husband. She is a devoted mom and home school teacher to two wonderful boys. She is a part time ER nurse and a full time friend to the author of this beautiful book. Her passion is to study the Word of God and share it with other women. Jeanine aspires to be a woman of integrity with the Proverbs 31 woman as her role model and Proverbs 31:25 as her life verse.
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The Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 5

The Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 5

The waterfall was so far below that we could hear each other speak in normal tones, and the spray couldn't even drift up to jewel in Tamar's hair. There were rainbows, though, shifting when you turned your head, and I turned my head a ...

Author: Neil Clarke

Publisher: Start Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781597806565

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

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From Hugo Award-Winning Editor Neil Clarke, the Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year Collected in a Single Paperback Volume Keeping up-to-date with the most buzzworthy and cutting-edge science fiction requires sifting through countless magazines, e-zines, websites, blogs, original anthologies, single-author collections, and more—a task that can be accomplished by only the most determined and voracious readers. For everyone else, Night Shade Books is proud to present the latest volume of The Best Science Fiction of the Year, a yearly anthology compiled by Hugo and World Fantasy Award–winning editor Neil Clarke, collecting the finest that the genre has to offer, from the biggest names in the field to the most exciting new writers. The best science fiction scrutinizes our culture and politics, examines the limits of the human condition, and zooms across galaxies at faster-than-light speeds, moving from the very near future to the far-flung worlds of tomorrow in the space of a single sentence. Clarke, publisher and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed and award-winning magazine Clarkesworld, has selected the short science fiction (and only science fiction) best representing the previous year’s writing, showcasing the talent, variety, and awesome “sensawunda” that the genre has to offer.
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Deriving Life

Deriving Life

The waterfall was so far below that we could hear each other speak in normal tones, and the spray couldn't even drift up to jewel in Tamar's hair. There were rainbows, though, shifting when you turned your head, and I turned my head a ...

Author: Elizabeth Bear

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 9781250241313

Category: Fiction

Page: 40

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In Deriving Life, love has no time limits, but life does. Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear gives us a future where life and love and identity have so many more options than they do today, in this visonary short story, a Original. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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12:30 idol of the Ammomte god Molech; or Ammomte kmg. a 12:30 jewel . . . crown; or crown and put i on his own head. ... Amnon and Tamar A O David's son Absalom had a beautiful -L **) unmarried sister named Tamar.

Author: Saint Mary's Press

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

ISBN: 9780884898627

Category: Bibles

Page: 1978

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A translation of the Holy Scriptures, prepared specifically for teenagers, includes maps and a dictionary/concordance.
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La Venganza de Tamar

La Venganza de Tamar

44. precious jewel : the dialogue resumes its tone of comic parody up to the exit of Amnon . 45. Jebusites : this refers to the capture of the citadel in Jerusalem from the Jebusites by David's army shortly after he became king of ...

Author: Tirso (de Molina)

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9780856683237

Category: Fiction

Page: 241

View: 300

The story comes from the Second Book of Samuel and tells of the incestuous passion of Amnon, David's eldest son, for his half-sister, Tamar and the subsequent murder of Amnon by his brother Absolom. Amnon's lust is set in the context of complementary passions of ambition and revenge, reflected in Absolom and Tamar respectively. The play explores King David's conflict between justice and mercy when confronted with these tragic events. It is a work of constantly changing perspectives in which tragedy and comedy, instead of being simply juxtaposed, are blended in a highly original way. Tirso's play is one of the earliest treatments of a theme that has continued to be an inspiration for such modern writers as the novelist Dan Jacobson in The Rape of Tamar and the dramatist Peter Shaffer in Jonadab . Spanish text with facing-page translation, commentary and notes.
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The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization Volume 6

The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization  Volume 6

Tamar was kind to her servants and ever ready to comfort the sick and help the poor. ... Tamar on the other hand was like a sapphire set in gold, which did not increase the value of the jewel but only enhanced its beauty.

Author: Elisheva Carlebach

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300190007

Category: History

Page: 600

View: 283

A landmark project to collect, translate, and transmit primary material from a momentous period in Jewish culture and civilization, this volume covers what Elisheva Carlebach describes as a period "in which every aspect of Jewish life underwent the most profound changes to have occurred since antiquity." Organized by genre, this extensive yet accessible volume surveys Jewish cultural production and intellectual innovation during these dramatic years, particularly in literature, the visual and performing arts, and intellectual culture. The wide-ranging collection includes a diverse selection of sources created by Jews around the world, translated from a dozen languages. Representing a tumultuous time of changing borders, demographic shifts, and significant Jewish migration, this anthology explores the range of approaches of Jews, from welcoming to resistant, to the intertwining ideals of enlightenment and emancipation, "the very foundation of the Jewish experience in this period."
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The IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament

The IVP Bible Background Commentary  Old Testament

It is grammatically possible that it was the jewel in the crown that was taken as plunder and worn by David, ... Tamar's plea. There are four elements to Tamar's plea. The first is that such behavior is not the custom among the ...

Author: John H. Walton

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830866083

Category: Religion

Page: 832

View: 802

This unique commentary provides historical, social and cultural background for each passage of the Old Testament. From Genesis through Malachi, this single volume gathers and condenses an abundance of specialized knowledge, and includes a glossary, maps and charts, and expanded explanations of significant background issues.
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